Red Velvet 레드벨벳 '음파음파 (Umpah Umpah)' MV


  1. Chillax

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    They're so pretty

  2. Bias Wrecked

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    REVELUVS! Red Velvet have recently partenered with KOreporter and if you watch the mv 3 times in a row you'll get premimium benefits for a year!

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  4. riffgroove

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    Good luck with "La Rouge," Ladies! Can't wait to see it on tour!

  5. Coleen David

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    I miss you so much Red Velvet 💗💛💙💚💜

  6. Ucu Miatie

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    Gara gara admin hahaha official gue ngebayangin liriknya winarto murah 😐

  7. Kaycee Gonzalez

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    11/17 10:30AM KST Red Velvet Daily Views 1. Bad Boy(+110,719) 2. PAB(+75,050) 3. Zimzalabim(+66,719) 4. Russian Roulette(+54,585) 5. Umpah Umpah(+54,265) 6. Red Flavor(+52,938) 7. Power Up(+32,889) 8. Dumb Dumb(+31,386) 9. RBB(+27,624) 10. Happiness(+26,776) 11. ICC(+25,206) 12. Rookie(+11,012) 13. Cookie Jar(+7,521) 14. Be Natural(+6,709) 15. Sappy(+4,450) 16. OOTN(+4,084) 17. Automatic(+3,507)

  8. My Purpose and Euphoria

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    (NO OE WILL SEE THIS COMMENT BTW) This is just my opinion, but I think that Yeri gets all the hate. She barely gets any scenes of her by herself and any singing parts. Like at the beginning, all the members say a line and Seulgi doesn’t say anything because she is gonna sing. Yeri doesn’t say anything. I know that she was added later than the other members, but she deserves so much more. Yeri shouldn’t get the hate. Red Velvet wouldn’t Red Velvet without Yeri. #FIGHTINGYERI 👊 #REDVELVET #KIMYERIM


    SHIAVAIRIS æ14 시간 전

    Hate Kommentar

  10. the snufkin

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    you girls make so happy :)

  11. Eric Dickinson

    Eric Dickinson15 시간 전

    I know who are human and who are clones. Irene, Wendy and Seoul-gi showed their navel, joy and yeri not because they seemed not to have it. I leave you the minute where they the navels show 2:37 The End XD

  12. Lost Passport

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    this is giving me high school musical vibes omfg sjshshjas

  13. 박주현

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  14. Zigg Zigg

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    Plot twist... i'm riffgrove's alt Hehe Poooppp Red velvet untalanted I old man Poooo

  15. riffgroove

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    Your English is SO terrible. 🤣

  16. Zigg Zigg

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    @nothingbuthe truth @kaycee gonazles @joyismyqueen 12 @riffgrove @shamina @velorus rogue @gaby mtz Red velvet untalanted poop

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    Reve Festival Day 2. Album is so good. I always listen this album

  18. Rainbo W

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  19. Shantle Olivia

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    It's cute their past song is in the lyrics of their new track.

  20. Abbruviated Name

    Abbruviated Name일 전

    it feels like this is their least viewed mv but its not

  21. PMY 04

    PMY 04일 전

    No it's not. Their least viewed MV, only among Korean songs, is Automatic.

  22. Kaycee Gonzalez

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    Exo-L's are so toxic I commented "Hope you have a good comeback, looking forward for day 3" They replied: lol have fun with your flop comeback like the other newer songs" I don't get why they are so toxic views don't matter. Flop? Where?

  23. Zigg Zigg

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    Kaycee Gonzalez red velvet Untalanted

  24. Shamina Shaikh

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    Not only them, there's lot of other fandoms too.

