Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. Hoodie Hat

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    I hope he talks about KOreporter rewind

  2. Gnometower

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    I recommend people watch Lewinsky's TED Talk. It's quite worthwhile

  3. Reuben Handel

    Reuben Handel시간 전

    So this person is paid to go on tv every week and falsely claim the President of the United States is a Russian agent and a nazi?

  4. Ben Thayer

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    In other news, I'm 22 and I'm an idiot

  5. WonderWhatHappened

    WonderWhatHappened시간 전

    Monica Lewinsky is a great example of how to deal with public shaming and eventually win at Life.

  6. Patrick MuhWheeney

    Patrick MuhWheeney시간 전

    I'm thoroughly amazed everyone's so forgiving. Her punishment was awful, but her act was pathetic and classless, not to mention adultery. Does she deserve attacks? No. Does she deserve accolades? Certainly not.

  7. Omni Codex

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    The left is the reason we have an outrage culture. You’re culpable, you insane lunatics. Tucker Carlson has more logic and integrity in his pinky finger than Jon Oliver or anyone else with commie mentalities. Literally get fucked. All of your days are numbered. This civil war the left wants to instigate won’t end well for you.

  8. David Gallego

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    The main problem I have with this episode is the hypocrisy that the same people who are heavily criticizing Tucker Carlson are the same people who defended James Gunn. Their situations are remarkably similar yet the reactions were exactly opposite on both sides of the aisle

  9. Anahi Gomez

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    *John Oliver is absolutely the only person i need news from.*

  10. Jonathan Deras

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    She seems so cool and chill to be around. Also she is very beautiful

  11. BigRedBeard

    BigRedBeard시간 전

    Who we're making fun of. Why were doing it. Do they have a soul patch? Are they right wing?

  12. TheBonelessBanana

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    "Deflated" lol, I see what you did there ... 24:15

  13. mobabyhomeslice

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    Awesome episode, John O. and so relevant! Well said. Mad respect for you and your writers for pointing out the difference between carefully thought out comedy for laughs and just straight up bullying. There's a DIFFERENCE! You explained that very well.

  14. asliuf

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    god she's so funny!!

  15. TheStapleGunKid

    TheStapleGunKid시간 전

    Interesting that when John chose his examples for stories of excessive internet outrage, he didn't choose the most recent and most obvious one: The Covington High School students video. I wonder why he didn't use that?

  16. Chaitanya Murali

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    The weirdest thing here is that John is actually younger than Monica, by like 4 years. He looks like a really old rat-faced wanker next to her, as opposed to just a rat-faced wanker.

  17. Justin Lewis

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    This unfunny garbage is wishing death on Tucker Carlson a political opponent who has ten times his audience hehehe so progressive of you democrat trash propagandists.

  18. WilburWon't

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    Love the show. Seems like you stole this story from a channel called "Coffee Break." You even referenced a few of the same examples as they did if I'm not mistaken. Please forgive me if I'm mistaken.

  19. sihr07

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    SO much respect for Monica

  20. Kalyani Narayanan

    Kalyani Narayanan시간 전

    You are the master of interviews. Positive video for the day! Thank you Alvin :)

  21. Chriz Riemers

    Chriz Riemers시간 전

    Wait. People actually thought she was unattractive??? She was gorgeous then and she stlll is now. But if anything like what happened to her then, happened now, I'm sure the late night comedians including Mr.Oliver here would have gone to town on her.

  22. benedictify

    benedictify시간 전

    Monica Lewinsky’s story is pretty much completely Bill Clinton’s fault

  23. Andy Dufresne

    Andy Dufresne시간 전

    There is nothing humans are better at than being too hard on others while too easy on ourselves.

  24. Cat4thCB

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    Monica, I think what you went through was bullshit.

  25. Marush Denchev

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    Get a room you two!

  26. Silly Ivan

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    Man I got big feelings about this Aunt Becky thing, I was low-key in love with that woman.

  27. Omar Hassan Abed Alhameed Al-Bateekhy

    Omar Hassan Abed Alhameed Al-Bateekhy시간 전 is better than this

  28. Mikko Rintasaari

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    Wow, she's so great

  29. Omar Hassan Abed Alhameed Al-Bateekhy

    Omar Hassan Abed Alhameed Al-Bateekhy시간 전 is better than this

  30. C Sbastianygaumnitz

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    She is still a stunning woman.

  31. katie_incredible

    katie_incredible시간 전

    She's just so chill and it's amazing and I love her for it.

