Reacting to 2019 YouTube Rewind (THEY FINALLY PUT ME IN IT)


  1. Jamal Shamandi

    Jamal Shamandi개월 전

    I really love rice man i truly wanna be his friend, he literally makes my day and i have been waiting for him to upload a video for so long and finally he did, thank you RICE

  2. Bsan Nnan

    Bsan Nnan2 시간 전

    @RiceGum ok clown

  3. SuperPancake185

    SuperPancake1858 시간 전

    Jamal Shamandi grow up please and notice how much of A dickhead ricegumby is, dont support this dumbass washed up piece of shit.

  4. Joshua Day

    Joshua Day16 시간 전

    Damn, sounds like a paid comment to me.

  5. Johnny

    Johnny17 시간 전

    I didn't know you could look up to a shitbag like this and actually have respect for the pos

  6. Tuxedoedone

    Tuxedoedone23 시간 전

    Legit he only uploads when the rent is due lol

  7. Movement

    Movement분 전

    All these hate comments and yet I still don’t remember asking

  8. Lane Gaming

    Lane Gaming29 분 전

    post more i want og rice back

  9. Kraken BS

    Kraken BS시간 전

    Abby broke up with him

  10. 4pints deep

    4pints deep2 시간 전

    Ur garbage just like rewind.

  11. iamverbeck

    iamverbeck2 시간 전

    Come check out my tunes 🎶God bless🙏

  12. Bsan Nnan

    Bsan Nnan2 시간 전

    Ur a clown.

  13. samed halafi

    samed halafi4 시간 전

    Why do we still give this person attention? Just ignore him and it'll die off

  14. dariel alcantara

    dariel alcantara5 시간 전

    When is this mf gonna upload hey I’m rice and ima upload vids everyday

  15. Dunnee

    Dunnee5 시간 전


  16. 02 Ramon

    02 Ramon5 시간 전

    Come back bruh you’re m.i.a.

  17. Ashley W

    Ashley W7 시간 전


  18. Røse

    Røse7 시간 전


  19. Obinna Chidiadi

    Obinna Chidiadi7 시간 전

    rip ricegum i so sad

  20. AS Karyzy

    AS Karyzy7 시간 전

    More vlogs pls rice

  21. Lil Shuffle

    Lil Shuffle8 시간 전

    2 years ago for his music bruh I remember it like yesterday

  22. Lil Shuffle

    Lil Shuffle8 시간 전

    He never posts only for money

  23. Lil Shuffle

    Lil Shuffle8 시간 전

    Idubbz diss was 2 yrs ago

  24. Lil Shuffle

    Lil Shuffle8 시간 전

    He’s music videos was 2 yrs ago wth he only post when he needs money he not the same he changed go back to ur funny disses

  25. Lil Shuffle

    Lil Shuffle8 시간 전

    Bruh u never upload anymore, FRICK DA POLICE MUSIC VIDEO WAS ALREADY2 YRS AGO!!

  26. Dont Subscribe

    Dont Subscribe8 시간 전

    Ur still alive

  27. Travis Ha

    Travis Ha8 시간 전

    *Dec. 6th 2019 “New video tomorrow 100%!” *checks his channel: this video is the newest one still

  28. Dïanne Shelbee

    Dïanne Shelbee8 시간 전

    Where TF u @ ??????

  29. Destiny

    Destiny8 시간 전

    who thinks rice should make “The hype house must be stopped” 😣 | \/

  30. Professor Thompson

    Professor Thompson9 시간 전

    my booty checks feel weird

  31. ToeSniffer68

    ToeSniffer689 시간 전

    I came here to see if he's still alive and to see what his fanbase is. I'm glad to see it's a dying channel and most of the kids jumped shipped to other or equivalent content creators.

