1. Ellia Trombetta

    Ellia Trombetta8 일 전

    What are the neon bottles in the backgrounddddd

  2. Jaelynn

    Jaelynn10 일 전

    Tbh I was born and raised on rosebud salve as chapstick been using it forever

  3. Avery Gilbert

    Avery Gilbert10 일 전

    Theirs twin

  4. Keyshia Calista

    Keyshia Calista11 일 전


  5. Marisol Gonzales

    Marisol Gonzales12 일 전

    Y'all look like twins

  6. Hackerboiii123 Fagget

    Hackerboiii123 Fagget14 일 전

    If she thinks Gucci foundation and fenti are bad hand them over

  7. Bailey Baker

    Bailey Baker14 일 전

    Could they be twins, YAAASSS (butttttt can tell who is who by hair)

  8. Rosijosi So cool

    Rosijosi So cool15 일 전

    Hold up I thought that was Erica

  9. Ava’s Crazy Situation G

    Ava’s Crazy Situation G15 일 전

    Jame sis queen

  10. Hodaya Korlansky

    Hodaya Korlansky16 일 전

    I move around I. My bed sooo much that once I feel of another time my dog feel asleep on my head lol

  11. Adyson Hargrove

    Adyson Hargrove17 일 전

    By when she says prancing her with bad makeup she means giving her bad makeup

  12. Nana xP

    Nana xP18 일 전

    I thought they were twins from the thumbnail🤓

  13. andrea chicaiza

    andrea chicaiza19 일 전

    Omg ya look twins

  14. Anna Roy

    Anna Roy20 일 전

    Every member of your family is beautiful! It cones from the inside out. My sisters live in two different states then me. I miss them so much! This video makes me miss them more. When your family is you best friends! God bless!

  15. Varisa Gulati

    Varisa Gulati20 일 전

    Are they twins ? 😢🙃

  16. Da Bananananana

    Da Bananananana21 일 전

    Are Sabrina's and Erica the twins?

  17. Kaliyah Reed

    Kaliyah Reed21 일 전


  18. lehcar gnuey

    lehcar gnuey22 일 전

    The makeup base is not bad on her

  19. lehcar gnuey

    lehcar gnuey22 일 전

    I don't know who to look at! My head hurts x

  20. IDKarlee

    IDKarlee29 일 전


  21. ashley vela

    ashley vela29 일 전

    16:50 “OH MY GOWAD! 😭”

  22. Olivia Davis

    Olivia Davis개월 전

    We found Tati’s twin

  23. Dreamy Eyes

    Dreamy Eyes개월 전

    They are not siSTerS they are tWiNS

  24. salome beridze

    salome beridze개월 전


  25. 若曦

    若曦개월 전

    tati please try doing an asmr makeup video, i feel like you’d be really good at it

  26. Leahdeans Life

    Leahdeans Life개월 전

    22:24 😂😂😂

  27. K D

    K D개월 전

    Tati: I never went to makeup school Me: your makeup looks are literally amazing Tati and talent are the same I swear❤️❤️

  28. Farah Izati

    Farah Izati개월 전

    Im watching 8 minutes straight believing sabrina is tati and tati is sabrina bcs of the intro skskskskksks imdead

  29. ii Mxrie_xo

    ii Mxrie_xo개월 전

    Are they twins😶

  30. Emily Abernethy

    Emily Abernethy개월 전

    Her sisters jaw line thooooo

  31. Mina Jeremiassen

    Mina Jeremiassen개월 전


  32. Niamh Gibson

    Niamh Gibson개월 전

    Yous both sound the same and I’m tripping

  33. FableYable

    FableYable개월 전

    I wish i could do makeup with my family! I’m the only one who wears more than just simple eye makeup 😂

  34. Anna Kobulia

    Anna Kobulia개월 전

    Wait she went to makeup school??

  35. AG doll network

    AG doll network개월 전

    Sabrina was my 5th grade teacher :)

  36. T L

    T L개월 전

    Do more videos with your sisters I LOVE THEM

  37. Jiyah Middleton

    Jiyah Middleton개월 전

    Who is the oldest out of the sisters

  38. Jiyah Middleton

    Jiyah Middleton개월 전

    Tati your hair is amazing and your guys jawlines omg especially Sabrina

  39. Jiyah Middleton

    Jiyah Middleton개월 전

    So there is Tati Sabrina and Erica or Erika I’m sorry I’m not to sure how to spell I don’t men’s to offend but wow you all have gorgeous brown hair and skin eyes smiles and everything just perfect😍

  40. princeton

    princeton개월 전

    They age so well wtf

  41. Gracie9656

    Gracie9656개월 전

    I need a tutorial on Tati's hair for this video

  42. Jess'x

    Jess'x개월 전

    I always look at u and just think ur from the uk idk why

  43. Alexa M

    Alexa M개월 전

    Barbara Maitland who?

  44. Grace Martell

    Grace Martell개월 전

    i feel like im looking at and listening to two tati's....

  45. Fatime Zejneli

    Fatime Zejneli2 개월 전

    Y'all identical holly sh*t

  46. CC

    CC2 개월 전

    after watching a bunch of your videos before bed, i had a dream about courtney cox and cheerleading. I guess you remind me of her because one of the videos i was watching, you said you were a cheerleader lol

  47. jhoyelene francisco

    jhoyelene francisco2 개월 전

    I want to subscribe to your Kiwi Skin Booster but it did not give me an option for shipping in Canada,

  48. Ėmmã Cerminaro

    Ėmmã Cerminaro2 개월 전

    Sabrina is a 5 grade teacher at my school

  49. Niyati Sharma

    Niyati Sharma2 개월 전


  50. Lzero7

    Lzero72 개월 전

    haha I can already tell the twins apart seconds in. Erika is more hyped, and Sabrina is more chill. Their voice though. This is soooo ASMR i'm listening while studying ❤️ Also Tati's high pitched laugh is so cute 😭😭😭❤️

  51. Olivia Walls Moran

    Olivia Walls Moran2 개월 전

    Your hole family is beautiful

  52. knots nchains

    knots nchains2 개월 전

    ok so now that your sistser said that she hates bright colours like " blue lipstick", you know you have to show her how and when to wear blue lipstick

  53. CODPRO716

    CODPRO7162 개월 전

    😏That actually looks good on you ...huh 😂😂😂😂

  54. Melissa Woodward

    Melissa Woodward2 개월 전

    Your sisters are my favorites! They are such sincere, lovely people, just like you Tati. And the fact that y'all can joke around too is awesome. These are my favorite videos!

  55. crizel pajarillo

    crizel pajarillo2 개월 전

    When you come out with lipsticks.. I hope you name them after your sisters 😍

  56. Nallely Uezu

    Nallely Uezu2 개월 전

    The brows. I'm over here with stomach pains and trying not to laugh

  57. M Teipen

    M Teipen2 개월 전

    Ya'll have perfect skin!!! I am so jealous... Is it genetics or are YA'LL perfect?

  58. Minotchka Rose

    Minotchka Rose2 개월 전

    Tati should post videos about herrr what i mean is facts about herrr what she likes she dont like i want to know her well

  59. Marianna Martinez

    Marianna Martinez2 개월 전

    Sabrina looks like Neve Campbell but with brown hair. Sabrina is literally gorgeous 😍❤️

  60. nix pix

    nix pix2 개월 전

    Aaaaand "It's Electric" is stuck in my head. Thanks Tati.