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  1. Movieclips Trailers

    Movieclips Trailers6 개월 전

    What made him a soldier will make him a legend. Watch the new trailer for Rambo: Last Blood.

  2. Mat Dro

    Mat Dro6 개월 전

    ok He's Mostly 10 times worse than john wick! and sadly i forgot what to type down with the "#"

  3. ranger L

    ranger L6 개월 전

    @Scene It no u just do it dude. Shoot first ask questions later ;)

  4. ranger L

    ranger L6 개월 전

    Home Alone 5: Last blood

  5. Shadow Raider

    Shadow Raider6 개월 전

    Movieclips Trailers is it true they are doing a noir version

  6. guido giacche

    guido giacche2 개월 전

    Weakness and hardness at the same time

  7. guido giacche

    guido giacche2 개월 전

    violent but very good he was a Human being too

  8. tellurye

    tellurye2 개월 전

    Say what you want, Sly Stalone's movies always entertain. (Rocky, Rambo, Expendables) Stories maybe be "meh", writing cliche, but who cares - he ALWAYS delivers.

  9. アーロン

    アーロン3 개월 전

    Does anyone know what the music in this trailer isn? It’s badass

  10. Kill People

    Kill People4 개월 전

    The Spanish trailer sounds better

  11. susan frye

    susan frye5 개월 전

    Great movie I saw it today I loved it 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  12. Yeezy Slayz

    Yeezy Slayz5 개월 전

    The ending half was so satisfying

  13. Ricky Castle

    Ricky Castle5 개월 전

    Can't wait to see this movie, don't care if it might suck like most sequels. Our favorite hero has returned

  14. coolantony

    coolantony5 개월 전

    Home alone 5!

  15. Another Name

    Another Name5 개월 전

    is this just a R-rated Home Alone?

  16. Melo Başkan

    Melo Başkan5 개월 전

    Adam rambo oynarkende yine rocky balboa amk

  17. Moonlight Gamer1234

    Moonlight Gamer12345 개월 전

    I've seen the 80s version of Rambo and has brutal deaths

  18. Waiting For A Century

    Waiting For A Century5 개월 전

    I didn't see Marv and Harry.

  19. Ricky Hester

    Ricky Hester5 개월 전

    7 days from release and no review? Sucks that bad?

  20. victor ceron

    victor ceron5 개월 전

    I just came to see the stock Civic ek jajajaja 0:17

  21. LASH

    LASH5 개월 전

    Rambo last last last blood: Rambo in a hospital bed being wheeled around as he takes out bad guys with arrows and guns

  22. Sharon Joel Jaison

    Sharon Joel Jaison5 개월 전

    The Equalizer meets Home Alone

  23. Don Anderson

    Don Anderson5 개월 전

    Taken 4....can't wait!

  24. Christos Mamalis

    Christos Mamalis5 개월 전

    truth is stalone looks much meaner older

  25. lukeloveslauraalways

    lukeloveslauraalways5 개월 전

    I love Stallone. Ill still go watch Rambo

  26. Ketorulz

    Ketorulz5 개월 전

    Rambo vs Wick: Battle of The Johns!

  27. IGazeYouInTheHaze

    IGazeYouInTheHaze5 개월 전

    Pretty sure there will be a Rambo 6

  28. Steve M

    Steve M5 개월 전

    Look John, we cant have you running around out there killing friendly civilians! - THERE ARE NO FRIENDLY CIVILIANS!

  29. anthony reboudo

    anthony reboudo5 개월 전

    Hell YES!

  30. FireJach

    FireJach5 개월 전

    Rambo: Alzheimer

  31. All Knight

    All Knight5 개월 전

    Have not kidnappers learn anything from the movie *"Taken"?* If you dare to kidnap a girl whose father is a BADASS then he'll find you and kill you.

  32. Urist McViskarenvisla

    Urist McViskarenvisla5 개월 전

    In a world where old people won't go away and still insist that they're cool The Boomers and their stars Refuse To retire. Rambo 37: I Got Mine, Screw You Kid

  33. jarry jayo

    jarry jayo5 개월 전

    When are we going to get the Rambo in space movie that we all want and deserve.

