Quicksilver VS DeadPOOL (Ryan Reynolds & Evan Peters)


  1. Natal Ribeiro

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  2. Stuart Champion

    Stuart Champion19 시간 전

    I like how he used that one cut video part of Jubilee being used to sell the movie as always she barely gets any screen time in the actual films xD

  3. Ļő kīə

    Ļő kīə2 일 전

    wow bro what A edit....nice one

  4. ILuvRoblox Roblox

    ILuvRoblox Roblox3 일 전

    Hum this is fake

  5. C-Jay Wilson

    C-Jay Wilson4 일 전

    This was awesome.

  6. Lilly Bow

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  7. Jwc Dean

    Jwc Dean4 일 전

    Quicksilver no doubt

  8. Bad Mouth

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  9. ザ・ロードdevin

    ザ・ロードdevin5 일 전

    ha silver balls

  10. shadow killer

    shadow killer6 일 전

    Dead pool sounded like Lazer beam

  11. Best friend

    Best friend7 일 전

    Deadpool ma fvt hero

  12. Jajajaja KinSad

    Jajajaja KinSad7 일 전

    Hola me llamo ve...????

  13. Christopher M

    Christopher M7 일 전

    Magnito Is Quick Silver Father.??

  14. Christopher M

    Christopher M7 일 전

    +Jason Passaro Wow I Didnt Kno That So Scarlet Witch Is His Daughter. No Wounder She's So Strong.

  15. Jason Passaro

    Jason Passaro7 일 전

    Christopher M yup! At the end of xmen apocalypse quicksilver almost tells magneto but he decides not to

  16. sarita tamang

    sarita tamang10 일 전

    This Deadpool is very cool

  17. Nisha Rani Das

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  18. randomChanel

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  19. David Holland

    David Holland12 일 전

    1:11 speed has nothing on Deadpool XDD

  20. husain rahmat

    husain rahmat13 일 전

    And i must to say, the guy who making this video have mutant ability to edited the story. We know the phoenix is the mutant with omega power level, now not just only phoenix, this guy have it 😁

  21. Douglas Zelaya

    Douglas Zelaya13 일 전

    Se parece a Maxim de free . Like

  22. Glizzy Bands Productions

    Glizzy Bands Productions13 일 전

    Flash is faster

  23. Diana Mondragón

    Diana Mondragón14 일 전

    Song 0:24?

  24. Jason Passaro

    Jason Passaro14 일 전

    Diana Mondragón it’s the guitar part from days of future past quicksilver scene” time in a bottle” I think it’s called

  25. Gaming With DA Badger

    Gaming With DA Badger14 일 전

    Like for quicksilver movie

  26. dabbing dyuffhi

    dabbing dyuffhi14 일 전

    Do you think quicksilver would be better than Felix zemdegs in solving cubes cuz he can basically do every combination possible

  27. Quick Silver

    Quick Silver14 일 전

    Cool. This should be real movie;Quicksilver and Wolwerine vs Deadpool. Quicksilver and Wolwerine winers of course. You make a one best fun movie. Why this not real.?

  28. Hazard playz-draws-gaming

    Hazard playz-draws-gaming15 일 전

    i thought it was real but edit :(

  29. jizzy handurri

    jizzy handurri15 일 전

    Who else jus barely watched this in 2019

  30. MilkYPancakeZ

    MilkYPancakeZ15 일 전

    This video is so bad Edit: it’s just taking clips from apocalypse and Deadpool 2 with crappy edits.

  31. benitto Kamel Trozo

    benitto Kamel Trozo15 일 전

    Quick Silver a Friendzone😒

  32. Rod YyY

    Rod YyY17 일 전

    Quick silver is faster that flash

  33. Quick Silver

    Quick Silver12 일 전


  34. Glizzy Bands Productions

    Glizzy Bands Productions13 일 전

    Rod YyY shut up. No he isn’t

  35. peter tyson

    peter tyson17 일 전

    Lol.😁. grt8 vid.👍😊..

