Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Bad Boy' MV


  1. Nisaul Fadillah

    Nisaul Fadillah시간 전

    omfggggg i love this song so muchhhhh

  2. reb

    reb2 시간 전

    Wendy shon

  3. Hadian Rubby

    Hadian Rubby3 시간 전

    aku suka red velvet 😙

  4. Chimchim Blossom08

    Chimchim Blossom083 시간 전

    When i play this song It makes me cry This is the dance lf my ex boyfriend This song reminds me of thinking of him I miss my ex

  5. Official David

    Official David4 시간 전

    *How will you meet Red Velvet?* *Check the last digit of the amount of likes you are currently looking at.* *1-2 You will meet them at a concert* *3-4 You will meet them at Starbucks* *5-6 You will meet them backstage* *7-8 You will meet them personally and be best friends.* *9-0 You will lose your chance of meeting them*

  6. orange lamborghini

    orange lamborghini4 시간 전

    at 1:20 , irene actually looked like taeyeon.

  7. jk nachochip

    jk nachochip5 시간 전

    동아대학교 이경희 교직원 증거인멸에 가담한 혐의수사하라!! #10년저장

  8. Cee res

    Cee res6 시간 전

    hope their 3rd mv concept is same as this one. my favorite song in kpop. never get tired of this song. the more i listen to it the more im hooked. redvelvet if they are killers or mafias: seulgi the hunter/assassin kills you without hesitation. irene kills you silently yeri innocent but can kill you joy sexy killer. seduce and kill you after wendy can kill you with kindness.

  9. 127 Subliminals

    127 Subliminals6 시간 전

    I like velvet side more now. I used to be all about red but this song is just mesmerizing. I love Yeri's short hair, she looks like a cute rebel, Joy looks so natural here, Seulgi looks like a boss, Wendy looks hot and I love her vocals sm, Irene looks stunning as usual!

  10. Music&Movie int

    Music&Movie int6 시간 전

    Kang seulgi☺️❤


    TīÅ JĒØN ÅKĒMĪ7 시간 전

    MyUtt:Irene MyBias:Yeri

  12. Siriwat Chphan

    Siriwat Chphan7 시간 전


  13. Flamboyant Pants

    Flamboyant Pants9 시간 전

    I was a Good Boy before I watched this video.

  14. rw ah rawan kpop

    rw ah rawan kpop14 시간 전


  15. rw ah rawan kpop

    rw ah rawan kpop14 시간 전


  16. Amanda THEPOPCORN

    Amanda THEPOPCORN15 시간 전

    I like their song just not them dont attack me pls

  17. reb

    reb2 시간 전

    Is there a reason?

  18. Yulitza Gómez

    Yulitza Gómez16 시간 전


  19. jakdb mbgmd

    jakdb mbgmd20 시간 전

    comeback🙏💚💜💗💛💙 velvet concept

  20. Betty Hesti Silitonga

    Betty Hesti Silitonga20 시간 전


  21. Betty Hesti Silitonga

    Betty Hesti Silitonga20 시간 전

    BAE JOOHYUN !!!!

  22. Betty Hesti Silitonga

    Betty Hesti Silitonga20 시간 전

    Bad Girl Irene!!!

  23. Shrutika Srivastava

    Shrutika Srivastava21 시간 전

    Holy cow Joy is hot! Also I'm new so can anyone tell me who 2:22 this is?

  24. Vitani

    Vitani19 시간 전

    @Shrutika Srivastava No problem!

  25. Shrutika Srivastava

    Shrutika Srivastava19 시간 전

    @Vitani thanks alot

  26. Vitani

    Vitani19 시간 전

    @Shrutika Srivastava Irene: 0:13 Seulgi: 0:20 Wendy: 0:38 Joy: 0:31 Yeri: 0:25 I hope that this helps! ^^

  27. Shrutika Srivastava

    Shrutika Srivastava20 시간 전

    @Vitani LMAO. Joy and Irene are the only two people I recognise in this MV and that too I fucked up

  28. Vitani

    Vitani20 시간 전

    That's Joy! She sure is pretty ^^


    ŻỖƤÃ ẸЖỖĹ ẸЖỖ21 시간 전

    الاكسوال وياكم

  30. Mizu Gacha

    Mizu Gacha22 시간 전


  31. RAZAN STAY,Neverland

    RAZAN STAY,Neverland23 시간 전


  32. Hồng Nhung Nguyễn

    Hồng Nhung Nguyễn일 전

    Who your bias in RedVelvet? Irene= Like Yeri= Like Wendy= Like Joy= Like Seulgi= Like RedVelvet= Like and comment

