Recreating The Most Expensive Meals In The World


  1. HollyPollyDoodle

    HollyPollyDoodle7 개월 전

    "It just tastes like someone farted on a lemon" 😂😂😂 Josh is #relatable

  2. Helaina Pilant

    Helaina Pilant5 개월 전

    Why Yams??? (The question everyone's asking in 2018) 😂😂😂

  3. Liz Arnold

    Liz Arnold6 개월 전

    HollyPollyDoodle Q

  4. ds010743nd

    ds010743nd6 개월 전

    HollyPollyDoodle Oh yeah

  5. Thoughts and Good Wishes

    Thoughts and Good Wishes7 개월 전


  6. Cristian Frances

    Cristian Frances7 개월 전

    HollyPollyDoodle I still don’t get it because how does josh know what a lemon fart smells like?

  7. TunableJoker16

    TunableJoker1616 시간 전

    I thought Rhett was 29 :(

  8. Gustavo Gelupe

    Gustavo Gelupe일 전

    5:31 You are quite funny.

  9. Justin batchelar

    Justin batchelar일 전

    Rhett the 26 year old cool biker dude turned 41? HAPPY 26/41 BIRTHDAY!!!

  10. kellehm1

    kellehm12 일 전

    you are a noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob happy birthday

  11. Art Craze

    Art Craze2 일 전

    I'm gonna run around yelling RHETT IS OLDD!!!!!! I love ya guys

  12. Angel

    Angel2 일 전


  13. Richard Tran

    Richard Tran2 일 전

    How do they make it for so much cheaper?

  14. Jayvien Delacruz

    Jayvien Delacruz4 일 전

    I thinks that’s my cousin

  15. Jayvien Delacruz

    Jayvien Delacruz4 일 전


  16. Isabella Sanchez

    Isabella Sanchez6 일 전

    Dink it and send it should be a shirt they make haha

  17. Gaming Universe

    Gaming Universe6 일 전

    I just eat cheese pizza

  18. Dik dik

    Dik dik6 일 전

    _Why yams?_

  19. watsupgardener s

    watsupgardener s7 일 전

    he looks so pissed that thye spent 600 on some fish eggs hahah

  20. aaravcha

    aaravcha8 일 전

    Evert Worth It episode in one GMM episode, what more can you ask for

  21. Kid Random

    Kid Random8 일 전

    In Philippines its not pronounced as "ubey" it is pronounced like "oobeh"

  22. Cat lady 42

    Cat lady 429 일 전


  23. Jackie Barclay

    Jackie Barclay9 일 전


  24. kaleb vossebelt

    kaleb vossebelt10 일 전


  25. Computer Bags

    Computer Bags10 일 전

    Tokyo was refreshing

  26. Matthew Combs

    Matthew Combs11 일 전

    Once you go back to older episode that Tokyo is definitely refreshing lmao 😂😂 😂😂 😂 that one got me

  27. Jeeeb

    Jeeeb11 일 전

    Josh needs his own channel

  28. Pickle Juice

    Pickle Juice11 일 전

    Why is Rhett older than my dad

  29. Computer Bags

    Computer Bags10 일 전

    Because you’re younger than Locke

  30. Maggie Belter

    Maggie Belter12 일 전

    Did anybody else sing " Dish" with link in the title?? Or was that just me? 😂😂

  31. Marshall Downs

    Marshall Downs13 일 전

    Can someone please explain to me why Rhett goes whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat every time link says Tokyo

  32. Computer Bags

    Computer Bags10 일 전

    GMM self defense techniques video

  33. trevor holly

    trevor holly13 일 전

    Why every time they say Tokyo Rhett screams

  34. FBI International

    FBI International13 일 전

    If the felix guy have N-word , They have T-word

  35. Computer Bags

    Computer Bags10 일 전

    Felix guy

  36. Aniekan Hanson-bassey

    Aniekan Hanson-bassey14 일 전

    # that intro song simply fire🔥🔥

  37. george white

    george white14 일 전

    It has been a while since the tokyo thing happened

  38. NinjasForCats

    NinjasForCats15 일 전

    7:05 - 7:12 is the Tokyo yell. :) For those with headphones.

