Reacting To Lil Bored's Edits Of Me


  1. Flicked

    Flicked23 시간 전

    Set 8 kids when they get a question right 11:47

  2. Soft_Boy Mooses

    Soft_Boy Mooses일 전

    He going to be posting everyday and then stops KOreportering for 3-6 months

  3. PopularMM os

    PopularMM os일 전

    Suub to me

  4. Jack Davis

    Jack Davis일 전

    9:50 just foreshadows what actually happened to Dejis dog

  5. BOT Hunter

    BOT Hunter일 전


  6. shaddyblack ss

    shaddyblack ss2 일 전

    The awkward look after ksi see himself stomping first time

  7. Ethan Mclachlan

    Ethan Mclachlan3 일 전

    Bro listening back to you this wasn’t funny but that’s before u fed that jack Paul chick

  8. Felt Emotional

    Felt Emotional4 일 전

    hahah your dog died lol ooof, that really hit me

  9. Cj

    Cj4 일 전

    You're in my spell this nigga dont even feel shit in real life I'm playing the character to perfection I'm dawn nigga lol that was happening of I hit you wut can you do and you feel my hits lol are you dumb lol i know wut u do before you do it all you gotta do is pay yes i would have to doom you

  10. SHORTgamer

    SHORTgamer4 일 전

    jj's laugh ia gold! 😂

  11. XD Aryan

    XD Aryan5 일 전

    I'm from the future ksi wins against Logan 8x7 to 55

  12. IDK C

    IDK C5 일 전

    6:42 nice head vik

  13. Ethan Phan

    Ethan Phan5 일 전

    We need more lil bored reactions

  14. Face Less

    Face Less5 일 전

    Bro I love lil bored

  15. Stary_meliodis YT

    Stary_meliodis YT6 일 전


  16. Abdul Hasad

    Abdul Hasad6 일 전

    Wait am I high or are there two of KSi two Harry’s two simons and two Vick stars

  17. Hallewestcoast 748

    Hallewestcoast 7486 일 전

    6:19 ZA WARUDO

  18. George Bendle

    George Bendle6 일 전

    Bruh look at viks head at 3:40 lmao

  19. K. Weckman

    K. Weckman6 일 전

    Let's get ksi's second channel. To 10mil

  20. Rick Slot

    Rick Slot6 일 전

    9:50 that didn’t age well

  21. Mrslowshin

    Mrslowshin6 일 전

    9:51 well that didn’t age well



    Anyone know the jojo reference?

  23. Jason Vic

    Jason Vic7 일 전

    "why am i always creating earthquakes fam" literally at 6:46 looked like he shooked his room

  24. Mike van Schaijk

    Mike van Schaijk7 일 전


  25. F5 for Respect

    F5 for Respect8 일 전

    9:51 that aged badly

  26. X •

    X •8 일 전

    Lil bored predicted Deji’s dog getting put down

  27. 1000 subscribers no videos

    1000 subscribers no videos8 일 전

    The chicken shop girl looks like a more attractive Greta Thunberg

  28. You have a big Bum

    You have a big Bum8 일 전

    Ksidolph looks like chunkz

  29. Shayan Zaidi

    Shayan Zaidi8 일 전

    12:56 got me dying, " you know to white people your accent is really good, but to others"

  30. Rens Metselaar

    Rens Metselaar8 일 전


  31. Trouble303

    Trouble3038 일 전

    9:50 didn’t age well

  32. Drew Robinson

    Drew Robinson8 일 전

    Ksi: i've done well to not watch any 1:05 - Not sure bout that

  33. Kobe Whitaker

    Kobe Whitaker8 일 전

    KSI's laugh is mostly why i love him XD

  34. 7starNo rhymes

    7starNo rhymes8 일 전

    Som1 need to create a bo custom map of his 4head

  35. OBZMK

    OBZMK9 일 전

    Lil bored is so good at editing lol wtf

  36. JÄGER_LT Cx

    JÄGER_LT Cx9 일 전

    Last seen 6 years ago

  37. ItzJosh504

    ItzJosh5049 일 전

    2020 anyone?

  38. Rets- Pubgmobile

    Rets- Pubgmobile9 일 전

    10:20 😂

  39. XADELIB 123

    XADELIB 1239 일 전

    It is 2020 and you still haven’t started to post everyday

  40. Jacob Batson

    Jacob Batson9 일 전


  41. og Esty

    og Esty9 일 전

    KSI’S hair looking like straightened out onion rings 😂

  42. Ray

    Ray10 일 전

    What do you call a cheap circumsision? A rip off.

  43. Earthworm _Sally

    Earthworm _Sally10 일 전


  44. Daniel Hyland

    Daniel Hyland10 일 전

    3:56 my man’s cough sounds like whipped cream

  45. Aman _

    Aman _11 일 전


  46. Striby 99

    Striby 9911 일 전

    Who can tell me the background music in the back in the begging of the video ? Anyone ? Please?

  47. top shagger81

    top shagger8113 일 전

    Ksi views are unreal numbers 👏👏👏

  48. Stoopid Penguin

    Stoopid Penguin13 일 전

    5:36 has me dying Lmao

  49. HollowZ

    HollowZ14 일 전

    9:50 Everyone when came out: hahaha nice Everyone now: ...

  50. KidTophat

    KidTophat15 일 전

    Mom: chicken is for dinner Me: 5:44

  51. Kacper Wejs

    Kacper Wejs15 일 전

    Why theres two ksi

  52. Swirl Playz

    Swirl Playz15 일 전

    The thumbnail looks like chunkz

  53. Justin EE

    Justin EE15 일 전

    i laughed so hard

  54. qUAcK dUcK777777

    qUAcK dUcK77777715 일 전

    yo, this was uploaded on my bday

  55. Yeetus Feetus Feetus Yeetus

    Yeetus Feetus Feetus Yeetus16 일 전

    I like the classy jojo references....

  56. Psycho Primative

    Psycho Primative16 일 전

    9:49 he predicted the future 💀

  57. [NEX] FearGaNgZ

    [NEX] FearGaNgZ17 일 전

    11:50 the inner demon is summoned

  58. rozzy ._.

    rozzy ._.17 일 전

    9:50 Oh, he went there 🤣😬


    BLOKKE CHAN17 일 전

    Who is still watching ksi stump like a rhino.

  60. Nova Destiny

    Nova Destiny18 일 전

    3:54 he choked on the paper lol