Recreating The Most Expensive Meals In The World


  1. HollyPollyDoodle

    HollyPollyDoodle2 개월 전

    "It just tastes like someone farted on a lemon" 😂😂😂 Josh is #relatable

  2. Helaina Pilant

    Helaina Pilant2 일 전

    Why Yams??? (The question everyone's asking in 2018) 😂😂😂

  3. Liz Arnold

    Liz Arnold개월 전

    HollyPollyDoodle Q

  4. ds010743nd

    ds010743nd개월 전

    HollyPollyDoodle Oh yeah

  5. Thoughts and Good Wishes

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  6. Cristian Frances

    Cristian Frances2 개월 전

    HollyPollyDoodle I still don’t get it because how does josh know what a lemon fart smells like?

  7. Hentaiweeb69

    Hentaiweeb695 시간 전

    Im confused, is the price the price for the AMOUNT of ingredients on the food? Or the entire shabang

  8. Andrew Perrigo

    Andrew Perrigo23 시간 전

    Bakers dosing 13

  9. Ak Playz

    Ak Playz일 전

    So wait u guys actually shit gold

  10. Killswitch Kurtz

    Killswitch Kurtz일 전

    Funny how Rhett always makes Link eat the things he doesn't like, but he didn't eat the caviar.

  11. Sebastian Mayer

    Sebastian Mayer3 일 전

    In my Oppinion it is so useless to put gold into food..... you can take a 10kg goldbar and put it in some dough an fry that sucker then you have a cake that sosts 360.000€ but thats donst mean its good ...... so stupid

  12. Jessica Penrose

    Jessica Penrose3 일 전

    5:07 Lobster BISQUE Anyone from studio c here?

  13. Mei Blaze

    Mei Blaze3 일 전

    This needs more dislikes. The concept would be great. Would. But Rhett and Link kind of mess it up, because half the stuff that's being served, they don't like and don't even taste. It's like "Binging with Babish" would say; it's a meal with like 6 ingredients in it and if you don't have one of those, there's gonna be something wrong with it. If they don't want to eat things like caviar, they shouldn't do *this.*

  14. taco the chikn

    taco the chikn3 일 전

    I know these foods thanks to fuzzbeed

  15. Fabricated Phoenix

    Fabricated Phoenix4 일 전

    It’s funny how cheap and how little gold, gold foil actually is

  16. Destrobopon 23124

    Destrobopon 231244 일 전

    Ohno manila social Ohno filipinos Ohno

  17. Destrobopon 23124

    Destrobopon 231244 일 전

    Ohno its $28

  18. Melody Garcia

    Melody Garcia5 일 전

    I love when Josh is on the show!! He is amazing and hilarious!!

  19. Wolfe Knows best

    Wolfe Knows best5 일 전

    My birthday is 4 days after his October 15th

  20. KudosK

    KudosK6 일 전

    Is it “Worth It?”

  21. Busan First Religion

    Busan First Religion6 일 전

    **It tastes like someone farted on a lemon**

  22. The slinger kidz TV

    The slinger kidz TV6 일 전

    Stupid Rhett

  23. John Stonik

    John Stonik7 일 전

    Including josh's process during his creations should be a standard from now on.



    41 is not that old

  25. Nina Harvey

    Nina Harvey8 일 전

    Rhett's bday is 5 days before mine!!! Happy late birthday Rhett?😄 Yeee, ik, its December but still, happy late birthday!

  26. enoch wade

    enoch wade8 일 전

    Happy birthday rhett!!!! Love you and you guys yay

  27. enoch wade

    enoch wade8 일 전

    That finger crack damn loved it hahaha

  28. Rochelle Southwick

    Rochelle Southwick8 일 전

    Rhett doesn't look 41....

  29. Excalibur Gaming

    Excalibur Gaming10 일 전

    Josh reminds me of diningwithdickey

  30. LuciNoHeart

    LuciNoHeart10 일 전

    That song tho

  31. Krusin Music 413

    Krusin Music 41310 일 전

    I guessed 38 too, Link 😂

  32. ImaCoward124

    ImaCoward12410 일 전

    LINK: "You couldn't get the price down ahh more??" Josh scrambles for words and starts explaining why it's a lot haha

  33. Brantson W

    Brantson W10 일 전

    Josh thinks he’s slick slipping in that Monty Python joke. “It floats! It’s a witch!”

