1. Diya dou

    Diya dou일 전

    I love your pranks😂😂😂😂😂fans from Mauritius🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺

  2. Tony Cole

    Tony Cole일 전

    Kleiny is the sexiest, love the beard. Brandon has massive feet.

  3. Sammy Mottley

    Sammy Mottley일 전

    Always wering a hat

  4. Sadia Latheef

    Sadia Latheef일 전

    3:03 kleiny...😆

  5. Aiya Khalfallh

    Aiya Khalfallh2 일 전


  6. The FunGurl

    The FunGurl6 일 전

    Reads title about burgurs Ad comes on about burgurs

  7. mian faiq

    mian faiq7 일 전

    bet you will not like btw love you guys #wakpack

  8. Rihan Obada

    Rihan Obada7 일 전

    I wish this prank happens to me i mean when ever I’m hungry I would just look above my head

  9. Стас Агиенко

    Стас Агиенко8 일 전

    2:07 DOUBLE KILL 😂😂😂😂

  10. Eh Kler Htoo

    Eh Kler Htoo8 일 전

    Hehe cheese burger

  11. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight8 일 전


  12. Christina McCarthy

    Christina McCarthy10 일 전

    Cheeseburger on the head is my fave video 😂😂. Gets me every time.

  13. Binita Baraily

    Binita Baraily17 일 전

    Guys stop the video in 2:16

  14. Yfke Brugman

    Yfke Brugman17 일 전

    that prank with the evian water😂😂😂

  15. Caroline Wallace

    Caroline Wallace20 일 전

    1:54 when he started singing "he's got a cheeseburger on his head" I died!!!

  16. Teodor Damjanoski

    Teodor Damjanoski20 일 전

    After this video I just want a cheeseburger

  17. Ori Ori

    Ori Ori21 일 전

    2:07 Like with pain for you😆

  18. Azzer Gaming1103

    Azzer Gaming110321 일 전

    Did this make anyone else hungry?

  19. Claudia Turnea

    Claudia Turnea22 일 전

    Who wants a cheseburger?🍔🍔 1 like please

  20. Soccerboilegend 7

    Soccerboilegend 722 일 전


  21. Lily Heard

    Lily Heard22 일 전


  22. Lily Heard

    Lily Heard22 일 전


  23. Lily Heard

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  24. Lily Heard

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  25. Lily Heard

    Lily Heard22 일 전


  26. Lily Heard

    Lily Heard22 일 전


  27. Manjila Limbu

    Manjila Limbu22 일 전

    You two are just amazing Just keep making more vlogs🤗🇳🇵💕

  28. JNS Carlopexhyz

    JNS Carlopexhyz22 일 전

    I thought they were brothers

  29. ᎧᎡᎧᄂᄀᏣᎻᏆ ಠ_ಠ ೆ_ೆ

    ᎧᎡᎧᄂᄀᏣᎻᏆ ಠ_ಠ ೆ_ೆ23 일 전


  30. Cynthia Zamora

    Cynthia Zamora23 일 전

    1:48 pause it and a easter will show up "burger king" in the hat

  31. Abby Goldworth

    Abby Goldworth23 일 전

    Ha ha ha ha ha two years later Ha ha ha ha ha it never gets old ha ha

  32. Mrs Donutgirl Hello

    Mrs Donutgirl Hello23 일 전

    At 1:45 it means Burger- KING 😂😂😂😉

  33. Monster Madn

    Monster Madn23 일 전

    When he was on the right i was like huh? But then i realized thwy probaly live in Europe.

  34. Yakob s Alenchery

    Yakob s Alenchery24 일 전

    Can I get One of your guys cap or t shirt To kottayam,kerala,india

  35. MR. UnkNown

    MR. UnkNown24 일 전

    #not scripted

  36. Bryan Estrada

    Bryan Estrada24 일 전

    I love Woody & Kleiny because they make stupid things look funny

  37. Yoav Bar-Gad

    Yoav Bar-Gad24 일 전

    0:01 Manchester city

  38. MeGhAnA LUCKY

    MeGhAnA LUCKY24 일 전

    U r the best

  39. WolfPlaysGames

    WolfPlaysGames25 일 전

    Let's count the casualties. 1: cheeseburger 2: cheeseburger 3: getting whacked cause you got to close. (Great job kleiny) 4: Woody(I believe) 5: a golf ball 6: a gold club 7: another cheeseburger 8: everybodys souls cause they laughed to hard. Sounds about right..

  40. informed break

    informed break25 일 전

    01:42 burgerking.... Get it?

  41. Faris Pro

    Faris Pro25 일 전


  42. moumou Gamer

    moumou Gamer25 일 전

    hello im from algeria

  43. Daniel Harkins

    Daniel Harkins25 일 전

    You guys and vlog creations should collab

  44. kosti karjalainen

    kosti karjalainen25 일 전


  45. Brice and Brice Black

    Brice and Brice Black25 일 전

    I thought you two were brothers.

  46. amanda shirley

    amanda shirley25 일 전


  47. Amanda Starkey

    Amanda Starkey25 일 전

    While Kleiny was driving "What the hell was that"

  48. Leo Aiguokhian

    Leo Aiguokhian25 일 전


  49. Leo Aiguokhian

    Leo Aiguokhian25 일 전


  50. Leo Aiguokhian

    Leo Aiguokhian25 일 전