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  1. Xx Super453 xX

    Xx Super453 xX10 시간 전


  2. Clark Fogang

    Clark Fogang23 시간 전

    Just realized today that, that girl is saweetie. 😅😅😅 Quavo D Nasty Nigga 😅

  3. yeser neirda

    yeser neirda일 전

    Starts at 1:14

  4. fuck all yall asking for likes _

    fuck all yall asking for likes _2 일 전

    What's the story behind this

  5. ImJuStGoDlY 666

    ImJuStGoDlY 6662 일 전

    Song starts at 1:13

  6. Clever Boy

    Clever Boy3 일 전

    *Quavo voice without tune is 🔥*

  7. Daneille Myers

    Daneille Myers3 일 전

    🍀🍀They remember me🍀🍀


    XD VIPER3 일 전

    why does saweetie look like cuban doll? or is it just me?

  9. Kanyiery Gt

    Kanyiery Gt3 일 전

    Quavo doesn’t care about getting killed

  10. Reuben Mwaura

    Reuben Mwaura4 일 전

    M-m-m-Murda Work, work Workin' me (work), she workin' me (work, work) Urgin' me (urge), it be urgin' me (yeah, yeah) Just let up the top and close the curtain, please (skrrt, skrrt) I decided to go up like Major League (goin' up) She just popped the Perky just like pork and beans (Perky) She just popped the Perky, say I hurt her knees (Perky) She hurtin' me, wrist strong, Hercules (hurtin' me) Two cups, Martell pour it neat (two) Serve a fiend, fuck a bitch, then go to sleep (serve, serve) I need to get me a mil' before we leave (get me) No key pull up, remember me (skrrt, skrrt) 'Member me, oh, 'member me (hey) Take 'em way back, Lil Jon energy (Lil Jon) Pockets real fat, Cashville ten a key (Young buck) Fire the blunt (woo), it done died off, yeah Ride off (ride), bitches ride off, yeah (skrrt) Your boss, he done died off, yeah (skrrt) I just cut the dirty stove and powered off, yeah (hey) Workin' me (work), she workin' me (work, work) Urgin' me (urge), it be urgin' me (yeah, yeah) Just let up the top and close the curtain, please (skrrt, skrrt) I decided to go up like Major League (goin' up) She just popped the Perky just like pork and beans (Perky) She just popped the Perky, say I hurt her knees (Perky) She hurtin' me, wrist strong, Hercules (hurtin' me) She hurtin' me, wrist strong, Hercules (hercules) I decided to go up, Major League (goin' up) Call the plug, tell him bring a key (bring the key) Then retire, with the Bucks, JT (JT) Bought a coupe and told a rapper, "race me" (skrrt, skrrt) Remember when they used to curve me (swoop) Now they wanna represent my earnings (represent it) If you want smoke, smoke alarm me (smoke, smoke) By yourself, no, bring your army (come and get it) I'm havin' shit that gon' extinct your whole family (extinct) I put 'em out, I feel like he done broke the leaves (ayy, ayy) I put the work inside the wall behind the scene (work, work) She attractin' all the dogs, but work for me (hrr, work) Workin' me (work), she workin' me (work, work) Urgin' me (urge), it be urgin' me (yeah, yeah) Just let up the top and close the curtain, please (skrrt, skrrt) I decided to go up like Major League (goin' up) She just popped the Perky just like pork and beans (Perky) She just popped the Perky, say I hurt her knees (Perky) She hurtin' me, wrist strong, Hercules (hurtin' me) She hurtin' me, wrist strong, hercules (whoop)

  11. Danny Beach

    Danny Beach4 일 전

    You have a brighter future in porn and Hollywood gaydom. Booty ass music no doubt dumbing niggas down!

  12. Zaeem Mayet

    Zaeem Mayet4 일 전


  13. Nawwaf Noon

    Nawwaf Noon5 일 전


  14. Tizazu Roba

    Tizazu Roba6 일 전


  15. Nikolett Tóth

    Nikolett Tóth7 일 전

    can we just appreciate the fact that he didn’t hired any models and worked with his gf

  16. K.1.D

    K.1.D6 일 전

    Nikolett Tóth please check my rap ,if you got a time

  17. qua b

    qua b7 일 전

    How does quavo make his cool songs

  18. K.1.D

    K.1.D6 일 전

    qua b please check my rap ,if you got a time

  19. Dubareison -_-

    Dubareison -_-7 일 전

    Does anyone know the girls instagram?

