Reacting To Ourselves After Surgery!! (We Remembered Nothing)


  1. Libby Garcia

    Libby Garcia4 시간 전

    Guys I have watched this like 10 times 😍

  2. Isabella Zeigler

    Isabella Zeigler11 시간 전

    Ok you said your talking over Ethan but your Ethan and thats Grayson

  3. Roisin R Hartley

    Roisin R Hartley16 시간 전

    21:45- hilarious

  4. Gabriell Torrence

    Gabriell Torrence21 시간 전

    At least we know grey true side...

  5. Lena Nguyen

    Lena Nguyen23 시간 전

    16:19 bitch

  6. The Swizalers

    The Swizalers일 전

    How many time 𝖤𝗍𝗁𝖺𝗇 said “Tuesday”? | | ⬇️

  7. Eva Damson

    Eva Damson일 전

    I am watching this at 12am and I am crying and choking to avoid waking my brother xDD these guys are so precious



    15:35 wtf i-

  9. gino pino

    gino pino2 일 전


  10. Kaitlin Doody

    Kaitlin Doody3 일 전

    21:53 Grayson put his tounge out to say doing and at 21:54 eathan does it aswell so CUTE

  11. Emma Mellroche

    Emma Mellroche5 일 전

    Guys can someone tell me if this operation hurts ? Bc i need to get this and i’m kinda nerveus it’s gonna be very pAinfull so if annyone can tell me something about it , would be great tnx x Emma

  12. wholesome minecraft Parrot

    wholesome minecraft Parrot8 일 전

    loopy grayson 𝒇𝒓𝒐𝒎 𝒅𝒂 𝒉𝒐𝒐𝒅

  13. Shaina Montero

    Shaina Montero8 일 전

    my stomach hurts from how much i was laughing at this

  14. 90'sLover90

    90'sLover908 일 전

    I like how Ethan moved his hand with the tissue so she wouldn't grab it to wipe Graysons tears at 11:49 he wanted to take care of his 20 min younger brother. 😂

  15. Emma Spiehler

    Emma Spiehler8 일 전

    Yo was that Anastasia dairy free? -Ethan Dolan

  16. Almasa Kapidzic

    Almasa Kapidzic8 일 전

    ,,im ITALIAN" ,,why am i crying?" -Ethan

  17. Kendall Macomb

    Kendall Macomb9 일 전

    Dudeee before E said he looked like squidward I legit thought it 😂😂

  18. Clover Gacha

    Clover Gacha9 일 전

    ★ This is the most funniest reaction video ★

  19. Clover Gacha

    Clover Gacha9 일 전

    ★ This is the most funniest reaction video ★

  20. Somere Milburn

    Somere Milburn9 일 전

    Does anybody else notice Ethan slightly mouthing the words everytime he sees himself talk

  21. Bridie Bri

    Bridie Bri10 일 전

    *To the small amount of people that see this i want you to know that i hope you are having the most wonderful day/night and if you are not than i really really hope that this message will make your day and just know that you are never alone and beautiful have a great day/night* 💖💗💓❤💜💙💚💛

  22. Bianca Basille

    Bianca Basille10 일 전

    10:41 my God Ethan 😂

  23. Get Outdoors

    Get Outdoors10 일 전

    Ethan: "You look like a fool Grayson: "we look the same" Its tru but funny for some reason

  24. Tashonda Morgan

    Tashonda Morgan10 일 전


  25. Luna Lovegood

    Luna Lovegood10 일 전

    Just saying I beat when Grayson said the outro before Eathan was thinking that he did the outro better when he can't remember a thing rather than normal Grayson.

  26. Jenna Graham

    Jenna Graham10 일 전

    WhO eLsE mIsSeS tHe OlD "pEaCe" OuTrO

  27. Suzanne Wilson

    Suzanne Wilson10 일 전

    I LOVE that purple couch!

