Revenge Documentary Bonus: T-Minus shows J. Cole how it's done


  1. 2-d

    2-d22 일 전

    Cole ran like Uzi

  2. Ky'saun James

    Ky'saun James26 일 전

    Cole getting up there in age

  3. Jake Mikes

    Jake Mikes개월 전

    He's a wizard Harry!

  4. crazymann

    crazymann개월 전

    can anyone link me a video of this magic trick

  5. TJ Pluto

    TJ Pluto개월 전

    😂😂😂 this was great ❤

  6. wakeel johnson

    wakeel johnson개월 전

    T-minus working with them demons 💀

  7. Adriël Allas

    Adriël Allas19 일 전

    that's why his beats fire as hell

  8. papii1197

    papii1197개월 전

    They high as hell lmao

  9. Nahoa Life

    Nahoa Life개월 전

    This is called a card in hand by Ted Annemann

  10. Swayvon Taylor

    Swayvon Taylor개월 전

    Wow so real

  11. justin eis cuel

    justin eis cuel개월 전

    Niggas seeing magic is the funniest shit in the world

  12. Bear City

    Bear City개월 전

    I NEED YOU HELP! My dad is going to give me a puppy 🐶 if my latest video gets 1k views. THIS IS NOT FAKE!

  13. Bear City

    Bear City개월 전

    T minus liked my insta pic

  14. Resolution Records

    Resolution Records개월 전

    Cole ran away from T-minus like Steve runs away from wizard in minecraft 😂😂

  15. Graduation SO

    Graduation SO개월 전

    “It’s this shit ohhhh shit, ohhhh shitttt”

  16. hamcreatives

    hamcreatives개월 전

    easiest trick in the books lol. still dope tho.

  17. Akira Kamisaru

    Akira Kamisaru개월 전

    “You’re A Wizard T-Minus!”

  18. Carlos Del Castillo

    Carlos Del Castillo개월 전

    1:19 me listening to Kendrick’s hook on Under the Sun for the first time thinking he was about to spit a verse🤧😂

  19. The Real WoodMan Show

    The Real WoodMan Show개월 전

    Why black people always run away when they show us magic 🤭🤣

  20. STEELERS4hunnit

    STEELERS4hunnit개월 전

    Anyone know the trick name?

  21. Ozie Wright

    Ozie Wright개월 전

    Cole so damn fine. Whew shit guh.

  22. Johnny Blaze

    Johnny Blaze개월 전

    I'm from LA but been on J cole since his come up warm up mixtapes. Just seeing how he evolved to being one of the Goats in Hip Hop is a beautiful thing. J. Cole and Kendrick hands down keeping Hip Hop alive.

  23. Nate Joël

    Nate Joël개월 전

    lmaoo these videos super dope

  24. torina Lewis

    torina Lewis개월 전

    He’s a real wizard 🧙‍♂️ 🤣🤣🤣

  25. price tag narcos

    price tag narcos개월 전

  26. Tony Be

    Tony Be개월 전


  27. Lebzito King

    Lebzito King개월 전

    Please, Please, Please show the recording of Under The Sun 🌞

  28. Maame Harris

    Maame Harris개월 전 domani Harris

  29. Evan Pate

    Evan Pate개월 전

    “This niggas the truth “ 😂😂😂

  30. Zack

    Zack개월 전


  31. CeexOver SA

    CeexOver SA개월 전

    From T-Minus to T-Magic💀💀

  32. Mark Mangaliman

    Mark Mangaliman개월 전

    J. Cole looking like an old Rasta father. Got me feeling old now looking for some guidance from my Rasta uncle.

  33. Tamie washington

    Tamie washington개월 전

    So Funny I knew it once he kept saying no that it was in his hand already. 😂😂

  34. Cristian Mora

    Cristian Mora개월 전

    T-minus even tells him what his card was when he placed the card in Cole’s hand. He never caught onto it

  35. J C

    J C개월 전


  36. Giovanna Till

    Giovanna Till개월 전


  37. Ethan Thomas

    Ethan Thomas개월 전


  38. 710 47

    710 47개월 전

    always gotta take a quick lap to comprehend what just happened.

  39. Kweeze513goon

    Kweeze513goon개월 전

    Us Black people are amazed my magic tricks. I know for dam sho magic makes me run a minimum of 15 feet away like cole did. Blows our mind every time

  40. Squalley

    Squalley개월 전


  41. Lindsay Perryman

    Lindsay Perryman개월 전

    Hes a real magician 😂😂😂😂

  42. Liam Twelvy

    Liam Twelvy개월 전

    He's a real magician, he's a real wizard 😂😂😂

  43. jo wej

    jo wej개월 전

    He’s a real wizard

  44. Lyonn Fire

    Lyonn Fire개월 전

    This nigga j.cole grew some dreads and think he smoke now

  45. Jake got cake

    Jake got cake개월 전

    I thought he was gonna show him producer shit but ight

  46. K Slay

    K Slay개월 전

    More of these plz lol

  47. Lucas Castro

    Lucas Castro개월 전


  48. GOODisMandatory

    GOODisMandatory개월 전

    someone gotta explain this one. this is fire 😂

  49. Zach Van Harris JR

    Zach Van Harris JR개월 전

    Legendary status

  50. MsKpoland

    MsKpoland개월 전

    This whole video had me smiling the whole time like I was really cheezing😂😂Had to watch that jon twice😂😂

  51. hafizul faizal

    hafizul faizal개월 전

    I'd love to see random ass cole footage recorded like this. I can watch those all day long

  52. hafizul faizal

    hafizul faizal개월 전

    Seeing cole on camera is truly amazing 🤙🤙🤙

  53. Fine Tye

    Fine Tye개월 전


  54. Montee Stowes

    Montee Stowes개월 전

    There's a genuine purity to this video. Honestly I wish more people would show behind the scene stuff like this. It ain't always gotta be about the money.

  55. Michael Stephan

    Michael Stephan개월 전

    This video is better than the whole documentary

  56. ricelovesshoes

    ricelovesshoes개월 전


  57. Mayborn Music Beatz

    Mayborn Music Beatz개월 전

    I now understand why he be making hitz

  58. Ryan Matson

    Ryan Matson개월 전


  59. Akeem Towns

    Akeem Towns개월 전

    Gotta know magic to be in this industry

  60. Oliver Bradley

    Oliver Bradley개월 전

    No one: Cole: OOOOOHHH SHIT!

  61. TCB TCB

    TCB TCB개월 전

    OVO Dreamville vibes