Recreating The Most Expensive Meals In The World


  1. HollyPollyDoodle

    HollyPollyDoodle4 개월 전

    "It just tastes like someone farted on a lemon" 😂😂😂 Josh is #relatable

  2. Helaina Pilant

    Helaina Pilant2 개월 전

    Why Yams??? (The question everyone's asking in 2018) 😂😂😂

  3. Liz Arnold

    Liz Arnold3 개월 전

    HollyPollyDoodle Q

  4. ds010743nd

    ds010743nd3 개월 전

    HollyPollyDoodle Oh yeah

  5. Thoughts and Good Wishes

    Thoughts and Good Wishes4 개월 전


  6. Cristian Frances

    Cristian Frances4 개월 전

    HollyPollyDoodle I still don’t get it because how does josh know what a lemon fart smells like?

  7. Desmora Aromsed

    Desmora Aromsed2 시간 전

    I'm like who da F eats gold flakes? I wanna be wearing gold and showing it off not crapping it out.

  8. Desmora Aromsed

    Desmora Aromsed2 시간 전

    Squid ink? Japanese McDonald's flashbacks

  9. Withered Bonnie Girl

    Withered Bonnie Girl2 시간 전

    How do they even not throw up every gross food if they do this in the morning?

  10. John Doe

    John Doe14 시간 전

    Rhett look 30

  11. Ricecube Ricecube

    Ricecube Ricecube21 시간 전

    God damn Rhett is hot 🥵😍

  12. Jennifer Brady

    Jennifer Brady일 전

    why is Josh so adorable?!?!?!!

  13. Matthew Stevens

    Matthew Stevens일 전

    can we give josh his own show

  14. Adrienne McCarty

    Adrienne McCarty일 전

    Josh is so freaking funny

  15. Landen Locke

    Landen Locke일 전

    November 6 is my birthday

  16. Stephania Elkins

    Stephania Elkins2 일 전

    41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE CRAP

  17. Wolf Man

    Wolf Man2 일 전

    Happy birthday rhett

  18. tasha nicole

    tasha nicole2 일 전

    I LOVE that intro! I'd buy that song if you finish it:)

  19. MrMonteillard

    MrMonteillard2 일 전

    As a French, you owe me an ambulance ride after saying that mayonnaise is aïoli said in a fancier way

  20. trav

    trav2 일 전

    i wish people were as excited about my birthday as link is about rhetts

  21. Sailakshmi Moorthy

    Sailakshmi Moorthy3 일 전

    When white people try Asian foods 🤣 come on y'all!! Ube is delicious!! Try it in ice cream and you'll really taste the sweetness!

  22. Brian K

    Brian K4 일 전

    Once u hit 60, the show should be called GOODMYTHICAL EVENING.

  23. Lane DY

    Lane DY4 일 전

    I come back here only for Link singing

  24. Jacob Griego

    Jacob Griego4 일 전

    Longest name for a episode ever

  25. Cody Papinchock

    Cody Papinchock5 일 전

    Hakuna Frittata. It’s wonderful eggs.

  26. Games Talk

    Games Talk5 일 전

    Is Link wearing lipstick?

  27. 7bteen 2

    7bteen 25 일 전

    Whats the point of eating gold i don’t think it even tastes good

  28. Blue_Angel

    Blue_Angel6 일 전

    Rhett is 41? He looks younger 🤔

  29. Brock paper scissors

    Brock paper scissors6 일 전

    I like josh and his stupid jokes

  30. Stephanie Valhalla

    Stephanie Valhalla6 일 전

    Haha KOreporter @Stephanie Valhalla

  31. Rusky Diamond

    Rusky Diamond7 일 전

    Disappointed they didn't say ”Hakuna Frittata.”

  32. rachel oconnor

    rachel oconnor7 일 전

    Hakuna furtada

  33. Moon Child

    Moon Child7 일 전

    I love Josh smh

  34. Briana Alvarado

    Briana Alvarado8 일 전

    Why is Rhett older than my dad?

  35. DeLyons prod.

    DeLyons prod.8 일 전

    Putting gold in food is a waste as you can't actually taste gold or digest it.

  36. KD Smile

    KD Smile8 일 전

    Damn that hot look oooof

  37. Ashley Camden

    Ashley Camden8 일 전

    happy b-day Rhett !!!

