Rambo: Last Blood (2019 Movie) New Trailer- Sylvester Stallone


  1. OfficialmikeMike 01

    OfficialmikeMike 015 시간 전

    Song name?

  2. remy sid

    remy sid19 시간 전

    more like Rambo: Last Sperm

  3. dinesh roger

    dinesh roger일 전

    I was sad that girl was dead, thy could made her alive and rambho could have revenged for rapping her and could have killed that gangsters for society safety of girls...i was really sad when she rapped and was finally dead...




  5. RdA

    RdA2 일 전

    "You started this, but I'll finish it." Apparently not, b/c this is another Rambo movie in the series. So happy that Stallone and Arnold are still doing action films.


    EL IDRISSI2 일 전

    you can watch a film gratos her. miniurl.be/r-2o40

  7. Suraj Mishra

    Suraj Mishra2 일 전

    Stallone is legend, in his 80s he is making action movies. People should learn that age really doesn't matter much.

  8. gaiguangthuikamei

    gaiguangthuikamei3 일 전

    Rambo is still the best!!!

  9. cyberjack-CJ

    cyberjack-CJ3 일 전

    Rambo: the last zimmer frame

  10. Utus Ramasitoh

    Utus Ramasitoh4 일 전

    Nonton film Rambo bukanya seru malah baper mewek trus padahal nontonya sdh berulang x tapi masih mewek😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. Synchron Norsync

    Synchron Norsync4 일 전

    This should be called The Last Fart

  12. Abigail Vent

    Abigail Vent4 일 전

    Grande Rambo

  13. Ginnex 875

    Ginnex 8754 일 전

    Home Alone : Last Blood

  14. mrTabascohot

    mrTabascohot4 일 전

    Rambo is such a classic character. Love it. sjw's downvoted this but Rambo is such a badass. Same goes for Sigourney Weaver in the Alien movies. She was a complete bad ass aswell.

  15. Jezzmar Michael

    Jezzmar Michael5 일 전

    i'll wait him in "THE EXPANDABLES"

  16. Hasan hutsan

    Hasan hutsan5 일 전

    Single man army salute you sir

  17. Pop-Actor

    Pop-Actor5 일 전

    He doesn’t even look like the character anymore...

  18. Damage, Inc.

    Damage, Inc.2 일 전

    Is he supposed to look the same 30 years later?

  19. the wwe guy 2k17

    the wwe guy 2k173 일 전

    Dude he's not gonna be looking the same in every movie


    INFEAROOM6 일 전

    Никогда не понимал что мешает им делать такие саундтреки в самих фильмах, а не только в трейлерах. По мне так брутальности бы добавляло через край.

  21. K C

    K C7 일 전

    Be embarrassed.

  22. Nicholas Overington

    Nicholas Overington7 일 전

    This was so crap I had to turn it off halfway through

  23. praveen prasad

    praveen prasad7 일 전

    Live for nothing... die for something..... John Rambo....

  24. madafakah yoh

    madafakah yoh7 일 전

    i salute to this man my inspiration john rambo ...one of my favorite idol actor...Sylvester Stallone

  25. The Ultimate Reductionist

    The Ultimate Reductionist7 일 전

    John Wick vs Rambo. MAKE IT HAPPEN, HOLLYWOOD!

  26. The Ultimate Reductionist

    The Ultimate Reductionist7 일 전

    LOVE IT!

  27. John van der Linden

    John van der Linden8 일 전

    YES!!!! How long have I been waiting for this, let's go!

  28. Damian Martinez

    Damian Martinez8 일 전

    All I got to say is "HOLY SHIT!!!!!" wicked awesome movie 🤯 Too realistic it blew my mind. The gore was out of this world

  29. Mahesh Sharma

    Mahesh Sharma8 일 전

    better than the whole movie

  30. Study Lord

    Study Lord9 일 전

    Sylvester Stallone is real Hero, what a revenge in movie!! He made my life

  31. Juan Tijerina

    Juan Tijerina9 일 전

    Dude can barely move , i bet he produced that damn movie. Yea great actor but when its time to move on its time.

  32. 1K subscribers Trup

    1K subscribers Trup9 일 전

    Poor old man... Fuck the girl

  33. Rodel Domingo

    Rodel Domingo9 일 전

    Legendary action Sylvester Stallone

  34. JDC

    JDC10 일 전

    Powerful and emotional especially the ending.

  35. Danial M

    Danial M10 일 전

    Don't treat women like a doll. If you wanna have sex with her, marry her. Give all your love to women that you love. They are not your doll to make fun.

  36. Boerenkinkel Extreme

    Boerenkinkel Extreme10 일 전

    Rambo home alone😂

  37. Thanos Dad

    Thanos Dad10 일 전

    Stay healthy and long live legend. 💖💖💖

  38. Grigori rasputin

    Grigori rasputin10 일 전

    Grandbo's last dementia.

  39. Ragen Mass

    Ragen Mass10 일 전

    Not enough fatalities 😝 i would've made the last guy suffer more and slowly just to see the hopelessness and fear in his soul 😁

  40. GalaxinaFan

    GalaxinaFan10 일 전

    Not a Rambo film

  41. Iain Mac

    Iain Mac11 일 전

    This movie rocked hard. Fucking loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Henry Abbot

    Henry Abbot11 일 전

    Rambo 6 Rambo vs Emus in Australia