Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 GMC Duramax Part 9


  1. Benjamin Maldonado

    Benjamin Maldonado2 일 전

    When installing new tires most tires have a small yellow circle on the sidewall if you match the circle with the valve stem you use less weights when you balance them.

  2. Paul Varrieur

    Paul Varrieur4 일 전

    Like Cortez burning his ship so as to not return home, the coil over / lift kit is permanent. Returning to the stock suspension next to impossible.

  3. David Mays

    David Mays15 일 전

    Looked better stock.

  4. mark woodward

    mark woodward개월 전

    Shouldn't you put lube on those moving suspension parts/bolts

  5. Kenneth Gilbert

    Kenneth Gilbert개월 전

    No Fine Print! That is huge. How cool is that? I'm looking them up now

  6. Tanner Ward

    Tanner Ward개월 전

    White rock lights 12 pack😍😍😍

  7. Не второй канал

    Не второй канал개월 전

    Что за тёлочка за кадром?

  8. Lamba Kari

    Lamba Kari개월 전

    Who is that big butt girl?

  9. Michael Frosch vom Teich

    Michael Frosch vom Teich개월 전

    Have you no cover or protection kit for the rear shocks?

  10. Jamie Masterson

    Jamie Masterson개월 전

    Thinking you went over your budget.

  11. Charles Morris

    Charles Morris개월 전

    You guys are awesome .love how you guys are passionate about what you do .Wish you guys would show the old school cars and trucks some love

  12. Wolfgang Kayser

    Wolfgang Kayser개월 전

    Isn't that the forward crossmember you're missing at 1:49?

  13. Josh Miguel

    Josh Miguel개월 전

    Hi goonzquad im watching all of your channel shout josh miguel r. Viray

  14. Tyler 1

    Tyler 1개월 전

    Hardest working guys on KOreporter! Might want to start using ear plugs with loud tools, you’ll be glad that you did later in life. Love the content

  15. agaragar21

    agaragar212 개월 전

    How about a "Hi !, I'm Bob and I'm Stu" Moment, you know where you guys introduce yourselfs !

  16. bob14219

    bob142192 개월 전

    very entertaining watching you guys flap your arms around - but I gotta ask - who sponsors all these high end projects and the shop/tools ?...….surely you two at your tender ages don't have the resources to be self funded...... also - who are the technical advisors since - dang son -so many times you guys don't know what you're looking at.

  17. Alexis Martínez

    Alexis Martínez2 개월 전

    do you take mechanic courses? and when you sell the car the paper are GMC original or are from the place where you buy it?

  18. Laszlo Vass

    Laszlo Vass2 개월 전

    Is this a 2500 or 3500?

  19. StellarBlue1

    StellarBlue12 개월 전


  20. BB 210

    BB 2102 개월 전

    Awesome videos keep up the great work

  21. GhillieSuitedKiller

    GhillieSuitedKiller2 개월 전

    My dream truck! I want it :c

  22. Aaron Moss

    Aaron Moss3 개월 전

    iv'e been watching this series and i gotta say i love seeing this truck evolve

  23. Everyday Average guy

    Everyday Average guy3 개월 전

    Nothing says I have a small penis like a lifted truck

  24. Zac Amos

    Zac Amos3 개월 전


  25. lz_catracho_zl

    lz_catracho_zl3 개월 전

    Do u guys sell those cars or keep it

  26. curtis wilcock

    curtis wilcock4 개월 전

    Wow 🤩 that lift kit is freaking sweet 😍 money to my eye sockets my heart just melted I want some of those sweet things even I don’t have a truck think I’m gunna have to get me oneeee of thoseeee 😏 keep building and keep on grinding that’s awesome man

  27. Andrew Atavin

    Andrew Atavin4 개월 전

    Why do you say sucker so much????🤔 Привет

  28. Jakovsky 102

    Jakovsky 1024 개월 전

    Now delete the exhaust

  29. fabian a

    fabian a4 개월 전

    Should have gone with Nitto Ridge Grapplers

  30. emmanuel Dupaya

    emmanuel Dupaya4 개월 전

    i love your channel bro!🇵🇭

  31. James Boyd

    James Boyd4 개월 전

    Is it 4wd

  32. Blaine Bugaski

    Blaine Bugaski4 개월 전

    Lots of effort went in to that front suspension. It's disappointing to see that the rear's lift relies on blocks.

