PS5 Release Date, New Controller & Hardware Details Surface


  1. Pilot On

    Pilot On5 시간 전

    To be honest. The ps4 wasn't really all that much better than the ps 3 becsuse all the features offered barely got used by anyone. I think the ps5 will be much of the same on that front. Alot of shit that nobody will use. Maybe im just getting older and games aren't as important too me anynore.

  2. Forged Sanity

    Forged Sanity5 시간 전

    Oh no ya'll gonna waste your money on a ps5, save up for a pc and you won't regret it in the future, or complain that you only get the playstation because it's better vAlUe

  3. corruptedchocla

    corruptedchocla5 시간 전

    10/10 am buying this when its released. I literally just got my ps4 pro in December 2018, but man am i going to stay on top of buying new consoles

  4. Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin5 시간 전

    no creo que sorprendan ya están en el limite y no pueden innovar mas

  5. lukas hanna

    lukas hanna5 시간 전

    let me see the ps5 shall not have pay for online......problem solved

  6. nick fry

    nick fry6 시간 전

    OMG Final Fantasy 7 remake is supposed to come out 2020😮😮😮😮😮😮

  7. SlyPlatinum

    SlyPlatinum6 시간 전

    I just hope the ps5 has a 1440p option because I don't want to buy a 4k monitor for the new ps5

  8. Flying Piggy

    Flying Piggy6 시간 전

    Xbox 360 Xbox 1 Xbox 1 S Xbox 1 X PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 PS5

  9. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith6 시간 전

    Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox one

  10. Jason Harris

    Jason Harris6 시간 전

    I still play ps3

  11. Gonlorn

    Gonlorn6 시간 전

    Sony: Ps1, Ps2, Ps3, Ps4 Ps5. Microsoft: xBox 1, xBox 360, xBox One, xBox...Threehundredsixty?

  12. Petros Perantonakis

    Petros Perantonakis6 시간 전

    People complain about the ps4 controller being similar while microsoft still needs fucking double a batteries to use their controller, give me a break

  13. Redvampire95

    Redvampire956 시간 전

    See, something they need to confirm or deny is if online games will be cross platform with PS4, games for instance like Warframe? Or will these have their own dedicated servers too?

  14. Logic Bender

    Logic Bender6 시간 전

    I'm sorry what was that? pc gamer here, I couldn't hear you over the sound of liquid cooling and fans cooling my GEFORCE ABCDEFG 9096 ULTRA SUPREME graphics card XD but seriously I don't get the point of power consoles

  15. B Ortiz

    B Ortiz6 시간 전

    Ps4 all day I don’t care about new systems no more it’s all the same shit

  16. King Shicetee

    King Shicetee6 시간 전

    Fuck that...this also means the new Xbox will be released as well. No disrespect to Playstation because I gotta have them both just as I do now, probably the new Xbox first tho. 💯

  17. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith6 시간 전

    Of course new xbox is coming and halo launch title

  18. Pipa Obala

    Pipa Obala7 시간 전

    The amount of "new" games that were released for ps4 since its launch doesn't warrant a new gen console. Ps4 and Xbox One gen should be dubbed as "Remaster generation".

  19. Jason

    Jason7 시간 전

    cant wait to play ps4 games on ps5 with better performance and no loading screen. at the same time i feel like its better to wait for next revision of the ps5

  20. Izakurakagel2 Aero

    Izakurakagel2 Aero7 시간 전

    There better be a Bloodborne 2 like game on launch.

  21. Blazing Ram

    Blazing Ram7 시간 전


  22. wehatefleur

    wehatefleur7 시간 전

    Didn't they say the ps5 controller will be heavier than the ps4 controller but lighter than the xbox's one controller

  23. Jessie Guerrero

    Jessie Guerrero7 시간 전

    still waiting for xbox 361 . unless they going to repeat xbox 2 like they did with xbox 1

  24. Razor 32

    Razor 328 시간 전

    Great can finally buy a PS3 !

  25. CoolVideos4Life

    CoolVideos4Life8 시간 전

    Gta 6 boys!!

  26. ابدل الحميد ابن موسى

    ابدل الحميد ابن موسى8 시간 전

    I'm I the only one here who talks the XBOX language.

  27. Aubrey Jackson

    Aubrey Jackson8 시간 전

    Graphics as good as the Xbox One

  28. Scrublord Jewnicorn

    Scrublord Jewnicorn8 시간 전

    Vibration is for hoes, hopefully Hori has a ps5 controller ready for late 2020. Can't stand DUALSHOCK, overall small, long trigger pull. I prefer the xbox controller layout simply because I can reach the D pad with my right hand thumb without moving my left hand.

