Rich Popular Girl Crashes My Summer Party! *SHE SNEAKS IN*


  1. Ibrar Hussain

    Ibrar Hussain37 분 전


  2. Sabrina Donegan

    Sabrina Donegan4 시간 전

    :tutsy cinamion is better

  3. Valescia Mohan

    Valescia Mohan8 시간 전


  4. Valescia Mohan

    Valescia Mohan8 시간 전

    I hate cinnamon I want her to die

  5. Valescia Mohan

    Valescia Mohan8 시간 전

    I hate , Cinnamon cinnamon

  6. Derrick Hatcher

    Derrick Hatcher10 시간 전

    I want sinnamen and tootsie prank wars

  7. Lily Owens

    Lily Owens13 시간 전

    i want cinnamon vs tootsie

  8. Sam Minta

    Sam Minta16 시간 전

    Come on tootsie

  9. UnicornRule's :3

    UnicornRule's :3일 전

    prank wars

  10. Aaron Lewis

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  11. leah ashe

    leah ashe일 전

    Its so funny 😂😂😂😂

  12. Fidelia Ramirez

    Fidelia Ramirez일 전

    Team tootsie

  13. Valentina Dounias

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  14. Laurin Juarez

    Laurin Juarez일 전

    Tootsie is queen when ever cinnamon laughs it sounds like a siren

  15. Laurin Juarez

    Laurin Juarez일 전

    Poop on cinnamon

  16. Laurin Juarez

    Laurin Juarez일 전

    Cinnamon looks like trash

  17. Maria Madero

    Maria Madero일 전

    I love dan and riya i love dan he nice and u

  18. Maria Madero

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  19. Lilly LoL

    Lilly LoL일 전

    Cinnamon you don’t like to do you know yeah cool yeah play your parties when you have a shelf why should you be there

  20. Shanei TCB

    Shanei TCB일 전

    3:21 Iove it when she/He says "very very tasty "😂😂

  21. Santos Cruz

    Santos Cruz일 전

    I thought at the end tootsie was going to get the hose and wet cinnamon

  22. E squad

    E squad일 전

    Gutsy shold scair sinimon

  23. Kc Right

    Kc Right일 전

    Team cinnamon

  24. Gacha Layla

    Gacha Layla일 전

    Didn’t tootsie mom got rejected on the parent meeting

  25. Kerron Weston

    Kerron Weston2 일 전

    Team Tootsie for life

  26. Manuela Alvarado

    Manuela Alvarado2 일 전

    I wish this was a show!

  27. David Manzo

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  28. Paul McKenzie

    Paul McKenzie2 일 전

    This is trash

  29. Tamra Hill

    Tamra Hill2 일 전

    Defense nitliy

  30. megan SMYTH

    megan SMYTH2 일 전

    Prank wars

  31. mamadou diallo

    mamadou diallo2 일 전

    Prank wars prank wars leave a like if u agreee

  32. Ginger De La Cruz

    Ginger De La Cruz2 일 전

    Team Tootsie

  33. Emily Marquez

    Emily Marquez2 일 전

    Cinnamon is kinda right how they call her party crasher Tootsie crashes he r party tho sorry for being mean tho

  34. Singing in the shadows About turning the music up

    Singing in the shadows About turning the music up2 일 전


  35. Mycah Cottman

    Mycah Cottman2 일 전

    Team tootsie

  36. Rozy Woror

    Rozy Woror3 일 전

    I wanna see what is next right now

  37. Emine Ozcan

    Emine Ozcan3 일 전

    What tootsie is winning

  38. Brian Pemberton

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  39. benecia samuels

    benecia samuels3 일 전

    Cinnamon vs tootsie! MAY THE BATTLE BEGIN!🍕vs👗

  40. yelissa Mercedes

    yelissa Mercedes3 일 전

    DWhen you are you guys are so ugly I wish that I knew you guys can break up if you can’t wake up I will give you 100,000 money please please please please please I’m crying for this little teeny a colleague how are you I love you and Barbara mouth and I live in New York

  41. yelissa Mercedes

    yelissa Mercedes3 일 전

    Do you guys like I’m shit you can I’m not the one I’m so excited for you guys need a break break up break up break up break up break up break up with me you break up break up break up I want to break up break up break up and you want to break up break up and break up when I want to break up with him when I want to break up with the one I want to break up please I need a base every time you guys are you covering your face I was there do you think you can call me babe you need a break up call me tell me they can you call me can you call me I’m the girl in mind talking to you every day you know what I’m up to you I would date someday I will you win the new girl to girl in New York I am no you are name my new your new your new car you you you you you you you you know your name is your name is your name your name your name your name your name yeah yeah who who who who who who who yeah yeah you need a break break break break up break up break up break up or do you wanna hundred dollar order very young one who hundred dollars hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred dollars hundred money you want to have to get it from New York you will see all of you girl bye-bye

