Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)


  1. Deadmemes deus vult

    Deadmemes deus vult15 시간 전

    I know this video is old but that Australian most likely said sanga or sang-ah as a fellow aussie we say this alot

  2. Bread

    Bread일 전

    I see that burrito as bk kitchen staff and all I see is pain in the ass to make

  3. griffinthemad

    griffinthemad일 전

    Should have done the BK TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Te Ira Mokaraka

    Te Ira Mokaraka2 일 전

    We call it sandwiches as well in Australia

  5. Subscribe to PewDiePie

    Subscribe to PewDiePie3 일 전

    You can buy the Mac and Cheetos at the store well I have

  6. Tara Macintyre

    Tara Macintyre4 일 전

    In Australia we called sandwiches "sangas" hopefully this is the word you were looking for.

  7. Ffion Jones

    Ffion Jones4 일 전

    Was it called a sanga

  8. VashXTrigun

    VashXTrigun5 일 전

    I could really go for a good burger right now.

  9. Kevin Lombardo, Jr

    Kevin Lombardo, Jr5 일 전

    They brought back the mozzarella burger

  10. Cole M

    Cole M6 일 전

    Who else remembers the burger King King?

  11. Will

    Will7 일 전

    I had the mac and cheetos from Burger King. They really weren't that good. Maybe it was the one I went to. They were overcooked and dry. I feel like Josh makes these items better than the original company did.

  12. Yee Yee

    Yee Yee8 일 전

    "I don't know man, I just like eating BuRgErS"

  13. egatseL salohciN

    egatseL salohciN8 일 전

    Fast forward to July 2019 and they've brought back the taco

  14. Anastasia Rene

    Anastasia Rene9 일 전

    I really miss the grilled chicken Caesar sandwich. It was delicious and about the only fast food I ever ate.

  15. lokaranarinn

    lokaranarinn10 일 전

    The OG asmr Rhett & Link eating food

  16. OdStNSG

    OdStNSG13 일 전

    But the origin of the hamburger has to do with Hamburg so you need no ham?

  17. Jo

    Jo13 일 전

    I hated the mac and cheetos in 2016 because they were super dry and burnt

  18. the pizza Player

    the pizza Player15 일 전

    You Gave link a knife

  19. Kristen Busby

    Kristen Busby15 일 전

    Chef Josh needs to meet Claire from Gourmet Makes


    KALS ZONE17 일 전

    Rehtt in Aussie slang for sandwich Is “sagga”😂😁.


    KALS ZONE5 일 전

    Panthagrey I just realised when I went to 7 eleven seen it on a ice cream sandwich champ😂🤣🤣

  22. Panthagrey

    Panthagrey5 일 전

    You forgot the N....its a Sanga....

  23. Joe Coverstone

    Joe Coverstone17 일 전

    They need to bring back the grilled chicken Whopper

  24. Kai Thongsavanh

    Kai Thongsavanh18 일 전

    The Big Mac snack wrap I actually liked. I would buy it if McD’s brought it back. Never tried the Whopperito though so hmmm, I might have liked that too.

  25. Timmothy McCandless

    Timmothy McCandless18 일 전

    Duh fuq? You gave link a knife?

  26. melanie Estrada

    melanie Estrada19 일 전

    The cheese mac is are ready available

  27. Aaron Chand

    Aaron Chand19 일 전

    Y he look lke Grampa when he eat?

  28. Ant The Ace

    Ant The Ace20 일 전

    they have the mozzarella chiken back and the mac and Cheetos

  29. The Atomic Cherry

    The Atomic Cherry23 일 전

    Rhett's shirt is confusing me

  30. Ianthia Brown

    Ianthia Brown23 일 전

    I wish they would of done the whiplash whopper....then teach me how to make those crispy hot red pepper yummies

  31. Vane Rodriguez

    Vane Rodriguez23 일 전

    When you bite you look like you’re kissing the food soory

  32. SialalaMarcin

    SialalaMarcin25 일 전

    Are you talking about sangas?

  33. Flo Chi

    Flo Chi26 일 전

    Max and Cheetos are still here where I live to the point we have jalapeño flavor 😐

  34. Stephen Sage

    Stephen Sage28 일 전

    The whopperito had a taco flavoring that made it a bit spicy and more like Mexican food it was literally like a paste that you mixed with the chopped beef

  35. Paul Smith

    Paul Smith개월 전

    Link - loves pizza and marinara sauce. See a tomato, goes "Ewww!!".

  36. Christopher Blair

    Christopher Blair개월 전

    This dive in my college town had a pizza burger, it was great.

  37. KillerT Vlogs

    KillerT Vlogs개월 전

    Can everyone please take a minute to appreciate it the taco burger shirt

  38. JCJ McCarron

    JCJ McCarron개월 전

    They know BK has the Mac&Cheetos in the super market...I wonder If he looked at that while making them...

  39. Kaylynn Jost

    Kaylynn Jost개월 전

    Rhett hamburgers are named after where they were created which was Hamburg, Germany.

  40. Borna Japundžić

    Borna Japundžić개월 전

    That Pizza burger is an insult to Italy

  41. Mod God

    Mod God개월 전

    Please bring back the mac’n’cheestos

  42. kim seger

    kim seger개월 전

    to kick a tomato to the curb is like sors minus all tomato for one week All tomato includes any thing made of a tomato

  43. Tra'mayne Gaines

    Tra'mayne Gaines개월 전


  44. füther Yahya

    füther Yahya개월 전

    The Mac burrito you are talking about is called mc Arabia

  45. MAEFAH 01

    MAEFAH 01개월 전

    Return of the Mac.....And Cheetos!

  46. Oliver O

    Oliver O개월 전

    i remember when Harvey's Burger tried to make the pizza burger it was really nothing special

  47. Roy epic

    Roy epic개월 전

    They actually did bring some of these back

  48. Nunya Business

    Nunya Business개월 전

    I'm still angry that the Angry Whopper hasn't made a proper comeback.

  49. Nunya Business

    Nunya Business개월 전

    @Halie Swords What state? Because I may need to make a roadtrip.

  50. Halie Swords

    Halie Swords개월 전

    Nunya Business it’s back at mine??

  51. Mikeyui1 Is my twitch

    Mikeyui1 Is my twitch개월 전

    I love the spicy chicken parm from Burger King it's about the only thing I get there when they have it

  52. Shane Cooper

    Shane Cooper개월 전

    Hamburger is named after the place Hamburg not the food ham

  53. Killer Saiyan Gaming

    Killer Saiyan Gaming개월 전

    Pizza sauce, Patty and my favorite cheese. Why did they get rid of this?!

  54. 50k Hai

    50k Hai개월 전

    Burger King was my first job lol and I swear there were so many items on the menu man . Breakfast , lunch / dinner , desserts 😂 so many new items and everything lol