PUR Cosmetics 100 FOUNDATION SHADES?! I'm Confusion Luv | Jackie Aina


  1. Jackie Aina

    Jackie Aina9 개월 전

    PEEPUL - before commenting about my feedback, PLEAZ watch the video IN FULL. I beg, seriously. We saw what happened the last time a beauty brand tried to stunt on us with 60 shades (and how much of a flop that was) OF COURSE people are going to be skeptical of 100 shades! A lot of shades does not mean they are all QUALITY and wearable!!!!

  2. Kissi Bliss

    Kissi Bliss7 개월 전

    Okay thanks for the shade review will try

  3. Love Life

    Love Life7 개월 전

    What chemical exfoliant did you use?

  4. SoaR Jabzy

    SoaR Jabzy3 일 전

    Jackie you make my baby blues fly away 😘

  5. marys_airforce

    marys_airforce6 일 전


  6. Marion 124

    Marion 1246 일 전

    I mean there are 100+ shades of people so like fair play.

  7. Niccy

    Niccy9 일 전

    I use PUR and it really is bomb

  8. Carly_Rose_Beauty

    Carly_Rose_Beauty22 일 전

    I’ve been reevaluating my foundation now that it’s getting colder in TN and rewatching some foundation reviews to decide what natural finish foundation I want. Annnnd... I’m just wondering.. Jackie raves about this, but I don’t recall her using it in any other videos? Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m just confused, if it was THAT good, why’d she not use it as much as the too faced?!

  9. Gitte Van de velde

    Gitte Van de velde22 일 전

    Your skin still looks perfectly natural and not like you're wearing any foundation, like you just got very great skin, after applying it and that's a good thing.

  10. Briana Mi’shell

    Briana Mi’shell개월 전

    I gotta do the Jackie dance every time

  11. Joe Hirst

    Joe Hirst개월 전

    PUR cosmetics: we just launched 100 shades! Tarte: uhh can’t relate

  12. Lala O

    Lala O개월 전

    I didn’t see any red... hmm. I’m not neutral, pink or golden

  13. Nina Evette

    Nina Evette개월 전

    Lol when I showed my cousin one of your videos, and she said you had reminded her of “V” or “Veronica” from Shameless 😍😂

  14. Alexis Moore

    Alexis Moore개월 전

    I rewind it 3x to just sing the jackie theme song like its so freakimg catchy

  15. Olayinka K Daramola

    Olayinka K Daramola2 개월 전

    100 shades and they still didn't put enough effort into the dark category. For 100 shades there should be at least 3 really dark shades and at least 10 brown to darker shades. periodt

  16. Alexis Rote

    Alexis Rote2 개월 전

    who else thought dollar general every time she said dg

  17. Shauna Collins

    Shauna Collins2 개월 전

    Honestly you are the woman I want to be I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Stephanie Chavez

    Stephanie Chavez2 개월 전

    Looks like I’ll be giving my coins to pür . I don’t have a close match in fenty 😫 I wish I did.

  19. Envoxa

    Envoxa2 개월 전

    MAC: 60 gimmick shades Pür: hold my applicator Pür: 100 perfectly executed shades across the entire spectrum of shade categories

  20. Laisa hh

    Laisa hh2 개월 전


  21. Tyjuan Burnley

    Tyjuan Burnley2 개월 전

    Omg I love you was silky straight

  22. Brenda Olam

    Brenda Olam2 개월 전

    I'll feel fulfilled with foundation when I'm able to get a foundation my shade in the drug store category.

  23. Ellie Marzullo

    Ellie Marzullo2 개월 전

    Girl, you are a saint in the beauty community. I love your channel!!!

  24. zoe hart

    zoe hart2 개월 전

    when that 2nd dark shade is my skin colour??? i am a medium gal

  25. Ella Szabados

    Ella Szabados2 개월 전

    Well 100 shades is probably overkill, this is one of the only brand that has shades my color. Usually, the lightest shade has very pinky undertones, which is not my skin color. For example, Sephora doesn’t have a shade my color. So like, if they have a really really pale shade with a olive undertone I’m down.

  26. BabyBat 2000

    BabyBat 20002 개월 전

    I know I am white and don't relate much to the struggle of shade matching but I honestly love learning about the opinions and insight of people who go through this, it really opens your eyes to the problem. Especially since I really want to start my own cosmetic business in the future, I appreciate all of your videos, thank you so much for the info!

  27. Jovani Brown

    Jovani Brown3 개월 전

    Me: binge watching Jackie's videos. Also me: realizing Aunty Jackie losin a nail in every other video. "Another one." Love you dearly tho. 😂❤️

  28. D Ransom

    D Ransom3 개월 전

    You're the same color thanks a million for doing this. I prefer the dewy look because it makes you look younger like the Asian Women do makeup as appose to the Western world with cakey makeup and overdrawn eyebrows. But, I never understand why Dark women choose to contour with darker makeup as appose to highlighting because you naturally already have dark shades at the bottom of the face??? I never contour don't have time and my makeup still gets complements saves time. I only hi-light!!!

  29. Kenya Mack Ghaleb

    Kenya Mack Ghaleb3 개월 전

    What do you do with the fondations you don’t use?

  30. kami2 thomas

    kami2 thomas3 개월 전

    Where can I buy the product? I was too busy laughing at Jackie because she's so funny I thought I might have missed it if she said it and then I just wanted to hurry up and watch the next video with the use of this product I didn't go back lol

  31. Mrs. Howard

    Mrs. Howard3 개월 전

    Usually darker skin people have beautiful flawless skin and don’t need foundation .