  36. sweetblackblood1

    sweetblackblood118 일 전

    wait.. is this real? or is it photoshoped? is this a deleted scene? is this fan-made??? i really cant tell!!!

  37. Raze

    Raze18 일 전

    Deadpool- ahh silver balls

  38. GGmaximilian

    GGmaximilian19 일 전

    Wolverine died in his last movie he was in.. That movie named Logan. So how if he died he's back?

  39. Jason Passaro

    Jason Passaro18 일 전

    GGmaximilian this takes place in the past...Logan takes place very far in the future

  40. FIXO Epix

    FIXO Epix19 일 전

    Deadpool needs to go on the One punch Training scechle

  41. jonathan acetti

    jonathan acetti20 일 전

    Jajaja genial

  42. Brandon Lopes

    Brandon Lopes20 일 전

    Lmao Deadpool can Teleport and he has that forth wall thing too lol

  43. Debdip Chatterjee

    Debdip Chatterjee22 일 전

    Which movie this is???

  44. Mad Xx1 ting

    Mad Xx1 ting26 일 전

    10/10 for effort and edits

  45. zain zain

    zain zain26 일 전

    Where is logan???

  46. Jason Passaro

    Jason Passaro14 일 전

    The X-mansion is big. Logan is just wandering around one of the other rooms ;)

  47. JEVM310507 rvpm

    JEVM310507 rvpm27 일 전

    Eres basura

  48. I Don't listen

    I Don't listen27 일 전

    0:35 He looks so awesome.

  49. Pokemon tcg opening Mario and Michelle

    Pokemon tcg opening Mario and Michelle28 일 전

    Stan Lee's voices!!

  50. Matheus Viana Gomes

    Matheus Viana Gomes29 일 전

    Bem que podia ter uma legenda né

  51. H20 Jalapeno

    H20 Jalapeno29 일 전

    This not bad

  52. Prince Emmi gamer

    Prince Emmi gamer개월 전

    I want this movie

  53. JOHANXD 23

    JOHANXD 23개월 전

    Jajaajaj eso no se lo cree ni usted

  54. JEAM

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  55. Dwayne23

    Dwayne23개월 전

    I mean that Australian accent was dope asf 😂😂

  56. Alex Pacheco

    Alex Pacheco개월 전

    😲y love logan

  57. Martin Robles

    Martin Robles개월 전

    The música song

  58. lollo gianno

    lollo gianno개월 전

    Is this true or just a montage?

  59. patriotnationalist

    patriotnationalist개월 전

    Asshole. Why isn’t this 4 hours long.

  60. Dorian Adrian Baeza

    Dorian Adrian Baeza개월 전

    La voz al final del comercial me dio donde me duele, adiós cameos de Stan Lee.

  61. Денис Царенко

    Денис Царенко개월 전

    Что я только что посмотрел?...

  62. Deadplouk Modz

    Deadplouk Modz개월 전

    Nice edit

  63. iscalo 189_yt

    iscalo 189_yt개월 전

    O Hola me llamo piscina media muerta

  64. Ayo Olatundun

    Ayo Olatundun개월 전

    At 2.24 you can see the original scene.... Reflection on table

  65. JAPA mc

    JAPA mc개월 전

    Ha.. que mierda

  66. paulracano

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  67. Marcos Neira

    Marcos Neira개월 전

    Sere el uno de los muy pocos que habla español?v:

  68. Soledad Tapia

    Soledad Tapia개월 전

    quicksilver 😍😍 evans peters eres el mejor

  69. Plague Doctor

    Plague Doctor개월 전

    2:50 JAJAJA

  70. Julovedit

    Julovedit개월 전

    Shitttt this is a masterpiece 👏🏼😂

  71. Hanabi - Chan

    Hanabi - Chan개월 전

    I’m so happy they used Kick ass’s best friend as Quicksilver instead of Kick Ass himself

  72. Muhammad Khairulizat Bin Amrin

    Muhammad Khairulizat Bin Amrin개월 전

    This dude really cool so freaking fast!

