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  1. Wisam Hussein

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  2. Imaginepixles XD

    Imaginepixles XD46 분 전

    Egg and cheese, omelet egg.... sorry wrong video

  3. Anothny Lewis

    Anothny Lewis시간 전

    Alright thanks I'll keep tweet ING

  4. Shawn Whitfield

    Shawn Whitfield3 시간 전

    Migos working me

  5. Shawn Whitfield

    Shawn Whitfield3 시간 전

    best rap song I've ever heard

  6. Crazoman Crazoman

    Crazoman Crazoman4 시간 전

    2020 I’m gonna leave this comment here 🤣

  7. Daysean Kamara

    Daysean Kamara6 시간 전

    takeoff still the best migo

  8. king Paccy

    king Paccy6 시간 전

    who hears takeoff sound like me

  9. Kelsey ld STAR*R

    Kelsey ld STAR*R10 시간 전

    i love ⭐️ so much

  10. Kelsey ld STAR*R

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  11. Vanderpi

    Vanderpi14 시간 전

    at the end of the day u understand Quavo is a fake

  12. Felishia Freeman

    Felishia Freeman21 시간 전

    This song make u wanna jus start twerkn

  13. Broncho Vent

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  14. Andressa Barra

    Andressa Barra2 일 전

    Brasil ?

  15. shedley auguste

    shedley auguste2 일 전

    Man u about 2 die u up here singing man if it was me I would run man😂🤣.

  16. Ngawethu Mkrakra

    Ngawethu Mkrakra2 일 전

    50% funny. 50% shit

  17. 7royaly

    7royaly2 일 전

    Fuxk migos gay ass niggas #bonethugs

  18. Ashley Eustice

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    FAKE GLOBE2 일 전

    Bab voice

  20. Everette Howard

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  21. Lily S. Davis

    Lily S. Davis2 일 전

    This song isn't that great but it introduced a lot of people to Saweetie last year so it's alright I'm my book 💝😂

  22. j jj

    j jj3 일 전

    i ship

  23. Spike Blaze

    Spike Blaze3 일 전

    Never noticed until now at the end he grabs the gun with the left hand , cocks it with the right and then aims with the left hand also showing the watch and shoots when the body drops he is shown holding the gun with the right hand and the watch is on the left hand is gone.

  24. Desiraeto111

    Desiraeto1113 일 전

    why all these artists making twerk songs! 😩😩

  25. CreditcardDeclined Qtip

    CreditcardDeclined Qtip3 일 전

    Says tickets Clicked on em And then there not that much but it said adults only I hope you guys know that most people are kids that Liam to rap😂🤷‍♂️

  26. Naviyon Adams

    Naviyon Adams3 일 전

    Was sup it Naviyon

  27. Cathy Torres

    Cathy Torres3 일 전

    Fake as niggges suck a dick

  28. The Guy

    The Guy4 일 전

    Little slower than the soundcloud version

  29. Tabitha Brady

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  30. KC Avakin

    KC Avakin4 일 전

    Lowkey qauvo so calm af

  31. Lokey Ross

    Lokey Ross4 일 전

    Simple. ST8 FACT!!!!!!! EVIL

  32. țëđđý _béâřŕ

    țëđđý _béâřŕ5 일 전

    They sound slow bc first the man was tryna kill them and then he killed the other man who tried to kill them

  33. țëđđý _béâřŕ

    țëđđý _béâřŕ5 일 전

    The fakest blood ever🤣🤣🤣🤣lol

  34. Chris Williams

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  35. dejarnez0348

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  36. TedTheSlayer

    TedTheSlayer5 일 전

    Stop being so sexual and go to church Amen

  37. hi boi

    hi boi5 일 전

    Song starts at 1:19

  38. Pistons2015

    Pistons20156 일 전

    3:15 😂😂😂

  39. Andronikos Gkoulis

    Andronikos Gkoulis4 일 전

    So fat:)

  40. terrence samps

    terrence samps6 일 전

    tight ass video

  41. Karmasia Nichols

    Karmasia Nichols6 일 전

    I really can't believe of set cheasted that's mest off. But the song scer scer working me ill memberbe me I love it she working me ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  42. Alex Mullinax

    Alex Mullinax6 일 전

    I got one! 😎🎯🎯🎯 can keep the rest 🎱

  43. croc 07

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  44. Bella Cautu

    Bella Cautu6 일 전

    She working me bby

  45. Kingbreezy

    Kingbreezy6 일 전

    who see the dude dancing bro or is it just me

  46. Gavin Greene

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  47. Lil Stencil

    Lil Stencil6 일 전

    4:02 The guard has a clear shot at the head but shoots him in the back, now what if he survived lmao?

  48. YuviStock lally

    YuviStock lally4 일 전

    because metaphorically he got backstabbed and literally got hit in the back as well

  49. Andronikos Gkoulis

    Andronikos Gkoulis6 일 전

    Ι know right?

