Quicksilver VS DeadPOOL (Ryan Reynolds & Evan Peters)


  1. Chad Kase

    Chad Kase13 시간 전

    That was amazing lol, awesome job!

  2. Anthony Lafleur

    Anthony Lafleur15 시간 전

    Most awesome movie ever.peel that banana girl . QS v DP

  3. Why so Serious

    Why so Serious20 시간 전

    Quicksilver and Deadpool Fucking be a would be amazing

  4. Warai Uchiha

    Warai Uchiha22 시간 전

    damn I thought this was real

  5. Random Person101

    Random Person101일 전

    That phone must be fast as hell

  6. Sheri

    Sheri2 일 전

    Silver balls

  7. Amanda Darko

    Amanda Darko3 일 전

    Where’s the opening scene from?

  8. AlchemistX10

    AlchemistX103 일 전

    WOLVERINE. IS. CANADIAN!!!!!! not australian

  9. Martin Weltchek

    Martin Weltchek3 일 전

    Wow what a trip! :p

  10. Dan Hardy

    Dan Hardy3 일 전


  11. Sarvesh Sundaram

    Sarvesh Sundaram3 일 전

    This is the crossover that everyone wanted.

  12. dopeymark

    dopeymark3 일 전

    That was really good.

  13. 양말녀

    양말녀4 일 전

    로딩 될정도의 시간이 안될텐데 무슨 촬영 됐겠어

  14. Jed Olson

    Jed Olson4 일 전

    Make this feature length right now.

  15. Edwin Mercado

    Edwin Mercado7 일 전


  16. Youtube is Corrupt

    Youtube is Corrupt8 일 전


  17. Yusuf Demirci

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    XXXKILLAOWL Yeet9 일 전

    Fan made but is good

  19. siepfh ·

    siepfh ·11 일 전

    Hey it's that green lantern guy

  20. Σlεcтяσиιc Ðяεαмѕ ୧ೃೀ

    Σlεcтяσиιc Ðяεαмѕ ୧ೃೀ11 일 전

    Is this real?

  21. Astitva agrawal

    Astitva agrawal12 일 전

    At 2:25 you can see the there is something else playing on the tv in the reflection of the table...

  22. Son0fHobs

    Son0fHobs12 일 전

    I have no idea where you got half these clips from, but it's freaking amazing!

  23. eliecer perozo

    eliecer perozo15 일 전

    heee MEN no entendi NADA


    INVENTO LABS15 일 전

    How did you do that bro

  25. Daryll Abraham

    Daryll Abraham16 일 전

    Funny. But a real waste of time..... 5:11 worth.

  26. anime monkey

    anime monkey17 일 전

    Not trying to hate but look at 2:25 in the reflection of the TV on the kitchen table top it still has the original footage

  27. El diario de Araan Dookawaii

    El diario de Araan Dookawaii17 일 전


  28. George Levy

    George Levy19 일 전

    Absolutely brilliant... I'd totally pay to see this. Especially if I can pay using crypto.

  29. Andrew Light

    Andrew Light21 일 전

    This is so weird

  30. Reuben Abary

    Reuben Abary23 일 전

    This is just an ad that replaced quicksilver with deadpool

  31. Alyssa Saxon

    Alyssa Saxon25 일 전


  32. Akeem Gibson

    Akeem Gibson25 일 전


  33. Gonzalo El GaMer

    Gonzalo El GaMer26 일 전

    Para mi quicksilver es mucho mejor que flash

  34. Keagan Adams

    Keagan Adams27 일 전


  35. Ayo Akins

    Ayo Akins28 일 전

    Wtf is this tic tok ads

  36. rvoltaire84

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  37. Angela Stone

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  38. Marina De Souza

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  39. A z

    A z개월 전


  40. GalacticGamin1YT

    GalacticGamin1YT개월 전

    Those editing skills...

  41. Sarita T

    Sarita T개월 전

    Who won; actually?

  42. Fire Man Vlogs

    Fire Man Vlogs개월 전

    Esse Deadpool n presta msm 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  43. Wild1 P

    Wild1 P개월 전

    Quick tip to y'all Americans, don't try to do Aussie accents 😆🙄. Other than that, funny video 👍😉

  44. Kimmy Mac

    Kimmy Mac개월 전


  45. Jasper66

    Jasper66개월 전

    Deadpol won

  46. Alan pardon

    Alan pardon개월 전

    It's a lie ,here is quick silver not dead pool

  47. Goldi locks

    Goldi locks개월 전

    From Ass-Kicker to Quick Silver yeayyyy... a real superhero

  48. CMissMichelle

    CMissMichelle개월 전

    Am I seeing at 2:42 Ryan Reynolds the actor who plays Deadpool in a toga pretending to be Pro X posing next to the actress Tara Reid. I just looked the two of them up and they were in a movie together called "National Lampoons Van Wilder" in 2002 w/ Cal Penn of "Harold and Kumar" fame.