  34. Lara Van der Velden

    Lara Van der Velden11 일 전

    You can buy gold flakes for 12 dollars at s store

  35. SwaghettiYolognese

    SwaghettiYolognese11 일 전

    So basically every expensive food has caviar and/or truffles, gold leaves. It will not taste good always ._.

  36. Melanie Stanley

    Melanie Stanley11 일 전


  37. River Haynes

    River Haynes11 일 전

    happy birthday rett :D

  38. el Buckethead

    el Buckethead11 일 전

    Are we just going to ignore the ‘footlong frank’ joke?

  39. 123

    12312 일 전

    This episode must have cost so much...

  40. 123

    12312 일 전

    Hakuna Fritata

  41. Tokii

    Tokii12 일 전

    Egg band tests, do free range, organic and etc flavour tests

  42. 1423 171

    1423 17112 일 전

    This is just disgusting 10 times the actual cost when most of it just wasted on gold that is literally useless

  43. 1423 171

    1423 17112 일 전

    The Gold sticking to rhetts lips made him look like a hooker

  44. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM13 일 전

    That is the strangest pizza dough I have ever seen.

  45. Pedro Pérez Pérez

    Pedro Pérez Pérez13 일 전

    Allioli is not the same as mayonnaise. Sorry for being picky but allioli actually stands for garlic and oil in catalan and it should have no eggs

  46. Cristina Farfan

    Cristina Farfan13 일 전

    Happy Birthday

  47. Nintendab!

    Nintendab!13 일 전

    1:15 You're welcome 👌

  48. Emily Oliver

    Emily Oliver14 일 전

    Josh, you are hilarious! I loved the episode!

  49. kx two-smoke

    kx two-smoke14 일 전

    Thanks for the video.

  50. Hart Bridges

    Hart Bridges14 일 전

    Not even eating the caviar yet saying “meh”

  51. Nate Holland

    Nate Holland15 일 전

    This made me so hungry!!!

  52. Sera the Educated Feline

    Sera the Educated Feline15 일 전

    Rhett does not look 41. I was honestly surprised.

  53. TheFireLizard

    TheFireLizard15 일 전

    YESSSSSS!!!! It's been a long time since we had a good WHAAAAAAAAAT!

  54. tigerruss y

    tigerruss y16 일 전

    I eat loads of stilted cheese daily and I live in England so it is cheaper

  55. Jason Mamaat

    Jason Mamaat16 일 전

    Why yams? WHY YAMS? Ube is amazing

  56. Pusheen the Cat superfan

    Pusheen the Cat superfan16 일 전

    Mamas grilled cheese is always the best yesss

  57. Voidy

    Voidy17 일 전

    "It's got some barnyard aromas, like new tennis balls... That's nice!" Josh is a really rad crew member

  58. Clarita Alberti

    Clarita Alberti17 일 전


  59. Ed Robinson

    Ed Robinson18 일 전

    Expensive food is only made expensive by the gold. Like they can't just use expensive food, they have to add more expense.

  60. Drunkerino

    Drunkerino19 일 전

    Was this worth it lol

  61. Loyal Sloth5302

    Loyal Sloth530219 일 전


  62. Uncle Dan

    Uncle Dan20 일 전

    "I've seen snakes."

  63. Rice Krispy

    Rice Krispy20 일 전

    Mai birfday is 7 days after

  64. reza pharmacy

    reza pharmacy20 일 전

    Who is the girl in back ground . Her voice is like a voice from heaven! I really love her voice

  65. Jaden Key

    Jaden Key20 일 전


  66. btsarelife doyouknowanyeonhasayo

    btsarelife doyouknowanyeonhasayo20 일 전

    why yams? THEY ARE DELICIOUS.

  67. MeowshMalow Z

    MeowshMalow Z17 일 전

    btsarelife doyouknowanyeonhasayo yams are good.

  68. Jacob Moller nielsen

    Jacob Moller nielsen20 일 전


  69. Muze Beatz and barz

    Muze Beatz and barz20 일 전

    6:50 “yyyyyyyyyyyooo, you won!:(“ - Link. 2018

  70. Thomas Straight

    Thomas Straight21 일 전

    I love how Rhett still does that whenever Tokyo is said.