  34. Bryan Bell

    Bryan Bell6 개월 전

    Hopefully it lives up to the fact that the kill count has increased with each Rambo movie. The 50 cal scene at the end of Rambo is going to be hard to beat...

  35. Mikey P

    Mikey P6 개월 전

    When you get pushed, killing as easy as breathing...

  36. family adventures !!

    family adventures !!6 개월 전

    Nothing like "Taken", what they talking about!!

  37. Breedon

    Breedon6 개월 전

    Better have a 50cal scene ..

  38. Rothang Liana

    Rothang Liana6 개월 전

    Rambo meets Taken meets Home Alone.

  39. Cie Mohasrim

    Cie Mohasrim6 개월 전

    Home Alone: Rambo Edition

  40. Hgih Renzo

    Hgih Renzo6 개월 전

    Step 1 : watch home alone Step 2 : watch taken Step 3 : ??????? Step 4 : Rambo Last Blood

  41. Dennis Carrier

    Dennis Carrier6 개월 전

    Perhaps it should have been "Rambo Last Legs." As in Stallone's career.

  42. Armor Dragon

    Armor Dragon6 개월 전

    Does anybody else get the feeling Rambo will die near the end of the film?

  43. The Archiver JZL

    The Archiver JZL6 개월 전

    The drug cartel’s against a green beret Vietnam War veteran. abandoned all hope the Who strikes first blood against him.

  44. Bad Craziness

    Bad Craziness5 개월 전


  45. Julio Rodriguez

    Julio Rodriguez6 개월 전

    I feel like someone finally saw taken

  46. Marcos Costa

    Marcos Costa6 개월 전

    Faça uma criança feliz novamente, pqp

  47. Truth Hearer

    Truth Hearer6 개월 전

    Rambo? More like the same exact character as in the Expendables and Escape Plan.

  48. Kondziovsky

    Kondziovsky6 개월 전

    So it's basically like Commando

  49. Justin Eves

    Justin Eves6 개월 전

    Wow this looks great and epic I can't wait to see it

  50. James Fiztgerald

    James Fiztgerald6 개월 전

    Cómo se llama canción alguien me puede decir por favor?

  51. rudolf ulloa

    rudolf ulloa6 개월 전

    Sooo glad this looks good!!

  52. Cristy P.

    Cristy P.6 개월 전

    Rambo ............a fking legend.........

  53. Danyer Rodriguez

    Danyer Rodriguez6 개월 전

    You have to be out of your mind to kidnap Rambo's niece

  54. derek clay

    derek clay6 개월 전

    Neice slash goddaughter me thinks

  55. Alan Arzate

    Alan Arzate6 개월 전

    It better be as brutal as 4 if not more

  56. Mamta Yadav

    Mamta Yadav6 개월 전

    This will be even remotely nowhere near the 4th part.

  57. Slick Rock

    Slick Rock6 개월 전

    I truly hope that a few flashback clips are inserted in this movie.

  58. Lewi Adam

    Lewi Adam6 개월 전

    grandpa look hes 72 you can still do it see go kill

  59. Arpit Agarwal

    Arpit Agarwal6 개월 전

    Trautman: Well you did some pushing on your own John. Rambo: They drew first blood, not me.

  60. Vincent Williams

    Vincent Williams6 개월 전

    How can anyone thumbs down this?

  61. Argyrus 47

    Argyrus 476 개월 전

    Is it pg-13?

  62. DJ hooligan

    DJ hooligan6 개월 전

    Coming when we storm Area 51

  63. John Tubbs

    John Tubbs6 개월 전

    Rambo: Homecoming

  64. Sufyan Smits

    Sufyan Smits6 개월 전

    Damn the new "Home Alone" movie looks good. Home Stallone

  65. soul evans

    soul evans6 개월 전

    feels like Taken but with Stallone. gonna watch it still

  66. Has547

    Has5476 개월 전

    In theaters September 20th, on Blue-Ray October 20th

  67. 90loneeagle

    90loneeagle6 개월 전

    Rambo : Blood vs ese’s