Psychicpebbles Funeral


  1. penguinz0

    penguinz0개월 전

    Animation by:

  2. Cheeky Bum

    Cheeky Bum개월 전

    It’s like the Ricky Gervais show

  3. Zark

    Zark개월 전

    Primate punk did a good work! But the podcast is def my fav

  4. Zark

    Zark개월 전

    @xeno runner madness wait wtf

  5. Zark

    Zark개월 전

    @xeno runner madness exactly!!

  6. Cody Blade

    Cody Blade개월 전

    Harb Turbo Animator?

  7. Charlie Not-my-real-name

    Charlie Not-my-real-name20 시간 전

    Love the Ricky Gervais style

  8. Apentogo

    Apentogo5 일 전

    wanna know something cool to do with human bones? forge them into swords. yep it actually works. bones go into forge, turn into carbon, carbon goes into steel, steel turns into high carbon steel.

  9. Eyeless Twat

    Eyeless Twat7 일 전

    The official podcast is wild

  10. Zwarlie

    Zwarlie9 일 전

    If Zach ever died god would send him back because he wouldn’t know how to deal with the constant hypotheticals

  11. Adam Jensen

    Adam Jensen10 일 전

    watching on acid just makes sense. and that's weird.

  12. JomahBD

    JomahBD11 일 전

    When the scene cut to the sleepy crew it made my heart happy. Very entertaining visuals!

  13. Stan_Tuffrey

    Stan_Tuffrey11 일 전

    His voice fucks md off

  14. Ron

    Ron12 일 전

    Zach is just the american Karl I guess.

  15. Gary Busey

    Gary Busey12 일 전

    1:35 Oney’s Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Skree Ball Crawl OneyNG, Julian and Ding-Dong venture across America looking for all of the Zach Corpse Parts.

  16. N Cac

    N Cac13 일 전


  17. Iain Silver

    Iain Silver14 일 전

    This reminds me of like a Ricky Gervais kinda thing.

  18. GOON

    GOON22 일 전

    TIL Stacy is the name female chads I didn’t know that at all

  19. Sophia Hobbs

    Sophia Hobbs25 일 전

    0:49 Was that Banjo's laugh?

  20. Damian Fox

    Damian Fox25 일 전

    The Gicky Rervais Show created by BHO

  21. Bass Trammel

    Bass Trammel29 일 전

    Stai-c or Sacky, or whatever his name is, is so funny XDDD

  22. Dante Diep

    Dante Diep개월 전

    Holy shit, sewing his EYES open?!

  23. Tyler Coon

    Tyler Coon개월 전

    My mother wants to be cremated. I, on the other hand, want the exact opposite. I want to be frozen completely solid in a block of ice, then ground into snow so the children can have snowball fights with my corpse

  24. Not racist, just don’t like goblins.

    Not racist, just don’t like goblins.개월 전

    “I could be a lampshade.” OY VEY



    @1:36, ClockCrew?

  26. JokeDeity

    JokeDeity개월 전

    WTF, Charlie hangs out with Zach? I...I want to be the fly on this wall 24/7.

  27. El Bastardo

    El Bastardo개월 전

    I still don't know what he was talking about.

  28. SchizophrenicFrankie

    SchizophrenicFrankie개월 전

    I love the 'Ricky Gervais Show' style he used for this!

  29. NintendoNerd - Toby

    NintendoNerd - Toby개월 전

    Still my favorite episode of the podcast so far.

  30. Jordan Loux

    Jordan Loux개월 전

    His voice actually sounds like that? I thought he was just exaggerating!

  31. Joe Rambo

    Joe Rambo개월 전

    Getting some serious Ricky Gervais Show vibes here. I like it.

  32. Ties de Jong

    Ties de Jong개월 전


  33. Chase Mueller

    Chase Mueller개월 전

    I haven’t seen anyone comment about it but I absolutely LOVE the Ricky Gervais Show style to this animation, Primate Punk did an absolutely terrific job.

  34. TheCapitalTee

    TheCapitalTee개월 전

    what podcast is this?

