Quavo Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ


  1. Richard Ballantyne

    Richard Ballantyne6 시간 전

    Where can i get that t shirt

  2. Tom Bob

    Tom Bob11 시간 전

    I really don't what he is saying

  3. Christbelle 22

    Christbelle 223 시간 전

    then you deaf

  4. J DeKe Jr.

    J DeKe Jr.일 전

    You gone have to give it all back to your handlers once there done using you. Tell the truth Bruh.

  5. Kevin Brooks

    Kevin Brooks2 일 전

    They should do one with trippie redd

  6. * ari andrada *

    * ari andrada *3 일 전

    My waiting for the BIG CHUNGUS rocks smh....

  7. jamaican523hacker

    jamaican523hacker3 일 전

    Do Gervonta

  8. Sarah Gonzales

    Sarah Gonzales3 일 전

    yoda is sick

  9. Teo Frančeškin

    Teo Frančeškin3 일 전

    Your mama is albanian friend

  10. David 223

    David 2234 일 전

    Do takeoff

  11. Thomen

    Thomen4 일 전

    these beats in the background are insane

  12. Tupac_25 _1996

    Tupac_25 _19964 일 전

    💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 Iced Out

  13. Tupac_25 _1996

    Tupac_25 _19964 일 전

    Man Quavo got lots of fresh and cool Jewelry

  14. Alex Fletcher

    Alex Fletcher5 일 전

    I bet money works for him

  15. Freeze God

    Freeze God5 일 전

    Are you QHHQ?

  16. Victor Van de loo

    Victor Van de loo5 일 전

    Do trippieredd on the rocks

  17. Victor Van de loo

    Victor Van de loo5 일 전


  18. Victor Van de loo

    Victor Van de loo5 일 전

    Do trippie redd

  19. Victor Van de loo

    Victor Van de loo5 일 전

    Do trippie ref

  20. Haiden Madramoothu

    Haiden Madramoothu6 일 전

    Offset real rich

  21. Demi Williams

    Demi Williams6 일 전

    Where Takeoff😔


    PEDROBODEAN :]6 일 전

    I wonder if he even knows or cares that ppl are dying and being massacred over those dumbass rocks ppl like quavo keep making popular, use your voice for positive, not showing off rocks someone died over

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  24. Dylan Staine

    Dylan Staine8 일 전

    When takeoff

  25. Tafadzwa Bero

    Tafadzwa Bero9 일 전

    whats the song of that trap intro beat? its even on rich life by Michael McCruden

  26. Dorian Bell

    Dorian Bell9 일 전


  27. Toto Tita

    Toto Tita9 일 전

    idiot you complain about black slavery but your gold and diamonds are mined by BLACK KIDS as young as 10yrs in Africa learn idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. King Hustle

    King Hustle9 일 전

    I bet im not the only one who said MAMA after he said, "We all love our mama"

  29. Om Upadhyay

    Om Upadhyay9 일 전

    Do one with Takeoff!

  30. Christian Marshall

    Christian Marshall9 일 전

    Atlanta 🏈

  31. K_Ritual 24

    K_Ritual 2411 일 전

    But shout out to the ice king one of my jewelry inspirations

  32. K_Ritual 24

    K_Ritual 2411 일 전

    I feel you quavo I need to move my fingers too

  33. Debbie George

    Debbie George12 일 전

    So typical.

  34. Wizz™

    Wizz™12 일 전

    it looks like lil pump but in black

  35. G.O.A.T

    G.O.A.T13 일 전

    Nobody: Quavo:everybody been asking for me to show off my ice

  36. Tarius Baker

    Tarius Baker13 일 전

    Bring NBA Youngboy on he be drippy

  37. Funzino De Funzis

    Funzino De Funzis13 일 전

    Get takeoff here

  38. susana valdes

    susana valdes14 일 전

    H Town 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  39. Grimm Tv

    Grimm Tv14 일 전

    I thought the rings said Chungus

  40. aaron romero

    aaron romero14 일 전

    Get nba young boy on here

  41. Deshawn Moore

    Deshawn Moore14 일 전

    YOU CAN SEE HE WAS BOUT TO SAY KIARA INSTEAD OF OFFSET! Quavo was bout to be dead because Offset don't like when people say Kiara!

