Queen Naija - Good Morning Text (Official Video)


  1. Racquel Brown

    Racquel Brown일 전

    Love you

  2. jbreezyyy

    jbreezyyy일 전

    queen forreal killed it 🥵😩

  3. MultaMari

    MultaMari2 일 전

    this is my wake up timer

  4. DreamChaser

    DreamChaser3 일 전

    Gotta do the most for a mention . Ouchh I felt that Queen 🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. Tiffany Taliah & Family

    Tiffany Taliah & Family3 일 전

    That song was on point 💋💋💋

  6. Lola Stone

    Lola Stone3 일 전

    Aww didn't know Dave East Wass in to this

  7. Yama Bondi

    Yama Bondi4 일 전


  8. SID With it

    SID With it4 일 전

    Yass queen love it !!!!!

  9. Monica Hicks

    Monica Hicks5 일 전

    Love this song

  10. C S

    C S6 일 전

    My girl 4L. So proud of you beautiful ❤️

  11. Trinity Oliver

    Trinity Oliver6 일 전

    Top #1 song 🤍😍

  12. Tatyana Francis

    Tatyana Francis6 일 전

    I love Queen naija

  13. Keziah ama K

    Keziah ama K7 일 전

    Dave looks like a better looking version of c.. never mind

  14. YoFavvLeek

    YoFavvLeek7 일 전

    Y'all should at least become bestfrans again😭😆

  15. Steffon Clark

    Steffon Clark7 일 전

    It would actually be cute if Dave east and Queen naija go out because I'm not feeling Clarence 😂

  16. caity sassi

    caity sassi7 일 전


  17. Moeisha Evans

    Moeisha Evans8 일 전


  18. Robbin KD

    Robbin KD9 일 전

    Just need a little help with her choreography.

  19. Iam Just Amanda

    Iam Just Amanda9 일 전

    Who still playing this January 2020 raise of hands and give me a like 👇🏻

  20. Jaz Russ

    Jaz Russ9 일 전

    Xxxxvx CFC

  21. Jaz Russ

    Jaz Russ9 일 전

    Hey dsvsf Hey

  22. Jaz Russ

    Jaz Russ9 일 전

    Yeah 911 now about the lemon law more you are because there are no more work for me I wanna know you remember the more you let me call my name out well for you I want now remembering more moreazzXdxssss

  23. LifeWithAli

    LifeWithAli9 일 전

    Who's the guy in your song

  24. Anna Boucher

    Anna Boucher8 일 전

    Dave east

  25. Tasiana Collins

    Tasiana Collins9 일 전

    I been wit you for way too long Queen come on things just don’t seem right.

  26. Tasiana Collins

    Tasiana Collins9 일 전

    Bruhhhh how can y’all not see that Clarence don’t truly make her happy she wasn’t happy with Chris but that don’t mean she’s happy now ‼️

  27. Elizabeth Lara

    Elizabeth Lara9 일 전

    Why does he resemble chris so much?? 🤔🤔

  28. Jeremiah

    Jeremiah7 일 전

    He doesn’t resemble Chris.. and the song is not about him

  29. Rayaira Carthen

    Rayaira Carthen9 일 전

    QUEEN is good

  30. Gia The Model

    Gia The Model9 일 전

    Is that Dave east

  31. may!a

    may!a11 일 전

    Her & Anne Marie -> 😍😍😍

  32. Devere Walker

    Devere Walker12 일 전

    I think she miss her husband😢😢😢😢😢😢

  33. Jada Booker

    Jada Booker12 일 전

    I loveeeeee this song 💕


    IT’S CHRISSY12 일 전

    I think she miss chris😂🤍

  35. Ellissa Nolan

    Ellissa Nolan12 일 전

    Love it

  36. Jessica Plummer

    Jessica Plummer13 일 전

    I like this song

  37. Aqsa Jasmine

    Aqsa Jasmine13 일 전

    Queens ass aint looking natural yall..she could of gotton a better job

  38. Aqsa Jasmine

    Aqsa Jasmine13 일 전

    Just wanna say I love Queen but she should of gone to a better surgeon for the butt because it looks fake as fuck..

  39. Aqsa Jasmine

    Aqsa Jasmine13 일 전

    Love the song! Queens voice is beautiful but the dancing was cringe asfffff but so happy I didn’t see Clarence in this video! She kept it professional. Really was sick of seeing him, i do like him tho don’t get me wrong..

  40. Detroit Skippy

    Detroit Skippy13 일 전

    She's talented but trapped in a formula.

  41. XoXo XoXo

    XoXo XoXo13 일 전

    This song makes me feel like it’s about Chris and WHO KNOWS, it just might be ! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  42. Jermeah

    Jermeah13 일 전

    I cannot comment on the "story time God warned me, this is deep" video but no that your testimony is heard. Glory be to our God! Stay encouraged girlie!!!

  43. Debbieon Jones

    Debbieon Jones13 일 전

    i love song so much

  44. Afissa's Court

    Afissa's Court14 일 전

    I low key feels like this about her and Clarence 🤷🏾‍♀️

  45. Caleb Rashad

    Caleb Rashad일 전

    Afissa's Court it’s just a song like damn 🤣

  46. Maria Rota

    Maria Rota11 일 전

    It is not😂

  47. hxzmxa _

    hxzmxa _14 일 전

    I'm bout to kill it huh

  48. Arnel Makic

    Arnel Makic14 일 전

    i fuck the shit out of queen

  49. Sharnelle Young

    Sharnelle Young14 일 전

    Love the video 😍😍😍

  50. Theddus Rollins

    Theddus Rollins14 일 전

    Love it 😍

  51. Shari Brooks

    Shari Brooks15 일 전

    Do you like him queen

  52. Shari Brooks

    Shari Brooks15 일 전

    That chris omg

  53. T F

    T F15 일 전

    LMBO!!!! You CAN NOT DANCE!!!!!!!

  54. Cameo King

    Cameo King15 일 전

    Who was this song for

  55. lequaymharper

    lequaymharper15 일 전


  56. Shaundrea Pearson

    Shaundrea Pearson16 일 전

    You did your thing and keep doing it. 💯💪 woman

  57. Jaidah Freeman

    Jaidah Freeman16 일 전

    The man in this video is dave east💓

  58. Ty Brazy

    Ty Brazy16 일 전

    Chris Sails has entered the chat

  59. Chasity Ivory

    Chasity Ivory13 일 전

    Im a fan lol

  60. Janelle Rucker

    Janelle Rucker14 일 전

    Ty Brazy 😂

  61. nellyyo

    nellyyo16 일 전

    This most definitely about Clare

  62. M Robi

    M Robi16 일 전

    Is that dave east?!?!?!

  63. Ni Ni

    Ni Ni16 일 전

    Jhene aiko, Queen, Summer walker, Bryson tiller, and Layton Greene 👀

  64. Tyrell Patton

    Tyrell Patton16 일 전

    Outta My MOTHER & Or BabyMomma ... Do I You Luv MORE ??

  65. Rasheeda

    Rasheeda17 일 전

    Please fire your manager and your stylist!!!! Queen needs a better team behind her because she's a SUPPER STAR. If her team allowed her to not look her best in ever scene..... They are simply no good! The people around her may not want to see her as the SUPER STAR she TRULY IS!! Love you queen but it may be time to switch gears.

  66. Alleyona Taylor

    Alleyona Taylor17 일 전

    Clarence is good for queen naija and CJ😘😘