  32. WinstonSkater

    WinstonSkater9 시간 전

    1st time on this channel and last time, just to comment. Ricegum is just a clown

  33. NJ S

    NJ S10 시간 전

    Were are you

  34. Eddie Najera

    Eddie Najera10 시간 전

    Real rice fans know that he’s been saying he’s gonna ‘upload more’ for the past few years 😂🤦‍♂️

  35. Beatnick

    Beatnick10 시간 전

    Ricegum cancelled! Finally!

  36. IronicOfficial TV

    IronicOfficial TV11 시간 전

    “reaction” AKA Rice flexing about being in Rewind for 2 seconds

  37. Darth Vader 123

    Darth Vader 12311 시간 전

    Why hasn’t rice been posting like his fans miss him

  38. Sir Emmet

    Sir Emmet11 시간 전

    Ksi diss or what?

  39. Co D

    Co D12 시간 전

    Who else came back in 2020 to see if he was daily uploading

  40. Hamza K

    Hamza K12 시간 전

    Posttt more

  41. bke clan

    bke clan12 시간 전

    Why did you and abby break up

  42. Bork Bork

    Bork Bork12 시간 전

    only 1 million views? thats so irelevant.

  43. HasturLC

    HasturLC12 시간 전


  44. Quackwad 714

    Quackwad 71413 시간 전

    I’m only here to see if this channels still here Didn’t get the answer I wanted

  45. mr_doubleb

    mr_doubleb13 시간 전

    Good afternoon your mom looks like Kim-jun-on

  46. buhny

    buhny14 시간 전

    who else came here to see if he existed

  47. SynX

    SynX15 시간 전

    Bro Where u at?

  48. L o u i s G u s t a v

    L o u i s G u s t a v15 시간 전


  49. Amarion Greenhoward

    Amarion Greenhoward16 시간 전

    Who else came to see if he posted a new video

  50. 妖の刀

    妖の刀16 시간 전

    勿谓之不预 犯我中华者,虽远必诛!

  51. Sloth Eat World49

    Sloth Eat World4916 시간 전

    You're a bitch.

  52. Emperor Palpatine

    Emperor Palpatine16 시간 전


  53. Dbfbdnd Gfbdndb

    Dbfbdnd Gfbdndb16 시간 전

    Like for KSI diss track

  54. Tyler Cahoj

    Tyler Cahoj17 시간 전

    Damn rice, you mad fell off

  55. Johnny

    Johnny17 시간 전

    But did it feel good tho?

  56. Johnny

    Johnny18 시간 전

    just came here to see the weak lil bitch who had to block h3 cuz he's a little pussy and can't handle the fact he got called out for stealing tweets 😂

  57. Johnny

    Johnny13 시간 전

    @silloweet and what are you trying to say that people have been making that same joke since 2013? Doesn't mean ricegum didn't just find it...

  58. silloweet

    silloweet13 시간 전

    @Johnny Literal proof on that twitter chain it does And what do you mean "any better" everybody uses unoriginal jokes. It's not a crime

  59. Johnny

    Johnny13 시간 전

    @silloweet umm no it doesn't... And either way it doesn't really make what ricegum did any better lol

  60. Yt Lex

    Yt Lex19 시간 전


  61. ricky ray

    ricky ray19 시간 전

    can we make him disappear now ...

  62. August Barnes

    August Barnes19 시간 전

    How come u look like hyper roblox

  63. exolution *

    exolution *20 시간 전

    iDubbz cucked you.

  64. AleXiz Luna

    AleXiz Luna20 시간 전


  65. Josef Buqowski

    Josef Buqowski21 시간 전

    Grow up.

  66. MasterOfNothing

    MasterOfNothing21 시간 전

    Pusssyyyy stoke a joke on twitter cause he ain’t funny🤣🤣🤣🤣 you a bitch

  67. Zequinox 00

    Zequinox 0022 시간 전

    Who else stopped watching ricegum and forgot about him?

  68. Windex & Bleach

    Windex & Bleach22 시간 전

    0:00 lol voice crack