  20. K.1.D

    K.1.D6 일 전

    Dubareison -_- please check my rap ,if you got a time

  21. plush furr

    plush furr7 일 전

    Wuts the purpose uv dude n the background dancing r wuteva u call it🤦🏾‍♀️

  22. Gabriel Cuenca

    Gabriel Cuenca7 일 전

    Famous Amos. Search it. 😂

  23. Alexander Naskinov

    Alexander Naskinov8 일 전

    i don't like any music that quavo and the migos put out but this is literally the best song ever when I go to the gym.

  24. gacheru samuel

    gacheru samuel8 일 전

    i gues this is me at 1:49

  25. Th3 T0xic N00b

    Th3 T0xic N00b8 일 전

    Damn she thicc

  26. K.1.D

    K.1.D6 일 전

    Th3 T0xic N00b please check my rap ,if you got a time

  27. soccerlover3000 #soccerskills

    soccerlover3000 #soccerskills9 일 전

    why is he singing while being tourchered

  28. Azazel

    Azazel8 일 전

    He's quavo lol and it's tortured

  29. Moka.mokhtar mesroua

    Moka.mokhtar mesroua10 일 전

    #Algéria is here 👊🤘☢

  30. Bre Ya girl

    Bre Ya girl10 일 전

    Quavo killed this songs and the beat drop was lit or dope

  31. Mac Bowie

    Mac Bowie10 일 전

    Who is the Blonde🕵🏼‍♂️ Skurt, Skurt!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥😘

  32. Mac Bowie

    Mac Bowie8 일 전

    +Candace Hensarling Thank you

  33. Candace Hensarling

    Candace Hensarling8 일 전


  34. Long John

    Long John10 일 전

    Shit slaps

  35. K.1.D

    K.1.D6 일 전

    Long John please check my rap ,if you got a time


    2KMATS MOVIN10 일 전

    Which one are you 1. QUAVO 2. OFFSET 3.TAKEOFF I'm quavo tbh

  37. Harlow loves the ACE Familyy

    Harlow loves the ACE Familyy10 일 전

    Who else has/had a school coach that plays this kind of music

  38. Ahzaap Jr

    Ahzaap Jr11 일 전

    She working me🤛

  39. Wilson Hunt

    Wilson Hunt11 일 전

    This is the house from “a lot” vid by 21

  40. Teresa Riden

    Teresa Riden11 일 전

    Quavo....WORKIN ME LOL

  41. Bryan Rates

    Bryan Rates12 일 전

    Take her way back lil John energy!!! I felt that💣

  42. Toytime Maddy D

    Toytime Maddy D12 일 전

    1:18 song starts

  43. Stanley Wilson

    Stanley Wilson12 일 전

    Famous, Famous, Famous....Look at the moves

  44. K.1.D

    K.1.D6 일 전

    Stanley Wilson please check my rap ,if you got a time

  45. Егор Петушков

    Егор Петушков12 일 전


  46. Demonta Filer

    Demonta Filer13 일 전

    Look at famous amos dancing in the background

  47. Diego Morocho

    Diego Morocho13 일 전

    sounds like going bad by drake

  48. Nancy Walker

    Nancy Walker14 일 전

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  49. spring faz22

    spring faz2214 일 전

    My best friend want offset girl

  50. BenjiChasingBastard

    BenjiChasingBastard14 일 전


  51. Richardra Walter

    Richardra Walter14 일 전

    Thanks for letting me check with my husband and get back

  52. Milly Adhiambo

    Milly Adhiambo15 일 전

    QUAVO- 10 TAKEOFF-8 OFFSET-6 who is the best

  53. Justin Toribio

    Justin Toribio15 일 전


  54. Teresa Riden

    Teresa Riden15 일 전

    Workin me is so awesome💓💓shows real loyalty & that's everything

  55. Red Fire

    Red Fire16 일 전


  56. Afro & Things Awesome

    Afro & Things Awesome17 일 전

    This was cool but the ending was too disrespectful XD

  57. Aamir Humza Siddibilal

    Aamir Humza Siddibilal18 일 전

    1:14 I put this for myself

  58. Blake

    Blake18 일 전

    quavo version is cool but I like this one better

  59. Breezy Gonzales

    Breezy Gonzales18 일 전

    1:19 the beat drops


    MASTERG19 일 전

    Offset I got the most bars in this group Quavo hold my 🍺 beer.!

