Reacting To Compilation Videos of Me 3


  1. Temmy Tem

    Temmy Tem20 시간 전

    Jenna: *Invasive...*

  2. DoubleDecker BeckerPecker

    DoubleDecker BeckerPecker3 일 전

    jenna’s spiral acrylics lookin like a lightbulb

  3. johncalderwood1

    johncalderwood13 일 전

    I was one of the people saying she looks like Sofia the robot! Soooooo creepy

  4. Empress GoldenStar

    Empress GoldenStar3 일 전

    so i see a painting in d background and it says cassiopeia. Cassiopeia is my name in Latin. yos i lean Latin in skool c:

  5. Kaytlynn Jones

    Kaytlynn Jones3 일 전

    What I thought about when they where watching the marbles enjoying life video was BoBbY

  6. Kevin C

    Kevin C4 일 전

    Julien is 100% right on the moustache debate. If you have pigtails, it isn’t the same as two ponytails.

  7. Monty moo

    Monty moo4 일 전

    A year ago “I should bring back the stash”

  8. Parkerjvevo

    Parkerjvevo6 일 전


  9. MusicWhovian56123

    MusicWhovian561236 일 전

    When Jenna reacts the same way she did in real life while watching the compilations 👌

  10. •Little_ Gacha_human•

    •Little_ Gacha_human•7 일 전

    2:25 -4:00 they have been arguing about mustache and😂

  11. Bella M

    Bella M8 일 전

    *kermit* : _i’m giving birth_

  12. CoffeeqCats

    CoffeeqCats8 일 전

    *"YOU ARE ON THIN ICE"* - Julien

  13. simsaveryxo

    simsaveryxo9 일 전

    everybody in the comments saying they’re just friends as a joke is rly annoying me....😒

  14. Lil Fox

    Lil Fox9 일 전

    Video: goes on Jena and julien: argue for 5 minutes about a mustach

  15. •lil_peach studios•

    •lil_peach studios•9 일 전

    You should watch this it’s really funny

  16. Hannah Frankle-Rocco

    Hannah Frankle-Rocco9 일 전

    Watch a song for Kermit! It is the best vid ever

  17. Star moonschild

    Star moonschild9 일 전

    Its honestly funny watching youtubers record they're sneezes because they pretty much blow up they're desk or launch something . loud noises and stuff flying when it shouldn't is my sense of humor

  18. Confident Bunny

    Confident Bunny12 일 전

    12:47 demon laugh

  19. Rhianna Heinz

    Rhianna Heinz14 일 전

    I'm a barber 😂 it's always a stache Julien I'm so sorry man 😂

  20. soysuga

    soysuga14 일 전

    “No cut that out I’ve seen grease” lmaaao

  21. DGJ Edits

    DGJ Edits15 일 전

    me realizing youtubers get a notification every time they get a new subscriber... notices jenna has 20.1 MILLION subscribers realizes pewdiepie has hit the 100million subs mark *i will never be a real youtuber thas just too much behbee*

  22. Brittany Alyssa

    Brittany Alyssa19 일 전

    “I’m giving birth” IM LITERALLY IN TEARS

  23. Latrice Caril

    Latrice Caril19 일 전

    please do a colab with Cristine and test out the new Polish

  24. Lulu Detmold Cox

    Lulu Detmold Cox20 일 전

    sophia the robot

  25. Sofia McGrath

    Sofia McGrath20 일 전

    Them saying my name over and over made my day

  26. Marissa J

    Marissa J21 일 전

    Love this video

  27. Lexi D

    Lexi D21 일 전

    They said mustache so much it doesnt even sound like a word anymore.

  28. Mica Young

    Mica Young21 일 전

    jenna's right tho it's still a mustache even if there is a beard

  29. Brianna Stutler

    Brianna Stutler21 일 전

    Seeing how many tabs they have is making me go slightly crazy-

  30. julea cole

    julea cole22 일 전

    Someone should make a jenna and julien funny moments but only for jenna/julien

  31. Black Clover

    Black Clover23 일 전

    Jenna I’m sorry but Julian is right. I confirmed it with my dad you would have to shave everything around the stash to get the stash Also 4:08 is me to my friends



    6:05 wahh

  33. Caleb Standley

    Caleb Standley24 일 전

    Yes watch KOreporter with me would be great

  34. shadowtheruler0

    shadowtheruler024 일 전

    i was scrolling down my recommended and seen kermit and stop on the thumbnail and i had to click XD

  35. Tiger Gray

    Tiger Gray24 일 전

    I taught my cat that the phrase “can I get you” means I’m going to pick her up

  36. yoghurthurtt uwu

    yoghurthurtt uwu25 일 전

    I got an Irish spring commercial on this video...

  37. KittyCat Kyle

    KittyCat Kyle27 일 전

    Kermit: *cries in cermet* Kermit: *cries is cermet* Julien and Jenna: *ignores cermet* Kermit: im giving birth Julien and Jenna: *dies of laughter*

  38. Veronica R.

    Veronica R.28 일 전

    Im with Jenna on the mustache/beard thing XXDDD

  39. Anthony Eckert

    Anthony Eckert28 일 전

    Watch the kermit song by dave by dave. Just serch jena marbles on youtube

  40. Alyal Rider 06

    Alyal Rider 0628 일 전

    Yo the green bit of Julien's shirt blends in with their kitchen at the beginning 😂😂