  32. Jackie Aina

    Jackie Aina3 개월 전

    That’s a stereotype ma’am

  33. Tmac1963

    Tmac19633 개월 전

    Ok, I’m going to Ulta tomorrow and I wanted to get a idea of where I will start at to find my shade, so mission accomplished. But now I’m wondering if you tried the, “Smith & Cult Veiled Threat Foundation” & the “Instant Recall Invisible Powder Setting Spray”. Ulta carries this brand but not in the store in my city. If you can, please review this brands products, I’m very interested in the Invisible Powder Setting Spray, it could change the game!

  34. Madison Young

    Madison Young3 개월 전

    Smile lines? Intact! Pores..WHERE?? Hotel..Trivago

  35. Alexa Moonlight

    Alexa Moonlight3 개월 전

    This is one of the most beautiful looking foudation ive ever seen


    MISS K-GALAXY3 개월 전

    I just got this at Ulta with even realizing how popular it’s become. Look at God

  37. All The Artsy

    All The Artsy4 개월 전


  38. Scarlet Willowwood

    Scarlet Willowwood4 개월 전

    I think this is one of my favorite foundations on you, especially if you do a lighter makeup look! It’s beautiful and inclusive!

  39. salem-

    salem-4 개월 전

    that pause before “spackle” though.

  40. KindOfPanda

    KindOfPanda4 개월 전

    If there is so much how do I know which of the 100 shades fits me?

  41. Michelle LaCour

    Michelle LaCour4 개월 전

    My only opinion on putting some of the "tan" colors in the "warm" category of shades might be to represent concealer colors to complement the warm shade. Pur is calling this a foundation and counsealer...right?

  42. Yadira Anzueto

    Yadira Anzueto4 개월 전

    You’re such an advocate for inclusivity for complexion products!! When can we expect your own foundation launch?? Just sayin...you’re probably the person that I feel gets into nitty gritty the most of what makes a great foundation!! I’d buy it...💁🏻‍♀️

  43. Yodele Ladejobi

    Yodele Ladejobi4 개월 전

    wish I had the money for it, I like it

  44. Paulette Stevenson

    Paulette Stevenson4 개월 전

    Living on ur face rent free .🤣

  45. Thealeksrose

    Thealeksrose5 개월 전

    Does anyone know what foundation brush Jackie uses?

  46. xXsknnylgndx x

    xXsknnylgndx x5 개월 전

    I don’t understand why people think that tons of shades = a good shade range. We saw it with beauty blender and morphe, they had tons of shades and the shade range was shitty. You could have 3 shades and as long as there’s a porcelain, medium beige, and cocoa shade then that’s a good shade range for the amount of shades. Lots of shades =/= a good shade range

  47. xXsknnylgndx x

    xXsknnylgndx x5 개월 전

    Also I’m not saying pur had a bad shade range. They had a pretty amazing shade range

  48. Dajah Nelson

    Dajah Nelson5 개월 전

    I've been binge watching you for like the last few days.

  49. Ja La

    Ja La5 개월 전

    You look really nice, entire look here! Hair, bandana and purple eyes, I like! And the foundation looks very nice too!

  50. Ja La

    Ja La5 개월 전

    So real! "My moustache hairs." I don't hear anyone saying that.

  51. deffdefying

    deffdefying개월 전

    but she said it tho

  52. Chiquita McNabb

    Chiquita McNabb5 개월 전

    Hi Ms. Jackie! Where do you get your bundles from? I love your youtube channel and how truthful you are about everything and your black skin is gorgeous.

  53. Kimmy Lambertina

    Kimmy Lambertina5 개월 전

    Love this!!

  54. Shanteria Small

    Shanteria Small5 개월 전

    They actually listened to her suggestion They have try two mini sixes and get a third shade of your choice for free with code LOVEMINIS

  55. Beasan Shkoukani

    Beasan Shkoukani6 개월 전

    They did that

  56. Rafaela Schiavoni

    Rafaela Schiavoni6 개월 전

    Love youuuuuuuuu 😂

  57. Legendary Vocalists

    Legendary Vocalists6 개월 전

    I think companies should start adding blue undertones to the beggining and the ending of the spectrums. The very deepest of skin tones (even darker then Nyma) actually have blue undertones, it's rare, but there are people who do, and no foundation brand I know covers that undertone. The very lightest of skin also has blue undertones (wich Huda tried to create, but the pigments are just wrong, they added yellow in the base too, wich mixed with blue turns just olivy)... I hope all rare undertones get covered in foundations someday.

  58. AubreyJamesMusic

    AubreyJamesMusic6 개월 전

    So my water filter is from Pur ...i aint know pur had a cosmetics line...tf 😒...plus i have heard some controversy over this line having 100 shades an i the only one thats okay with that...i don't think its gimmicky at all sis

  59. Queen Nic

    Queen Nic6 개월 전

    I love your personality so much 😂😂😂

  60. Andrea Allen

    Andrea Allen6 개월 전

    When you started swatching the deep category 😑 I'm TIRED of brands throwing tan shades in the deep or dark category to make it seem more full. If we started rearranging colors ourselves we'd see the real breakdown would not be as they market it. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  61. Kathrynne Shaffer

    Kathrynne Shaffer6 개월 전

    So before it was too little shade now it’s too many?

  62. India Billups

    India Billups6 개월 전

    Jackie this is y ily cuz u speak nun b the truth

  63. Hollee Lifestyles

    Hollee Lifestyles6 개월 전

    We love you Queen! She applies foundation at 10:00 🤗

  64. Cassandra R

    Cassandra R6 개월 전

    That is a impressive number of shades. I hope they have a true olive, green undertones not yellow or pink.

  65. Stephanie Lettsome

    Stephanie Lettsome6 개월 전

    “Judge to daddy” took me the hell out 😂