Post Malone - Saint-Tropez (Official Video)


  1. Gabriela Arellano

    Gabriela Arellano2 시간 전

    Is very good post malone is great 😘😘

  2. Kevin Martin

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  3. __

    __3 시간 전

    How Kids Be Acting When They Flexing AirPods

  4. Your Son

    Your Son3 시간 전

    Camera works givin me vertigo but I love it anyway

  5. Richard Braga

    Richard Braga3 시간 전

    This song reminded me of an old song if anyone knows the name please Essa musica me lembrou uma música antiga se alguém souber o nome, por favor

  6. Mika Alves

    Mika Alves4 시간 전

    O sistema é Bruto! 👏🏻🇧🇷💪🏻

  7. Renato Raimundo

    Renato Raimundo6 시간 전

    MELHOR TRAP ? Sem dúvidas !

  8. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne6 시간 전

    I wanna hang out with Post. I feel like we would drink Bud LIte and then joust in Bugattis (seems to like medieval stuff)

  9. あlゔぁらどちゃゔぁ

    あlゔぁらどちゃゔぁ6 시간 전

    Nobody Absolutely Nobody 1%Saint-Tropez 99%GTA

  10. Gentleman Ghost

    Gentleman Ghost7 시간 전

    Who is better? Postmalone: like Dababy:comment

  11. Smeagol D.

    Smeagol D.7 시간 전

    the ghostwriter must have been from middle school

  12. Emma J

    Emma J7 시간 전

    Boyfriend: *gets me something* Me to my friends: 0:48

  13. Nordic Axe

    Nordic Axe7 시간 전

    Sound like congratulations

  14. Miguel Ponce

    Miguel Ponce7 시간 전

    The best song I've ever heard

  15. Matthew M

    Matthew M8 시간 전

    So glad he filmed this in south of france ! Love the flexing and cinematography

  16. AHMED ALzahrani

    AHMED ALzahrani8 시간 전

    اي واحد عربي يسوي لايك

  17. ömer cengiz

    ömer cengiz8 시간 전

    Sen hiç 2 TL için babanneni soydunmu

  18. Mark Beards

    Mark Beards8 시간 전

    Another amazing tune can this bad ass make a shit tune I wonder ... I think not

  19. Пандочка Play

    Пандочка Play8 시간 전

    Love you ❤

  20. Conor Eiffe

    Conor Eiffe8 시간 전

    this video is so inspiring.

  21. Michelle Terrazas

    Michelle Terrazas9 시간 전

    Yes Anything You do now is touched by the music angels!😇☝🏼🙌🏽🙌🏽😎💯💯🎵🎵

  22. Khan Jan

    Khan Jan10 시간 전

    Jonny is dead☠️

  23. Emmanuel Linares

    Emmanuel Linares10 시간 전

    Nice production, shitty lyrics

  24. Florence Dayal

    Florence Dayal11 시간 전

    I love how Post is making fun of celebrity's that act hard

  25. Johnathan Bagin

    Johnathan Bagin11 시간 전

    im rich i own a svj gtr kerningzegg 2020 supra,delve 16

  26. Renato Raimundo

    Renato Raimundo11 시간 전

    C O M O não achei essa música antesss🔇

  27. Renato Raimundo

    Renato Raimundo11 시간 전

    Q U E P E S A D O ☣️

  28. 설치

    설치11 시간 전

    0:40 crazy cute

  29. krarar 7

    krarar 712 시간 전

    I hope you subscribe to my channel I love you Post

  30. The DmaCk

    The DmaCk12 시간 전

    Hope you die soon. What kind of humans have we let run around this planet

  31. The DmaCk

    The DmaCk11 시간 전

    @eksdee Another worthless individual. Look at you.

  32. eksdee

    eksdee11 시간 전

    apparently we let people like you run around this planet

  33. Daxvry

    Daxvry12 시간 전

    If post Malone was flexing he would have a jacket with baguette diamonds everywhere

  34. Ja Boi

    Ja Boi12 시간 전

    Big Motivation

  35. Deidre Williams

    Deidre Williams13 시간 전

    I love post Malone 🥰🥰

  36. LuA

    LuA13 시간 전

    my only love,srkttt;)

  37. Lalfakzuali Lalfakzuali

    Lalfakzuali Lalfakzuali14 시간 전

    Ka duh e mai

  38. LYNXEN

    LYNXEN14 시간 전

    He is just proud so Congratulations!!!

  39. rrr create

    rrr create15 시간 전

    Can u do a song with marshmallow he said your one of his favourite artist

  40. Kadyo AnDrey

    Kadyo AnDrey15 시간 전

    F*me this is a real 🌟ROCKSTAR🌟Nr1🔝🔝for many many years.🎶 POST MALONE🎶. I F% LOVE THIS STAR 🎶®️🎶

  41. AlexMJStudio

    AlexMJStudio17 시간 전

    Romanian version it's much better 😂😂

  42. Inspired

    Inspired17 시간 전

    I come here from Florin Salam 🇹🇩💞💞💞🤭😬

  43. Gigel Barosanu

    Gigel Barosanu17 시간 전

    florin salam

  44. 0 subs with 0 videos challenge!

    0 subs with 0 videos challenge!17 시간 전

    *Drugs: 0%* *Naked Girls: 0%* *Cars: 100%* *Thanks Post

  45. RiftScuttler

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  46. Lil Snickaaz Rapper

    Lil Snickaaz Rapper18 시간 전

    Producer:How many cars would you like in this video? Post Malone: 1:42

  47. Mr. A to Z

    Mr. A to Z20 시간 전


  48. The Crow

    The Crow21 시간 전

    The Boss Life 💯

  49. Eden Land

    Eden Land22 시간 전

    Bud light ruin through my piss 🤣

  50. 이leeyy95

    이leeyy9523 시간 전

    0:46 귀엽다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  51. LAT!NO BOY

    LAT!NO BOY일 전

    How many times did you watch this video | | | V

  52. David Lewis

    David Lewis일 전

    Biggie And Pac would be proud 😎😎😎🔥🔥🔥

  53. mike chamid

    mike chamid일 전

    Oh.... My god....

  54. Alfredo Jiménez

    Alfredo Jiménez일 전

    De lo mejor que te puedes encontrar en KOreporter ❤️

  55. idontwannabealoneanymore

    idontwannabealoneanymore일 전

    i love that he keeps his vibrato even in newer, more produced songs ♥️

  56. Larry Navy

    Larry Navy일 전

    This Song is THE Masterpiece of his 3rd Album Hollywood's Bleeding....

  57. Bebê

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  58. Sunflower Jules

    Sunflower Jules일 전


  59. Francisco Perbelini

    Francisco Perbelini일 전

    O cara de colete a prova de balas no meio do mato

  60. maria eduarda souto

    maria eduarda souto일 전

    he’s so tall, and handsome as hell.

  61. Kinzuu YT

    Kinzuu YT일 전

    saint tropez is french’city sorry for my english

  62. ana johnson

    ana johnson일 전

    "I've been doing what I want since fetus" felt that

  63. Eder Oliveira

    Eder Oliveira일 전

    0:39 Post e sua Chiron de 13 milhões de reais...