  73. bill liu

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  74. Shun Gowens

    Shun Gowens개월 전

    Great vid!!!

  75. Zoë Joel

    Zoë Joel개월 전

    1:55 Lol, that was too funny. 😂. The Australian accent though.

  76. Chicken Fingers

    Chicken Fingers개월 전

    Haha no one new this was a teaser Easter egg thing for mutants😂



    Boring ....

  78. MrSweetnuinui

    MrSweetnuinui개월 전

    Oh deadpool

  79. Chris Nielsen

    Chris Nielsen개월 전

    3:56 I can’t believe he wasted that Twinkie. Everyone knows it’s a sin to waste a perfectly good Twinkie like that.

  80. Glizzy Bands Productions

    Glizzy Bands Productions13 일 전

    Chris Nielsen Twinkies are disgusting

  81. Armor Combat Systems

    Armor Combat Systems개월 전

    Well done. You sir are going places.

  82. نحميا ابن ابرهيم ابونا

    نحميا ابن ابرهيم ابونا개월 전

    Soooo. Cool

  83. Manoranjan Sikdar

    Manoranjan Sikdar개월 전

    Cool man, awesome edits.

  84. Remco F. Gerritsen

    Remco F. Gerritsen개월 전

    The scene where Quicksilver saves everyone from the house with Eurythmics song to me stays the best ever movie scene, EVER made!

  85. Remco F. Gerritsen

    Remco F. Gerritsen개월 전

    Best characters (as in with these 2 portraying them) ever against each other, amazing!

  86. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose개월 전

    They are crazy lol

  87. Akeem Freeman

    Akeem Freeman개월 전

    Real dmx as a video game lmao

  88. Thatguy Overthere

    Thatguy Overthere개월 전

    I don't understand what I just watched?

  89. Firefist560 the PvP lord

    Firefist560 the PvP lord개월 전

    Nice video.All those swearers must not even be on KOreporter.I always wonder why superhero videos make people swear.

  90. Robert Bonilla

    Robert Bonilla개월 전

    Is this real?

  91. Omar Ignacio

    Omar Ignacio개월 전

    "Piscina De La Muuueeerrte...." Fucking Deadpool he cracks me the fuck up. He is a National Treasure at this point. He must be protected for future generations... hahaha

  92. Justice Sparks

    Justice Sparks개월 전

    How and who made this. My two favourite actors. This movie would be fucking hilarious!

  93. mr. unknown

    mr. unknown개월 전

    Ultron is in mass danger

  94. Nils Olsen

    Nils Olsen개월 전

    wtf was this and why did I watch all of it?

  95. Jody Dawson

    Jody Dawson개월 전

    Quicksilver is a whole ass mood

  96. Amiguito Chris

    Amiguito Chris개월 전

    Que mierd4 estoy viendo

  97. JosueXPokemon XdZ de Yo-Gi ho Hernande Robles

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  98. Elígio Leonardo Pessoa

    Elígio Leonardo Pessoa개월 전

    WTF did I just watch?!

  99. Thomas M

    Thomas M2 개월 전

    >Asian Jubilee I'm out.

  100. Joseph Rose

    Joseph Rose2 개월 전

    Hack the Gibson, Q in the theme song from the night rider.

  101. Joseph Rose

    Joseph Rose2 개월 전

    Now That's Just zero cool, Come on Lucy, baby.

  102. GemGaming

    GemGaming2 개월 전

    God Bless!

  103. Jax Teller

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  104. Jax Teller

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  105. Alan Hirschenhofer II

    Alan Hirschenhofer II2 개월 전

    lmao....great video!

  106. Shakti Prasad Pattanaik

    Shakti Prasad Pattanaik2 개월 전

    Is this a real movie clip with Deadpool and quicksilver in one movie. Or just a edited fan made version🤔

  107. Andrew Cascio

    Andrew Cascio2 개월 전

    Lol...not bad 👍.

  108. Jbot123

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