  32. Dantes Bass

    Dantes Bass시간 전

    So Anyone else going to point out the reference to a scarlet letter in the thumbnail

  33. Eduardo Rios

    Eduardo Rios시간 전

    I feel like if i say something regarding this video; my Insta, Facebook and KOreporter would be flooded with nasty comments

  34. kiba3698 Shizuka

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    I guess she sucked him off 2.

  35. David Miller

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    12345678McCain tries too throw election. The problem with political lifer's con like John McCain. Vet rides service to war to the point of giving FBI fake info as a member of the swamp. CNN reported Steele said he used unverified information to support details about 'fake Trump Dossier which Senator McCain gave the first 33 pages to the FBI. @t

  36. Mr Kneel: Hip-Hop for Families!

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    she should RUN FOR OFFICE!

  37. Tiffany Sox

    Tiffany Sox시간 전

    There's one thing I will say that I wish the anti-Trump media would not comment on and that is his weight - if he was a woman, there would be outage at judging someone this way. However, I think intelligently pointing out lies or falsehoods needs to continue to hold people in power accountable. Trump is an easy target for poking fun but, honestly, he gives enough material to work with that I don't like to see people go for the hair or weight, that's just lazy and unproductive. Great segment!! John's show is always thought provoking.

  38. MisterKillMan

    MisterKillMan시간 전

    I just can't agree with John about Tucker. 1st off the comments were made on a shock jock radio show, the point is to be offensive. 2nd the comments were made almost 10 years ago. Are they in any way relevant? Anyone who actually watches Tucker Carlson now will know he doesn't believe these things. 3rd RIGHT AFTER John talks about how he still hasn't apologized, he says that most people don't even change their minds after hearing the total truth, then how on earth would people calm down after he apologized? Would people move on? No, that's not enough. He has to be fired from his job for comments he made 10 years BEFORE even working for fox. He has to be completely ostracized from our society apparently. Truly guys, please listen to his current work to see if he's racist, not some comment on a shock jock radio show from 10 years ago. Peace

  39. Karen Hanania

    Karen Hanania시간 전

    Excellent interview. She is articulate, impressive, strong, BRAVE.

  40. Igor Solar

    Igor Solar시간 전

    I did not have any particular feeling for Monica, one way or the other. Now, I do: respect and admiration.

  41. Phil Giellea

    Phil Giellea시간 전

    With all the problems the UK has, we have this Limey twit telling us what to so. Go back to the UK and fix their problems before you preach to us.

  42. Pearl Ngcobo

    Pearl Ngcobo시간 전

    So good to see this! Sending love to all from South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦😘😘😘💖💖💖

  43. Justin Lewis

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    Fake trending unfunny liberal propaganda from the most terrible people on earth.

  44. Skrzaciak

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    Fire I'll take you to burn Fire I'll take to learn I'll see you burn Best soundtrack of the year

  45. ^julian weidele

    ^julian weidele시간 전

    I love John Oliver's show and this one is just as great the other ones. .. But watching this one KOreporter, it feels ironic hearing the phrase, every few seconds we find something else to be angry about online. Still true though....

  46. darthkimball

    darthkimball시간 전

    Why didnt you talk about the pile on for the kid wearing a maga hat with the native american? Cause it didnt fit into your narrative?

  47. UFBouncer

    UFBouncer시간 전

    I was deeply moved by this episode, especially by the interview with Monica Lewinsky. Never put so much thought into this topic, glad you both could teach me better! Great work and much love to Monica Lewinsky, you are fighter!

  48. Manimal T

    Manimal T시간 전

    Next weeks show should be on oscars voters comments on how they vote

  49. Sin Stalker

    Sin Stalker시간 전

    Wow, she got hotter with age.

  50. Toploaded Gaming

    Toploaded Gaming시간 전

    So jokes are not acceptable anymore. Fuck off. This isn’t a comedy show, its propaganda. It started as a comedy show, and it progressed further towards propaganda. Notice he didn’t say shit about the misandrist jokes that still occur to this day about John Bobbitt. Because all those jokes are okay. I’d love to hear from George Carlin right now, because he’d tell you all (left, right) to get fucked.

  51. Adam v

    Adam v시간 전

    I watched her Ted Talk.. she was very well spoken. Considering that was the only time I’ve heard her speak, I didn’t realize she would be as personable and as eloquent in an interview. Amazing woman who didn’t deserve the bullying towards her

  52. itonner231

    itonner231시간 전

    Excellent segment and interview. Monica should be proud of how far she has come. She seems like an incredibly strong person.

