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Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower


  1. Noobiček Noob

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  2. Lacey Irwin

    Lacey Irwin2 시간 전

    I enjoyed your show 3/17/19. It was my birthday!!! . You were my birthday present lol . Your show was out of this world. Loved it. That was my 3rd time to a concert . I'm a native of Arizona. I'm hoping I get tickets to your show in June

  3. Neymar jr

    Neymar jr2 시간 전

    بطله الاغنيه كفو عليكم 😂

  4. bubba clouds

    bubba clouds3 시간 전

    such a great song ! feeling it every time over and over


    MILEY MILEY4 시간 전

    This is amazing ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. JoyGaming Channel

    JoyGaming Channel4 시간 전

    I like the song

  7. Jessica Hermosillo

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  8. Nicolás Bogunovich

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    Vampire Weekend me trajo aquí...

  9. Jessica Hermosillo

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  10. ileaddeaths

    ileaddeaths7 시간 전

    0:12 makes me smile

  11. Dlnrl Rosemary 77

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    When your Parrot picks a song!🐦 Love it! 💜🎶

  12. guzmanerika87

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    Xxxtentacion is better

  13. ruan mulins

    ruan mulins9 시간 전

    Muito bom cara... Amei

  14. Edivaldo X

    Edivaldo X9 시간 전

    It must be admitted that this music is a phenomenon

  15. Sofia Toro

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  16. kofi amoako-siaw

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    Post Malone is so slept on guys it hurts...

  17. John Theking674

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  18. Elena Gsrcias

    Elena Gsrcias14 시간 전

    Post Malone I like your business so much that by Bobby even like to so much but I like it so much I can even see the whole see you want to be the secret for you

  19. Stefania Birse

    Stefania Birse14 시간 전

    Good collaboration my King used to like Post Malone I think he still does 🤘

  20. Meher W

    Meher W15 시간 전

    this song is so relaxing

  21. Mark Gonzalez

    Mark Gonzalez16 시간 전

    You are the best

  22. How To

    How To16 시간 전

    Roses 🌹 have left the chat~

  23. McAffiliated

    McAffiliated17 시간 전

    ohhh myyy mannn, I love this song. It makes motivational and makes me to move forward. Swae Lee and Post Malone, I want these guys to stop smoking and start making more songs like this. 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯

  24. Hayyan

    Hayyan20 시간 전

    No one can make a better masterpiece than this.

  25. Khodzhaev

    Khodzhaev20 시간 전

    after the spiderman came! Very much it was pleasant to me the song

  26. Nia'h Fong

    Nia'h Fong23 시간 전

    Post Malone 👅👅 fuck I love it & you💚😍.

  27. Gelei Deng

    Gelei Deng23 시간 전

    0:42 what happened to that guy....

  28. Adrian Wang

    Adrian Wang일 전

    BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊

  29. Ruben Barajas

    Ruben Barajas일 전

    This song got me out of a speeding ticket

  30. Iran tm

    Iran tm일 전

    Ooh-ooh, algumas coisas que você simplesmente não pode recusar (88' (os clip tudo deveria vim com legendas BR tipo esse!)

  31. YaBoyZander

    YaBoyZander일 전

    I think sway lee did say better than postty and every body is saying they live posture

  32. abraham calderon

    abraham calderon일 전

    My two favorite artists🤜

  33. Riyah Hughes

    Riyah Hughes일 전

    7 Fav song ever

  34. Carl Jackson

    Carl Jackson일 전

    Here for all the ladies out 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

  35. Tee H

    Tee H일 전

    Great song but this is the shorter version. Listen to the Spider-Man one it’s longer and better

  36. xxxtentacion

    xxxtentacion일 전

    Imagine Swae Lee Post Malone And The Legend Himself Marshmallow making a song altogether it'll change my life

  37. Mj Webb

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    Who came for the spider man?

  39. Robloxian Google

    Robloxian Google일 전

    1:52 *When your best friend from school is going to another school*

  40. ØMÆŘ ŠÆßĘŘ

    ØMÆŘ ŠÆßĘŘ일 전

    What the hell, using beats in the studio lol.

  41. Aymee Veater

    Aymee Veater일 전

    good job on the song. I like it a lot

  42. Black Rose

    Black Rose일 전

    This song gives me chills.... It just makes me happy 😌😍🖤😏

  43. Arsy Aldrian

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  44. Nova CC

    Nova CC일 전

    Sunflower symbolizes loyalty and longevity

  45. ⊹ Last Leaf ⊹

    ⊹ Last Leaf ⊹일 전

    Yeonjun i'm her for u, i like it

  46. Victoria Graveé

    Victoria Graveé일 전

    Great songgg next summer song

  47. НЕКА :3

    НЕКА :3일 전

    Like who before 35millions

  48. Mitch Amirul

    Mitch Amirul일 전

    Post malone is right Swae lee is a genius

  49. Дима Алексаноа

    Дима Алексаноа일 전

    Musik class thanks sing

  50. Willpower

    Willpower일 전

    i never heard post malone's music , i came to check what he was about after he called yelawolf a nerd lol damn this dude is sweeter than mango lol yo yela go easy on him he look real sensitive hahaha

  51. Kedar Kalakheti

    Kedar Kalakheti2 일 전

    Best song

  52. 1000 subscribers without a video

    1000 subscribers without a video2 일 전

    Why people dislikes? RACIST?


