[Reaction Cam] TXT(투모로우바이투게더) & ATEEZ(에이티즈) & UNINE(유나인) Reaction to BTS(방탄소년단) l 2019MAMA x M2




    1:56 nagulat yung ateez sa dami ng army mga cyct

  2. Forever Moarmy

    Forever Moarmy3 일 전


  3. Diah Ayu

    Diah Ayu4 일 전

    Please show bts perform too

  4. Brenda Lachance

    Brenda Lachance6 일 전

    Which that cameraman would have moved !!!! Not very right for txt.

  5. Juwariyah S.S, M. Hum

    Juwariyah S.S, M. Hum9 일 전

    This is the most genuine reactions for BTS I have ever watched from their label mate and junior, it like seeing a bunch of armies on the seat of artist, and they forgot to bring their army bombs. LOL

  6. army forever

    army forever12 일 전

    Txt andAtezz so cute

  7. seokbinaaa_이나

    seokbinaaa_이나13 일 전

    got goosebumps through the whole video

  8. Uun Nurhida

    Uun Nurhida14 일 전

    Im looking concert BTS 😎👍 ARMY 💜👍

  9. Aleksandra Iv

    Aleksandra Iv15 일 전

    Best reaction ever!!! 👍👍👍💜

  10. blacksakura277

    blacksakura27716 일 전

    Question i kown the light sticks were baned but there probably were regular lights they were allowed to use just not specifically for one group? and also the lights they carry are they controlled? i mean they change the light and blink to the music all the same way so they would have to be somehow connected right? so they need to be allowed or else i dont understand how they can all work the same way its not like they can just connect the army bomb wit the app if there is no one out there controlling what song is playing right now?

  11. KN JP

    KN JP16 일 전

    Mnet: y me van apagando las lucecitas esas ARMY: 😎💣 🥳👅🤪

  12. 김세진

    김세진17 일 전

    있지 반응도 좀 올려주세요 제발!!

  13. Sham Sham

    Sham Sham17 일 전

    I really love watching reaction videos when it comes to BTS. Their reaction, so pure and I love it.

  14. Sham Sham

    Sham Sham17 일 전

    It's like their watching BTS Show hihi.

  15. Al M

    Al M17 일 전

    Wooyoung and Beomgyu living their best hardcore ARMY lives

  16. Agus

    Agus17 일 전

    the guy in black in the middle of taehyun and wooyoung at the back looks SO MUCH like renjun from nct like the dude got me confused

  17. Theresia Ester

    Theresia Ester18 일 전


  18. jeon the rabbit

    jeon the rabbit19 일 전


  19. Мирослава Орлова

    Мирослава Орлова19 일 전

    Скажите пожалуйста, парни, которые в белых костюмах, кто они??

  20. J L

    J L19 일 전

    only me who saw that guy in white second from the right shook at 6:54 lol. literally me everytime i see bts stages

  21. Bts Army

    Bts Army20 일 전

    the thumbnail

  22. glai

    glai20 일 전

    their reaction to bts is so precious!!

  23. glai

    glai20 일 전

    kwon sonyoung being lost at 0:52 he thought the members are behind him cutie

  24. Cutie Wong

    Cutie Wong21 일 전

    So proud for BTS

  25. Fly with BANGTAN

    Fly with BANGTAN22 일 전

    till now beomgyu still forgot to drink his water

  26. Some Boun

    Some Boun22 일 전


  27. Rm Aeries

    Rm Aeries22 일 전

    OK I'm totally whipped by Ateez. Now I'm going to follow dis humble souls💜💜💜❤

  28. 신정은

    신정은23 일 전

    우영 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 완전 아미 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ귀여워ㅠㅠ