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  26. Hermie Andaya

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    red velvet's next comeback 💖DISTRIBUTION💖 -more lines for yeri (but still fair and good) -fair screentime and lines -rapverse for (irene and yeri) 💝THEME/STYLE💝 -velvet theme (bad boy or rbb) -nice outfits -nice hair styles -halloween -aesthetic 💞ACHIEVEMENTS💞 -20mill or less -at least reach 300million or 400million in one year -get 10 music show show wins

  27. Hermie Andaya

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    Irene🐇 Seulgi🐻 Wendy🐥 Joy🐸 Yeri🐢




  29. ai

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    24. Umpah umpah umpah umpah 25. Umpah umpah umpah umpah 26. Here we go now! Umpah-pah huh yeah, uh yeah
경고하는데 조심해야 돼 깊을지도 몰라 27. 여럿 봤는데 못 나오던데 왜? 나도 몰라 28. 내게 묻지 마 얼마나 깊은지 내 눈은 못 보니까 (hoo hoo) 29. 허우적대는 저 다른 애들과 넌 다르길 바라
막 답답하고 숨이 막히고 내게 빠진 거 맞지? 30. 너무 겁먹지 마 난 바로 너야 넌 31. 숨만 쉬어도 내 짝이 될 테니까
Feel the rhythm 32. 몸이 기억하는 대로 좋아 33. Something unforgettable
바로 지금 34. 맘이 흘러가는 대로 좋아 35. 수평선 위를 나는 거야
Umpah umpah umpah umpah 호흡을 맞추고 36. Umpah umpah umpah umpah 두 눈을 맞추고 37. Umpah umpah umpah umpah 38. 너와 나 좋아 something unforgettable
Let the beat drop 39. 기분 so so hot hot, ooh yeah yeah
Baby, umpah-pah 응? 좀 이상해 (ding!) 40. 음, 어디 갔어? 자꾸 너 박자를 놓쳐? 경고야 너 또 물먹어
자꾸만 dumb dumb 잠깐만 huh? 41. 궁금해? 이 빠-빨간 맛 yeah 42. 행복이란 가깝지 like ice cream cake! (cream cake!) yeah
막 정신없고 (막 정신없고) 숨이 막히고 (숨이 막히고) 내게 빠진 거 맞지? 43. 너무 겁먹지 마 난 항상 너야 넌 44. 숨만 쉬어도 곧 떠오를 테니까 (널 테니까)
Feel the rhythm 45. 몸이 기억하는 대로 좋아 46. Something unforgettable (unforgettable)
바로 지금 47. 맘이 흘러가는 대로 좋아 48. 수평선 위를 나는 거야
Umpah umpah umpah umpah 리듬을 맞추고 49. Umpah umpah umpah umpah 두 발을 맞추고 50. Umpah umpah umpah umpah 51. 너와 나 좋아 something unforgettable (unforgettable, unforgettable)
태양을 담은 너의 그 눈빛 속 날 봐 (날 봐) 52. 잊지 못할 이 순간 좋아 (hoo)
Feel the rhythm 53. 몸이 기억하는 대로 좋아 54. Something unforgettable (unforgettable)
바로 지금 55. 맘이 흘러가 네 몸을 맡겨 내 손을 놓지 마 56. 수평선 위를 나는 거야
Umpah umpah umpah umpah 호흡을 맞추고 57. Umpah umpah umpah umpah 두 눈을 맞추고 (oh 너와 나) 58. Umpah umpah umpah umpah 59. 이 순간 좋아 something unforgettable
Let the beat drop (that's right) 60. 기분 so so hot hot
Here we go now! yeah, umpah-pah, umpah-pah, umpah-pah

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    Reveluvs its someones birthday today go and greet ,congratulate her Its PEEK A BOO'S birthday

  34. 레테RETE

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    노래진짜 ㅈ같다

  35. Kaycee Gonzalez

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    10:30AM KST Red Velvet Daily Views 1. Bad Boy(+113,949) 2. Zimzalabim(+76,385) 3. PAB(+74,232) 4. Umpah Umpah(+57,724) 5. Russian Roulette(+55,427) 6. Red Flavor(+53,081) 7. Power Up(+34,494) 8. Dumb Dumb(+32,101) 9. RBB(+28,592) 10. Happiness(+26,687) 11. ICC(+26,121) 12. Rookie(+11,187) 13. Cookie Jar(+8,129) 14. Be Natural(+6,753) 15. Sappy(+4,254) 16. OOTN(+3,778) 17. Automatic(+3,417)

  36. MC lukinhas jp

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    Lançou no dia do meu aniversário kkk

  37. Ximena Beyonce

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    Yeri you are incredible, that you do not mind the bad comments, I will be your follower number 1. fight

  38. cream dollar

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    와 이건 아무리봐도 00부터 끝까지 다 예쁘네

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  40. ᴊᴏᴘᴘɪɴɢ ¡!