  35. 2versace

    2versace개월 전

    fr i really thought u animated this oml

  36. VAPOR

    VAPOR개월 전

    Who killed zach

  37. Nitokris, The Blackpilled

    Nitokris, The Blackpilled개월 전

    For some reason, last year I was always being suggested these Indonesian(?) funeral videos on here and I fell down a rabbit hole of just watching dead people on KOreporter for hours. Some of them were pretty awful, like people actively rotting at viewings and flies all over the place. I'd watch those in bed for hours until they started giving me graphic nightmares.

  38. Lanooski

    Lanooski개월 전

    This reminds me so much of the Ricky Gervais Show and I’m loving it

  39. Someone On Twitch

    Someone On Twitch개월 전

    Thumbnail zach looks like flint lockwood from the cloudy with a chance of meatballs tv show

  40. Josh M

    Josh M개월 전

    Best...funeral...ever. All versions. Just...all of them.

  41. Jimmy T.

    Jimmy T.개월 전

    0:49 Why does Goofy sound like Banjo?

  42. Skippy

    Skippy개월 전


  43. Michael McCarthy

    Michael McCarthy개월 전


  44. MoonUpper

    MoonUpper개월 전

    Where’s Karl pilkington ?

  45. Michael LittleElk

    Michael LittleElk개월 전

    Is this Sleepycast?

  46. Nacket Donut

    Nacket Donut개월 전

    Everytime I listen to Zach tell a story, I space out. Not because I'm bored or disinterested, but because I'm trying to process what he's saying? And then whenever I come back from space, I'm just so confused, and I have no idea what he's talking about. But in all honesty, if I had Zach's voice, I'd _never_ shut up.

  47. Ricky Jaeger

    Ricky Jaeger개월 전

    love the _ricky gervais show_ style

  48. Larry Productions

    Larry Productions개월 전

    Is he dead or not?!

  49. Wretneck

    Wretneck개월 전

    How good do you have to be to get one of Zack's eyes? Because my idea is to keep it in a jar of embalming fluid and set it in my bathroom

  50. Kenny Tee

    Kenny Tee개월 전

    Zach, you truly are a very generous guy. I loved seeing how you gave your friends all that room to suck any humor out of that bit just so they could hear themselves talk and awkwardly laugh at their own jokes. Good boy

  51. Benjamin Gibson

    Benjamin Gibson개월 전

    I like how at 1:37 Chris is just fucking dead

  52. General Kenobi Daily

    General Kenobi Daily개월 전

    “Why does your voice sound like that?” “When I was a kid my parents got into a car accident.” “Omg really?” “No.”

  53. Malakai

    Malakai개월 전

    Ricky Gervais Show much?

  54. ike13d

    ike13d개월 전

    Oh shit, you had me worried for a moment

  55. CorporateCanine

    CorporateCanine개월 전

    Was the Ricky Gervais show so influential? I wasn't even aware that people had seen it.

  56. OneironauticalOne

    OneironauticalOne개월 전

    I love that Stamper looks like Ren Hoek

  57. aleksandar maksic

    aleksandar maksic개월 전

    You incel hahahahhaha

  58. Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica

    Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica개월 전

    This reminds me of the Ricky Gervais show. I love it



    0:13 i fucking love how he said nightmare in a french accent.

  60. Timothy Brinsmead

    Timothy Brinsmead개월 전

    My dream for my funeral us to have them rig me onto an animatronic with 2 modes. Greeting mode so i can stand and wave to the people coming in as a decrepit speaker in my mouth welcomes them to Tims World. Casket mode so my eyes flash with red led lights, and when people come near i pop up and scare them like a wacky skeleton

  61. Daubeny.7

    Daubeny.7개월 전

    Why does he sound like he’s got a permanent cold

  62. TGhMtQD9412

    TGhMtQD9412개월 전

    Can't listen to his nasally voice for more than six seconds

  63. Milktraap

    Milktraap개월 전

    that title nearly gave me a heart attack

  64. Guy Shafor

    Guy Shafor개월 전

    What happened to Ricky Gervais' accent?

  65. Stephen Reed

    Stephen Reed개월 전

    why does that guy talk like fucking Barney from Barney or Barney from fucking The Flintstones