  28. Mathew castro

    Mathew castro11 일 전

    If u never saw it, how did u guys edit it

  29. Zoë Zoom

    Zoë Zoom11 일 전

    No OnE| LiTerAlLY No OnE| Absolutely, NO SOUL| *Ethan| IM ItALIaN!*

  30. Jalyn B.

    Jalyn B.12 일 전

    "I'M ITALIAN" -Ethan Dolan

  31. Jorge Medina suarez

    Jorge Medina suarez12 일 전

    When grayson was danceing i was laughing

  32. Payten Murphy

    Payten Murphy12 일 전

    I was just Waiting for Ethan to say I wonder if those baby sleeping here too.

  33. Amira Nachar

    Amira Nachar12 일 전

    I’m going thru a very hard time in my life right now and everytime I watch ur videos they make me happy and forgot everything I just smile the whole time I’m so thankful for u guys

  34. Lily Weddle

    Lily Weddle12 일 전

    Grayson moved his mouth so cutely when Ethan freestyle rapped

  35. Paola Plaza

    Paola Plaza13 일 전

    I noticed that ethan is wearing the same shirt from the beginning of the video

  36. Mickythepotato 14

    Mickythepotato 1413 일 전

    I laughed so hard when Ethan said (what happened when you raised him differently) bc that’s literally me and my brother

  37. Taliyah Lundy

    Taliyah Lundy13 일 전

    Grayson kepped licking his lips

  38. desirae barnwell

    desirae barnwell13 일 전

    Their mouths never closed throughout this whole video 😂😮👄

  39. Hey kidz!!! With laila -

    Hey kidz!!! With laila -13 일 전

    I was cracking up 😂

  40. Addyson Barnett

    Addyson Barnett13 일 전

    Then who edited it

  41. DINOLOVER6717

    DINOLOVER671714 일 전

    Aww why did Mom say Ethan misbehaved? Ethan was like I love everyone and Grayson was like yeaaah let’s swivel these hips 🤣🤣🤣 I think Ethan handles his meds better

  42. Madalena Donato

    Madalena Donato14 일 전

    Lol " Hell yeah I want some apple juice!"

  43. Laurie Deignan

    Laurie Deignan14 일 전

    did no on else hear grayson say Emma like this video

  44. Sophia Swift

    Sophia Swift12 일 전


  45. Zikra Labah Fatima

    Zikra Labah Fatima12 일 전

    Laurie Deignan when

  46. Megan

    Megan14 일 전

    I just love how loopy grayson was acting like normal Ethan and loopy Ethan was acting like normal grayson😂😂😂😂😂😂

  47. Demonic Child

    Demonic Child15 일 전

    Ethans a lightweight

  48. Sarah Lopez

    Sarah Lopez15 일 전

    Grayson: Excuse me nurse is my arm supposed to be this squeezed? Ethan: Your arm is fine. That part was funny.

  49. Vsco Girls

    Vsco Girls16 일 전

    No one: :Not a single soul "Not even Willy wonka Ethan:"I got a tear drop I'm not emo😂😂😂😂

  50. Desiree Martinez

    Desiree Martinez16 일 전

    Ethan looks like the superhero from spongebob

  51. reyna.trish

    reyna.trish16 일 전


  52. Jaya Chumber

    Jaya Chumber16 일 전

    Starts rapping lol 😂

  53. alisha genevieve

    alisha genevieve17 일 전


  54. caroline lovei

    caroline lovei18 일 전

    I laugh so frickin hard every time I watch this video omg



    I couldn’t stop smiling if I tried to

  56. The Roblés Channel

    The Roblés Channel18 일 전

    Bro my Twitter is whole as* suspended for like a week, I haven't been able to tweet y'all for 💩 Wth 😥

  57. QDCutie

    QDCutie18 일 전

    Life of a KOreporterr: Hyped up on anesthesia after a surgery “What day is it” “Tuesday” Both- “We GoTtA uPloAd” And it happened SEVERAL times 😂

  58. Meredith Nelson

    Meredith Nelson18 일 전

    how is it edited if they haven't seen it

  59. demødog

    demødog18 일 전

    Bust it down brotha

  60. Payten Albert

    Payten Albert18 일 전

    Get theses men a TISH

  61. Flutter Star

    Flutter Star18 일 전

    Oh yea Ethan it hit the shpot :3

  62. Aaliyah

    Aaliyah19 일 전

    I died so much