Rey Mysterio considers retirement: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019


  1. Gurizai_Gaming

    Gurizai_Gaming개월 전

    He actually sounds serious except for when he was bouta take the mask off

  2. Koda Bear89

    Koda Bear89개월 전

    Rey U R Awesome... Man U Do Really Love ur Son DOminik... U r a Soulja/A Trooper/ A Legend// U r gonna Continue Wrestling... Ur Gonna Sacafice More for da Love of ur Child... Wow Now Dats a True Bond n Love There.... God Bless Ya Rey Mysertio n ur Family...

  3. predator :

    predator :개월 전

    Booyaka booyaka *619*

  4. Isaiah Ukih

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  5. Isaiah Ukih

    Isaiah Ukih2 개월 전


  6. Isaiah Ukih

    Isaiah Ukih2 개월 전


  7. Majorie Mosely

    Majorie Mosely2 개월 전

    Rey myterio if you retired I'm be so disappointed I want you to stand in wwe

  8. Monish Ansari

    Monish Ansari2 개월 전

    Rey mysterio ka fain hu main

  9. LVSkinny

    LVSkinny2 개월 전

    Rey should have retired years ago! He BEEN a certified legend ! 💯

  10. Not normal YT

    Not normal YT2 개월 전

    In dominics mind he's flexing that Louis vutton

  11. Perklis M

    Perklis M2 개월 전

    this is sad me sooooooooo mach

  12. ha hatdog

    ha hatdog3 개월 전

    dont retire idol in your fans all your fans is happy to you

  13. Santo niño

    Santo niño3 개월 전

    Brocklesnar will pay for everything he did to dominic he will pay lot

  14. hodaney saallax

    hodaney saallax3 개월 전

    Ray ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Dedos Del Medio

    Dedos Del Medio4 개월 전

    Rey Mysterio has had a spectacular career inside & outside of WWE. It's good to hear that Rey Mysterio is sticking around a little longer, more spectacular things will come from him!!!.

  16. KD Channel

    KD Channel4 개월 전

    That moment went you realized that all the wwe start you saw growing up are retiring one by one



    Did Anyone cry? 👇🏻


    KILLER BEAST4 개월 전

    I will join WWE when I grow up and you will call me Jose Julio with a mask like Rey Mysterio because he is my idol

  19. mildred santos

    mildred santos4 개월 전

    Does he retires?

  20. Kim Jong-un

    Kim Jong-un4 개월 전

    Wtf thats dominic? I remember the custody ladder match with eddie guerrero😂

  21. Shmarishcal

    Shmarishcal4 개월 전

    I wish I still had my dad

  22. Jo Nathan

    Jo Nathan4 개월 전

    I felt bad for what he was saying but about retirement but I couldn’t look past the fact about how badass his mask was 🥶

  23. Alexandru Amuza

    Alexandru Amuza4 개월 전

    How cringe are those stories now...omg

  24. zwebackshyper

    zwebackshyper4 개월 전

    cant wait til wwe decide to turn dominick heel and he betrays rey

  25. Paula Flores

    Paula Flores5 개월 전

    The great Rey Misterio 619

  26. Xtream Games12

    Xtream Games125 개월 전

    Rey is the only reason i watch WWE

  27. Hilmar Elevators

    Hilmar Elevators5 개월 전

    Rey do not retire

  28. Soviet SuperiorSolider

    Soviet SuperiorSolider5 개월 전

    Wow that was...... Just wow I'm speechless

  29. randoggamerPH xoxo

    randoggamerPH xoxo5 개월 전

    pls dont...

  30. Maxi Priest

    Maxi Priest5 개월 전

    rey was bless in WCW should never have went to wwe

  31. Jorge y Jaime Blogs

    Jorge y Jaime Blogs5 개월 전

    Dominic,tiene un gran compromiso y sacar adelante la grandiosa leyenda en la que se ha convertido Rey Mysterio JR. Sin duda uno de mis Favoritos Luchadores de la Historia!!! Animo Dominic, animo Rey!!!! México siempre contigo

  32. dxwgamer YT

    dxwgamer YT5 개월 전

    Siempre en nuestros corazones , REY MYSTERIO ! BOYAKA BOYAKA 619 !