  50. NyAsia Charles-John

    NyAsia Charles-John6 일 전

    ty you for saving them I'm so thank for that they didn't die

  51. Jaydah Williams

    Jaydah Williams7 일 전

    That boy

  52. Jaydah Williams

    Jaydah Williams7 일 전

    Leave qavo a lone. You

  53. Andronikos Gkoulis

    Andronikos Gkoulis6 일 전

    Quavo alone*

  54. KaRayna

    KaRayna7 일 전

    Bro who danced to this like they was in church💀i did fashoo😭

  55. Vortex

    Vortex7 일 전

    I just like the autotune

  56. Leanna Jimenez

    Leanna Jimenez7 일 전

    Good to see saweeti blow up I went to school with her

  57. Andronikos Gkoulis

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  58. Jenn Valenzuela

    Jenn Valenzuela7 일 전

    Mobster Boss

  59. Shavez Fogle

    Shavez Fogle7 일 전

    Fuck a bitch till she go to sleep

  60. Jasmine Fedd

    Jasmine Fedd7 일 전

    i love it my favorint song ever

  61. soid drone slayer

    soid drone slayer8 일 전

    Quavo proved he can stand on his own with this song.

  62. Tragic

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  63. Andronikos Gkoulis

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  64. OhMyClaps

    OhMyClaps8 일 전

    1:19 thank me later ;)


    DGMUSICisGOOD8 일 전

    god this sucks

  66. Marco Paez

    Marco Paez9 일 전

    10 a key??? Lmfao

  67. Jordan Moore

    Jordan Moore9 일 전

    Quavo the best Migo 👑

  68. Ray&Bria Bryant

    Ray&Bria Bryant9 일 전


  69. Its Mysti

    Its Mysti9 일 전

    Yess my wife is in this love them ❤️😍

  70. Ali Cky

    Ali Cky9 일 전

    Jınık xeşıke velle

  71. Q Diamonds

    Q Diamonds9 일 전

    I don't trust many people

  72. Jacky J'Y Reste Maguedo

    Jacky J'Y Reste Maguedo9 일 전

    quavo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  73. Tajon Stewart

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  74. cinnamon818

    cinnamon8189 일 전

    They are so cute together 😩.

  75. Heat On Da Beat

    Heat On Da Beat9 일 전


  76. J Man

    J Man10 일 전

    Wish I could dance like shadowman

  77. Tharry Salley

    Tharry Salley10 일 전

    yo.. i just realize tha Quavo must be having sex with some old hags if they gotta pop percs cuz the knees hurt

  78. kayla Turner

    kayla Turner10 일 전

    I thought I was watching a movie

  79. SwagKing Ish

    SwagKing Ish10 일 전

    This shit lit when ur high

  80. 26dikan production

    26dikan production10 일 전

    Quavo the king got fans

  81. Jacob Bryson

    Jacob Bryson10 일 전

    Is that Amous!?! 🤣😆

  82. Nate Hansen

    Nate Hansen11 일 전

    Quite possibly the worst song in the history of hip hop, but the video is 🔥😂😂😂.

  83. Bella DuPlessis

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  84. Kush Dinero Savage

    Kush Dinero Savage11 일 전

    What if the bodyguard just wanted out from that bullshit... sometimes ppl pay in blood.



    Who watching in 2019??

  86. linzxv

    linzxv11 일 전

    Like si t'aime migos

  87. Ja'Niya Magee

    Ja'Niya Magee11 일 전

    I love this song

  88. adam mayfield

    adam mayfield11 일 전

    Quavo's face when he see Saweetie 😂😂😂

  89. anas momo

    anas momo11 일 전

    Kevin Hart is the black background Dancer

  90. rebecca coffman

    rebecca coffman11 일 전

    Saweetie so dope!!! I love her!!!

  91. Shrooms

    Shrooms12 일 전

    The only good song from the quavo album

  92. Twitch Sounder

    Twitch Sounder12 일 전

    1:20 is where the song actually starts

  93. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown12 일 전

    Dumbass shit WTF is he talking about and why would he tie his niece up how TF is gonna explain that to his family. Lost never to be found

  94. lhilaire_hula

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  95. David Johnson

    David Johnson12 일 전

    Im convinced take off do all adlibs🤔thats how he wasnt left off bad n boujee💯🤷🏽‍♂️😭😭

  96. Emecka Greaves

    Emecka Greaves12 일 전

    He really got shot

  97. waz ap fortnite

    waz ap fortnite12 일 전

    Xxxtentacion said you stabed him

  98. Rhiannon Sky

    Rhiannon Sky12 일 전

    The song starts at 1:15

  99. babi tai

    babi tai12 일 전


  100. Lanisha Campbell

    Lanisha Campbell12 일 전

    What ya'll think of breckenridge Colorado?

  101. oneandonly .monie

    oneandonly .monie12 일 전

    Did he rlly die

  102. Txms

    Txms12 일 전

    That beat omg

  103. Bill Bixby

    Bill Bixby12 일 전

    How did dude who bout to shoot Quavo not here the man cock a gun five feet behind him🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