Rambo: Last Blood (2019 Movie) New Trailer- Sylvester Stallone


  1. Tauqeer Ahmad

    Tauqeer Ahmad35 분 전


  2. Troy Manster

    Troy Manster시간 전

    I hope I never have to go Rambo on anyone. What u learn in the military makes u into a beast.

  3. 1423stuart

    1423stuart2 시간 전

    Oh no rotten rambo gona kick ass with a walking stick

  4. GoofBall Films

    GoofBall Films3 시간 전

    This looks awesome

  5. حميد الحمادي

    حميد الحمادي5 시간 전

    A man with 73 years old and still making action movie ? What a hero man

  6. Zero

    Zero6 시간 전

    So.. Taken?

  7. Louie Man Gaming

    Louie Man Gaming8 시간 전

    The film looks great & I'll probably go to theaters to watch it but why is Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" playing in the last trailer?

  8. Michael Silkwood

    Michael Silkwood9 시간 전

    Can’t wait to see Rambo Last Blood part 4.

  9. Géiser Cruz

    Géiser Cruz8 시간 전


  10. Thauria

    Thauria12 시간 전

    A good end of the saga, the first and 3rd were always my favorites! Noe i had to watch them all before seeing this one! Hope it will be better than the last!

  11. Just Dell It

    Just Dell It14 시간 전

    God would be merciful.

  12. Mike Regino

    Mike Regino15 시간 전

    es el de te hace falta ver mas box

  13. Exostin

    Exostin15 시간 전

    Rambo home alone

  14. ctawab

    ctawab16 시간 전

    He forgot to say Will make a bully go puke

  15. Joe

    Joe16 시간 전

    He's goin' to area 51 folks!

  16. Davonte Martin

    Davonte Martin17 시간 전

    I didn’t know the kid from home alone grew up, damn makes me feel old

  17. Golden State Warrior

    Golden State Warrior17 시간 전

    Can somebody please explain to me why a 73 yr old man is still playing tough guy roles

  18. eliot

    eliot17 시간 전

    They wheeled "Rambo", out of the "Old Folks Home", and pumped him full of "Geritol"!!!

  19. edson fernandes jardim

    edson fernandes jardim17 시간 전

    Vai ser show

  20. Fede Rico

    Fede Rico17 시간 전

    6/ 700 deads? Or 1000 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Aaron Long

    Aaron Long18 시간 전

    Better than John wick

  22. ryanandrews321

    ryanandrews321일 전

    More night club bad guys 🙄 hope this isn’t another Taken

  23. Will The koala

    Will The koala일 전

    Does anyone know the background music to this

  24. Matt Barnes

    Matt Barnes일 전

    Image if Stallone had played terminator we would have the storyline that we all dreamed of as he would settle for less

  25. Matt Barnes

    Matt Barnes일 전

    This gonna blow the new terminator film out of the water !!

  26. Shyamali Datta

    Shyamali Datta일 전

    Superheroes are really good, but John Rambo, is a Masterpiece.

  27. C1TY 003

    C1TY 003일 전

    John rambo and john wick can defeat thanos

  28. Daowei Pang

    Daowei Pang일 전

    I can already smell the blood before the movie is out!

  29. #Turner#

    #Turner#일 전

    Прошло 37 лет а Сельвестер Сталлоне все так же хорош !

  30. imBadman

    imBadman일 전

    This is my fathers favorite movie series. I grew on this. It gave me chills!

  31. Elthenar

    Elthenar일 전

    Taken 4 starring Rambo. I can deal with it.

  32. Salami Sensei

    Salami Sensei일 전

    Shroud's still better.

  33. dolphwang 123

    dolphwang 123일 전

    Rambo vs John Wick?

  34. Kelping

    Kelping일 전

    I cant wait for this🤩

  35. Herminian

    Herminian일 전

    Home alone: now its personal

  36. Sam DeRenzis

    Sam DeRenzis일 전


  37. ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive

    ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive일 전

    Really ???????

  38. Deep Elements

    Deep Elements일 전

    If you grew up with Rambo like a lot of us you won't give a fuck what the critics think about this one. Stallone will show these young pretty boy actors how it's done right.

  39. Vagenstein

    Vagenstein일 전

    Stallone is like...96 lol Give me a fucking break Hollywood, fuck off with this shit

  40. French T-Rex Warrior

    French T-Rex Warrior일 전

    I hope there will be a Rambo movie during Vietnam War before the First Blood after the release of Rambo: Last Blood.

  41. Zain Raza

    Zain Raza일 전

    Who do you like better? Like: John Rambo Comment: John Wick

  42. Jacques Gauthier

    Jacques Gauthier일 전

    How come we never see Rocky and Rambo in the same room together ?

  43. K August

    K August8 시간 전


  44. alp21188

    alp2118818 시간 전

    They hated each other’s guts

  45. pll9000

    pll9000일 전

    Looks like a remake of Taken.

  46. MTB roby

    MTB roby일 전

    patrol leader calls crow answer crow

  47. MTB roby

    MTB roby일 전

    Capo pattuglia chiama corvo Rispondi corvo

  48. Helen James

    Helen James2 일 전

    His voice is so hot

  49. Chey Barnfather

    Chey Barnfather2 일 전

    Rambo: U will never ever get sick of these movies ever!! Everrr!!!

  50. Tony Martinez

    Tony Martinez2 일 전

    They should come out with Rambo: Before First Blood, shen he was in vietland

  51. whatsinanameuask ???

    whatsinanameuask ???2 일 전

    This is my Star Wars. This is my Lord of the Rings. This is my Godfather. I've loved the Rambo character since I could remember when it was one of the only few VHS that I had and I watched first blood. Even when i was in highschool my sister and I made it a point to watch First Blood at once a month.

  52. Harikrithik Doraemon tamil tv

    Harikrithik Doraemon tamil tv2 일 전

    Mine is Rocky

  53. whatsinanameuask ???

    whatsinanameuask ???2 일 전

    I just orgasmed

  54. Dimuthu Pathum

    Dimuthu Pathum2 일 전

    good job

  55. firecracker2009

    firecracker20092 일 전

    This dude just doesn't stop lol.

  56. Jordan M

    Jordan M2 일 전

    About time they make a new rambo ive been waiting

  57. TAS

    TAS2 일 전

    They're trying to distract us from our raid

  58. Issie wizzie

    Issie wizzie2 일 전

    Good old fashion blood

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  62. mohsin alvi

    mohsin alvi2 일 전

    He is old enough. Let him die in peace.

  63. Brandon Rosales

    Brandon Rosales2 일 전

    Hollywood can’t stop milking movies. I feel like this one had nothing to do with what the original Rambo was about.

  64. sohan hossain

    sohan hossain2 일 전

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