  33. anthony martinez

    anthony martinez5 개월 전

    I met oscar year's ago as I was an intern at an MRI clinic. Very nice and respectful man. Wish the best for you and your career

  34. Adi Mart

    Adi Mart5 개월 전

    So fake, cant believe wwe still has a following. It's all an act.

  35. Saul Ramirez

    Saul Ramirez5 개월 전

    Rey has always Ben an expert on getting the fans in such an emotional state... no lie my reaction was the same as the fans when he said “it’s time to hang up the mask” then starts getting emotional and choking on his words... can’t even tell if Rey was really emotional or if it was just to catch the fans

  36. Tushar S Waghmare

    Tushar S Waghmare5 개월 전

    Rey......the legend

  37. Brandon Daniel

    Brandon Daniel5 개월 전

    AEW! AEW!



    Bune aq üzüldüm izlerken Seni seviyorum Rey Mysterio Zaten WWE nin kralı sensin 😏😏

  39. WYLL •

    WYLL •5 개월 전


  40. big nose 6969

    big nose 69695 개월 전

    Did any one else cry

  41. Dani Veliz

    Dani Veliz5 개월 전

    Noo please Rey don't retire I love u

  42. Vigro Vigro

    Vigro Vigro5 개월 전

    Next Rey is dominic

  43. roman emperor

    roman emperor5 개월 전

    when rey retires he needs the best like legends who helped him.Say like big show, even tho they had a rivalry they are great friends,usos,sin cara,shawn micheals people who care. no one wants haters tho

  44. jaymoneyymoney

    jaymoneyymoney5 개월 전

    Wtf 😂😂

  45. Matt Garza

    Matt Garza5 개월 전

    Eddie's his papi

  46. Dustin Martin

    Dustin Martin5 개월 전

    Please do not make a storyline of a rivalry between Rey and Dominic. It would be so very wrong.

  47. Nito

    Nito5 개월 전

    Rey mysterio .. the man who makes me love wresling ! The biggest Legend ! Great person , great personality. You deserve the tittle of hall of fame !

  48. Dick Tickles

    Dick Tickles5 개월 전

    Jason Solomon did a much better job reading Dominic's promo as Vito Corleone than Dominic did. What bothered me so much with this promo was Rey was doing a tremendous acting job and then Dominic shows up with... this.

  49. cringe worthy content

    cringe worthy content5 개월 전

    Wwe did his latest run dirty

  50. Reddragonninja 59

    Reddragonninja 595 개월 전

    He looks like 2002 rey, the mask that kinda covers up his nose and upper lip

  51. Nicholas Snow

    Nicholas Snow5 개월 전

    Should have attacked him regardless of try being his father or not. Immediately becoming a top heal!

  52. gustabo victor

    gustabo victor5 개월 전

    Idc if its scripted you still need alot of honor to step into that ring and rey misterio proved it

  53. Sad Default

    Sad Default5 개월 전

    I hope he actually retires and I also want kalisto and the other lucha guys to leave too

  54. Sad Default

    Sad Default5 개월 전

    @cringe worthy content no u

  55. cringe worthy content

    cringe worthy content5 개월 전

    Go step on a lego and see a doctor

  56. Brennagon Xavier

    Brennagon Xavier5 개월 전

    Rey don’t retire

  57. Misteriosi81

    Misteriosi815 개월 전

    Dominick acting is as good as a card board box

  58. cringe worthy content

    cringe worthy content5 개월 전

    Yeah he sucks at it

  59. Supremedreams

    Supremedreams5 개월 전

    This made me cry man just like when jeff hardy left in 09 💔😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  60. Cindy Nero

    Cindy Nero5 개월 전

    Walter is son of Rey Mysterio :O xD

  61. Manito

    Manito5 개월 전

    Plot twist Dominic trades on Rey and we get Rey vs Dominic

  62. Yxng Yaps

    Yxng Yaps5 개월 전

    If rey retires I'm out fux wwe

  63. Damien Osborn

    Damien Osborn5 개월 전

    Maybe rey will go to aew