  42. Jenni Heath

    Jenni Heath15 일 전

    Please please please do a Takeoff one, I need it in my life.

  43. LaTonia Harris

    LaTonia Harris16 일 전

    The sunglasses alone could pay my college debt

  44. Kian Givy

    Kian Givy16 일 전

    love Quavos watches

  45. Shebe Mcfatty

    Shebe Mcfatty16 일 전

    Yassssss crash bandicoot...... Mf favorite 90s 🎮



    i like offset he is a good boyfriend to have in. I want to kiss him one day. I thank that offset and cardi B. I thank that they are good for each other.

  47. Najee Films LLC

    Najee Films LLC17 일 전

    Is it just me or is it femaine for a man to separate jewlery like a chick

  48. Matthew Plays

    Matthew Plays17 일 전

    Next will be a diamond jacket

  49. Joseph Kyalo

    Joseph Kyalo17 일 전

    please give me one watch

  50. Keith Fraser

    Keith Fraser17 일 전

    Who is here watching this again after just watching offsets "HEY!"

  51. wassuup

    wassuup18 일 전

    Now quavo fell off

  52. KVNG JD

    KVNG JD18 일 전

    Do Blueface ON THA GANG

  53. Rodgers Mutambo

    Rodgers Mutambo18 일 전

    I get kinda impressed by niggas who get suffocated in VVs' s life!!!!

  54. fufu lulu

    fufu lulu18 일 전

    he brought a whole freezer to gq

  55. Anonymous Giraffe

    Anonymous Giraffe18 일 전

    *Can’t relate* 🤙

  56. LaRissa McCord

    LaRissa McCord19 일 전

    who else is shaking they head?? lol.. and I'm not hating

  57. H Mac 2004

    H Mac 200419 일 전

    U forgot grillz?

  58. 1brazy gal

    1brazy gal19 일 전

    his bracelet cost more than my house 😍😍

  59. shantavia jean

    shantavia jean19 일 전

    Quavo so fine🤣

  60. romeo9782

    romeo978219 일 전

    theres two types of rich people the one that wears gold and the one that wears k-mart.wish one do you think is rich.

  61. romeo9782

    romeo978219 일 전

    dont be fooled everything you see here is not gold some gold filled or gold rolled or heavy plating.its a image that rappers have like battle of the bling the smart ones are wearing fake gold there saving there money and still keeping the im rich look

  62. Justin Clark

    Justin Clark19 일 전

    Do producer micheal

  63. Niger Congo

    Niger Congo19 일 전

    It is Amazing how feminine the black community is. Males obsessed with jewelry and fashion. In every other community it is usually the female who is focused on those things. This is what happens when mothers run the family and fathers are absent.

  64. Larry Thompson

    Larry Thompson19 일 전

    What does Huncho means to you ??

  65. HottagyaAl20

    HottagyaAl2019 일 전

    and while most of us out there are struggling to even eat and pay rent just for somewhere to sleep smh

  66. Thats so Limah

    Thats so Limah20 일 전

    edna was my great grandmother name aw🥰

  67. Jahcom Wilson

    Jahcom Wilson20 일 전

    He Smoke Too much,The Captain of Taylor Gang ,Wiz khalifa



    Forget the ice show us how many glasses the migos own all together

  69. Cynthia Mosqueda

    Cynthia Mosqueda20 일 전


  70. laffysophie

    laffysophie20 일 전

    Where takeoffs video at?