  53. Liam Clink

    Liam Clink시간 전

    17:10 People don’t shame because they think it’ll fix anything, they shame because it’s funny

  54. JoeX108

    JoeX108시간 전

    Uhh, I just love Alvin’s Show!

  55. Juan Luna

    Juan Luna시간 전

    You're doing God's work, John. The internet needs this video so badly

  56. Max Weis - BalearicFilms

    Max Weis - BalearicFilms시간 전

    Thankgod im 23, last year I can confirm Retardation.

  57. Phuck Bhunny

    Phuck Bhunny시간 전

    You John Oliver are a part of the problem.

  58. SuperMobian

    SuperMobian시간 전

    this could only happen in mercia.

  59. Malcolm DuBose

    Malcolm DuBose시간 전

    Fox News getting the story wrong and creating a false narrative. Sounds about right.

  60. im watching youtube

    im watching youtube시간 전

    THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!

  61. andrew may

    andrew may시간 전

    Contradicting jay Leno with 15-21 year old videos??? While you did it yourself just 1o year ago, not very convincing....

  62. Eric Heldt

    Eric Heldt시간 전

    Smearing Monica Is Bad... But Brett Kauvenagh is Ok.

  63. Brett Neckermann

    Brett Neckermann시간 전

    Last Week Tonight with JAX

  64. Kyle Schaff

    Kyle Schaff시간 전

    Can confirm: I’m 22, an idiot, and now you’ve lost my viewership




  66. BonzoDog67 Lizardking

    BonzoDog67 Lizardking시간 전

    Given that Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich were secretly planning on "privatizing" Social Security -- a scheme that was only derailed by the Monica Lewinsky Affair -- Monica's answer to those wishing to shame her should be: "You're Welcome."

  67. Yanick Dorsaint

    Yanick Dorsaint시간 전

    Where can I get the Jay Leno book?

  68. peach star

    peach star시간 전

    You can see the genuine interest that John has towards Monica's POV and doesn't interrupt her throughout the interview. She's an amazing, well spoken individual. Brilliant interview.

  69. Avery Kells

    Avery Kells시간 전

    public shaming only works when both sides are held accountable and we all know talk shows host and leftist media coverage will ever do that

  70. luname

    luname시간 전

    can anybody from that time tell me how "the public" felt about Bill Clinton?

  71. Mohamed Abuelgasim

    Mohamed Abuelgasim시간 전

    19:03 I am 27 years old and still an idiot

  72. jtonyteodoro

    jtonyteodoro시간 전

    I don’t want just a piece, I want all of her Hit all the spots that got missed like John Oliver Bending her all to my will like a polymer Until she can’t speak from the thrill that’s befallen her

  73. Genesis Torres

    Genesis Torres시간 전

    Shame on you, shamers🖕 Grow up and get a life, she messed up, a long fucking time ago, and she paid for it. Look, she didn't then, she doesn't now and she will never owe you shameful shamers a damned thing, so build you a bridge and get over it. K. Shamers, y'all are despicable acting like there ain't no shameful shit in your closets, BITCH PLEASE! And it's probably worse shit too, so who TF do you shamers think you are? Now go clean your closet

  74. mamakind99

    mamakind99시간 전

    For the first time in a long while, I disagree with John. Unless it is a public figure, doing something in public, it is NEVER ok to publically shame them because you disagree with their actions. His stance on "depends on what they have done" is ridiculous because it is totally subjective. Should someone be publically shamed for legally and with permit killing a lion (like Robert Palmer)? Why draw the line there? Why not anyone who hunts? Or anyone who gets enjoyment from the death of an animal (that is, anyone who enjoys eating meat)? Where to draw the line and who draws it?

  75. Clay3613

    Clay3613시간 전

    How much sucking up to Conan did the writers do here by sandbagging Jay because he's a comedian?

  76. Hades McFadden

    Hades McFadden시간 전

    Dear Tucker Carlson....bitching out the internet outrage machine? Do you know who you work for again? Fox Outrage Central? Sit on that outrage pole and go fuck yourself.

  77. Sammie1053

    Sammie1053시간 전

    1) as a 22 year old, I literally raised my hand when John said we're all idiots. 2) Also as a 22 year old, I wasn't really aware of the Clinton sex scandal at the time (I wasn't even alive for some of it). My only experience with it has been retrospective, either from people talking about it or by seeing media from the period. I've been watching a lot of clips from the old Whose Line lately, and Clinton/Lewinsky jokes were PERVASIVE. I'd say they also got a bigger reaction than any other joke. I remember one clip where the prompt was something like "President Clinton's new years resolutions" and Ryan Stiles responded "Have an affair with someone *attractive* ". The audience absolutely roared with laughter, and some people even applauded. I cannot imagine being Monica and having to hear things like that.

