Quavo Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ


  1. Hawaa Sarwary

    Hawaa Sarwary7 시간 전

    3:08 datway, eat fresh

  2. Ajax KMA

    Ajax KMA9 시간 전

    HUNC O H

  3. Duvall

    Duvall11 시간 전

    Do Ric Flair next

  4. biggest tryhard

    biggest tryhard16 시간 전


  5. Naursgaard_Production

    Naursgaard_Production17 시간 전

    make one with takeoff and one with offset when he drops his album

  6. Janiah Valentine

    Janiah Valentine일 전

    Do tee grizzly plz



    Save it for when you go broke

  8. Jaidon Samuel

    Jaidon Samuel일 전

    I want that crash bandicoot chain like if you want it to

  9. Anibal Soto

    Anibal Soto일 전

    "are you a big star wars fan" quavo:"no"*giggles*

  10. Kaylon Williams

    Kaylon Williams일 전

    I swear to God I will like this comment 😮😮😮 awww thank you :)

  11. Michael Rumble

    Michael Rumble2 일 전

    Does Quavo like to go fishing?

  12. Sol De La Riva

    Sol De La Riva2 일 전

    Yo These Cost More Than His Life....

  13. Armando Assis

    Armando Assis2 일 전

    6IX9INE NEXTTTTT!!!!!!

  14. Carlos Baizabal

    Carlos Baizabal2 일 전

    Do teckashy69

  15. Theo Unge

    Theo Unge2 일 전

    do kodak black travis and chief keef

  16. chris cash

    chris cash2 일 전

    Why these rappers sound like they can't talk lmfaoooo

  17. Abe Mccluskey

    Abe Mccluskey3 일 전

    You should not spend money on diamonds. They are overpriced and never hold there value. Better to invest in property

  18. Xxx Jada

    Xxx Jada3 일 전

    *they be wasting there money on jewelry why not spend them on robux*

  19. A_Real_King

    A_Real_King3 일 전

    I want to make Quavo a chain

  20. Dimebag David Abbott

    Dimebag David Abbott3 일 전

    Quavo loves Star Wars. Idk why rappers aren’t allowed to admit that . $100,000 yoda medallion says it all 😂 lol

  21. Christian Brown

    Christian Brown3 일 전

    Do trippie

  22. Areinna Abercrombie

    Areinna Abercrombie3 일 전

    get a minyan peice

  23. Alberto Ortiz

    Alberto Ortiz3 일 전

    Do 69

  24. Haru Balde

    Haru Balde3 일 전

    Do Take-Off

  25. Julian Vega

    Julian Vega3 일 전

    Plz do Takeoff

  26. Maddievation

    Maddievation3 일 전

    koreporter.com/v/비디오-IQ0CWt7dkG8.html check this out !!! So hilarious 😂

  27. ya qin

    ya qin4 일 전

    good job i like it

  28. Nicolas Rojas

    Nicolas Rojas4 일 전

    Do trippie redd

  29. T._ Official

    T._ Official4 일 전

    Do Trippie Redd next

  30. Makai Banks

    Makai Banks4 일 전

    Do trippie red or nba youngboy

  31. Fin Goodhind Vlogz

    Fin Goodhind Vlogz4 일 전

    Get lil uzi vert on here!!!!!!!

  32. M M

    M M4 일 전

    How is it an inspired chain when you just put the same character? 3:55

  33. vvscairo

    vvscairo4 일 전

    Get Offset, Thug and Future on the show

  34. Julian Cabibbe

    Julian Cabibbe4 일 전

    This isn’t insane

  35. Tae Young Cool NP

    Tae Young Cool NP4 일 전

    Not better than gucci

  36. lavantais blake

    lavantais blake5 일 전

    Floyd Mayweather

  37. Gregory and michel Harris

    Gregory and michel Harris5 일 전


  38. Gregory and michel Harris

    Gregory and michel Harris5 일 전

    Gregory and michel

  39. Chthonian121

    Chthonian1215 일 전

    Whoever thought of Diamonds as a "status" piece is a pure genius. Having idiots spend disgusting amounts of money on something that has 0 resell value. What ever happened to gold chains? There's nothing wrong with gold.

  40. DAt Dude

    DAt Dude5 일 전

    I like this lil dude!

  41. Daniel Cazarez

    Daniel Cazarez5 일 전

    Dudes ate so much subway and they’ll pick there toppings like “i want dat, and dat, and dat”. DatWay.

