Racing a NASCAR Driver - JonTron


  1. Twistedspoon

    Twistedspoon8 시간 전

    racecars dont need headlights, because the track is always lit.

  2. Christopher Rosa

    Christopher Rosa8 시간 전


  3. Senior Awesome

    Senior Awesome11 시간 전

    Racecars don't need headlights because the track is always *lit*

  4. Yeet

    Yeet13 시간 전

    I know where that is I can walk there

  5. Dan Traverse

    Dan Traverse14 시간 전

    And another left turn... and another left turn... and another left turn, oh... what's this, oh my god folks it's a right turn!.

  6. Mathy Don

    Mathy Don22 시간 전

    They got way sweatier playing VR than driving out in the hot summer sun

  7. Alexander Vallera

    Alexander Vallera일 전

    Genuinely no hate, but I did not expect that voice to come out of that man. Doesn't really matter, but it took me off guard

  8. jobriq5

    jobriq5일 전

    lol Garrett wearing flextime shirt

  9. BlueJay Sphinx

    BlueJay Sphinx일 전

    I genuinely thought jon was about to get hit by a truck

  10. Reused Batteries

    Reused Batteries일 전

    Do more

  11. RecklessFire29

    RecklessFire29일 전

    Wasn't expecting for a Nascar driver of all things to inspires gay feelings in me. Damn, he cute.

  12. Issin TF

    Issin TF일 전

    I love how he is sponsored by flex tape

  13. CamoSquid21YT

    CamoSquid21YT일 전

    Anyone else notice the flex seal shirt Garrett was wearing??

  14. Mackenzie Voorhees

    Mackenzie Voorhees일 전

    How did Jon not notice Garett's big flex tape sticker on his uniform arm or his flex tape shirt

  15. Sharp Sangalli

    Sharp Sangalli2 일 전

    His name is spelled thusly: Garrett

  16. Jeffrey Swartz

    Jeffrey Swartz2 일 전

    Flex tape sabotaged the car, hot take

  17. Spanner

    Spanner2 일 전

    Fully expected Jon to play Mario Kart

  18. SmexyHinata13

    SmexyHinata133 일 전

    Garrett in that flextape shirt though

  19. evan dotson

    evan dotson3 일 전

    He a drifty boiii

  20. Mighty Cookie

    Mighty Cookie3 일 전

    Cruising USA ost as an outro brought memories

  21. Blooky Stormblade

    Blooky Stormblade3 일 전

    4:35 oh that's how

  22. Blooky Stormblade

    Blooky Stormblade3 일 전

    3:14 now how's he gonna get out

  23. Matt

    Matt3 일 전

    Dude come on, there's no way he doesn't know what a gulag is

  24. Kylie R.

    Kylie R.2 일 전

    Matt I mean, I didn’t. Not everyone knows what it is

  25. Bannis Ray

    Bannis Ray3 일 전

    Why DRIFT away from the hilarious and entertaining type of content you were doing before?

  26. Rocksparadox From the blocks

    Rocksparadox From the blocks3 일 전

    It seems like *Ricky Bobby* isn't a history major.

  27. Sensitive Skeptic

    Sensitive Skeptic3 일 전

    Indie 500 is superior

  28. gryph0n1

    gryph0n14 일 전

    what an arrogant little boy person

  29. wayne wya

    wayne wya4 일 전

    obviously jonny here has never seen the first cars movie or he'd know the track is always lit.

  30. Frog Guru

    Frog Guru4 일 전


  31. Clout Gang

    Clout Gang4 일 전

    City Boy Beta Male nasses car

  32. impossichannel

    impossichannel4 일 전

    Garrett repping FLEX SEAL

  33. Citrusman

    Citrusman4 일 전

    My great uncle died in a gulag. Check his Wikipedia page, his name is Brian Goold Verschoyle

  34. Batmanxrpmx13

    Batmanxrpmx134 일 전

    I love how he is sponsored by Flextape 10:03

  35. Alexis Jordan

    Alexis Jordan4 일 전

    Is nobody going to talk about the fact that Flex Tape is one of Garett’s sponsors?

  36. Lazy Dobo

    Lazy Dobo4 일 전

    Sees hes sponsered by flex seal .... OHHHHHH THATS WHY JON PICKED YOU

  37. Stanky Spud

    Stanky Spud4 일 전

    I cant believe I thought that was actually a truck for a few seconds. I'm very disappointed in myself.

  38. Senpai DoomGuy

    Senpai DoomGuy4 일 전

    8:23 I bet getting lapped on in real life feels way worse than giving lapped on in Mario kart.

  39. Paola Zavala

    Paola Zavala4 일 전

    This was SOOOOO COOL to watch. 😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  40. Glory Who?

    Glory Who?4 일 전


  41. Lil Ninj

    Lil Ninj4 일 전

    wow nascar , start watching now , and leave , come back 10 mins later and i promise u , u wont miss 😂😂😅😅 ..... u wont miss a dang thing