  61. Angel Rankin

    Angel Rankin16 일 전


  62. Queen Fanny4

    Queen Fanny419 일 전


  63. Christo Al

    Christo Al19 일 전

    What is the name of that girl 😩🔥

  64. Noah Hardy

    Noah Hardy20 일 전


  65. Dustin Sidley

    Dustin Sidley20 일 전

    need furious styles in the vid instead lol

  66. T__landry__and Kia .M

    T__landry__and Kia .M20 일 전


  67. YSA

    YSA21 일 전

    I‘m having shit that’s gon extinct your whole family🔥🔥🔥

  68. Von Vitto

    Von Vitto21 일 전

    I see you FAMOUS AMOS dancing in the b.g

  69. Mali Phantom

    Mali Phantom21 일 전


  70. nachoxx dominator

    nachoxx dominator21 일 전

    2019∆? Spanish

  71. sincere beale

    sincere beale22 일 전

    This was 🔥🔥 fresh.kid 😎😎

  72. J4mo Plays

    J4mo Plays22 일 전

    How is this better than Lambtalk

  73. MightyLion 144

    MightyLion 14423 일 전

    Prettyvee brought me here

  74. Bekah Carroll

    Bekah Carroll23 일 전

    Guy...Petty Yo...

  75. mr sank sank

    mr sank sank24 일 전

    This song made this comment write itself

  76. Danny Williams

    Danny Williams25 일 전

    Sa'vility jones she workin me 😆

  77. Abigail Johnson Akingbade

    Abigail Johnson Akingbade25 일 전

    Quavo is amazing. 💖😍❤

  78. Please Please

    Please Please25 일 전

    R Kelly and Mr. Biggs in the beginning lol

  79. Mali Phantom

    Mali Phantom25 일 전


  80. ash cut

    ash cut26 일 전

    2 0 1 9

  81. James Cool

    James Cool26 일 전

    so the song represents prostitution huh. Growing up the concept of having to pay for sex was embarrassing now they act like it's cool. f****** idiots. I guess quavo's a pimp huh. Hawk the world right drugs prostitution and murder oh let's not forget kidnapping child rape and all that. I mean you f****** idiots really like what he's representing don't you

  82. Rachel Fleming

    Rachel Fleming26 일 전

    Why dis nigga making robot noises over beat I can tell dis nigga was high when he recorded this

  83. Louis Jones

    Louis Jones27 일 전

    This entire video is cultural appropriation

  84. Muhsin Abdirashid

    Muhsin Abdirashid27 일 전

    Skrr skrr working me

  85. Wayen Johnson

    Wayen Johnson27 일 전

    She workine🤓😎😎😎😎

  86. lil smwkr Emo

    lil smwkr Emo27 일 전

    XXXtentacion no dei

  87. Aeisha Minott

    Aeisha Minott28 일 전

    💲💲💲 love the beat 🔥🔥

  88. Eyby Banegas

    Eyby Banegas28 일 전


  89. Tropical Zoe

    Tropical Zoe28 일 전

    Cracking up at the dancing dude😀😂🤪

  90. Phathutshedzo Mukwevho

    Phathutshedzo Mukwevho29 일 전

    dope stuff

  91. Radame Rodríguez

    Radame Rodríguez29 일 전

    1:20 your welcome

  92. Anita Thompson

    Anita Thompson개월 전

    The beat was krazy💯💯🔥🔥🔥🤸🏽‍♀️🤘🏽

  93. Gunna Loc

    Gunna Loc개월 전

    Bet y’all didn’t notice famousamos in the back dancing😂😂

  94. kicks advisor

    kicks advisor개월 전

    the hoodie he is wearing when caught up?

  95. Sarah Williams

    Sarah Williams개월 전

    Should do it they should do another part of this like a part 2

  96. Officially Solaye

    Officially Solaye개월 전

    My little cousin herd this song and said She Workin Me!😂😂😂

  97. Mix of Everything

    Mix of Everything개월 전

    This dude sucks

  98. Of course not

    Of course not개월 전

    Not gonna lie I wish the guy that shot him was offset

  99. SImon Hm

    SImon Hm개월 전


  100. Angel 85

    Angel 85개월 전


  101. Filip Malicki

    Filip Malicki개월 전


  102. Bernice Arnold

    Bernice Arnold개월 전

    Sweetie ❤️ babe

  103. Daryl Richards

    Daryl Richards개월 전

    Video would have been better if she was the boss lady. That make more sense.

  104. Harmony Night

    Harmony Night개월 전

    FIRE love this , my clients be in here bopping to this when playing

  105. igunna harder

    igunna harder개월 전

    Look what i did to yall. Bow to me pussy.

  106. GT Beatz

    GT Beatz개월 전

    still love it

  107. 1.000 subs with no videos challenge

    1.000 subs with no videos challenge개월 전

    Offset's verse was fire

  108. bluesah

    bluesah개월 전

    If the blood splattered on her she should've been hit

  109. Baha Telmoudi

    Baha Telmoudi개월 전

    The hook is the best thing in this song

  110. Cat Campagna

    Cat Campagna개월 전


  111. Corey Macon

    Corey Macon개월 전

    The hardest migo hands down...