Reacting To Compilation Videos of Me 6


  1. It started listening to me

    It started listening to me2 일 전

    Peet’s Peet’s, Peet’s Peet’s

  2. MilkBlood

    MilkBlood2 일 전

    Wish I had a Jenna ;_;

  3. Jillian McGauley

    Jillian McGauley5 일 전


  4. Ravyn Huber

    Ravyn Huber5 일 전

    I wonder if jenna’s dogs act like their zodiac signs?🤔

  5. StarIii

    StarIii5 일 전

    Anyone else know the contexts of all the videos?

  6. Nicole Wommack

    Nicole Wommack6 일 전

    ...... Virgo spaceship going from planet to planet........

  7. Nicole Wommack

    Nicole Wommack6 일 전

    Basketball**** fuck you spell check.....beesh

  8. Nicole Wommack

    Nicole Wommack6 일 전

    I got a baseball game tomorrow

  9. Jane Budde

    Jane Budde7 일 전

    3:25 when Jenna started mocking julien and called herself hot in that clip I laugh snorted so hard that I legitimately shot mucus from my face

  10. Giedrė Sarnauskaitė

    Giedrė Sarnauskaitė9 일 전

    Can I just thank you two for existing..? It was a shitty day but you still made me smile. Thank you

  11. Brianna Bryant

    Brianna Bryant12 일 전

    The fans of the band Back Dab can be called the Backdabbers

  12. Taylor Davis

    Taylor Davis12 일 전

    100% the best edit ever ! Love ❤️

  13. Buttface Meje

    Buttface Meje15 일 전

    School counselor: so you want to be a Virgo spaceship but also chair there is a green screen chair Jenna: *wHy iS tHAt nOt A vAiLd gOAl*

  14. Itsuka Kendo

    Itsuka Kendo20 일 전

    Watching this at half past 2 in the morning so the scary movies are making me scared/laugh.

  15. Kristin

    Kristin20 일 전

    The editingiseverything one was SOOO good! 10 outa 10 ....I'd watch that movie

  16. Melody Joy_V

    Melody Joy_V21 일 전

    I'm watching this Halloween 2019 yay

  17. Caitlin Smith

    Caitlin Smith22 일 전

    Happy Halloween 2019

  18. wrath of the lamb

    wrath of the lamb24 일 전

    *it's been a long morning. I've watched you for about an hour but it's pravylu.* *probably been about three. But more likely two.* *i don't understand foreign creatures like you. And I'm really upset. I'm always upset. I don't even like that word.* *so about a week or so ago i had nausea in my right foot. Literally. I had a nerve so not right that it struck me in my foot and felt exactly like nausea.* *and i just wanted to tell you about it, because it's weird enough for you. On account of you being all weird.* *I don't think there will ever be mercy for me, jenna. Nice try, though.*

  19. Elsie lanning

    Elsie lanning26 일 전

    Ooooooooooo 6.9K likes Ooooooooooooooooo

  20. Mayumi Garcia

    Mayumi Garcia26 일 전

    dani’s video gets me every time, it’s so good😭😭😭❤️❤️

  21. BryBry Nandez

    BryBry Nandez27 일 전

    Has Jenna ever reacted to Novympia's parody of her?

  22. Jillian Manno

    Jillian Manno개월 전

    Hi my name is Jillian, people always call me Julien cause the cant pronounce my name, im also a aries :)

  23. Isabel Marie

    Isabel Marie개월 전

    Crazy to think this was a year ago

  24. Lauren Kay

    Lauren Kay개월 전

    9:02 The music the person used sounded like that really crappy music from the app Episode that you guys played 😂

  25. Gacha_Banana ÙwÚ

    Gacha_Banana ÙwÚ개월 전

    If Julius and Kermit were in The Quiet Place movie they would be dead already

  26. Annalisa Segura

    Annalisa Segura개월 전

    OMG! Julien 12:00 to 12:16 is like a flippin 5th grader interrupting a teacher!!🤣🤣

  27. Briana

    Briana개월 전

    i laughed so hard it hurts

  28. yxxki

    yxxki개월 전

    i wanna genuinely see losing your marbles as a movie

  29. Vingcharlie The person

    Vingcharlie The person개월 전

    T A C T I L E

  30. What would a lemu need a shirt for?

    What would a lemu need a shirt for?개월 전

    Me watching this at 3 am in my haunted house: it's fine

  31. MaRiahh Tuner / Political-Makeup

    MaRiahh Tuner / Political-Makeup개월 전

    how can u break up if ur just friends

  32. st1nkf1nger

    st1nkf1nger개월 전

    virgo spaceship new band name called it

  33. Addie Lynn

    Addie Lynn개월 전

    *offended* my hands are not sweaty.... wow they're really sweaty

  34. Bread Podcasts

    Bread Podcasts개월 전

    Hey bbbbeeeeach

  35. l bolen

    l bolen개월 전

    Julien would NOT survive a quite place. Edit: hey who else wants Jenna to haunt them?

