Rambo: Last Blood (2019) | Official trailer HD


  1. son of anarchy

    son of anarchy개월 전

    they was best movies

  2. Lee Upton

    Lee Upton개월 전

    I have to say the last one was surprisingly good after all the time away....and surprisingly violent too so I'm crossing my fingers for more of the same.

  3. Anderson Dos Santos

    Anderson Dos Santos개월 전

    Old town road ?

  4. Volk Lupo

    Volk Lupo개월 전

    Don't go woke on as Johnny, you're our last hope!!!

  5. barrie

    barrie개월 전

    Alpha hero is back..looks great

  6. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe개월 전

    Last one ended perfectly wish they had of left it there 🥺

  7. Blago Slavchev

    Blago Slavchev개월 전

    This movie is like "Home Alone", but for Grown People :). One man defend own house with handmade stuff ;)

  8. voodoochile333

    voodoochile333개월 전

    Last one guys, make the most of it😭

  9. Andrea Lasta

    Andrea Lasta개월 전

    It's basically home alone

  10. Fernando Baez

    Fernando Baez개월 전

    Next sequel "RAMBO FIRST PLASMA"

  11. Lora Herla

    Lora Herla개월 전

    Lol 🤣 no mamen....

  12. Pseudo Gamer

    Pseudo Gamer개월 전

    I remember his unbeatable acting in breaking bad ..... I miss breaking bad 😭

  13. madsnapper78

    madsnapper78개월 전

    Cant wait

  14. Rambo556

    Rambo556개월 전

    I'm here. Enjoy the show, it'll be my last

  15. Phil Maplesden

    Phil Maplesden개월 전


  16. Carl Forbes

    Carl Forbes개월 전

    There's only one movie I'm wanting to see this year and this is it . Can't wait to see John Rambo again

  17. Patrick Singleton

    Patrick Singleton개월 전

    Rambo 6 First Blood Transfusion coming in 2024.

  18. mike the ninja 7589

    mike the ninja 7589개월 전

    Rambo should be Marvel's punisher

  19. Gubber81

    Gubber81개월 전

    Two things to never tick off in life. A military veteran and a country boy. They managed to tick off both at the same time. I feel bad for them. Can not wait to watch this.

  20. MrSzomszid

    MrSzomszid개월 전

    Good trailer

  21. b40 b40

    b40 b40개월 전

    Love it can't wait. Only minor criticism is wish kept long hair. He looks to much like rocky

  22. srinivas silpi Thota

    srinivas silpi Thota개월 전

    Do they call this toxic masculinity, these days?

  23. srinivas silpi Thota

    srinivas silpi Thota개월 전

    @R A I'm not one of them. I'm just being sarcastic 😂

  24. Riddick Forewar

    Riddick Forewar개월 전

    Rambo dediğin orman adamı demektir ne işi olur silahlı adamlarla aga sıçmışsınız filme

  25. Nik Singh

    Nik Singh개월 전


  26. Play Equipment

    Play Equipment개월 전

    Can't wait! They drew first blood, not me.

  27. Iso Novoso

    Iso Novoso개월 전

    Can't wait...

  28. Big Mike

    Big Mike개월 전

    Another taken movie but called Rambo last blood lol

  29. Robert Hatcher

    Robert Hatcher개월 전

    Man the new Home Alone remake looks dope AF

  30. nick stevens

    nick stevens개월 전

    This guy is in better shape than probably a lot of people who say hes too old.

  31. Chris A

    Chris A개월 전

    He didn't draw First Blood.... THEY DREW FIRST BLOOD.

  32. Christ Bearer

    Christ Bearer개월 전

    The best thing about this movie is that it got all the leftist's panties in a twist.

  33. Uriyah Black

    Uriyah Black개월 전

    He aint playing around.

  34. Dallas Dan Digital Productions

    Dallas Dan Digital Productions개월 전

    Taken 18: this time its really personal

  35. Alan Smith

    Alan Smith개월 전

    Looks great!

  36. Rommel Santos

    Rommel Santos개월 전

    For the sheep that follows or repeats "Hollywood is running out of ideas". Nobody cares for your generic comment.

  37. Sith Lord Felix

    Sith Lord Felix개월 전


  38. Paul Barthel

    Paul Barthel개월 전

    Don't like? Don't watch. Go tune into your favorite episode of The Bing Bang Theory with everyone sitting around in pajamas whining how hard life is.

  39. Mr Lex

    Mr Lex개월 전

    Movie for REAL MEN not some pansies or cissies!

  40. James Angle

    James Angle개월 전


  41. John Dettman

    John Dettman개월 전

    Soo agree with this post lol!

  42. Drom Assault

    Drom Assault개월 전


  43. paul Hawthorne

    paul Hawthorne개월 전

    At least Rambo is not now a black lesbian.

  44. ian nash

    ian nash개월 전

    I'm in

  45. Astorian Empire

    Astorian Empire개월 전


  46. Osama Bin Laden

    Osama Bin Laden개월 전

    Old as 💩 but he’s still at it. Sly’s a living legend. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  47. oh dear! me

    oh dear! me개월 전

    France is on week 41 of the yellow vest protests but heres the new rambo film instead 😂

  48. Cazden Cote

    Cazden Cote개월 전


  49. D. H.M.

    D. H.M.개월 전

    Must see! :)

  50. jasmorabb104

    jasmorabb104개월 전

    Great actor, he might be old but still good at being Rambo. We all are gonna age just like him.

  51. Shipdacheese

    Shipdacheese17 일 전

    @Chris A And luck!

  52. Chris A

    Chris A개월 전

    Only if you have copious supplies of HGH.

  53. Mandems96

    Mandems96개월 전

    The alpha male movie. I will watch

  54. Mandems96

    Mandems96개월 전

    @R A down with beta's. rambo isn't for PC social justice warriors

  55. California Guy

    California Guy개월 전

    Oh please - retire already

  56. Jus NvrMnd

    Jus NvrMnd개월 전

    Oh Please, shut up already.

  57. Rio

    Rio개월 전

    Battlefields are the place for him

  58. Bailey Hawkins

    Bailey Hawkins개월 전

    Movie directors are really running out of ideas , almost every Disney movie is being remade and so many top hit titles are getting remade to I don’t care if this is a sequel just bring something new to the table man

  59. Shawn Reynolds

    Shawn Reynolds개월 전

    It's not that they're running out of ideas, it's that new ideas are risky and more than half of them bomb, so recycling is a more stable income. Less people go see movies these days, ticket and concession prices are way up, disposable income is way down.

  60. Mod 66

    Mod 66개월 전

    This is ridiculous he looks about a hundred years old

  61. Mr Lex

    Mr Lex개월 전

    But still can kick your ass

  62. Kojo Mbasi

    Kojo Mbasi개월 전

    Rambo can do anything it seems. Including teeth whitening

  63. oldgonzo22

    oldgonzo22개월 전

    OK, take my money

  64. The Green Knight

    The Green Knight개월 전

    What's he battling against this time? Arthritis ?