  33. Smart Club-

    Smart Club-4 개월 전

    Aye can yal redo my 03 z71 I swear it don’t need tht much work... #help a brother out😂

  34. logan naramore

    logan naramore4 개월 전

    Lmao power and performance, still has egr and def*

  35. Dan Labelle

    Dan Labelle4 개월 전

    Hoop u guys check the allinment on the rearend

  36. Justin Altemeier

    Justin Altemeier4 개월 전

    Oh wow now daddy rich wallet can pay to align truck again.

  37. Justin Altemeier

    Justin Altemeier4 개월 전

    Yep and now this thing is a total worthless piece of CRAP to tow with, WAY TO GO DUMBASSES.

  38. Karl-Erik Sprimont

    Karl-Erik Sprimont4 개월 전

  39. left4dead

    left4dead4 개월 전

    1000 lb lift kit

  40. Terence Robinson

    Terence Robinson4 개월 전

    Man I really wanna come hang with your guys yall have all my favorite cars

  41. Shatter 420it

    Shatter 420it5 개월 전

    Fell behind but worth it! Keep em coming

  42. Kenny Johnson

    Kenny Johnson5 개월 전

    Toyo MT? Longest lasting...? I used to work for a tire company and you'll be sad when you see how quickly those tires wear out when used on roads...

  43. Roy Magnus

    Roy Magnus5 개월 전

    If you don't make the pitch between the dif yoke and the tranny. The same. You will blow a lot of u joints.

  44. rodolfo anton

    rodolfo anton5 개월 전

    goonzqud sigan adelante difruto todo los coche que reparan desde buenos aires

  45. James Willis

    James Willis5 개월 전

    Been running BDS since the 80's. to bad they had to shorten the name use to be called i kid you not BIG DICKS SUSPENSION. Keep up the great work

  46. Raymond L

    Raymond L5 개월 전

    y'all confused, hauler or show boat??? :) lift kit is great, put same kit on F350.

  47. SG27

    SG275 개월 전

    17:18 thick ass chick

  48. John Smith

    John Smith5 개월 전

    You guys never seem to get tired!

  49. NYVET

    NYVET5 개월 전

    All that work and you're gonna leave that bashed up tailgate? Seriously?

  50. Thomas Tommy

    Thomas Tommy5 개월 전

    Good video but I would never put that left kit on. You bought front end parts twice. I hope you have a blessed week.

  51. Rubicon 10A

    Rubicon 10A5 개월 전

    Toyo Mts are great, I have 35s on my Jeep and they are super quiet and an awesome tire!

  52. don earl

    don earl5 개월 전


  53. Scott

    Scott5 개월 전

    I see Thomas, the official package inspector, is on the job. My Boo! does the same.

  54. Roger Ramjet

    Roger Ramjet5 개월 전

    That lift kit & welding just reduced the value of that GMC by at least twenty thousand dollars

  55. Avery Jones

    Avery Jones5 개월 전

    No it did not 😂😂😂

  56. Lucio Se

    Lucio Se5 개월 전

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  57. sad sand nibba

    sad sand nibba4 개월 전

    Yo bro, no offence but tf are you saying?

  58. pat mcgeough

    pat mcgeough5 개월 전

    You really need to get some tall jack stands for holding up a rear end, that shit with the tires looked scary dangerous...

  59. Liliana J

    Liliana J5 개월 전

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  60. Corbin Debenham

    Corbin Debenham5 개월 전

    11:15 there goes the lug nuts😂😂 laughed so hard for some reason

  61. Mario J

    Mario J5 개월 전

    Step 1. Go to YT Search Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art Step 3. Enjoy! Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 GMC Duramax Part 9I am not sure that I exist, actually. I am all the writers that I have read, all the people that I have met, all the women that I have loved; all the cities I have visited. The thing about growing up with Fred and George," said Ginny thoughtfully, "is that you sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.

  62. somaR Ramos

    somaR Ramos5 개월 전

    why does that one guy with the curly hair do all the work?