  33. R3d Velvettt

    R3d Velvettt19 시간 전


  34. Mizu Gacha

    Mizu Gacha22 시간 전

    Love Red Velvet 💕

  35. I J

    I J일 전

    I really stan one of the most talented groups in kpop history whew

  36. BlackPink Cambodia Blink

    BlackPink Cambodia Blink일 전

    Can't stop listen this song from Blink

  37. Thanaporn Sripaibul

    Thanaporn Sripaibul일 전

    เมื่อไร รวว จะมีเพลงปังๆแบบนี้อีกกกก รออยู่ sm รับรู้ด้วยยยยยยยย

  38. Irpan Jaya label

    Irpan Jaya label일 전

    seulgi mana sua ra nya yeri juga

  39. Danica Bianca De guzman

    Danica Bianca De guzman일 전

    Cl lfN bm.

  40. Misses Right

    Misses Right일 전

    I think I fell into the Red Velvet rabbit hole and I'm not complaining. Just heard the remix of Close to me by Ellie Goulding and they were featured and it was really good!

  41. reb

    reb2 시간 전

    I lovee that song I mean Seulgi vocalssss

  42. Statue Oppa

    Statue Oppa일 전

    Its 2019 and I'm still convincing myself that I'm straight.

  43. J i c h u s u b l i m i n a l s :3

    J i c h u s u b l i m i n a l s :3일 전

    2:28 Where is my dignity??

  44. Dewi sartika Tika

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  45. meulgiya

    meulgiya일 전

    232m 🥳🥳

  46. just chompy

    just chompy일 전

    2 0 1 9 ?

  47. Janella Escander

    Janella Escander일 전

    joy's glow up got me question my gender

  48. R3d Velvettt

    R3d Velvettt일 전

    232 M

  49. Aeyemie ¿

    Aeyemie ¿2 일 전

    Who dat who dat

  50. naaa yaaa

    naaa yaaa2 일 전

    Who loves irene? 👇

  51. i u

    i u2 일 전


  52. Alper Sheller

    Alper Sheller2 일 전

    I'm so gay!

  53. ชลธิชา ผากา

    ชลธิชา ผากา2 일 전


  54. Sammy Viol

    Sammy Viol2 일 전

    This choreography is blowing me back to the second grade. O_O

  55. Ryzalun

    Ryzalun2 일 전


  56. The MAA Minecraft

    The MAA Minecraft2 일 전

    0:00 - 0:30

  57. dumbnumb for tae

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  58. andrea yani

    andrea yani2 일 전

    me encanta esta cancion Aunque no entienda ni verga :v

  59. reb

    reb2 시간 전


  60. Blackswan Minarie

    Blackswan Minarie2 일 전

    0:59 "ill eat your kid donut" JSSKAXJSHSJSJS

  61. Min is noob

    Min is noob2 일 전

    Mom, I just fell in love-

  62. K

    K2 일 전

    *Ce ne sont pas des lèvres Fight me idc idc,on another note I'm in love w the outfits

  63. Si adrian Crisosto

    Si adrian Crisosto2 일 전

    Love wenby💚💚💚💜💜💎

  64. Carmen Ara

    Carmen Ara2 일 전

    Please I need a comeback like this lemme die real quick 🥴

  65. stan loona and twice

    stan loona and twice2 일 전

    seulgi can shoot me any time she wants

  66. Irene seulgay

    Irene seulgay2 일 전

    let's reach 235 vi*ws

  67. D O

    D O2 일 전

    Normies: This is a sleepover themed comeback Me, an intellectual: This is a make me gayer than humanly possible comeback

  68. sr uchiha

    sr uchiha2 일 전

    Vai mostrar so isso? Cade as partes mais delícia?

  69. SPike

    SPike2 일 전

    I love Wendy,Irene,Joy,Seulgi,and Yeri 레드벨벳 사랑합니다 웬디 아이린 조이 슬기 예리

  70. Daniel rojas zea

    Daniel rojas zea2 일 전

    I seriously don't know why I'm here again like Irene wouldn't kill me 1000 times