  49. Priya Mohanty

    Priya Mohanty개월 전

    Deadpool is a fuck

  50. JoshuaApathy Miller

    JoshuaApathy Miller개월 전

    I love dead pool but quicksilver would kick his ass in a heartbeat

  51. XxᏇᎾLFIExX

    XxᏇᎾLFIExX2 개월 전

    Quick silver and wolverine I mean Logan are dead

  52. Jason Passaro

    Jason Passaro2 개월 전

    this takes place before they died

  53. DragonChief

    DragonChief2 개월 전


  54. Oreo Cookie

    Oreo Cookie2 개월 전

    Lol 2:05

  55. tina bangsaan

    tina bangsaan2 개월 전

    No deadpool can speed like that

  56. tina bangsaan

    tina bangsaan2 개월 전

    This edit

  57. tina bangsaan

    tina bangsaan2 개월 전

    Is very funny

  58. Hanna Potter

    Hanna Potter2 개월 전


  59. Rituparna Dutta

    Rituparna Dutta2 개월 전


  60. protogy 346

    protogy 3462 개월 전

    And i am Australian

  61. Nathan Gabriel Manalo

    Nathan Gabriel Manalo2 개월 전

    They should probably make a solo movie for quicksilver,Deadpool and wolverine

  62. mei yen lee

    mei yen lee2 개월 전

    i think quicksilver will win since deadpool cant chase up to him

  63. Aisy Hudson

    Aisy Hudson2 개월 전

    I need a quicksilver movie. And a scene on how his mom met eric. But as long as evan and michael stays

  64. Melissa Causey

    Melissa Causey2 개월 전

    I love watching Quick Silver!...my favorite super Hero!😍😍😍😍

  65. Jorden J.M.

    Jorden J.M.2 개월 전

    I think quick silver is going to win because he has super speed so he can see every thing like the flash

  66. Blaze Hill

    Blaze Hill2 개월 전

    nice edit

  67. Evil

    Evil2 개월 전


  68. Mitesh Pate

    Mitesh Pate2 개월 전


  69. D B

    D B2 개월 전

    Could someone explain why colossus reacts the eay he did to seeing whatever was on tv?

  70. Jason Passaro

    Jason Passaro2 개월 전

    D B because he sees deadpool on tv. He’s pissed

  71. Moana Motonui

    Moana Motonui3 개월 전

    Quicksilver is great

  72. Robloxplayer43 a

    Robloxplayer43 a3 개월 전

    my name is xavier...

  73. Richard Kingham

    Richard Kingham3 개월 전

    Deadpool Funny

  74. Lonelyful

    Lonelyful3 개월 전

    Troll time look at 2:25 look at the table and then the screen

  75. Jasper Agustin

    Jasper Agustin3 개월 전


  76. NickGaming73

    NickGaming733 개월 전

    Why do you need to lie?????? Stop.

  77. NickGaming73

    NickGaming733 개월 전

    Fake I see the green screen lines behind deadpool

  78. Launch Pad

    Launch Pad3 개월 전


  79. Nicole Rivera

    Nicole Rivera3 개월 전

    what i thought this was real I'm a dumbass



    Panic point

  81. Ash Joy

    Ash Joy3 개월 전

    What is this lol

  82. Anthony Adams

    Anthony Adams3 개월 전

    Well done video dude!

  83. Taco Rodriguez

    Taco Rodriguez3 개월 전

    That is awesome😱

  84. Samantha & Lucas

    Samantha & Lucas3 개월 전

    Toward to NZ/New Zealand!?!? I live there!!!!

  85. Jerald  Crowell

    Jerald Crowell3 개월 전

    I feel like it's fake

  86. Pikachu Gamer12321

    Pikachu Gamer123213 개월 전


  87. Osvaldo Peñuelas

    Osvaldo Peñuelas3 개월 전

    What I didn’t understand

  88. The Ballad Of The Queen

    The Ballad Of The Queen3 개월 전

    I am so confused with the timeline. I thought Logan was the last x-man film because everyone died! How is this possible?

  89. The Ballad Of The Queen

    The Ballad Of The Queen3 개월 전

    Jason Passaro Thanks!

  90. Jason Passaro

    Jason Passaro3 개월 전

    This takes place before the film Logan hence all the younger versions of the X-Men. Wolverine doesn't age thats why he looks the same.

  91. leonel ledesma

    leonel ledesma3 개월 전


  92. Speddycraft 05

    Speddycraft 053 개월 전

    Dont get it

  93. The Cat Ultra Instinct

    The Cat Ultra Instinct3 개월 전

    I hate deadpool

  94. Jacques Hoebers

    Jacques Hoebers3 개월 전

    NZ all the way

  95. gibz go

    gibz go3 개월 전

    How did you do that? Your a god😁😁😁

  96. Silver Pix

    Silver Pix3 개월 전

    I loved how you put Wolverine in

  97. Siska Lili

    Siska Lili4 개월 전

    Fanta$tic!! Oh and a new sub!!

  98. Eye Tea

    Eye Tea4 개월 전

    @2:25 the reflection in the table don’t match. But Who cares?😂

  99. John Barlow

    John Barlow4 개월 전

    You are a freakin genius

  100. ramahri morgan

    ramahri morgan4 개월 전

    is this real

  101. KakaPHD

    KakaPHD4 개월 전

    I like how when quicksilver is running around deadpool its just a cropped pic of a low quality quicksilver.

  102. darin dills

    darin dills4 개월 전

    subscribed and notification squad. thanks for the like

  103. Deadpool I LIKE GUNS

    Deadpool I LIKE GUNS4 개월 전

    Hi quicksilver

  104. Savannah Lopez

    Savannah Lopez4 개월 전

    Wait i saw Deadpool 2 and u don’t recall this? Is it fake or real? Was it at the end or what?