1. Lina Melissa

    Lina Melissa2 시간 전

    I think susie likes friends

  2. Hi Person.

    Hi Person.4 시간 전

    I need a car ...... David wanna be friends

  3. Nithish Kumar

    Nithish Kumar12 시간 전

    yo guys no offense, this is the first video i'm seeing on this channel, after the first few seconds i was like why is this guy sleeping with Bille eilish😂 i thought it was funny

  4. Yenba 497

    Yenba 49716 시간 전

    1:10 he's so happy

  5. Katia Moran

    Katia Moran22 시간 전

    I feel like I haven’t watched David’s video in awhile we love mental break downs lol buuuut David makes me laugh so that evens it out

  6. erin hart

    erin hart23 시간 전

    vardon is the cutest human being ever

  7. D Mack

    D Mack일 전

    This dude and Jimmy Fallon should have a laugh off

  8. Mackenzie Powers

    Mackenzie Powers2 일 전

    why does everyone always have gum in their mouth lol

  9. Deemo

    Deemo3 일 전

    Would fukin love to have Jason as my stepfather, well at least grandfather

  10. cody marcano

    cody marcano3 일 전

    Bro wyatt's room is bigger than my entire living room and kitchen put together 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Paige Green

    Paige Green3 일 전

    Hey. I really really love your videos and I hope you read these comments and respond!!! I love you David!

  12. vicky c

    vicky c3 일 전

    Even Jason was crying ... ... Now I’m crying too

  13. Iliketurtles

    Iliketurtles3 일 전

    Talk weren’t roasting each other y’all were telling facts

  14. Melia Roberto

    Melia Roberto4 일 전

    1:11 David looks like a little kid at an amusement park waiting to take pictures with iron man 😂

  15. Marcojay Ruiz

    Marcojay Ruiz4 일 전

    Humanity: *Seeing Jason hug vardon* Humanity: * WORLD PEACE*

  16. Witch & Art

    Witch & Art4 일 전

    This is the only man we need for the ww3 1:10

  17. Josh Jewett

    Josh Jewett5 일 전

    They are soo~~happy

  18. Edwin Campoverde

    Edwin Campoverde5 일 전

    I would like to have $10k and a family trip 🙏☝🏻🤞

  19. ash

    ash6 일 전

    i want rainbow merch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! notice how a lot of your merch pics *some* are with natalie ohhhh i dont even know why i say that i dont believe you too are dating unlike the rest of the population haha

  20. ash

    ash6 일 전

    wait is that madison beer? you know she stand selena and selena just followed her on insta

  21. Romina Calle

    Romina Calle6 일 전

    He just called me broke in 37376 different ways and I know he did the same to u😂

  22. keanne herrera

    keanne herrera6 일 전

    I love Suzys laugh

  23. sierra lopz

    sierra lopz6 일 전

    When Madison mentioned Liza it made me go from😀to☹️ real fast

  24. Jesse james Torres

    Jesse james Torres6 일 전

    Can I bay it

  25. Kostec

    Kostec7 일 전

    When theyre making fun of how small Jason’s house was but his living room has more square feet than my house 😂😂



    we need more Madison vlogs

  27. Josie Bacon

    Josie Bacon7 일 전

    3:43 vardons crying

  28. LiHello Vlog

    LiHello Vlog8 일 전

    Susie: - gets to go to New York - Vardon: - crys - I’m sO hApPy FoR yOu

  29. Donny Redmond

    Donny Redmond8 일 전

    Well apparently I live in a similar garage

  30. tytheguyudontno

    tytheguyudontno8 일 전

    Jason holding Vardon was so wholesome

  31. Emily Ramirez

    Emily Ramirez9 일 전

    i think its crazy how theyre making fun of jasons house and my house is literally trash compared to his so rip i know its all jokes i just like wanted to say that😂

  32. Baqer Ismaili

    Baqer Ismaili10 일 전

    1:12 David is acting like a baby 😂

  33. Brookey Cookie

    Brookey Cookie10 일 전

    I miss David and Liza🥺❤️

  34. Luzerin

    Luzerin10 일 전

    Who is Madison?

  35. shelby z

    shelby z10 일 전

    me being a pitt student and david wearing a pitt hat makes my heart happy

  36. Miss Mariah Madeline

    Miss Mariah Madeline11 일 전

    I think Madison is from a New Mexico! If she is ... hi! 505 proud

  37. Avry Fowler

    Avry Fowler11 일 전

    This guy has a homemade jet pack * proceeds to ear rape us

  38. Doodley doodle Music

    Doodley doodle Music11 일 전

    I swear Jason spend more time with vardon than his own kids 😂 hahaha

  39. briana sal

    briana sal11 일 전

    So, David are you taking any friend application? If so... where do I send mine? 😩😂

  40. donna Kim

    donna Kim11 일 전

    Can I be your friend! Haha I need $10,000 for my son haha. Make sure he can go to college in 19 years haha

  41. Blondelmpression -_-

    Blondelmpression -_-11 일 전

    David can you upload on the 10th of January because it’s my birthday and that would be my dream

  42. maddyjul07

    maddyjul0711 일 전

    i love how vardan cries in every video

  43. Julia B

    Julia B12 일 전

    everybody at school he saying band is lame but shit if i could one day be with david and all his friends AND get paid an shit SHOOOTTTT y’all better stfu, just saying 😗

  44. Jimmy White

    Jimmy White13 일 전

    I wish he picked a more like.. *not lazy* family to bless with everything he gives them. Like a hardworking, kind family, that truly deserves things. NOT *fat and lazy*. Maybe where the Dad is a firefighter, or Moms a nurse or vise versa.

  45. Eduardo Castro

    Eduardo Castro13 일 전

    so thankful I can now go on vacation thanks to this *FunOnlineWork .com*

  46. Shiven Arora

    Shiven Arora14 일 전

    how is he so consistent

  47. Amateur Divers

    Amateur Divers14 일 전

    Get me to 100 subscribers:)💧💧

  48. Tk Hardge

    Tk Hardge14 일 전

    Everytime y'all laugh it gets me 😂😂😂😂😂

  49. Luke Turse

    Luke Turse14 일 전

    That would be sick to have my garage be my room that shit is way bigger than my room

  50. Taylor Barfield

    Taylor Barfield15 일 전

    I love Vardon's voice when he's like, " were gonna go to New York?" 😭😭😭 It's so adorable

  51. TGC x SnIpEz

    TGC x SnIpEz15 일 전

    Bro we’re they at LSIA airport

  52. Kiara Lewis

    Kiara Lewis15 일 전

    And who said iron man was fake

  53. natalie kerwin

    natalie kerwin15 일 전

    i love susie

  54. Hailey Sopher

    Hailey Sopher15 일 전

    Jason comforting Vardan is actually the sweetest

  55. Alex Guizzotti

    Alex Guizzotti15 일 전

    You have the jimmy kümmel laugh except your laugh is real.

  56. Ryan Flowers

    Ryan Flowers16 일 전

    Vardon crying is THE cutest thing on earth

  57. Skylah San Miguel

    Skylah San Miguel16 일 전

    when is david buying jonah and his family a new house

  58. Short Cortt

    Short Cortt16 일 전

    Damnit Suzy, almost made it to the end without crying but you’re so PURE AND ADORABLE AND SWEET AND NOW IM SOBBING

  59. Domination47

    Domination4716 일 전

  60. Emma Waters

    Emma Waters16 일 전

    I swear all Vardan does is cry 😂💀