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Queen Naija - Mama's Hand


  1. Ana Fine

    Ana Fine17 분 전

    Omg i fell in love with this song

  2. ILove RAP

    ILove RAP49 분 전

    What is this?

  3. Team Mary

    Team Mary2 시간 전

    Balling my eyes out my mom and me haven't been on the best of terms but she sent me a link to this song and I'm sitting here balling my eyes out 😩

  4. Kenzie Joseph

    Kenzie Joseph3 시간 전

    Am I the only one who thought that at 2:54 Queen mama was holding her😂 I'm so dead💀😂

  5. Dkotah Bastian

    Dkotah Bastian3 시간 전

    Love this GO QUEEN!!

  6. Ashleigh Tago

    Ashleigh Tago4 시간 전

    To all them haters dont be hating on queen what did she do wrong to hurt you she probly dosn't know you so dont be hating on her because you people dont judge her like what god said dont judge on other people if they didnt do anything to hurt you judge yourself

  7. Random Channel

    Random Channel4 시간 전

    Its disgusting that when he gets in middle school that he will probably be bullied because of this song but then it will be touching because his bullies will realize how much she loves him after they grow up. Keep up the good work Queen. ❤

  8. Delvone Barnes

    Delvone Barnes5 시간 전

    Good song queen love you so much and live a good life

  9. Evelyn Argueta

    Evelyn Argueta5 시간 전

    You got an amazing voice💙😩

  10. Nahiomy Cristal

    Nahiomy Cristal6 시간 전


  11. Melissa Grimes

    Melissa Grimes6 시간 전

    This song really touches my heart. I listened to it with my 6 and 8 year old sons and even they got emotional! I'm a single mom and me and my boys are very close. Thank you for making this song, it fully captures that mother son bond and how a mother's love is unbreakable and unmatched! I love it!

  12. Mari Dean

    Mari Dean6 시간 전

    This made me get emotional❤️😩


    MZICEEZ7 시간 전

    This is one of my favorite songs

  14. Genesis Sweeting

    Genesis Sweeting8 시간 전


  15. Dino Caprice

    Dino Caprice8 시간 전

    No Chris Brown gone come out with Dada's Hand actually 💀

  16. nobody squad

    nobody squad8 시간 전

    Like if she is a great mom

  17. nobody squad

    nobody squad8 시간 전

    You just stop queen naija i can not stop cry you are a good mom do not let nobody tell you wrong forget they dislike. If queen is a great mom

  18. Fatima B Vlogs

    Fatima B Vlogs9 시간 전

    why would someone dislike this beautiful song✨

  19. Victoria Smith

    Victoria Smith9 시간 전

    Are gonna make a song dedicated to the new baby I hope so 🤞🏾

  20. Kyra Steward

    Kyra Steward10 시간 전

    i'm crying

  21. Bibiana Zacarais

    Bibiana Zacarais10 시간 전

    Bruh I was crying hard then I saw domo and I busted crying


    QÜËËÑ ÄFÉÎSHÅ11 시간 전

    fav song💕👆❤😘👑😇

  23. Steph Curry

    Steph Curry11 시간 전

    Omg this is the most beautiful song EVER

  24. The Life of Ona

    The Life of Ona12 시간 전

    This is beautiful and touching❤

  25. Estefania Ramirez

    Estefania Ramirez13 시간 전

    Love this queen you inspire me soo much , love you and Cj the handsomest :*

  26. Mayaaa's Channel

    Mayaaa's Channel13 시간 전

    Whoever disliked this is crazy like if u agree

  27. funny boy channel

    funny boy channel13 시간 전

    Love you queen 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  28. Christi-ann Ramadhin

    Christi-ann Ramadhin14 시간 전

  29. Christina Sanon

    Christina Sanon15 시간 전

    I love that you put your mom in the video!!!

  30. Christina Sanon

    Christina Sanon15 시간 전

    Awww!!! So sweet! 😍😍🤗

  31. lilmarley 101

    lilmarley 10115 시간 전


  32. Mary Pineda

    Mary Pineda15 시간 전

    This song made me cried

  33. Carla Ivery

    Carla Ivery16 시간 전


  34. Haitian Prince

    Haitian Prince17 시간 전

    Who's here before 10million views ???