  71. Roddy Johnson

    Roddy Johnson20 일 전

    Do nbayoungboy

  72. Jackson Bassin

    Jackson Bassin20 일 전

    Do future next

  73. Katherine Njeri

    Katherine Njeri20 일 전

    He said when he went to africa..not ts South Africa Africa is a continent


    LXORTXGA21 일 전

    Do trippie

  75. Morgan Bishop

    Morgan Bishop21 일 전

    Came through dripping...

  76. Blanca Mejia

    Blanca Mejia21 일 전

    do cardi b next

  77. Stephon Sookhan

    Stephon Sookhan21 일 전

    Do one with Busta rhymes

  78. TheCountUp.com/

    TheCountUp.com/22 일 전

    4:20 “they” gave him a diamond chain that says Mandela when he to Africa an d he doesn’t see the irony 🤔🤦🏾‍♂️

  79. krisalynwilson vlogs

    krisalynwilson vlogs22 일 전

    do nba youngboy

  80. McKenzie Iglehart

    McKenzie Iglehart22 일 전

    Can I please have your smallest bracelet to pay my school loans?

  81. romeo9782

    romeo978219 일 전

    it might be fake not everything they show you is real gold.

  82. harry bob

    harry bob22 일 전

    Do lil uzi vert next Like

  83. harry bob

    harry bob22 일 전

    He should be died wtff That is wayyy to cold

  84. Kobe Bean Bryant

    Kobe Bean Bryant23 일 전

    I like his watches!

  85. Adyson Drebes

    Adyson Drebes23 일 전

    i wish my friends got me $100,000 watch on my birthday💀💀

  86. lil young

    lil young23 일 전

    yesssssss leader

  87. Tanner Curtin

    Tanner Curtin23 일 전

    Do offset next

  88. Donhovann Paris

    Donhovann Paris23 일 전

    I love his lips 🤤

  89. Sarah Rozalia Reinholt

    Sarah Rozalia Reinholt23 일 전

    Please do Cardi B!!

  90. Joshua Ryan

    Joshua Ryan23 일 전

    Do takeoff jewels

  91. Quietasits kept

    Quietasits kept23 일 전

    I like the fact that he takes care of his jewelry and you can tell because its in a bag as he pulls each piece out...

  92. romeo9782

    romeo978219 일 전

    youput real gold in jewelry box you put fake in bag

  93. FELIX Campos

    FELIX Campos23 일 전

    Do takeoff


    OJB SQUAD23 일 전

    I'm too broke to even watch this

  95. Keenan Horton

    Keenan Horton24 일 전

    Do a meek mill one and pnb rock

  96. KVNG JD

    KVNG JD24 일 전

    Y'all did Offset and Quavo do Takeoff

  97. KVNG JD

    KVNG JD18 일 전

    +Kay cass True ON THA GANG but still

  98. Kay cass

    Kay cass18 일 전

    KVNG JD I think the problem is, we might not understand a word he’s saying😂 they might have to get offset or quavo to translate for them so they can make captions or sum so we’ll understand lmao

  99. Britne Phillips

    Britne Phillips24 일 전

    *Quavo shows his Yoda chain* "You a Star Wars fan?" Quavo: "um.. No." 😂

  100. Indigo Scorpion

    Indigo Scorpion24 일 전

    Check out harlembling jewelry!!! 💧💧💧koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-OPnz7F5w5ZA.html

  101. King picks

    King picks24 일 전

    koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-24no9YYUn9I.html ywn melly homeboys

  102. C. L

    C. L24 일 전

    Can we have Saweetie on here?! 🙏🏽

  103. Bryanna Avonce

    Bryanna Avonce3 일 전

    C. L she’s quavos girl ✔️🤤.

  104. Renno Williams

    Renno Williams24 일 전

    Follow me on ig @pulsating_legacy and check my beats out

  105. Angel Canales

    Angel Canales24 일 전

    Quavo was the main person in the group now it’s offset we gotta wait for takeoff

  106. Cameron Boerner

    Cameron Boerner24 일 전

    lil pumps is also lit but he loses compared to quavo