  29. Merc.12

    Merc.128 시간 전

    black ops one or two

  30. Icy Mark

    Icy Mark8 시간 전

    New psvr here I come

  31. The Monotheist

    The Monotheist8 시간 전

    Guys, dont buy the upcoming PS5. PS6 (which will be obviously better than PS5) will knock-knock 2 or 3 years later. Have patience.

  32. Rad2Games

    Rad2Games8 시간 전

    I know it was not popular but everyone forget about the steam controller and the haptic feedback

  33. Randy Escalante Garcia

    Randy Escalante Garcia8 시간 전

    1:58 that wall took his ass out

  34. Shardul Hemant

    Shardul Hemant8 시간 전

    My mom says games ain't good for brains

  35. Mr Unlucky

    Mr Unlucky8 시간 전

    Bo2 remaster on ps5... Anyone?

  36. Zozo

    Zozo8 시간 전

    I would love to see more stream options and customization options so there’s no need for a pc

  37. Kintler11

    Kintler118 시간 전

    already thinking about buying it when it comes out, and I am a hardcore pc player. Not gonna ditch my pc tho. I love my pc.

  38. Sam  Wilson

    Sam Wilson8 시간 전

    If it is compatible with ps4 and ps3 mayyyybe i will get it idk

  39. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith5 시간 전

    Not ps3

  40. EpicEarthEaterTriple.E.E.E ZiaTv

    EpicEarthEaterTriple.E.E.E ZiaTv9 시간 전

    How bout bring back free wifi

  41. forgedby2112

    forgedby21129 시간 전

    Price point?

  42. Gacha Yoongi

    Gacha Yoongi9 시간 전

    I bought a ps4 recently and this come up.......



    Remember guys they’ll always be a new version of the same console. I wonder how the PlayStation 5 Pro will turn out🤔

  44. Peterson Freitas

    Peterson Freitas9 시간 전

    I need a Pro control in PS5 as good as M$ Elite, with that my life will be complete

  45. J Chapa

    J Chapa9 시간 전

    1:45 rip for tomorrow fortnite

  46. Hesed Hesed

    Hesed Hesed9 시간 전


  47. nikoboy53

    nikoboy539 시간 전

    ps4 just come out 3 years a go it`s too soon for a new one but the x box 720 is comeing soon

  48. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith5 시간 전

    Ps4 came out 6 years ago

  49. Geo Engineering

    Geo Engineering9 시간 전

    Ps5 games.......🤷‍♂️

  50. James Knowlen

    James Knowlen9 시간 전

    The games are crap,especially the 20 games,I will not buy another one.

  51. Fearless Tv

    Fearless Tv10 시간 전

    Guess it’s time to sell my ps4

  52. miss diva

    miss diva10 시간 전

    What do you think the price range will be

  53. Senior Partner

    Senior Partner10 시간 전

    They should make it Playstation 360 just to piss off Microsoft

  54. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith5 시간 전

    Playstation 360 And xbox 5

  55. Purple Planet

    Purple Planet10 시간 전

    Just when you bought a new Controller. But haven't bought the 4 yet so now I will wait.

  56. Dedskin Prodcer/DJ

    Dedskin Prodcer/DJ10 시간 전

    Stinks of fake news like crazy , exploiting the dumb ass kids , far as i know Sony CEO said that PS 5 is not even an option , that is still ringing in my head , reason behind it , Developing brick wall due to expensive games , and tech brick wall coming from inability to make cheaper hardware . In all that light , i dont know

  57. Andrew Welsh

    Andrew Welsh10 시간 전

    i like ps4 better than ps5

  58. Bisy #2

    Bisy #210 시간 전

    like: don't even have a game console

  59. Isaac A

    Isaac A10 시간 전

    I won't buy it unless it clocks higher fps. That's all I care about


    WAVY CLAYTON10 시간 전

    Will my ps4 games switch over

  61. Paul Rains

    Paul Rains10 시간 전

    If the controller gets bigger I might get the ps5, that’s the main reason I play Xbox is bcuz of the controller, I’m not a fan of the size and placement of the analog sticks

  62. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith10 시간 전

    Controller is the same

  63. YOXYO

    YOXYO10 시간 전

    How many ppl that will buy the new Ps5 👇

  64. YOXYO

    YOXYO10 시간 전

    Who else is scrolling down to the comments while watching the video?

  65. Sly Blu

    Sly Blu10 시간 전

    We need another LEGEND OF DRAGOON!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeaaaase!!!

  66. el indio

    el indio11 시간 전 cool with my old consoles. Fook PS5