  39. Computer Bags

    Computer Bags10 일 전

    Thank you

  40. Olamajosta

    Olamajosta15 일 전

    I LIVE for the Tokyo gag

  41. Marshal Mathers

    Marshal Mathers15 일 전

    They really spent over a grand on food... that’s more than I make in a months work

  42. Oscar Heaton-Smith

    Oscar Heaton-Smith17 일 전

    I had something like the hot dog in a Christmas market in Germany and it cost €10

  43. Computer Bags

    Computer Bags10 일 전

    What is that? -> €

  44. Daphne K. Lakai

    Daphne K. Lakai17 일 전

    The longest video title, EVER! 🤣🤣

  45. River Føx

    River Føx18 일 전

    “Lobster bisque” Studio C... Sowy ;)

  46. MrTindervox

    MrTindervox19 일 전

    Realising Rhett is 41, gives me hope. 21 more years of doing anything I want in my life and enjoying it like im 15

  47. Luap Bot

    Luap Bot19 일 전

    Why did he have to say Tokyo...

  48. Rebecca Hofman

    Rebecca Hofman20 일 전

    The profit of the hotdog goes towards charity sooo it's actually not that bad

  49. maxpower10k

    maxpower10k20 일 전

    Toasting with water is bad luck. 🍻

  50. maxpower10k

    maxpower10k20 일 전

    This thing cost $71. Chef: the sausage was $12 Uh...

  51. maxpower10k

    maxpower10k20 일 전

    I feel you are obligated to the rules set forth in price guessing games which is always the closest without going over. However! I can imagine it might devolve to both rhett and link just guessing a dollar so i will allow this.

  52. Abdul Fitouri

    Abdul Fitouri21 일 전

    Intro song was fire

  53. Raw Data

    Raw Data22 일 전

    Oh hey Rhett and my Dad have the same birthday

  54. Jorge Osvaldo Mut Macias

    Jorge Osvaldo Mut Macias22 일 전

    The alioli is a mayonnaise with garlic, and both are differentiated in Spanish Mediterranean coast.

  55. Leila Trottier-Evans

    Leila Trottier-Evans23 일 전

    Poo poo mushroom

  56. super adan plush

    super adan plush23 일 전


  57. Isaac

    Isaac24 일 전

    God when that fat stack of caviar fell off of links hot dog my heart shrunk :(

  58. Ross Brian

    Ross Brian24 일 전

    That's still a lie you do have to be rich to still eat what you guys made..... $20 pizza is normal lol not $189

  59. Emoji Games

    Emoji Games24 일 전

    BRO OMG THEY USED FOUI GRAS...I am an Anti-foui gras person and I will never try it

  60. Thingy

    Thingy24 일 전

    These foods would be so much better without caviar.

  61. Pedro Basico

    Pedro Basico25 일 전


  62. Noelle Peterson

    Noelle Peterson25 일 전

    Love that

  63. Thanh Le

    Thanh Le26 일 전

    just them trying to recreate worth it's most expensive dishes.

  64. SuperBoredUser

    SuperBoredUser26 일 전

    Hakuna Fritata!

  65. Boatright474

    Boatright47426 일 전

    I love the “binging with josh” feel

  66. Quizzne e

    Quizzne e27 일 전

    i like ur vids without realizing



    If you're spending $2000 on a pizza, then clearly you you rather see cash burn

  68. Aiden Waters

    Aiden Waters28 일 전

    Im surprised at how young Rhett looks with the kind of food he puts in him

  69. Gianna Andrea

    Gianna Andrea29 일 전


  70. Puhfa Borikorn

    Puhfa Borikorn29 일 전

    Some money from the pizza is donated btw

  71. Rerto

    Rerto개월 전

    How to make any meal worth more than a thousand dollars $8 Meal + Gold = $1400

  72. Redhead Update

    Redhead Update개월 전

    Love the prince song

  73. Rockas360

    Rockas360개월 전

    Cachiocavallio isn't rare at all. We have it here in Canada all over!

  74. John94709

    John94709개월 전

    If you don't know much about politics, please stay out of the voting polls.

  75. Blue Rosario

    Blue Rosario개월 전

    Ube is sweet. Like super sweet. It's very common to use it in desserts, at least from my experience. It's just... it is what it is dude.

  76. Otaibey Bruh \m/

    Otaibey Bruh \m/개월 전

    Know you now that Worth It is a lie.

  77. Toast 03

    Toast 03개월 전

    Hakuna Frittata

  78. Pokemon Guy J

    Pokemon Guy J개월 전

    :03 lEtS tAlK AboUT ThAt

  79. Mature Mango

    Mature Mango개월 전


  80. ǝɥʇǝɾɹʇ

    ǝɥʇǝɾɹʇ개월 전

    Ube donut ewwww

  81. Potato Kracker

    Potato Kracker개월 전

    bro that lobster anus costs as much as my pc



    rhett is 41 and looks like he's 27

  83. Bella Knight

    Bella Knight개월 전

    i don't want to spend extra cash for this ~~~~~ d i s h

  84. Mahreen Anwar

    Mahreen Anwar개월 전

    I want that hot dog now.

