1. mark lawrence

    mark lawrence일 전

    What's Lefty name he look familiar

  2. Magical Ballers

    Magical Ballers2 일 전

    This boy ripping boys that can hoop

  3. Charlotte Gonzales

    Charlotte Gonzales5 일 전

    4:20 I can't be the only one who flinched, right??

  4. Pw Ba

    Pw Ba6 일 전

    Why are there birds in the gym?

  5. evloh

    evloh7 일 전

    no D and edit out the 50% misses... this is what is ruining ball. There's a reason none of these guys can make the league.

  6. D. Boulden

    D. Boulden11 일 전

    Is that Jacob pullen

  7. Lil Dicky Cat

    Lil Dicky Cat13 일 전

    This is literally basketball PORN

  8. YeahNathan

    YeahNathan18 일 전

    Left Hand Shooters on top

  9. E Gibs

    E Gibs23 일 전

    He's that one dude who is always shooting around wearing sweats and headphones during pick-up games that never wants to run, but when he does it's a wrap lol

  10. Ooofster Noogal

    Ooofster Noogal개월 전

    Is that hoodie rio

  11. ore inbar

    ore inbar개월 전

    Someone help plz. What’s the dude in the blue nike shirt and headband. He been on ball is life before he’s dummy cold lol

  12. Expert Shiny Glasses Nigga

    Expert Shiny Glasses Nigga개월 전

    When the Pro Am teams in 2k go to Rec for “casual” game

  13. Brian Fuller

    Brian Fuller개월 전


  14. Tyrone Shoemaker

    Tyrone Shoemaker개월 전

    Very good talent on this video. However, these types of videos are edited heavily and of course you only see the highlights. I just know they are not all shooting high percentage shots. So it gives the illusion that they always automatic or have a high field goal percentage. Just look at the professionals and their statistics or watch a few games. The bricks, airballs and bad shot selections are there. Looks like some good competitive games though. Keep it up.

  15. Abass jalloh

    Abass jalloh개월 전

    Man he was on their asses

  16. Paolo Gregor Tuazon

    Paolo Gregor Tuazon개월 전

    And people had the nerve to diss Brian Scalabrine.

  17. Bread 'N Budda

    Bread 'N Budda개월 전

    I kinda play like this guy when somebody pisses me off and that rarely happens. I'm a little more smoother and slower though Wait who is this dude?

  18. #WeHoopin #WeHoopin

    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin2 개월 전

    He don't miss....😂💪🏿🏀🏀🏀#WeHoopin

  19. vishkaal playlist

    vishkaal playlist2 개월 전

    What is boys name

  20. Richard Morris

    Richard Morris2 개월 전

    Where is the plays were hes sticking someone

  21. caldwmc

    caldwmc2 개월 전

    That footwork at 3:45 is sick

  22. xiDESLO

    xiDESLO2 개월 전

    That’s where I go to school

  23. Noah Bridges

    Noah Bridges2 개월 전

    What is the guys name that was destroying everyone

  24. Abdul-Hayy Latif

    Abdul-Hayy Latif2 개월 전

    Noah Bridges Jordan stevens

  25. OhMyPolo

    OhMyPolo2 개월 전

    Imagine how Westbrook would be..

  26. Barry Owens

    Barry Owens2 개월 전

    And those high school kids everybody is watching get destroyed are on their way to college and the nba 2021 come back and find this comment

  27. Master Cazeo

    Master Cazeo2 개월 전

    Why he did camron like that😂😂

  28. Andy

    Andy3 개월 전

    Dem boys guud

  29. Robert S.

    Robert S.3 개월 전

    dude just different

  30. SixgfrixdTV

    SixgfrixdTV3 개월 전


  31. metal pharaoh

    metal pharaoh3 개월 전

    What's crazy is dude would be at best 12th man on an NBA team. Now just imagine what ridiculous iso players like kd harden and Kyrie would do to these boys. Just shows you how much better they are than regular dudes. All these kids think they great until they play the pros🤣🤣🤣

  32. P

    P3 개월 전

    11:57 nigga slapped that niggas ass sus asf

  33. Carlos Trevino

    Carlos Trevino3 개월 전

    This isn’t your average pick up game 🤣 these guys are ballin at a fast pace

  34. Bruce Grover

    Bruce Grover3 개월 전

    Man watch those G-League games during the season. Some of most competitive basketball you will ever see. Them boys can hoop! An all are fighting for their livelihoods as pros. Really great ball to watch.

  35. Abis Hamal

    Abis Hamal3 개월 전

    Nigga what the fuck is a d1 high school pick up

  36. Naim Lynn

    Naim Lynn3 개월 전

    but all these niggas is hooping

  37. Jermont Tigner

    Jermont Tigner3 개월 전

    Bro am i the only one who got skared and 4m23s lol it all dark and shit in here now i gotta grab my gun to go pee😂😂

  38. House of Henny

    House of Henny4 개월 전

    11:54 that’s my exact face when people going crazy and ain’t shit you can do about it 😂😂😂

  39. Goten

    Goten4 개월 전

    A D1 high school 💀

  40. Bulls 4ever

    Bulls 4ever4 개월 전

    What was the score, 200 because i saw no miss 3 n hardly 3 misses or so

  41. James Lober

    James Lober4 개월 전

    Yuri Collins is lookin real saucy now

  42. James Lober

    James Lober4 개월 전

    All these guys are from Missouri

  43. James Lober

    James Lober4 개월 전

    He male hoodie rio and Caleb love look stupid

  44. BlazeyTv

    BlazeyTv4 개월 전

    Thought that ws Brandon Roy from the thumbnail

  45. KIDA

    KIDA4 개월 전

    Well damn

  46. Tone_Setter_Brown

    Tone_Setter_Brown4 개월 전

    At some point I would of fought him I don't care... Nah but bruh can go, I played against a pro overseas before that shit was humbling

  47. T Loading

    T Loading4 개월 전

    9:52 why he block his little brother shot like that 😒😂😂😂

  48. SlickRick

    SlickRick4 개월 전

    I knee these dudes looked familiar they all from stl. But Jordan Stevens pulled up to the patrick mccaw pro am in my city and he went crazy

  49. Justice Overlord

    Justice Overlord4 개월 전

    I’d quit basketball after that

  50. More Cents

    More Cents4 개월 전

    If you a real baller then you made the same sounds at 2:41 😂🤣🤣

  51. shescreamtae fr

    shescreamtae fr4 개월 전

    I'm crying from 12:33

  52. Big J

    Big J4 개월 전

    This just makes you appreciate how great the 🐐 Michael Jordan truly was.... 👌🏼💯

  53. jorge tinoco

    jorge tinoco4 개월 전

    Rio and fletcher the next superstar

  54. Bob Hea

    Bob Hea4 개월 전

    Derek Fisher in mask


    LIL CHRIS4 개월 전

    He threw a dot @ 4:18🤦🏾‍♂️

  56. droopdog71

    droopdog714 개월 전

    Imagine how good the nba star are.

  57. Bebe Chuchu Cess

    Bebe Chuchu Cess4 개월 전

    Only MG destroyed all NBA players way back when he is in college

  58. miielyo avb

    miielyo avb4 개월 전

    Double that man

  59. dellwalk7

    dellwalk74 개월 전

    Dude definitely get buckets. I’ve watch him show out at the drew league, look him up & you’ll see

  60. Ricky Augutin

    Ricky Augutin4 개월 전

    So this is where it all started...

  61. John  Edmond

    John Edmond5 개월 전

    He buss they ass foreal