Psychicpebbles Funeral


  1. penguinz0

    penguinz05 개월 전

    Animation by:

  2. Darian Kimberly

    Darian Kimberly개월 전

    Outro music?

  3. Cheeky Bum

    Cheeky Bum5 개월 전

    It’s like the Ricky Gervais show

  4. Zark

    Zark5 개월 전

    Primate punk did a good work! But the podcast is def my fav

  5. Zark

    Zark5 개월 전

    @xeno runner madness wait wtf

  6. Zark

    Zark5 개월 전

    @xeno runner madness exactly!!

  7. Arnold schwarzenegger

    Arnold schwarzenegger일 전

    I would want my funeral to be like that

  8. Jack Law

    Jack Law4 일 전


  9. viperstrike0

    viperstrike018 일 전

    i would have activities in my funeral, like torturing a tiny clone of hitler.

  10. The Mysterious Stranger That doesn’t exist

    The Mysterious Stranger That doesn’t exist24 일 전

    At my funeral, I’d want the banquet to be made up of spaghetti, chicken wings, root beer and grape soda

  11. Macho Fantastico

    Macho Fantastico26 일 전

    Honestly this explains so much about Psychicpebbles mindset.

  12. Liquid Mike

    Liquid Mike27 일 전

    wow, after listening to Sleepycast for years.. you guys are what some call a "tough crowd" maybe laugh at you comedic genius' jokes while he tells them, perhaps leading down a tangent to something even funnier

  13. Offensive

    Offensive29 일 전

    0:30 oh hey its the ricky gervais show, nice.

  14. D E A D C H A N N E L

    D E A D C H A N N E L29 일 전

    Why does Charlie have such a weak chin in this?

  15. jacko

    jacko개월 전

    i spat out my hot chocolate laughing at 0:59

  16. Spunk

    Spunk개월 전

    category gaming

  17. Tony Callme

    Tony Callme개월 전

    like how they're talking like it's a normal topic

  18. Carls Hatred

    Carls Hatred개월 전

    Sleepycabin is funnier

  19. BoneBag Mel

    BoneBag Mel개월 전

    Ricky gerveis show looking ass

  20. Lord Draconian22

    Lord Draconian22개월 전

    Ricky Gervais anyone?

  21. toastthebread

    toastthebread개월 전

    Of course charlie has to be the shortest

  22. Walter Finnes

    Walter Finnes개월 전

    "I could be a lampshade" Bruh.

  23. grey home.

    grey home.개월 전

    Wow another podcast that no one needs or wanted

  24. Abobobini

    Abobobini개월 전

    Everyone in the comments freaking out as if Zach can actually die, I wish. This goblin has been plaguing mankind since the beginning of time.

  25. Michael K

    Michael K개월 전

    0:38 sleepycast!!!!

  26. Harrison Blackwell

    Harrison Blackwell개월 전

    chad moment

  27. Jeremie Mazerolle

    Jeremie Mazerolle개월 전

    This is so beautifully animated ! Holy shit

  28. Larry Productions

    Larry Productions개월 전

    Chad Chad Stacy Stacy Stacy Stacy Chad and Stacy

  29. Sergei Veselov

    Sergei Veselov개월 전

    Chad was such a bro, but dude.... chaDD was such a dick. Flex anymore and your gonna go into a coffin.

  30. elmo

    elmo개월 전

    You guys are fucking dark

  31. Shaun Goin

    Shaun Goin개월 전

    God why is Zach's voice so nasally

  32. Majin Juice

    Majin Juice개월 전

    This feels like that show with Karl pilkington

  33. RusDaddy

    RusDaddy개월 전

    I hated this episode because they kept cutting Zach off to do ads or straight up change the topic

  34. Navi Valdez

    Navi Valdez개월 전

    I love critikal, but like Zach is so much more funnier to me. SleepyCabin stands strong.

  35. dreadlordhg

    dreadlordhg개월 전


  36. WoodrowWaffles

    WoodrowWaffles개월 전

    Who's the guy on the far right of the sleepycabin cameo? I recognize all the others

  37. iRock

    iRock개월 전


  38. Nick Lex

    Nick Lex2 개월 전

    Well, his channel is already pretty fucking dead.

  39. Club Dog

    Club Dog2 개월 전

    0:39 Who’s Cory?!?!?!? (spazkidIN3D)

  40. Fortnite Note

    Fortnite Note2 개월 전

    This stupid nothing other than a waste of time

  41. Sai Smith

    Sai Smith2 개월 전

    Zach is just vulgar Karl Pilkington

  42. Alexander Agcaoili

    Alexander Agcaoili2 개월 전

    Why does he talk like that?

  43. Moop

    Moop2 개월 전

    Just imagine they only bury Psychicpebbles 1 ft deep and his nose is just poking out

  44. Alexander Chippel

    Alexander Chippel2 개월 전

    Kind of reminds me of the Ricky Gervais Show.

  45. Yeet

    Yeet2 개월 전

    1:35 when you refuse to join the clock crew

  46. TheQuyman

    TheQuyman2 개월 전

    The cut to sleepycabin. I died a little

  47. WyattDraws Decently

    WyattDraws Decently2 개월 전

    Did they seriously ignore "I got his *_Vagina??"_*

  48. Lakiga

    Lakiga3 개월 전

    im glad charlies legs are to scale

  49. Banner

    Banner3 개월 전

    Why is Charlie so ugly

  50. Foxtwins4

    Foxtwins43 개월 전

  51. Hi im Iny

    Hi im Iny3 개월 전


  52. Max Awesom

    Max Awesom3 개월 전

    what podcast is this?

  53. Dylan Matthews // DellBoy05

    Dylan Matthews // DellBoy052 개월 전

    Max Awesom The official podcast The best podcast out there

  54. Kappin R-M80s

    Kappin R-M80s3 개월 전

    This feels just like the Ricky Gervais Show. I am not disappointed. Even the art style and animation. I am not disappointed at all.

  55. Josh Bailey

    Josh Bailey3 개월 전

    getting ricky gervais show vibes

  56. pieV3000

    pieV30003 개월 전

    2:00 that's not stacey thats bonnie

  57. Ricky P. Martin

    Ricky P. Martin3 개월 전

    Aww the animator brought back the sleepycast.

  58. guy anermanator

    guy anermanator3 개월 전

    If zach dies, I DIE. End of story.

  59. JJ Bluefire

    JJ Bluefire3 개월 전

    Psychicpebbles feela like karl pinkleton to me for some reason

  60. James Redd

    James Redd3 개월 전

    The animation reminds me of The Ricky Gervais Show

  61. _xXUNKNOWNXx_

    _xXUNKNOWNXx_3 개월 전

    Yeah this is weird as shit

  62. muh chrome

    muh chrome3 개월 전

    1:50 pretty sure that's Kaya laughing lol not Andrew

  63. Charlie Not-my-real-name

    Charlie Not-my-real-name4 개월 전

    Love the Ricky Gervais style

  64. Apentogo

    Apentogo4 개월 전

    wanna know something cool to do with human bones? forge them into swords. yep it actually works. bones go into forge, turn into carbon, carbon goes into steel, steel turns into high carbon steel.

  65. Eyeless Twat

    Eyeless Twat4 개월 전

    The official podcast is wild

  66. Zwarlie

    Zwarlie4 개월 전

    If Zach ever died god would send him back because he wouldn’t know how to deal with the constant hypotheticals