  42. juan barron

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  43. Brooklyn  Johnson

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  44. God of Fire68

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    Cinnamon vs tootsie

  45. Monika Yalcinkaya

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  46. -Taffy-

    -Taffy-3 일 전

    hey dan ria i had an idea for a video, So (On or After the first day of school) Cinnamon looks at rubarb who is trying to do a jump kick and fails and than cinnamon decidedes shes going to hire a new cheerleader and kick rubarb off the team, Than she looks around and she sees agnus trying to get a book off a shelf (Idk) and she does a perfect jump kick so cinnamon asks agnus if she wants to join she says fine only because george is the football captian so she does great blah blah blah meanwhile rubabrb is having a fliping meltdown and ria and tootsie see her and ria forces toostsie to come and help and than rubabr agrees to explain and she does explain what happened ria manages to calm her down and than offers to help and she agrees and thye take her to her house and train her and at first she sucks than a few hours later she can master almost any cheer form. Than she goes back to school the day after And she makes cinnamon jely and like yeah then she gets back on the team and rubarb gets kicked off but of course she dosent care so... yeah plaese like this so they can maybe see this so they can have a idea also sorry for any spelling mistakes

  47. Mehrdad Sadeghi atar

    Mehrdad Sadeghi atar3 일 전

    Cinnamon and see what you guys are weird that’s what I mean by bye by bye

  48. Jayda Graham

    Jayda Graham3 일 전

    Yes prank wars

  49. it,s ghalia

    it,s ghalia3 일 전

    I hate you cinnamon your so mean👿

  50. Stix bot Stix bot

    Stix bot Stix bot4 일 전

    Tootsie:THIS.IS.WAR Me:(grabs shotgun) BRING IT

  51. Demons and Gacha are Sweet

    Demons and Gacha are Sweet4 일 전

    Roses are red Ketchup is too If u like this comment I will definitely sue you!

  52. Lighting Productions

    Lighting Productions4 일 전

    I I l I lo I lov I love I love T I love To I love Tos I love Tost I love Tosti I love Tostie I love Tostie a I love Tostie an I love Tostie and I love Tostie and R I love Tostie and Ri I love Tostie and Riy I love Tostie and Riya

  53. Hemakshi Kanani

    Hemakshi Kanani4 일 전

    Yes more wars

  54. Joanna Harris

    Joanna Harris4 일 전

    Do both to see tootsie with Daniel

  55. Joanna Harris

    Joanna Harris4 일 전

    Team cinnamon Like to meet her mum Comment if u want to see tootsie’s dad

  56. Harleen Malhi

    Harleen Malhi4 일 전

    Did what

  57. Stephanie R

    Stephanie R4 일 전

    I want to seeCinnamo vs tootsie

  58. Mikaela Boone

    Mikaela Boone4 일 전

    Cinnamon vs tootsie

  59. Jose Lopez

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  60. Jason Coolboy

    Jason Coolboy4 일 전

    Who like tootsie

  61. Ariah Shaw

    Ariah Shaw4 일 전

    Love it

  62. Maritza Chavez

    Maritza Chavez4 일 전

    Press for a new video 👇🏼

  63. jimmyaccordionboy

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  64. Latoya Mitchell

    Latoya Mitchell4 일 전

    Yeah fight fight

  65. Alexis Standridge

    Alexis Standridge4 일 전

    The 8


    ZAKIA FOMBY4 일 전

    Cinemine vs tootsie prank wars yes please

  67. _RlSK

    _RlSK4 일 전

    # TEAM cinnamon~ please make this blue? l l l

  68. marc pritchett

    marc pritchett4 일 전

    I love your videos I watch them every day I come out of school love u Dan and riya

  69. cherrie deane

    cherrie deane4 일 전

    When toosie crash into cinnamons parties she does not say anything

  70. Shavira Seale

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  71. Esperance Mukunde

    Esperance Mukunde4 일 전

    Of pls for me do it

  72. Cherie Artcher

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  74. Enya Ghonaim

    Enya Ghonaim5 일 전

    Is cinnamon riya? 😮.

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  76. Shoaq2041 Aljaberi

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  77. Gacha Wolf

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    Yasssss tootsie i vote for u 👇 👇

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  79. HIdayah Mustapa

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  80. jessica gonzalez

    jessica gonzalez5 일 전

    I would love to go to that party

  81. mary holiway

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  82. Daniella's Toy Show

    Daniella's Toy Show5 일 전

    I want some prank wars

  83. Tracy Wright

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