  29. Jeraldine Gorospe

    Jeraldine Gorospe24 일 전

    dude we need more reactions of this performance

  30. Putri Giovanni

    Putri Giovanni24 일 전

    Fanchant nya bikin merinding Makin sayang deh jdinya💜🤗

  31. 온새미로

    온새미로24 일 전

    방탄 공연영상도 넣어주면 좋을텐데 같이

  32. ً vmin

    ً vmin25 일 전

    i don’t even stan ateez but :( they’re so pure and genuine ma I LOVE THEM

  33. Kimberly V. I

    Kimberly V. I25 일 전

    Their reaction is look like they're watching a world cup. Hahahahhahahah

  34. Alexia Gutierrez

    Alexia Gutierrez27 일 전


  35. _chillingood

    _chillingood27 일 전

    Ateez and TXT my lovely kiddos, thankyou for showing love for BTS 💜💜

  36. Rina Guo

    Rina Guo27 일 전

    The way woosan was jamming to we are bulletproof pt. 2 and txt were doing the choreo too 💖💖

  37. Alexisasheep

    Alexisasheep27 일 전

    jongho sitting absolutley transfixed the entire time, I love him with all my heart he's so precious

  38. Sonita Azizi

    Sonita Azizi28 일 전

    Taehyung's charm blew their minds

  39. 아름다운 뷔V

    아름다운 뷔V29 일 전

    11:32~ 무한반복중😱 와이리 달콤하고 난리양😭 아돌 관심없는 친구도 듣더니 목소리가 왜이리 달콤하냐고?ㅎ 역시 울 알담 뷔💜

  40. 방바다

    방바다29 일 전

    방탄의 무대는 진짜 누가봐도 감탄할만한 무대야. 그저 대단할뿐ㅠ

  41. kyhm muzones

    kyhm muzones개월 전


  42. kyhm muzones

    kyhm muzones개월 전


  43. Park Jenmin Kim

    Park Jenmin Kim개월 전

    Txt support their legend brothers 💜🙏 ARMY & MOA BTS & TXT #IPURPLE.YOU

  44. wee Niang

    wee Niang개월 전

    does anyone has idol reaction to bts intro vcr?

  45. lena

    lena개월 전

    bangtxteez stans we never lose

  46. lena

    lena개월 전

    wooyoung and beomgyu looks so happy my babies :(

  47. Gabriela Arias

    Gabriela Arias개월 전

    Aun no supero esta presentación peor la de los melon 😭, las J-army se lucieron con los fanchant 👌❤️

  48. Penda Coulibaly

    Penda Coulibaly개월 전

    Our leader ( Ateez) was like” wow we gotta work hard to have a fandom like this “ And Hoshi was like” I wanna appear in this video too”

  49. Nerdy Kiwi

    Nerdy Kiwi개월 전

    Me: *making sure everyone screeched HEY for Namjoon* Crowd: dOeSN’t ScReEcH HeY Me: *Rolls up sleeves* I just want to have a talk....

  50. blvssm s

    blvssm s개월 전

    Ateez is the hardest bts fanboy :3

  51. P J M

    P J M개월 전

    txt and woosan 😂😂

  52. heeranie

    heeranie개월 전

    I think some idols here just heard bts old songs for the first time

  53. Meysun Oduncu

    Meysun Oduncu개월 전

    Best moment.

  54. Mocca Chewy

    Mocca Chewy개월 전

    one word love😍

  55. jiminie

    jiminie개월 전

    where can i find more angles of this performance omg ive looked for days crying 😭 where are all the fancams

  56. Ajum Malling

    Ajum Malling개월 전

    KIM TAEHYUNG kill everyone by by is most handsome face i love you bts especially v Kim taehyung my bias

  57. V Sky

    V Sky개월 전

    Taehyung stages a always perfect. We purple u BTS V Kimtaehyung.💜💜💜

  58. Cosmos Borahae

    Cosmos Borahae개월 전

    Woosan seem amazed by crowd's reaction 😂

  59. aida ronquillo

    aida ronquillo개월 전

    I think these junior artists are amazed by how the ARMYs responds to BTS they are wishing to have this kind of fanbase someday

  60. Ririn Dewi L.

    Ririn Dewi L.개월 전


  61. a BTS stan

    a BTS stan개월 전

    Ateez would have died at MMA performance