  78. Bugler55

    Bugler55시간 전

    Shocking how many here pay lip service to Lewinsky, though I suppose this is a much younger generation. She was tarred and feathered no doubt, but is everyone forgetting she CHOSE TO HOOKUP WITH A MARRIED MAN? Like i see people saying "INSPIRATIONAL!", "BRAVE!", "COMPASSIONATE!"? Do words even mean anything anymore?

  79. onpoc

    onpoc시간 전

    Feminists failed her.

  80. Mohamed Zainal

    Mohamed Zainal시간 전

    Man you just took on Jay Leno, you must be crazy

  81. Angry Pent

    Angry Pent시간 전

    Dont shame... Unless I dont like them

  82. Deborah Thompson

    Deborah Thompson시간 전

    HE IS SSSOO RESPECTFUL OF HER. AS A WOMAN, I CERTAINLY APPRECIATE THAT ASPECT. That he didn't fall into the desire to make a pun or something at her you know what I mean. Especially being a comedian. That must have been hard because his mind works that way.

  83. Lucy

    Lucy시간 전

    - no surname - no explanation - just JAX

  84. Lilith Pierce

    Lilith Pierce시간 전

    Did he make a league of legends reff?

  85. joshua perry

    joshua perry시간 전

    God damnit though... Monica looks good as hell!

  86. Jmaster Gaming

    Jmaster Gaming시간 전

    Yes #tuckercarlsonfuckshisroomba

  87. Pedestrian Person

    Pedestrian Person시간 전

    #1 trending good job

  88. Abendschein

    Abendschein시간 전

    Everything aside, even as a kid growing up in the 90's, it never made sense to me why people cared so. Fucking. Much. She turned out very well and is fighting a worthy cause. I also never understood the negative physical comments about her. I always thought she looked gorgeous, and I can only hope to can age as well as she has!

  89. Lana Gustafson

    Lana Gustafson시간 전

    Thank you, Jax, for making this video. Just last week I was thinking about Monica because a friend posted a meme about "kneeling" (Colin Kaepernick was in it along with Monica) and I was just like "really?! It's been 20 years, leave her alone already". Thank you for sticking up for her and others whose lives have been ruined by this kind of behavior

  90. CJ

    CJ시간 전

    So this was an episode dedicated to rehabilitating Monica Lewinskys image? She sucked a dick, it was made public, jokes were made, people laughed. She was nobody then and she’s nobody now. Her claim to fame is that she sucked a dick! That’s comedy gold!!!

  91. BritishEnglish

    BritishEnglish시간 전

    Wow, what timing. Today I just came across an article about a teacher in Winnipeg who was fired back in 2010 because of a lap dance she and a male teacher performed spontaneously at a pep rally. The male teacher initiated it and both lost their jobs, but the female teacher was the one who was continuously slut-shamed and can't find a full-time teaching job years later, despite using her husband's last name and not even living in Canada anymore. People can be unbelievably ruthless. Like John said, imagine if the stupidest thing we ever did was repeated to us every single day - and cost us our livelihoods.

  92. Onion Sandwich

    Onion Sandwich시간 전

    Has Jay Leno been #MeToo-ed yet ?

  93. BenderRick

    BenderRick시간 전

    As a 22 year old I can assure you we all do some stupid shit but some of us are actually trying out here

  94. Jamie Lybeck

    Jamie Lybeck시간 전

    "I know it seems like your life will forever be defined by this" Monica. It's been 20 years and you're still in the press. I love you girl and I support you, but your life sorta is defined by this just a little bit

  95. No Thanks

    No Thanks시간 전

    Great episode, your show has been hard to watch since Trump got elected.

  96. Onion Sandwich

    Onion Sandwich시간 전

    Once upon a time Monica sucked the Benghazi out of Bill, that totalled Hillary's campaign.

  97. VinceValentine

    VinceValentine시간 전

    #tuckercarlsonfuckshisroomba It's true!

  98. xpirate16

    xpirate16시간 전

    What a great interview, kudos to her for defying the odds and using her darkest hour to become stronger to be able to help others. With that being said, I think it would've been HILARIOUS had the interview ended with them smoking cigars lol

  99. indiankira

    indiankira시간 전

    Monica is definitely a bigger role model & inspiration than both Hilary nd Bill. She can be a better candidate than most Democrats today

  100. Jasper Yu

    Jasper Yu시간 전

    I wonder how Hilary feels that Monica is a LOT more likable than her