1. Boysie Thompson

    Boysie Thompson2 일 전

    Wanker both of you

  2. Boysie Thompson

    Boysie Thompson2 일 전

    Get to bed skidy

  3. Sara The world

    Sara The world3 일 전

    That looks yummy

  4. AwX x Aircon

    AwX x Aircon10 일 전

    2:40 how bro I tried this than the all the water made me wet

  5. Nikhil Chhatlani

    Nikhil Chhatlani11 일 전

    You guys are the best youtubers i have ever knom to man and you guys are the ones that can make me laugh when i am mad

  6. Eshal Uzair All languages

    Eshal Uzair All languages17 일 전

    They never get fail until I Lough

  7. Aykut Dogan

    Aykut Dogan19 일 전

    When he said there was chese burger on my head is iinit and there said king on his hat and a burger on top of what does that mean??????? BURGER KING!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ana Vergara

    Ana Vergara22 일 전

    i’ve watched this video a thousand times 😂 love from spain y’all🇪🇸

  9. Millie Robbins

    Millie Robbins26 일 전

    Why does Brandon take a run up when he swings in golf 😂😂😂

  10. Eclipse_Gacha

    Eclipse_Gacha28 일 전

    I would instantly smell the cheeseburger

  11. lover of cookies :3

    lover of cookies :3개월 전

    Whats the burger prank called????

  12. ShatterMusic

    ShatterMusic개월 전

    I'm always love cheeseburgers

  13. Kingsley Barnett

    Kingsley Barnett개월 전


  14. Briannahs Vlogs

    Briannahs Vlogs개월 전

    He would be able to feel that

  15. Ewan Alves

    Ewan Alves개월 전


  16. Ruhan Ahmmed

    Ruhan Ahmmed개월 전


  17. TUNNEL Fleury

    TUNNEL Fleury개월 전

    3:15😂 3:23😂

  18. Byron’s Life

    Byron’s Life2 개월 전

    Woody and Kleiny are the best youtubers ever

  19. Emi Fazo

    Emi Fazo2 개월 전

    Love you guys❤️😂

  20. Gaurang Goyal

    Gaurang Goyal2 개월 전

    Golf prank was great 👇👇 one like

  21. Lil Mizi

    Lil Mizi2 개월 전

    Why do your burgers look fine My burgers usually look like a car ran over them

  22. maria N

    maria N2 개월 전

    Trop de gaspillage 😏

  23. Ameer Ezekiel16

    Ameer Ezekiel162 개월 전

    this is how many likes they like the intro 🔻

  24. Palash Bhansali

    Palash Bhansali2 개월 전

    1:44 THUG LIFE

  25. سجى قلميه

    سجى قلميه2 개월 전

    الفيديو روعه 😍😍😍

  26. The Blizzard

    The Blizzard2 개월 전


  27. Mark Florenzen

    Mark Florenzen2 개월 전

    God dam I want to come hangout with you guys so bad looks like so much fun with a little bit of shit that comes with it but I would be down hit me up when you are in the states


    ROTH KHYT2 개월 전

    Love you guys ❤️ your vlog always makes my day 😃

  29. Jimmy Aguilar

    Jimmy Aguilar2 개월 전

    Part 2

  30. Davide Fiordaliso

    Davide Fiordaliso2 개월 전

    How can I do 2:30 with a bottle??

  31. Mark Hamlett

    Mark Hamlett2 개월 전

    Why don't you do more prank on other people like your manager and grabs and anyone else you know

  32. Noizybtw

    Noizybtw2 개월 전

    i got an ad on this and it's called bigfoot and I thought of brandon

  33. neil swain

    neil swain2 개월 전

    his got a cheeseburger on his head haha

  34. Emmanuel Areiza Madrigal

    Emmanuel Areiza Madrigal2 개월 전

    Increible video



    how about spider on kleiny head

  36. LZ Cuber

    LZ Cuber2 개월 전

    Does the upside bottle thing really works tho

  37. Amelia Santiago

    Amelia Santiago2 개월 전

    aku suka degan ce Len kalian

  38. aanon ahmed

    aanon ahmed3 개월 전

    Oh man he is so straight Nd perfect

  39. Bradly Kim Datu

    Bradly Kim Datu3 개월 전


  40. Ahmed Yazaan

    Ahmed Yazaan3 개월 전

    i laugh so hard when i watch you guys

  41. Ahmed Yazaan

    Ahmed Yazaan3 개월 전

    klieny ‘s balls are gonna hurt😖😖

  42. Patricia isha Sebastian

    Patricia isha Sebastian3 개월 전

    Swimming pool kiss 😂😂😂

  43. Free Rage

    Free Rage3 개월 전

    2:04 EPIC! Good one bailey 👍🤣😂

  44. VITIN YT

    VITIN YT3 개월 전

    2:07 OMG

  45. Keira Warman

    Keira Warman3 개월 전

    Did you notice that at 1:41 he put a burger on his head with a hat that says king. Burger king

  46. Hatoly Hatoly

    Hatoly Hatoly3 개월 전

    When you ran out of ideas

  47. Simona SLIME

    Simona SLIME3 개월 전

    I love Kleiny❤❤❤😍

  48. Gyuri Sipos

    Gyuri Sipos3 개월 전

    1:52 the Burger King hat! 😂🤭✌️

  49. Nermeen Rashad

    Nermeen Rashad3 개월 전

    It's Mazda car

  50. Addison Carlson

    Addison Carlson3 개월 전


  51. Jarvis Ong

    Jarvis Ong3 개월 전

    How the f did he not know

  52. krosi bawihtlung

    krosi bawihtlung3 개월 전

    I love your silly friendship......Always be your big fan😉

  53. Kirsty Harrison

    Kirsty Harrison3 개월 전

    1:42 burger king

  54. لليان العنزه

    لليان العنزه3 개월 전


  55. jaimeplays 57

    jaimeplays 573 개월 전

    im there biggest fan

  56. Diya dou

    Diya dou3 개월 전

    I love your pranks😂😂😂😂😂fans from Mauritius🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺

  57. Sammy Mottley

    Sammy Mottley3 개월 전

    Always wering a hat

  58. Sadia Latheef

    Sadia Latheef4 개월 전

    3:03 kleiny...😆

  59. Aiya Khalfallh

    Aiya Khalfallh4 개월 전


  60. The FunGurl

    The FunGurl4 개월 전

    Reads title about burgurs Ad comes on about burgurs

  61. mian faiq

    mian faiq4 개월 전

    bet you will not like btw love you guys #wakpack