Riley McCusker Performs Beam Routine | Champions Series Presented By Xfinity

  • 2019. 08. 10.
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  1. Brian Patterson

    Brian Patterson5 개월 전

    I think its gonna be (on the 2020 Olympic Team) Simone Biles (who is a lock for sure), Jade Carey (who is almost a lock for sure too because of her going the World Cup route she will make the team as she leads the world cup events on Floor Ex and Vault so far. she just needs to win 1 more floor or vault competition in the World Cup Series to Lock her spot on the team as the 2nd member after Biles). So then who do u pick for the last 2!!!??? And who will just be the Alternate gymnast. Which is always a sad spot to make Cuz ur on the Olympic team but can't compete or medal unless one of ur teammates gets injured. There are so many great gymnasts to pick from.. this 4 member team is so unfair. But I'd have to say McCusker definitely as she could medal on beam, bars, and the All Around. Then you have Morgan Hurd who is the 2017 World Champ, and 2018 bronze AA medalist, and can win an AA medal... but event finals..I'm not so sure she can win gold anywhere she's just really solid across the board. So do they take her? OR take someone who is a specialist like Sunisa Lee on the bars and beam. She's also solid on floor and vault this year..I mean she finished in 2nd place in this 2 day 2019 US national championships. So that's gotta do her a solid. It would be sad to see McCusker or Hurd left off the team but its inevitable that one may be and I'm leaning more towards McCusker making the team. Then u have the 4th spot. Do u take a specialist like Sunisa Lee who could challenge for Bars Gold or a Beam Medal, or go with Kara Eaker who can make AA medals, or get Gold on Beam. Then there is McKayla Skinner (Medal worthy on Floor and Vault), Leanne Wong potentially could make (bars, beam, and floor finals but don't think shed be gold), Aleah Finnegan is solid across the board but there are just too many higher scorers to put her on I think. Jordan Chile's...I personally don't care for her much but she has improved her consistency this year. But again she's another that I think is good, but wouldn't be a gold medal contender in AA, or event finals. Then there is Trinity Thomas who is just a solid gymnast period. On all events. Usually. But another whom I don't think could get a gold on any event in the Olympics. Maybe a lesser medal but even then I'm not sure but she's really good too. ITE so wild to think that most of the latter girls names likely won't make the team and that's that for them. Sad. But maybe a few of them can be put on the World Championship team to make up for not going to be put on Olympics team lol. I mean what do u do right!? Such hard decisions ton make down the line for USA Gymnastics .

  2. luig2121

    luig212124 일 전

    Based on what I've seen of Riley, my guess is that either her lack of consistency or frequent injuries will take her out of contention :( Even if she makes the team, I'm super worried that the training will be too intense for her. In terms of locks for team, Simone and Sunisa right now. For specialist spot, Jade if she finishes the world cup route