  35. Ashley Smith

    Ashley Smith19 시간 전

    this my favorite song

  36. Leandra Ramos

    Leandra Ramos일 전

    Damn I remember going so much before giving birth to my son o found my man was talking and fucken to muplite women but I still remain strong my son has forever changed my life I live love this song so much much queen ur songs speak to so much people I love u God bless u and ur family

  37. CK Pearson

    CK Pearson일 전

    Who in the hell would dislike this video??

  38. IssaTape

    IssaTape일 전

    Chris cried in the car 😭

  39. Keanna Dean

    Keanna Dean일 전

    I cried so much are you she has a beautiful voice!!!!

  40. Isabell Villalobos

    Isabell Villalobos일 전

    This song is so powerful and emotional, I LOVE THIS SONG !!! I LOVE QUEEN

  41. TiArA lewis

    TiArA lewis일 전

    How she got like 4k diss likes

  42. Lunelka Poudy

    Lunelka Poudy일 전


  43. Sarah Fraser

    Sarah Fraser일 전


  44. Christopher Syas

    Christopher Syas일 전

    It made me cry,good job Queen 👍🏽😢

  45. Cassandra Dellinger

    Cassandra Dellinger일 전

    I can’t believe you made this for cj

  46. lele cheesy

    lele cheesy일 전

    I didnt come here to cry queen.

  47. kamili Joseph

    kamili Joseph일 전

    So cute

  48. Precious Powell

    Precious Powell일 전

    I know how feel

  49. Precious Powell

    Precious Powell일 전

    My favorite song

  50. may boie

    may boie일 전

    We love you ♕

  51. Jordyn Mallard

    Jordyn Mallard일 전

    Bless your sweet heart

  52. Jordyn Mallard

    Jordyn Mallard일 전

    Even though u have been through a lot don’t let anything stupid stop you from doing any thing for your loved ones

  53. InnerGoddess Lola

    InnerGoddess Lola일 전

    I have no words... I'm moved to tears. This was absolutely beautiful. Love you queen 💕🌻

  54. Tasha Montelongo

    Tasha Montelongo일 전

    Queen I love your songs😜😇👪 and I hope you can call me 💖💝❣️💟

  55. Tasha Montelongo

    Tasha Montelongo일 전

    Queen what is up...😃😻👩‍🎤📿💄💎



    Every time i watch this song it gets me all emotional...i just loves my son so much!

  57. Jayla Mcneal

    Jayla Mcneal일 전

    Love it when you sing

  58. Letty Contreras

    Letty Contreras일 전

    She is such an amazing momma!!! I have watched this video so much times and I cry everytime be ause of how beautiful it is

  59. Marisa Baker maverick baker girlfriend

    Marisa Baker maverick baker girlfriend일 전

    I crying so much for the frist part

  60. Cornelius Stewart

    Cornelius Stewart일 전

    I like your song but how do you start KOreporter

  61. Juan Reyes

    Juan Reyes일 전

    CJ is so handsome

  62. Shannon Brinson

    Shannon Brinson일 전

    This so beautiful im bout to Cry😢❤😍

  63. Jordan Codaei

    Jordan Codaei일 전

    Cj is so beautiful

  64. Tarenza Turner

    Tarenza Turner일 전

    Why put clerence in and the song is about cj

  65. Ronnie Hamrick

    Ronnie Hamrick일 전


  66. SnipersLSN Sniperslsn

    SnipersLSN Sniperslsn일 전


  67. Casal nigga.m

    Casal nigga.m일 전


  68. Tara Garcia

    Tara Garcia일 전

    I'm happy you came this far you are amazing and inspiring I love you and your family

  69. Tara Garcia

    Tara Garcia일 전

    Queen I love this so much I cry because I want my mom and my relationship to be that close can you comment back if you read this what I should do

  70. Joyce Ladson

    Joyce Ladson일 전

    good job queen i love you girl

  71. Deja Brown

    Deja Brown일 전

    Omg this made me cry 😩

  72. Janae Rosario

    Janae Rosario일 전

    If u don't have trust or love for your self your child do LOVE YOU QUEEN AND BABY RENZO CLARE BEAR BABY CJ ROYAL FAMILY