    JTR VLOGS2 일 전

    top track

  54. Karla Ortiz

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  55. Saffron Sunset

    Saffron Sunset2 일 전

    So I was depressed about to slit my wrist I swear(I've never in my life or will I ever), listening to depressing music and then this song played.... I literally wanted to kiss Swae Lee, not post malone... But he helped too. OOKAY... MY POINT IS THIS SONG IS TOO NIIIIIICEEEE!

  56. Maria de jesus Rosales

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  57. Geek Gamer

    Geek Gamer2 일 전

    I mean did he even shower 🚿 before recording? 🤮💩 Jk 😂😂

  58. BrahmandaS

    BrahmandaS2 일 전

    Hey guys! Please check out my Chinese instrumental remake of this song! Thank you :)

  59. Camilo Garcia

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    ꧁༒FERNANDO༒꧂ ꧁༒FERNANDO༒꧂2 일 전


  61. Norman Carrigan

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  62. Noah Brown

    Noah Brown2 일 전

    Yea it will put you in a good mood

  63. Zoe Flores

    Zoe Flores2 일 전

    MEXICANOS. ❤ reportence con un like.

  64. Julie Brown

    Julie Brown2 일 전

    Got my mom into this song

  65. laflaca082900 s

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  66. Candy Gurl

    Candy Gurl2 일 전

    I love this song. 🌻🌻🌻💕

  67. Gian Pacayra

    Gian Pacayra2 일 전

    Ayy Ayy Ayy Ayy Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh

  68. Halil Ekici

    Halil Ekici2 일 전

    👏👏👏👏👏 👉

  69. Omar Gaxiola

    Omar Gaxiola3 일 전

    Can a being a song Would you guys

  70. Omar Gaxiola

    Omar Gaxiola3 일 전

    I like this song keep me keep doing music like that

  71. Its Jaxy

    Its Jaxy3 일 전

    This song was too good for the movie, who agrees ?

  72. Nikusha Berekashvili

    Nikusha Berekashvili3 일 전

    I am listening to this song like 24/7

  73. Chronic _Rabih

    Chronic _Rabih3 일 전

    Comment If you love xxxtentacion Like if you love post

  74. M Lee

    M Lee3 일 전

    So cool

  75. titilope abdulraheem

    titilope abdulraheem3 일 전

    My sister do not like you

  76. Arturo Giron

    Arturo Giron3 일 전

    I love this song so much❤️

  77. Saad Akbar

    Saad Akbar3 일 전

    0:58 post malone❤❤

  78. oof Nak

    oof Nak3 일 전

    "She wanna ride meee like a cruisseee" Only dirty minded people understand that

  79. Darrell Cook

    Darrell Cook3 일 전

    That. Is. Good

  80. Darrell Cook

    Darrell Cook3 일 전

    I. Like.

  81. Shailend Baucha

    Shailend Baucha3 일 전

    why is he soking XD everytime

  82. しおり Shiori

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  83. ohmarkie yt

    ohmarkie yt4 일 전

    Get all the girls with this song sing it to your girlfriend you will make her day and you to 😏😚

  84. Desiree Diel

    Desiree Diel4 일 전

    I need me some post .. Oooohhh weeeeee

  85. gamer 101 909

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  86. gamer 101 909

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    My fave sonf

  87. Connor Cleary

    Connor Cleary4 일 전

    This song is amazing 😉

  88. Ana Gonzalez

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  89. Ana Gonzalez

    Ana Gonzalez4 일 전

    Post molon don't no to sell it

  90. mad_SAKU 682

    mad_SAKU 6824 일 전

    This song reminds me of my girl even though I'm single

  91. Steco

    Steco4 일 전

    So good.

  92. Funny QJ

    Funny QJ4 일 전

    I love it

  93. Matija Vucic

    Matija Vucic4 일 전

    It reminds me of Spiderman game Into the Spider-Verse it was so good game :) P.s I also did a cover of this song on my channel with CROATIAN INSTRUMENT!

  94. Chill Vibes

    Chill Vibes4 일 전

    so they put lyrics in a kids movie that says ''she wanna ride me like a cruise'' wtf is wrong with these people

  95. Erick Cully Castro

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  96. ayat ali

    ayat ali4 일 전

    It make me close my eyes and smiling

  97. Aaron Adelson

    Aaron Adelson4 일 전

    Which sunflower video is better? The one with the lyric and scenes or this?



    The voice

  99. Jamie RPG

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    Please sub to me if u like this song

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  101. Josue atalo Cláudio sanchez

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  102. LouO Mendes

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    Sunflover 😍🦋