RISE - Opening Ceremony Presented by Mastercard | Finals | 2018 World Championship


  1. Eljan Patacsil

    Eljan Patacsil11 시간 전

    whos the saviour (blonde guy)

  2. Ikonx Got7

    Ikonx Got719 시간 전

    Bobby saved this performance

  3. Jay Heb-aton

    Jay Heb-aton22 시간 전

    ok see you at 2014 ceremony.. I rather watch Image Dragon f*** dis s***

  4. taig0 kuro

    taig0 kuro일 전

    I only watch this video to see Bobby coming tomorrow save this performance

  5. Pasakdal Mussolini

    Pasakdal Mussolini일 전

    Really missed this fnc line up

  6. Siobhan Scanlan

    Siobhan Scanlan일 전

    first guy said we have bananies and avocadies

  7. isma didi

    isma didi일 전

    lmao what a singer

  8. That guy from Aggretsuko

    That guy from Aggretsuko일 전

    2:41 I came back here after this year Finals just to watch again Bobby almost crashing against the camera because he was too excited and tried to cover Mako's drunk performance

  9. Dattebayo Jess

    Dattebayo Jess일 전


  10. Tume W

    Tume W2 일 전

    blonde goy thank you saving opening ceremony

  11. Nguyễn Đạt

    Nguyễn Đạt2 일 전

    i think the fist react of all men and women is : wtf is this and btw t fail no nut november good luck guys

  12. PeroQueQuiereLaChola

    PeroQueQuiereLaChola2 일 전

    Desde cuándo chano canta en los Worlds ? Xd

  13. Al1sson League

    Al1sson League2 일 전


  14. Hmingthana Vanchhawng

    Hmingthana Vanchhawng3 일 전

    I paused the video right away. I came here just to read the comments.

  15. Yavuz selim Abasıyanık

    Yavuz selim Abasıyanık3 일 전

    2:21 look at how disappointed they are lol.

  16. Christian Angelo Mojica

    Christian Angelo Mojica3 일 전

    I can already see the comments.... **Who's here after the live performance of Phoenix**

  17. Abadis Ruiz

    Abadis Ruiz3 일 전

    I don’t like it !!!!

  18. Lar Sal

    Lar Sal3 일 전

    This is actually nice for a live and Mako's voice is pretty epic!!!

  19. Can Öztürk

    Can Öztürk3 일 전

    amk böceği beni gülmekten öldürecekti 1:57 qweqweqwqwe

  20. Zîggṣ Bombs Are Uñṣafe102

    Zîggṣ Bombs Are Uñṣafe1023 일 전

    nothing like the actual music vid.

  21. 藍魚

    藍魚3 일 전

    What’s that voice??? ???

  22. Zeldris The Executioner

    Zeldris The Executioner4 일 전

    1:15 - 1:25 The voice of blonde guy tho❤

  23. Text B.

    Text B.2 일 전


  24. Logan Wake

    Logan Wake4 일 전

    Everyone hating on Mako, ya'll realise he's behind Legends never die, this, awaken, Phoenix, and sings in As we Fall. Just check out his song Coyote, that's his style. And no, he's not just a dj who wants to sing and can't. Can't speak for him but imo he's a very breathy singer who wanted to bring as much energy as TWA - ie sing louder with autotune rather than get drowned out. Wrong choice but he's far from a bad singer and deserves more respect than he's getting.

  25. Nhi N

    Nhi N시간 전

    Logan Wake YES

  26. JLJustice

    JLJustice4 일 전

    Am I the only who didn’t mind the vocals on this

  27. Mirano

    Mirano2 일 전

    I got used to it 😂 I even started liking it more

  28. P x :P

    P x :P4 일 전

    lyrics: RISE! RISE! RISEEEEEE what i hear: RICE! RICE! RICEEEEEE

  29. P x :P

    P x :P2 일 전

    @Stanfordz Barzo 😂

  30. Stanfordz Barzo

    Stanfordz Barzo2 일 전

    Me: *RYZE*

  31. Priscilla Yang

    Priscilla Yang4 일 전


  32. Chara dreemurr

    Chara dreemurr4 일 전

    I'm really late but... the first guy was really drunk wow bro wtf ?