  85. Albeit_Jordan

    Albeit_Jordan개월 전

    I just love that little impromptu diddy of Rhett's at the end.

  86. teppo tulppu

    teppo tulppu개월 전

    Gold leaf is ridiculous. In fact, it can subtract from the eating experience. The texture is weird and if used to cover the entire dish like with the doughnut it acts as a barrier to reduce surface contact with your taste buds. I've had it a few times and it is meh. Acceptable as a decoration on a cake or something like that, but wrapping your food in it? Ugh.

  87. Adean Meee

    Adean Meee개월 전

    maybe those meal's price are more expensive because you're not just paying for the food.maybe it's because the place,the chef,the experience

  88. Lambros123

    Lambros123개월 전

    The thing with such unecessarilly expensive food is this... Restaurants know that people who can afford to buy "typical" food like pizza at such high prices do it because they feel better about themselves when they do. So they do not only charge the... a bit more expensive material used in the "special" food, but also the extra "feel good" factor they know a person who can afford this will get. We all know all that fancy stuff makes pizza taste worse, but what does taste really offer to us? A good-tasting food makes us feel good. Filthy rich people that buy this kind of food feel so good and proud about eating "High-class" and care less about taste. Hence why this type of food tastes worse, yet is more expensive. Restaurants know people who buy this care less on taste and more on having high-profile and feeling special, so they use them in a way. Maybe not really use them since they give them what they want without them knowing they want that. Anyway, it's silly in my opinion, but if you wanna throw $2000 on a pizza that tastes worse than the 20$ one, be my guest.

  89. sed lyf

    sed lyf개월 전

    Rhett: $838 i got him!! 6:50 😂😂

  90. Zonia Flx

    Zonia Flx개월 전

    I like how caught off guard Rhett was, he just did a double take, then went WHAAAAAA-

  91. William Winder

    William Winder개월 전

    So I suppose all the overhead means nothing!

  92. Uros Miletic

    Uros Miletic개월 전

    gets boring n boring every episode

  93. Giles Bragg

    Giles Bragg개월 전


  94. InfernoCookiez

    InfernoCookiez개월 전

    The gold just seams like a scam. A sheet of gold leaf isn’t expensive and it gets in the way of the flavor

  95. Titan gaming

    Titan gaming개월 전

    Is Rhett married?

  96. Tiny Nuggz

    Tiny Nuggz개월 전

    Happy birthday Rhett

  97. YellowKomodo

    YellowKomodo개월 전

    Where does the tokyo thing come from xD

  98. The Random Bike Dude

    The Random Bike Dude개월 전

    Whats the real intro song

  99. Sloppy _Tripps69

    Sloppy _Tripps69개월 전

    I thought Rhet was like 32

  100. ᕼ3᙭丅ᖇᗝᑎ_

    ᕼ3᙭丅ᖇᗝᑎ_개월 전

    Why is caviar so expensive in america? In germany its like 100g 3 euros. lol

  101. largol33t1

    largol33t1개월 전

    The best line: "Josh, your wiener shrunk."

  102. Stupid lizard Adventures

    Stupid lizard Adventures개월 전

    $169 hot dog 69 🥶

  103. Lucky jannat

    Lucky jannat개월 전

    I've watched many you tubers but these guys are both the best I've ever watched

  104. Antwon

    Antwon개월 전

    i wonder how they got a bottle of dom perignon for under so little money

  105. TheCoolTable

    TheCoolTable개월 전

    Just to be that guy...those gold doughnuts would not cost $100 each if they are $1200 per dozen, because there are 13 doughnuts in a baker's dozen. :)

  106. Beneath the Raven wing

    Beneath the Raven wing개월 전

    Hakuna Fritata

  107. EmDrawz_

    EmDrawz_개월 전

    Link looks so depressed after finding out how much they spent on the lobster fratata😂😂

  108. G4 Games

    G4 Games개월 전

    Literally thought Rhett was under 27

  109. Felicity Vlogs

    Felicity Vlogs개월 전

    Its confirmed. Rhett doesn't age...

  110. Noob Master69

    Noob Master69개월 전

    i'm filipino and I still ask why yams