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  1. veritas vendeta

    veritas vendeta39 분 전


  2. NostalgiaCat

    NostalgiaCat4 시간 전

    Wtf lol

  3. Spirit Lions

    Spirit Lions8 시간 전

    The odd1sout

  4. Right Click

    Right Click11 시간 전

    1:36 how could Batman have tan lines when he’s only active at night

  5. Legendarypringle

    Legendarypringle16 시간 전

    I love Odds one out

  6. A150

    A15019 시간 전

    Luigia? Eyetennas? UwU I’m wuvin’ it?

  7. A150

    A15019 시간 전

    “They have EyeTEnNas” -EmKay

  8. LPS Alpaca

    LPS Alpaca21 시간 전

    OMG WE BE SAID 2018 WHEN IT SAID 2019 3:22

  9. R-Awesome

    R-Awesome21 시간 전

    9:09 Eedinberg, Scotland... Thanks, I hate it!

  10. Heléna the Potato

    Heléna the Potato22 시간 전

    9:09 "A woman from eedenburg, Scotland-" Me: AHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHA

  11. Høøded Phøenix

    Høøded Phøenix일 전

    i've been having nightmares about the powerpuff girls one for y e a r s


    KRAFTWERK2K62 일 전

    9:09 oh that's terrifying :)

  13. why the fucc

    why the fucc2 일 전

    No one's found to talk about what's a butt-berry? 10:58

  14. rogerdogkiller2000

    rogerdogkiller20002 일 전

    11:05 Now that' funny

  15. CaptainTinTyrant

    CaptainTinTyrant2 일 전

    8:00 they took that from Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.

  16. ßlooeAlbino

    ßlooeAlbino2 일 전

    5:45 hey its gary

  17. Thawk Gaming

    Thawk Gaming2 일 전

    2:26 "Why would I want to molest the bears" 2:31 "I can be verrry convincing"

  18. Splayn

    Splayn2 일 전

    hey, let me take the joke out of the china 50 lane highway pic at 5:50 Here is the full text from snopes: (after a quick google search cause I wanted to know the backstory) "This is a genuine photograph of a traffic jam in China. However, the caption frequently attached to this image is a bit misleading. This photograph was taken in October 2015 at the end of Golden Week, a week-long national holiday in China, and it captures heavy congestion at a toll gate on the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway: Traffic after the holidays tend to be pretty awful. But China may have just turned every driver’s worst nightmare into reality as hundreds of millions of people headed home at the end of a Golden Week, a week-long national holiday. Thousands of motorists found themselves stranded on Tuesday in what looks from above like a 50-lane parking lot on the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, one of the country’s busiest roads. Some are dubbing the traffic jam a “carpocalypse,” while others are calling it “carmageddon.” Though foggy weather may have played a role, the real culprit is a new checkpoint that forces traffic to merge from 50 lanes down to just 20, according to The People’s Daily. Traffic was reportedly backed up for hours. While this highway may expand to about 50 lanes at this toll booth - we counted the number of approximate car widths on a higher resolution version of this image and found that the “50-lane wide” expression was generally accurate for this portion of the road - the G4 expressway is not a “50-lane highway.” An aerial view from Google Maps shows that the G4 Expressway is typically a 4-lane highway. The road expands to the width of approximately 50 cars when it approaches the Zhuozhou Toll Gate, but before and after this toll checkpoint it is only a 4-lane road. It should also be noted that while this portion of road may be able to literally fit 50 cars across, this toll gate area appears to have only 25 official lanes." I guess now I am the monster. Sorry I was bored. Also have a google maps link of that toll both: goo.gl/maps/JJqioB4fVEmwKpkZ7

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    More like how to kill a boner...

  20. bad_channel

    bad_channel3 일 전

    2:54 he’s going places... *but definitely not heaven*

  21. wilkey Smith

    wilkey Smith3 일 전

    6:08 I was sitting on a fucking toilet taking a shit when you

  22. Cj Marshall

    Cj Marshall3 일 전

    Mans on the hamilipede!

  23. Alex toyworld

    Alex toyworld3 일 전

    3:02 i dont even know why i jumped so fast, its not scary but i literally jumped backward

  24. Radioactive Wolf

    Radioactive Wolf3 일 전

    0:17 Is that song from Cuphead?

  25. Myvleermuis1234 fears gacha forever now

    Myvleermuis1234 fears gacha forever now4 일 전

    The thumnail is my sleep parasis demon

  26. King Crimson

    King Crimson4 일 전

    2:30 damien is anti fury

  27. Poodleinacan

    Poodleinacan4 일 전

    8:12 It's actually called a "purse" (pug + horse) ...... but lets face it. That's the snout of a bulldog, not a pug.