  73. Tieajah Roundtree

    Tieajah Roundtree일 전

    Look at baby Chris face on 2:07-2:09

  74. Khaoula El idrissi

    Khaoula El idrissi일 전

    I cried 😭❤️

  75. dee Mullar OG

    dee Mullar OG일 전

    Are u ok this song is making me cry and I put this song every day

  76. Ramiyah Spraggins

    Ramiyah Spraggins일 전

    Queen this is a beautiful song I love you

  77. Louis Rivera

    Louis Rivera일 전

    love you so much better than chris and a good mom.☺☺😗😗😅

  78. Magdalena Givens

    Magdalena Givens일 전

    I love. It. 👪💚💚💚💚💋💍😘

  79. Amari Jade

    Amari Jade일 전

    I love you queen stay positive influence yourself two boys will never stop watching the royal family let Clarence love you to the day you die stay singing queen you rock your body is fine just the way it is dont let the world take you down😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗👸👸👸👸

  80. Accelerated Tax Services

    Accelerated Tax Services일 전

    I can heat the truth and the pain I'm sorry that you lost you dad cj and we all love queen and cj and just know that yI u dad love you and your mother love you cj and queen your so pretty you make such a great mother to me!

  81. Accelerated Tax Services

    Accelerated Tax Services일 전


  82. Alexandra The Queen

    Alexandra The Queen일 전

    To my son Jayden ❤️ 11/29/08 I love you forever Jayden ❤️❤️

  83. Katie Loyd

    Katie Loyd일 전

    Og first time watching the video i listen to the song so my much my the video real live made me cry. 😭❤❤

  84. Paige Fam2

    Paige Fam2일 전

    Gorgeous 💕

  85. Kasey Lewis

    Kasey Lewis2 일 전

  86. angelice gonzalez

    angelice gonzalez2 일 전

    I am a single mother of 2 boys and they love it. We love this song so much both boys fall asleep to it, it helps them soothe. 👩‍👦‍👦❣️

  87. rekt by powaBear

    rekt by powaBear2 일 전


  88. Audrey Oney

    Audrey Oney2 일 전

    3:22 ahhh!!! Nique and king!

  89. JesseLoves Carbs

    JesseLoves Carbs2 일 전

    I love your music so much, please release new tracks when you have time :)

  90. Gemini Coldman

    Gemini Coldman2 일 전

    @ Queen Naija why Chris Sails isn't in this video? You still be hating on him?

  91. Laylay Counts

    Laylay Counts2 일 전

    I always listen to your music

  92. Chere Morrison

    Chere Morrison2 일 전

    y these stinkin ppl hate hate this song Dutty ppl

  93. Alainah Dean

    Alainah Dean2 일 전

    Amazing!!!! Thank you for a song meant for moms that explains our love for our children.

  94. krazy khalise

    krazy khalise2 일 전

    I don’t usually cry watching a video

  95. Jada Blackmon

    Jada Blackmon2 일 전

    At this moment Chris new he messed up

  96. Travis Stoaty

    Travis Stoaty2 일 전

    💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 *Based on love alone. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Then on the third day rose Him from the dead.* *Now, though Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life. He will save and heal you, if you ask Him.*

  97. Mikailyn Caldwell

    Mikailyn Caldwell2 일 전

    I’m literally crying go queen

  98. Ally white

    Ally white2 일 전

    this is so awsome

  99. TheyLove LingLing

    TheyLove LingLing2 일 전

    i cant wait to see CJ grown and look back at this😿 my fav from the EP🥰

  100. samantha diaz

    samantha diaz2 일 전

    I am so obsessed with this woman, she gives her all in her music, her love is so sincere n passionate, her talent is so beautiful, she's beautiful. An i dedicated this to my 3 babies, hold my hand...

  101. Samantha Fox

    Samantha Fox2 일 전

    Im crying right now

  102. Robert Cokes

    Robert Cokes2 일 전

    love you mom and dad and go on my youtube page nayjah cokes