  42. otis redrim

    otis redrim5 일 전

    I liked that he said "Make sure u got a big enough bank roll before u go buy this jewlery" young cats need to save before u can drip

  43. Max Klewer

    Max Klewer5 일 전

    tbh GQ lit

  44. Tamil Selvi

    Tamil Selvi6 일 전

    Want to see the tripee red collection 😍

  45. Chico the monkey

    Chico the monkey6 일 전


  46. Carlos Alexandre

    Carlos Alexandre6 일 전


  47. Dylan Kerns

    Dylan Kerns6 일 전


  48. Fatal

    Fatal6 일 전

    Is that last memory bg music

  49. Brett

    Brett6 일 전

    That crash bandicoot is fire

  50. SuperUltra

    SuperUltra6 일 전

    I like how he sounds so professional while he's talking

  51. killme 13

    killme 136 일 전

    Lamb Talk

  52. Mitko Donev

    Mitko Donev6 일 전

    Life is unfair

  53. anarchist 87

    anarchist 876 일 전

    Pls do a cardi B pantie collection.

  54. using pCheats ;P

    using pCheats ;P6 일 전

    what is the name of the beat the video is starting with ?

  55. Brad Marchand the Licker & Slew Footer

    Brad Marchand the Licker & Slew Footer6 일 전

    There I watched it, now leave me alone.

  56. montai 12

    montai 126 일 전


  57. darklinkx8

    darklinkx86 일 전

    They should've never gave you niggas money!

  58. Justin Smith

    Justin Smith6 일 전

    Get Kodak out hya

  59. Matthew Rincon

    Matthew Rincon6 일 전

    Do offset

  60. Garoto Ixpertinho

    Garoto Ixpertinho7 일 전

    Tattoo tour - Lil skies plissss

  61. Elactix Agar.

    Elactix Agar.7 일 전

    Look at him and look at me I only Owen a iPhone.

  62. ion whooked

    ion whooked7 일 전

    life must be good to be a chain snatcher

  63. Dylan Franklin

    Dylan Franklin7 일 전

    Get takeoff on here he has the best chain in the game

  64. ChilledP

    ChilledP7 일 전

    D R I P P I N ' I N I C E

  65. Reezy_Bad

    Reezy_Bad7 일 전

    Congrats on the success young man

  66. number1fansince

    number1fansince7 일 전

    Quavo ain't tht ugly...

  67. number1fansince

    number1fansince7 일 전

    Wheres ratatouille

  68. September

    September7 일 전

    I like how he had to say "uhh offset"

  69. joe brown

    joe brown7 일 전

    Rich people get a lot of free stuff

  70. Chris Corona

    Chris Corona7 일 전

    Yoo throw me half a link to pay off loans😭😭

  71. Henry Loman

    Henry Loman7 일 전

    They buy things they don't need to impress people they don't like.. Seems senseless

  72. Santhosh Ramachandran

    Santhosh Ramachandran7 일 전


  73. Tay Johnson

    Tay Johnson7 일 전

    like if that should get youngboy on here

  74. Rosegold Beats

    Rosegold Beats7 일 전

    i wanna go to his house and just steal a bit of jewerly

  75. Shontaceay Houser

    Shontaceay Houser7 일 전

    He so humble talking about his jewelry I love it

  76. Mr.Coazz

    Mr.Coazz8 일 전

    Weird flex but ok

  77. Arjun Dhensaw

    Arjun Dhensaw8 일 전

    Quavo pt.2???

  78. Sara yazdi

    Sara yazdi8 일 전


  79. LoganTheLionheart

    LoganTheLionheart8 일 전

    Didn't see one cross.

  80. Besat30 Curry

    Besat30 Curry8 일 전

    Do money bag yo

  81. John .Terrible

    John .Terrible8 일 전

    Communists' rage on da ice

  82. Anthony Flores

    Anthony Flores8 일 전

    These motherfuckers getting 50k watches for their birthday and I'm here like...I'm happy when my peoples come thru with some pre-rolls and a few 22's.

  83. Guilherme Zanqueta

    Guilherme Zanqueta8 일 전

    que porra de anel feio

  84. Zema

    Zema8 일 전

    floyd money mayweather asap



    Quavo And Gucci Need A Part 2



    Do Boosie

  87. Igie Joaquin

    Igie Joaquin8 일 전

    do takeoff

  88. Gabi Manda

    Gabi Manda9 일 전


  89. Gabi Manda

    Gabi Manda9 일 전


  90. Gabi Manda

    Gabi Manda9 일 전

    Take off

  91. Gabi Manda

    Gabi Manda9 일 전

    Take offf

  92. Gabi Manda

    Gabi Manda9 일 전

    Take off

  93. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep Singh9 일 전

    All because drake decided to hop on Versace. You niggas owe your life to him. Lol

  94. Hello Fellow Haters

    Hello Fellow Haters9 일 전

    Why is GQ featuring someone like this? Wtf

  95. Shao Kid

    Shao Kid9 일 전

    so rich

  96. Shitty Content

    Shitty Content9 일 전


  97. It'sYaBoy Junior

    It'sYaBoy Junior9 일 전

    Get young dolph