Reviewing Bad Apps


  1. Brittney Holmes

    Brittney Holmes7 일 전

    Laying sick in bed and re watching alllll my favorite Jenna videos. 🥰. Been a fan since MySpace!!!!!!! 💁🏻‍♀️ 😘😘😘

  2. Benis McGee

    Benis McGee8 일 전

    marimbas in paris is actually my moms ringtone tho

  3. Paige Rosner

    Paige Rosner11 일 전

    What was the last dark episode about?

  4. Megan Sparrow

    Megan Sparrow14 일 전

    3 yrs ago: “this is not an app bashing video, I have the upmost respect for app makers” 1 year ago: “this is criminal. $10 for an app?! These people should go to prison.”

  5. LPS Moonlightsunshine

    LPS Moonlightsunshine17 일 전

    sloppy joes

  6. Elsie DeForest

    Elsie DeForest17 일 전

    Does anyone else see how much Jenna and Blake Lively look alike? Especially in The Town

  7. Sadie Roberts

    Sadie Roberts18 일 전

    Dude not gonna lie the marimba remixes are bomb

  8. Miss Nugget

    Miss Nugget24 일 전

    R.I.P my ears I had my volume up and the intro came on R.I.P my ears

  9. Honey

    Honey25 일 전

    ⚠️‼️0:54 Seizure warning‼️⚠️

  10. spencdott

    spencdott27 일 전

    how do i find that marimba remix app??

  11. clarissa h

    clarissa h개월 전

    no one: literally no one : jenna: ...... 10/10

  12. killer BoyTV

    killer BoyTV개월 전

    Who’s watching this in 2019? ⬇️

  13. Felicity

    Felicity개월 전


  14. Alyssa Willis

    Alyssa Willis개월 전

    plot twist: marimbas in paris has actually been my ringtone for 3 years at least............ no shame

  15. Sydney Wood

    Sydney Wood개월 전

    Who else tried to find the app for turn down for what? I want it sooooo bad!

  16. Haylee Romanchuk

    Haylee Romanchuk개월 전

    Idk if you’ve done CatSimulator but it’s hilarious as fuck

  17. Aubrey Holman

    Aubrey Holman개월 전

    I'm developing a REAL dog translator app. It's a bit pricey but it is based on years of dog language studies. I will let you guys know when it's available.

  18. spellbound_1

    spellbound_1개월 전

    *A C C E S S I N G F I L E S*

  19. Bread Bin

    Bread Bin개월 전

    I could just do the marimba one myself

  20. Mia Grace Roberts

    Mia Grace Roberts개월 전

    5:09 ME!

  21. Shaeliza

    Shaeliza개월 전

    Congratulation Jenna. They quoted you on the app page 😂

  22. K-Popper

    K-Popper개월 전

    It honestly makes no sense how the apps that they bought still has ads, usually you pay to remove the ads, smh

  23. madeleine steele

    madeleine steele2 개월 전

    Please another one

  24. fuck off

    fuck off2 개월 전

    Her hoop keeps disappearing, like parts of her left one

  25. Carla Marla

    Carla Marla2 개월 전

    Nobody: Horse app: A C C E S S I N G F I L E S

  26. Chancelord

    Chancelord2 개월 전

    You continuing to charge your phone after it's at 100% triggers me😂

  27. Random person •

    Random person •2 개월 전

    *when you want the app so your searching the App Store for like an hour and still don’t find it*

  28. Little mix Stan

    Little mix Stan2 개월 전

    10:04 little did she know that "stop it" would become her greatest piece of artwork and launch her art career

  29. Meghan Schultz

    Meghan Schultz2 개월 전

    you may not have tricked your friends into answering the door, but you sure tricked my dog

  30. wolfie

    wolfie2 개월 전

    My name is Mia help

  31. Lexanne Keulemans

    Lexanne Keulemans2 개월 전

    Marimbas in Paris is genuinely my current ringtone

  32. Merris McDuffie

    Merris McDuffie2 개월 전

    I remember when I was little my dad had the fart cushion app, and he used to play it in our ears to wake us up.

  33. Tahnee Gainsford

    Tahnee Gainsford2 개월 전

    please tell me somebody else noticed that the time on the phone the whole time was 9.41am the ENTIRE TIME

  34. Hunter

    Hunter2 개월 전

    You could always play Episode again

  35. Nile Peoples

    Nile Peoples2 개월 전

    as many times as i watched this video i never noticed that there was a “women” category in “tattoos 4 men”

  36. Mossears133

    Mossears1332 개월 전

    “What’s with all these apps of just pictures” it’s called nobody knew how to code iOS when iPod touch/iPhones were getting super popular lmao

  37. Olivia Reinhardt

    Olivia Reinhardt2 개월 전

    7:41 "So be sure to go to bed early" 😂😭😂😭😂

  38. Mica's Domain

    Mica's Domain3 개월 전

    9:10 how is this a bad app?

  39. Emily Dee

    Emily Dee3 개월 전

    Jenna’s outfit is DANK

  40. Roma Jerzycka

    Roma Jerzycka3 개월 전

    Aaaaaaand ever since my phone ring has been Marimbas in Paris

  41. boudicca storm

    boudicca storm3 개월 전


  42. Joanna

    Joanna3 개월 전

    when you spend 10 minutes looking up marimba remixes

  43. where’s my cat

    where’s my cat3 개월 전

    I only watch intros because julien always looks like a lost child

  44. Watchtower7

    Watchtower73 개월 전

    Dude whenever you sit there with her you always look like someone's going to slap you up side your head or something...

  45. GabbyRenee88

    GabbyRenee883 개월 전

    When I first started watching Jenna, I couldn't imagine her with dark hair. Now that Jenna has had her natural dark hair, it is so hard to believe that she had bleach blonde hair

  46. g r a c i e lee

    g r a c i e lee3 개월 전

    does anyone get triggered that jenna has more unread messages than emails?

  47. Nicole Newsome

    Nicole Newsome3 개월 전

    I am in tears at Julien's eye roll when Rudy the Reindeer started talking 😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Fwuffy Panda

    Fwuffy Panda3 개월 전

    11:24 I literally almost shit my pants laughing

  49. Kevin Ruehlen

    Kevin Ruehlen3 개월 전

    "I don't know who would watch this video"...... 6.4 million views

  50. Sun flower

    Sun flower3 개월 전

    Julien covering the phone screen behind them triggers my OCD.

  51. Jalie McQueen

    Jalie McQueen3 개월 전

    Jenna I just want u to know that every time I’m ab to go to bed sad I turn ur old vids on to make things easier I love u

  52. liz day

    liz day3 개월 전


  53. Annie Miller

    Annie Miller3 개월 전

    Ok so I had that ghost observer app when I was in 5th grade and I genuinely thought it worked

  54. Drawing is A sport

    Drawing is A sport3 개월 전

    I love you guys!!!

  55. Celia Ross

    Celia Ross3 개월 전

    downloaded the marimba app and listen to it all the time it's hilarious also you should do a podcast where you play them and try and guess what it is in a certain amount of time!!!!!

  56. Maloree

    Maloree3 개월 전

    I’ve learned that I can’t drink anything while watching this.

  57. Jennifer Mommy

    Jennifer Mommy4 개월 전

    Mia's closer is a uses clothing store

  58. Meg Nowaczyk

    Meg Nowaczyk4 개월 전

    jenna: “I don’t know who would watch this” 6.3 million people: hold my beer

  59. Bargins Galore

    Bargins Galore4 개월 전

    Tattoos for men and Jenna

  60. Jane Loves life For real

    Jane Loves life For real4 개월 전

    Yo how the fuck do I get that marimba app