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  41. 김휸아

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    its my first time listening to this and i realized joys is soorim from "lover love lies(the liar and his lover)" ghod im so dumb

  43. Shamina Shaikh

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  44. kkaebsong _

    kkaebsong _2 일 전

    _red velvet's intro adlibs are always the best_

  45. 김시연

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    Love u .

  46. Rose Byun

    Rose Byun2 일 전

    haven't feel awful and disgusting about myself, so i watched some kpop videos to remember why i hate myself!

  47. Kaycee Gonzalez

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    Rose Byun You hate yourself because your a loser and hate on things for no reason so that proves why dumb freak

  48. Bahar flowers

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    SM please à comeback like BAD BOYYYYY

  49. riffgroove

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  50. Bahar flowers

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    SM please I want Red Velvet Mama 2019

  51. Kwang Joo

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    i really love joy’s highnote, too fresh and sweet

  52. 함소희

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    한국인 조용히 손 드세요...

  53. Olivia

    Olivia2 일 전

    i was drinking water when Yeri said :” Warning u drink water again.” and i legit stopped like whAt is wrong with myself?! the power of Yeri tho.

  54. elonaa__jung

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    summer queen❤

  55. Yatno Yatno

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  56. Dawn z

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    Red Velvet gave Seulgi more lines because she fixed the antaenae

  57. Lalala Nurfa

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    Love u

  58. Wan Chae Lee Son

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    I like how they they made the expected unexpected. After zzb, people are expecting for another unique comeback but was not expecting to get this generic music . I like it.

  59. Caio Cezar

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    it look's like a High School Musical song

  60. Gaby Mtz

    Gaby Mtz2 일 전

    Guess you listen to HSM a lot

  61. Kaycee Gonzalez

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    10:30AM KST Red Velvet Daily Views 1. Bad Boy(+112,571) 2. PAB(+73,836) 3. Zimzalabim(+70,093) 4. Umpah Umpah(+53,717) 5. Russian Roulette(+52,774) 6. Red Flavor(+48,588) 7. Power Up(+31,064) 8. Dumb Dumb(+29,943) 9. RBB(+25,656) 10. Happiness(+23,812) 11. ICC(+23,288) 12. Rookie(+10,943) 13. Cookie Jar(+7,396) 14. Be Natural(+6,056) 15. Sappy(+4,106) 16. OOTN(+3,522) 17. Automatic(+3,189)

  62. Robin

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    Let the beat drop!

  63. Hermie Andaya

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    answer my question... is this a disney song?

  64. Kaycee Gonzalez

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    Hermie Andaya no

  65. Gaby Mtz

    Gaby Mtz2 일 전

    A summer song, you're welcome.

  66. philocaly

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    Hii, i am new to this fandom, may i know each member?

  67. velours rouge noirerose

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    welcome to the fam

  68. Kaycee Gonzalez

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    Welcome <3

  69. philocaly

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    @Robin thankyou so much💖 it really helps

  70. Robin

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    Welcome, 0:57 Irene (Pink), Yeri (Purple), Seulgi (Yellow), Joy (Green) and Wendy (Blue)

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  72. Valen Natividad

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    The Chorus part of this song is sounds like be happy of Girls' Generation. Haha 😁 that's nice and I love it. 😊😄 #sones #reveluv



    #sonereveluvforever 😍

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    Stream for 30M please!! 😔🥰🥰

  75. Z Zulu

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    did anyone realise that Yeri and Irene promoted like 4 of their songs? 1:37-1:42 turn eng subs on!

  76. jgfddsadgjkkgnvh dfhgjgfb

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    Of course imao

  77. Jiří Valenta

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    Red flavor and ice cream cake!

  78. Boitumelo Maimela

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    This kinda reminds me of The Cheetah Girls music(in a good way) , but a more of a Summary vibe and more upgraded.