  33. Silvermoon

    Silvermoon4 일 전

    Looking back now i see why everyone was so upset and bringing up the disaster from the live rise performance, mako sounds so off almost as if he was drunk. I heard that he had a few drinks off stage but idk about that, i can only agree that the blonde guy, bobby and the guitar guy saved the performance and did what they could.

  34. Александр Громов

    Александр Громов4 일 전

    Song is awesome, but I am so disappointed about live version ;(

  35. Draz Gul

    Draz Gul4 일 전

    Ah, we assemble here once again after 2019

  36. Subside

    Subside3 일 전

    Draz Gul i like rise more tbh Personal preference

  37. Jackie

    Jackie4 일 전

    Que merda foi essa? Kskksks

  38. Sayrenka

    Sayrenka5 일 전

    i heard "RICE"

  39. Neath PvP

    Neath PvP5 일 전

    Who is here after see the trash opening of this year?

  40. Lương Văn Phúc

    Lương Văn Phúc5 일 전

    live tệ vcl :((

  41. Lunar

    Lunar5 일 전

    Oh mai god mako 😂😂 spoiled it

  42. Boglárka Virág Bánszki

    Boglárka Virág Bánszki5 일 전

    i fookin love it

  43. Erik Ramos

    Erik Ramos5 일 전

    It wouldn't be LoL if the asian guy didn't carried.

  44. Sophia

    Sophia4 일 전

    Bobby. Lol and the blond guy did really well

  45. Perky Agent

    Perky Agent6 일 전


  46. El Cloroxito

    El Cloroxito6 일 전


  47. Achi Qarchaidze

    Achi Qarchaidze6 일 전


  48. Mirano

    Mirano4 일 전

    Excuse me why is it a stupid song, it is motivational song, and the music is awesome as well, Im sorry to hear that you dont like this type of music which probably means you are listening to mainstream today.

  49. Emre kaya #

    Emre kaya #7 일 전

    thx blonde boy and rapper saved ceremony . other guy cringe

  50. Cristian - iLinky

    Cristian - iLinky7 일 전

    Telle Smith

  51. h l

    h l8 일 전

    Worst ceremony ever

  52. Ulises Gomez

    Ulises Gomez9 일 전


  53. Alex Alex

    Alex Alex9 일 전

    Who else is here after watching Legends Never Die for the first time!!

  54. Соков Даниил

    Соков Даниил9 일 전

    Сорян, но мне кажется Джеки лучше спел

  55. Kartika Indaeyo

    Kartika Indaeyo9 일 전

    Kim Jiwonn.. ❤

  56. R R

    R R10 일 전

    When I'm in an Asian Restaurant with limitless rice: "Make them remember you..." RICE! RICE! RIIIIICE! 3 refills later: "They will remember you..." RICE! RICE!

  57. Vlad Slipchenko

    Vlad Slipchenko11 일 전

    Who is this drunk clown ???

  58. Noah

    Noah11 일 전

    As bad as this was can we just appreciate 1:21

  59. Siti Nurshamshida

    Siti Nurshamshida11 일 전

    Wowww it's Bobby 🤙🤪 his performance is sooo fantastic

  60. Timmy Ho

    Timmy Ho11 일 전

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  61. gRa F

    gRa F11 일 전

    I love telle's voice so much omg

  62. Loving It

    Loving It12 일 전

    The singer with the black hair (not Bobby) sounds like he is the middle of puberty...

  63. Cristian - iLinky

    Cristian - iLinky7 일 전


  64. Weiss

    Weiss12 일 전

    What's he doing? This is not RISE I've known..

  65. P0WE3R 10

    P0WE3R 1013 일 전


  66. Blue Frost

    Blue Frost13 일 전

    The blonde guy saved this & someone please escort the other guy off the stage please

  67. Blue Frost

    Blue Frost7 일 전

    @Cristian - iLinky thanks

  68. Cristian - iLinky

    Cristian - iLinky7 일 전

    Telle Smith

  69. Mago Atariegatendo

    Mago Atariegatendo13 일 전

    I loved this, loved the final..... people needs to relax their sphincters.

  70. Sasha Berbéris

    Sasha Berbéris13 일 전

    Blonde is so cool

  71. Aussa Kagamine

    Aussa Kagamine14 일 전

    Live shows really show who needs autotune and who doesn't.

  72. Rina Lilian Jara Herrera

    Rina Lilian Jara Herrera16 일 전

    Holograma de michael jackson para este 2019 va hacer muy bueno so lo hacen