  38. Gabrielanthony Carreon

    Gabrielanthony Carreon8 일 전

    Ube is actually really good. There’s this thing called “halaya” and it is a delicacy in the Philippines. It’s essentially an ube paste

  39. MrKazukaoO

    MrKazukaoO9 일 전

    Put some gold on shit, rich people gonna buy it instant

  40. Edgar Goicochea

    Edgar Goicochea9 일 전

    Emily doeee 😍😍

  41. Raniya Dass

    Raniya Dass9 일 전

    willingly watched ads on this because I internally died/cringed at the cost of the last meal

  42. jent90baby526

    jent90baby5269 일 전

    I could listen to the intro song all day. 😄

  43. Maddie Walker!

    Maddie Walker!9 일 전

    I missed the Tokyo whaaaaaaat

  44. Donnie Beard

    Donnie Beard10 일 전

    That intro to the game tho. 👄🔥🔥

  45. Kaly Mar

    Kaly Mar11 일 전

    WHY YAMS?????

  46. Amy Woodward

    Amy Woodward11 일 전

    As a chef, I can’t imagine Josh could find a better job. 😂 Where else could he make so many creative things?!

  47. Wolfygirlsam

    Wolfygirlsam12 일 전


  48. Sir Jon Smith III

    Sir Jon Smith III12 일 전

    I would so rather have medium priced of any of these without the most expensive ingredients. They just don't fit the dish. Quality ingredients (not PR talk/"quality") that work together is bliss.

  49. Dragon Butt

    Dragon Butt12 일 전

    So guys who dont like caviar.... taste things full of caviar, where half of the taste comes from the caviar...

  50. Triffett comedy tapes Lachie Triffett

    Triffett comedy tapes Lachie Triffett13 일 전

    Am I the only one fascinated by how smooth links knuckle crack was?

  51. Jayden VegaZim

    Jayden VegaZim13 일 전

    Happy B-day Rhett!!!!!

  52. lacrossetv

    lacrossetv13 일 전

    is he using real gold

  53. Iron lord

    Iron lord13 일 전

    I have never said “why yams” in my life

  54. Jalah Lenee'

    Jalah Lenee'13 일 전

    I love my mama’s grilled cheese

  55. Burnt Toast Productions

    Burnt Toast Productions14 일 전

    I still don’t understand the Tokyo joke after watching GMM for around three years, but come to think of it I don’t think Link knows either!😅

  56. Burnt Toast Productions

    Burnt Toast Productions9 일 전

    Maddie Walker! Thanks for this I finally understand!

  57. Maddie Walker!

    Maddie Walker!9 일 전

    Burnt Toast Productions in a really old episode Rhett started saying whaaaaaaaaat because they were trying Japanese candy and he felt it needed that to feel like one of those Tokyo game shows. I forget the title tho, you could probably look up a Tokyo what compilation and go from there!

  58. Therealchinese1

    Therealchinese115 일 전

    People with the money that buy these kind of dishes don't mind anyway that they are getting ripped off1

  59. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔAsiian Childʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔAsiian Childʕ•ᴥ•ʔ15 일 전

    are you kidding me? i think pizzahut is expensive... every time i order from pizzahut i feel so boujie ;-; **sighs in **-asian-**** i-i mean **sighs in money**

  60. Ryan Curtis

    Ryan Curtis16 일 전

    I guessed $23 for the grilled cheese

  61. Benjamin Liu

    Benjamin Liu16 일 전

    13:18 Hakuna Fritata

  62. Jacob Krom

    Jacob Krom16 일 전

    Josh deserves his own #GMM cooking show

  63. Kelly C.

    Kelly C.17 일 전

    Does anyone know what song Link was referencing for the name of the game? Or was it a tune that GMM made up?

  64. Dylan Sylvester

    Dylan Sylvester16 일 전

    "Kiss" by Prince

  65. Dennis Hamilton

    Dennis Hamilton17 일 전

    masarap! nang ube! try Ube ice cream!

  66. Ashlyn Robinson

    Ashlyn Robinson17 일 전

    what's up with the tokyo yelling thing lol

  67. romsng Elsse

    romsng Elsse17 일 전

    Happy birthday to rent

  68. David Howe

    David Howe17 일 전

    Anyone else find it odd that Rhett said he doesn't mind foie gras? Especially considering the fact that he hates liver any other way

  69. Emmalyn Westrick

    Emmalyn Westrick17 일 전

    why does link look like Josh Peck

  70. arose93ae

    arose93ae17 일 전

    So I'm new here... why does he yell when someone says 'Tokyo' ?