  36. Emily Gigler

    Emily Gigler2 개월 전

    OK BUT WAIT. I WOULD 1000000% watch “losing your marbles”

  37. Mimo Mataj

    Mimo Mataj2 개월 전

    Its not her virgo that is wierd its her moon in aquarius :P

  38. Frozone Ozone

    Frozone Ozone2 개월 전

    3:41 Kermit the frog here

  39. Christy S

    Christy S2 개월 전

    “You are like the virgo spaceship going from planet to planet and discovering the newest version of fuckery” See this is why i get annoyed when people paint Virgos as like big killjoys. We like doing off the wall shit it just has to be OUR off the wall shit

  40. Ally Lunday

    Ally Lunday2 개월 전

    can someone make a compilation of all the clips of jenna and julien breaking up. and then putting their friendship clips at the end.

  41. Kat Foster

    Kat Foster2 개월 전

    Is it at all strange that I had a dream where I had a blow up shrek costume ready for Halloween cuz I can’t stop thinking about it😅😅

  42. 875272727 092626265

    875272727 0926262652 개월 전

    Kat Foster that’s pretty dope. You should be shriek for Halloween or something 🤣

  43. Brian Rappleye

    Brian Rappleye2 개월 전

    Thanks for the life lesson. How to be a fucking douche 101.

  44. Rick Heffernon

    Rick Heffernon2 개월 전

    2019.. Be Diamond Face!! Halloween :O

  45. StormWolf

    StormWolf2 개월 전

    Julien and I are two different types of Aries. XD

  46. Furry Chaos

    Furry Chaos2 개월 전

    PLEASE REACT TO "a song for Kermit" Iike if you agree. I love you!

  47. kaitlyn spiva

    kaitlyn spiva2 개월 전

    The cabinets 😹

  48. bri-matics _m

    bri-matics _m2 개월 전


  49. Lizard Demon

    Lizard Demon2 개월 전

    Does anyone else remember when Family Guy called out Jenna & said she was rich! Idk, I thunk its just me!❤

  50. Xwolfie ;';

    Xwolfie ;';3 개월 전

    Umm ok so guys need to know fnaf and watch the sister location trailer because the horror edited of the chair whenever it said "it's in here with us" IT'S SOUND JUST LIKE THAT PART FROM THE TRAILER OF SISTER LOCATION

  51. alexandra espinoza

    alexandra espinoza3 개월 전

    okay so im alone at home rn right, and im watching them say "omg" during the scary music scenes all creeped out until i remember its literally jenna beech, its all gonna be okay

  52. I love BREAD!!!!

    I love BREAD!!!!3 개월 전

    Omg that editing is everything is the best edit ever

  53. -and i oop

    -and i oop3 개월 전

    im an Aries and I'm no where near as crazy as Julien

  54. Megan Barakat

    Megan Barakat3 개월 전


  55. Georgia Ritchie

    Georgia Ritchie3 개월 전


  56. BangtanxSonyeondan

    BangtanxSonyeondan3 개월 전

    Am I the only one who saw 15:55 the door next to the stairs where Julian passes, something moves🧐

  57. Allie Knob.

    Allie Knob.3 개월 전

    These ppl edited the clips so well. Must follow 🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. Allie Knob.

    Allie Knob.3 개월 전

    I am in tears

  59. rEn XocaRol

    rEn XocaRol3 개월 전

    what in the fuck are the blurred out parts during grope jitsu haha?

  60. rEn XocaRol

    rEn XocaRol2 개월 전

    @875272727 092626265 julian dick would probably be a very very amazing experience

  61. 875272727 092626265

    875272727 0926262652 개월 전

    rEn XocaRol lmaooo

  62. rEn XocaRol

    rEn XocaRol2 개월 전

    @875272727 092626265 lmaoo yum

  63. 875272727 092626265

    875272727 0926262652 개월 전

    rEn XocaRol Dicks

  64. LeahLIL10

    LeahLIL103 개월 전

    why isnt there a comp of Jenna shouting JULLIIEENNN!!!

  65. lucy a

    lucy a3 개월 전

    its kinda creepy how many horror film trailers people have made about you. you arent that scary

  66. Kaci Freytag

    Kaci Freytag3 개월 전

    kermit makes me think of a great white shark because his eyes are so black and beady

  67. Zoe De Jonge

    Zoe De Jonge3 개월 전

    You should cover a bald cap in googly eyes