  28. Matt Parisano

    Matt Parisano4 일 전

    TIHI = Thanks, I Hate It OR That's Incredibly Hideous, Indeed The Idiots Have Invaded There're Idiots Here, Incidentally They're Incredibly Hideous Indeed They're Ironically Having Intercourse Two Inside Having Italian Thirteen Instead Huffing Ice Twelve Instantaneously Hungover, Incredibly Now when you read it again and realize those aren't random assemblies for the TIHI acronym X3

  29. Nickey Muma

    Nickey Muma4 일 전

    2:10 i think this guy thinks pepsi still has cocane in it

  30. Happy Simon

    Happy Simon4 일 전

    When i read TIHI i hear kokichi ouma from danganronpa v3 in my head. Help.

  31. Happy Simon

    Happy Simon4 일 전

    5:35 just imagine someone pulling on it, but the lenses have built up a pressure to your eye so they pull you whole eye out.

  32. Icekiller 2076

    Icekiller 20764 일 전

    The powerpuff girls bit went on and it had me wheezing

  33. David Nikolas

    David Nikolas4 일 전

    Thanks, i HATED the video.

  34. Alexander Fireshadeous

    Alexander Fireshadeous5 일 전

    why did you own that dog, steven?

  35. GuiltyGhoul23

    GuiltyGhoul235 일 전

    9:08 he says Edinburgh so wrong 😂😂

  36. pittkendoka

    pittkendoka5 일 전

    that guy with the ravioli thermus seem like the kind of unstable individual who would be willing to wok for the current administration.

  37. JustAnotherSwitchUser

    JustAnotherSwitchUser5 일 전

    2:15 I think the problem here is that the feet aren't the same color.

  38. yes it's the YOLO bro

    yes it's the YOLO bro5 일 전


  39. sasa se

    sasa se5 일 전

    ii watched your videos for a long time.. but for the first time.. because of THAT POST.. im gonna get nightmares and cancer

  40. AnUploaderOfMemes

    AnUploaderOfMemes5 일 전

    Hol’ up. James doesn’t love the bear! He’s splitting it’s snout in half. While ripping out it’s heart.

  41. Terrarinator Plays

    Terrarinator Plays5 일 전


  42. Poofeit The Legit

    Poofeit The Legit5 일 전

    Me: *sees thumbnail* Me: *gets f--ING scared by it* Also me: *clicks it*

  43. Jordan Shepard

    Jordan Shepard5 일 전

    Giraffes have now evolved into Jar Jar Binks.

  44. Error 404

    Error 4045 일 전

    The thumbnail is terrifying

  45. ya boi

    ya boi5 일 전

    It's pronounced ED-IN-BRUH

  46. Kurito :3

    Kurito :35 일 전

    You know what? Thodd1sout

  47. YoB0i

    YoB0i5 일 전

    3:02 that's... not a Millipede. It's a Centipede... Damien.

  48. KP

    KP5 일 전

    Omllll it’s not “E-din-burg” it’s “Ehdin-bruh” 😂😂😂 I’m sorry. I’m Scottish btw

  49. Doctor Ozzie

    Doctor Ozzie5 일 전

    9:21 My nose: *tickles* Me: oh fu-

  50. Permanent Marker

    Permanent Marker6 일 전

    *T H E Y H A V E E Y E T E N N A S*

  51. Wautermelin

    Wautermelin6 일 전

    Don't click it... Just don't -> koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-5V8Cmm9KAPQ.html

  52. Fluffacep

    Fluffacep6 일 전

    3:44 Could be made out of discarded cicada shells

  53. Fluffacep

    Fluffacep6 일 전

    3:10 that's a centipede not a millipede

  54. TheBlackHoleOfDoom

    TheBlackHoleOfDoom6 일 전

    Do a video on r/sksycneakf.

  55. MrSpankMan

    MrSpankMan6 일 전

    4:48 give me 1,000 likes and I will make this my profile picture

  56. tomari

    tomari6 일 전

    bro the super mario one gave me so much anxiety i was so uncomfortable but i was so happy when they reached the flag bruh 🥺🥺

  57. comicsansgreenkirby

    comicsansgreenkirby6 일 전

    "pug horse" That sounds catchy

  58. cherriesaregood

    cherriesaregood6 일 전

    the leech one got me

  59. Hector and Friends

    Hector and Friends6 일 전

    Bruh. A pughorse. *Bulldogs will remember that*

  60. SkyTech RTS

    SkyTech RTS6 일 전

    "is this a ross level" Please.. that's a Vargskelethor level.