  71. Camilo Garcia Ylasaari

    Camilo Garcia Ylasaari18 일 전

    Oh man, I didn't realise how much I missed rhett's Tokyo reaction!

  72. Luke Pellegrino

    Luke Pellegrino18 일 전

    Link looked almost mad about the price of the last item 😂😂

  73. LynXX GAming

    LynXX GAming18 일 전

    filipino comment Mabuhay ang mga pinoy

  74. Kristian Streete

    Kristian Streete18 일 전

    Ube is delicious in desserts. My mom is from the filipines

  75. library of dragons

    library of dragons18 일 전

    Hakuna fritata, what a wonderful glaze. Hakuna fritata, aint no passin' phase

  76. library of dragons

    library of dragons18 일 전

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHETT!!! You're 41, you don't look it at all, you still look to be in your twenties.

  77. go away or im gonna MEOW

    go away or im gonna MEOW18 일 전

    Btw extremely late for this, but the $169 from the hot dog goes to charity, so I'd say if you wanna donate to charity then this would be a good idea to buy if you like hot dogs

  78. aLeafx

    aLeafx18 일 전

    *y yams*

  79. Rock The Human

    Rock The Human18 일 전


  80. Pickle Nick

    Pickle Nick18 일 전

    10:35 Ok, who gave link the knife

  81. Faze _SplodzZ

    Faze _SplodzZ18 일 전

    My G Rhett and Link with ze titlez

  82. Good Vibes

    Good Vibes18 일 전

    The donut seems different

  83. Logan Gonzales

    Logan Gonzales19 일 전

    Did anyone notice links fingers cracking at 1:08????😟😟😖

  84. bray4230 bray4230

    bray4230 bray423019 일 전

    Happy birtday

  85. Sparky Nutters

    Sparky Nutters19 일 전

    Doesn’t count if they don’t eat the caviar

  86. Cian Richardson

    Cian Richardson19 일 전

    At the time of writing of this Rhett is exactly 41 years, 3 months, 23 days old.

  87. Gina Pasquariello

    Gina Pasquariello19 일 전


  88. Tyson Tube HD

    Tyson Tube HD20 일 전

    14:20 Rhett.exe has stopped working

  89. Luna Lovegood

    Luna Lovegood20 일 전

    Nothing like your mamas grilled cheese

  90. Shadow Senpai

    Shadow Senpai20 일 전

    Josh should have a cooking channel, he would be very successful

  91. Cloud

    Cloud20 일 전

    I hate watching y'alls videos cuz I always get hungry😂😂

  92. JJstudios Airsoft

    JJstudios Airsoft20 일 전

    Cory and Trevor are getting old

  93. Heipos s

    Heipos s20 일 전

    i know where to get a 500 dollars hotdog lol

  94. Imelectric

    Imelectric20 일 전


  95. potatoperson 234

    potatoperson 23420 일 전

    Rhett:whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Link: that was refreshing

  96. Jesse Malloy

    Jesse Malloy20 일 전

    Rhett loooks fantastic for 41. I thought he was in his early 30s

  97. ILLAngel101

    ILLAngel10121 일 전

    I just found out that you can eat , and s*** gold. Thank you GMM

  98. BioGateway

    BioGateway21 일 전

    I know this is an expensive theme, but you should let Josh do more cooking episodes!

  99. Ava Broxton

    Ava Broxton21 일 전

    Who else has been here since links long hair and woke up at 5:00 am Chicago time to watch them? I love their channel!!🥰❤️

  100. Jake Beneski

    Jake Beneski21 일 전

    Ube is delicious

  101. Justin Harrell

    Justin Harrell21 일 전

    Actually gold bonds to poo on a molecular level & becomes another element which is no longer gold. A lot of odor spray for bathrooms have gold in them for this exact reason.

  102. DDog 177

    DDog 17721 일 전

    Happy 41st birthday Rhett 👏

  103. Kierandabest0

    Kierandabest022 일 전

    Many of these over-priced foods is worth it as all proceeds go to Charities.

  104. Burning Sage

    Burning Sage23 일 전

    I cannot express how disappointed I was when they missed the opportunity to say “Hakuna Frittata”

  105. TimmyHall20000

    TimmyHall2000023 일 전


  106. Nicolette Hilke

    Nicolette Hilke24 일 전

    I was guessing along with them and guessed $24 for the grilled cheese... is there like a game show I can apply for?

  107. TheDubbyBoi YT

    TheDubbyBoi YT24 일 전

    Waygu is human

  108. The Random Review

    The Random Review24 일 전

    More Josh!