  71. Bryan TheArcher

    Bryan TheArcher21 일 전

    I won

  72. M1k3y

    M1k3y21 일 전

    "Rich people steak-umms" that sounds delicious

  73. Crazy Chuck 13

    Crazy Chuck 1321 일 전

    It’s fun to stay at the WHY YAM C A

  74. Matthew Burridge

    Matthew Burridge21 일 전

    Every restaurant usually sets their prices by doing food cost times 3 plus $1. So if You are paying $31 for something it probably cost $10 to make. But as things get more expensive, you have to adjust the equation.

  75. Joseph Li

    Joseph Li21 일 전

    BuzzFeed's Worth It could've saved a LOT of money by contacting Josh instead of those restaurants 😂

  76. Tactical Boy

    Tactical Boy21 일 전

    link can't draw a 8

  77. quantum sauce

    quantum sauce22 일 전

    Why do rich people eat gold tho?

  78. Zhip Frag

    Zhip Frag22 일 전

    pizza is not pie

  79. Paul Castro

    Paul Castro22 일 전

    Why did Rhett say “WHHHAAAAAAAT!” when Link said Tokyo?

  80. Na Na

    Na Na22 일 전

    Josh’s comments give me life

  81. On My Windshield

    On My Windshield22 일 전

    I want to get a duvk to eat all this gold and see if it will lay a golden egg or at least poo gold

  82. Jorge Villacorta

    Jorge Villacorta23 일 전

    Whoever got hit with that champagne top didn't sound like chase.

  83. Rexxt it

    Rexxt it23 일 전

    Happy birthday man😆😆😆💕💕

  84. Shai Toledano

    Shai Toledano23 일 전

    Not considering labor costs and the general rule that you need to profit to make money.

  85. Simon Eriksson

    Simon Eriksson23 일 전

    All the money the tokyo dog generates goes to charity, red cross if I remember correctly

  86. Andromeda14100

    Andromeda1410023 일 전

    Josh is a peach and I love him. He needs to be in more videos. Or even have his own channel.

  87. Rosia Pham

    Rosia Pham23 일 전

    Lol I think all of this is just from bus feed worth it

  88. S.K.Y MagicStar2

    S.K.Y MagicStar223 일 전

    The pizza looks like a burnt cookie with random toppings ontop

  89. Carin Fonk

    Carin Fonk23 일 전

    Rhett doesn't look a day over 267, I must know his secret.

  90. Party Penguin

    Party Penguin23 일 전

    Why do people want to eat gold!?!?

  91. Toxo 27

    Toxo 2723 일 전

    Why do Americans call pizza pie?

  92. brian hilton

    brian hilton24 일 전


  93. What we post wen we're bored Because we can

    What we post wen we're bored Because we can24 일 전


  94. DeadNightmareZ5

    DeadNightmareZ524 일 전

    Lol at 7:05 the face rhett made when he realized link said Tokyo lol

  95. Ashton Hendrix

    Ashton Hendrix25 일 전

    *hakuna frittata*

  96. instantsurgery

    instantsurgery25 일 전

    Aioli is completely different to mayonnaise

  97. Joshua Campos

    Joshua Campos25 일 전

    Happy belated birthday Rhett!!!

  98. Dark Empress Aly

    Dark Empress Aly26 일 전

    This is why I'm thankful for living way north of Seattle.

  99. J26100

    J2610026 일 전

    Upvoted just for the intro.

  100. Elodie Burleson

    Elodie Burleson26 일 전

    Guys..............Rhett or Link?

  101. Ragnar The red

    Ragnar The red26 일 전

    why isnt their more josh in this show

  102. Commander Cody

    Commander Cody26 일 전

    I got hungry watching this

  103. Mokgadi Ramokgopa

    Mokgadi Ramokgopa26 일 전

    Happy mythical birthday Rhett 🎂 🎁 🎉 🎊

  104. Inc0mpleteDean *

    Inc0mpleteDean *26 일 전

    Rhett is 41.... I thought he was like 35

  105. Jorge Villacorta

    Jorge Villacorta27 일 전

    If Gordon Ramsey was a guest for this episode. all you would hear are *bleeps*.

  106. Melee

    Melee27 일 전

    7:19 that glorious slap

  107. Stacey Williams

    Stacey Williams28 일 전

    I wonder if rhett know that foie gras is goose or duck with fatty liver disease, from being force fed.