Poor Tom Brady, the Patriots got robbed & I don't feel sorry for them! - Max Kellerman | First Take


  1. ESPN

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    Were the Patriots robbed vs. the Chiefs?

  2. Rio_ S550

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  3. Jmoney IQ

    Jmoney IQ26 일 전

    So Harry was out of bounds 😨🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Chance Scheffler

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  5. KGOODE804

    KGOODE804개월 전

    @Brandon Mashburn but it didn't happen, so.....

  6. Harold Light

    Harold Light개월 전

    Feels good to a Chiefs fan!!! Your time has come. Have to say 9 SB appearances..dang good

  7. Danielle Schnaufer

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    JDM LIFE27 일 전

    Never under estimate the patriots they always do come back and they going the super bowl

  9. Griffin Dandrea

    Griffin Dandrea29 일 전

    On a another video about this kind of subject, I said the pats are done. But they aren't. The offensive cooking as well as their defense, they beat a great bills team 24-17, but the idea f the pats reign being done, it might stick around for a few more seasons that will , I guarantee, some super bowls will be one for the pats football organization, and the great region in New England, as a huge pats fan, i'm quite happy and this will put me in a great mood for the rest of the Christmas season.

  10. Timothy Antoine

    Timothy Antoine개월 전

    It was a touchdown !

  11. Nem Denemam

    Nem Denemam개월 전

    Im impressed by Kellerman, he actually was level headed here. Surprising from these analysts

  12. Chance Scheffler

    Chance Scheffler개월 전

    Why's max hating on pats so much. Must be a lions fan

  13. Depcom

    Depcom개월 전

    The Cheatriots just need to step up their cheating! They are expected to cheat. Hey Cheatriots, cheat cheat cheat cheat! Cheat cheat cheat cheat!

  14. Mark Poidvin

    Mark Poidvin개월 전

    I want to scream in Max's ear that the game of football is who makes the least mistakes and scores the most points. In the AFC game last year the Pats made less mistakes and scored more points, period. If he had not lined up offside then...and if Brady had not thrown the pick. 1 mistake is no different than the other. The 5 yard false start in the 1st play of any game could have sealed the game. That is what football is. He is so fucking stupid it infuriates me. And the tuck rule, WAS THE FUCKING RULE. They have changed the rules twice to help other teams beat the pats, and the tuck rule.

  15. Tom Richnafsky

    Tom Richnafsky개월 전

    Who cares.....🖕🏼Brady

  16. Terrence Latterby

    Terrence Latterby개월 전

    If you think the patriots always benefit from bad calls, and this is an anomaly; then that's a good litnus test for being a poor loser. I'm not a pats fan, but everybody is getting hosed by these bad refs, there's not some grand conspiracy to keep belchik and Brady in the super bowl. Why? Who benefits from that besides the pats? Bad refs need to be the focus, not whining about the pats being the superior team for a decade and a half.

  17. Melvin Mack

    Melvin Mack개월 전

    There's some shady stuff going on with the refs. Somebody getting paid off.

  18. Melvin Mack

    Melvin Mack개월 전

    We don't want to hear excuses, take it like every other team has. We don't care!!!!!!!

  19. Melvin Mack

    Melvin Mack개월 전

    Tom Brady and the Patriots have robbed teams for years.

  20. martin moreno

    martin moreno개월 전

    i see what just happened

  21. Doug Huddy

    Doug Huddy개월 전

    @3:00 - "that's why he designed the team this way" . He built to beat the Chiefs, with a strong pass defense. That's why the Ravens did what they did, because of a strong run offense. . Also, put your QB of choice on the Patriots this season, and see what they manage with all those injuries.

  22. George Kolotouros

    George Kolotouros개월 전

    Give the brother something !!

  23. ching ding pow

    ching ding pow개월 전

    This guy is such a fucken tool Maxipad, so jealous of the Patriots.

  24. Dill Pickle

    Dill Pickle개월 전

    No one feels sorry for them 😂 please cry until y’all become dehydrated patriots fans

  25. Linda Easley

    Linda Easley개월 전

    Too bad. Refs robbed plenty of Patriots opponents .This was just karma

  26. Reese Martinez

    Reese Martinez개월 전

    Like if it feels good to see the Patriots get robbed

  27. Oppe Lo

    Oppe Lo개월 전

    The difference between this year and previous years is not that the GOAT has completely lost his edge. When they didn't have great players like Wes Welker, Randy Moss, Julian Edelman, or Rob Gronkowski they still had a SYSTEM in which people within that system knew their roles and executed it well enough. That has always been the beauty of the New England offense is that it doesn't take hall of fame players to get play off wins and super bowl wins. When people on the team don't do their job that's when the team doesn't look harmonious and suffers. That was the same in 2007 as it is today. A WR has to run their routes, beat their defenders, create space, catch the ball, and make their quarterback look good. That's their job. Not once in a year where Brady and the Patriots were successful did they virtually sit idly by and have Brady do their jobs for them. It's impossible to carry an offense alone. Every body has to do their jobs to some passable degree.

  28. John Taylor

    John Taylor개월 전

    Max Kellerman is AIDS

  29. ftwbk

    ftwbk개월 전

    Poor max, his brother got beaten to death and I don’t feel sorry. It’s poetic justice.

  30. Sharon Sims

    Sharon Sims개월 전

    The black quarterbacks are extremely good it's are time now!!!!

  31. Mr McInnes

    Mr McInnes개월 전

    Max Kellerman is the king of all cucks.

  32. skykid

    skykid개월 전

    The refs also missed the illegal block in the back on the N'keal Harry play, so I mean...

  33. K D

    K D개월 전

    Hey !!! Max Kellerman !!! STFU jackass

  34. Modified Release

    Modified Release개월 전

    Everything that has a beginning has an end, period!

  35. TheBeggies95

    TheBeggies95개월 전

    Max is so good at speaking nonsense while looking confident that he would be the perfect lawyer. He would be able to defend anyone

  36. The Proud Asshole MGTOW

    The Proud Asshole MGTOW개월 전

    These mfs gonna b sorry

  37. Timothy Sowers

    Timothy Sowers개월 전

    I don't feel sorry if they got Robbed look at what they got by with all the years

  38. jerry bolibaugh

    jerry bolibaugh개월 전

    Derek Carr on the Raiders has less than Brady to work with and he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt. Is Brady the goat or not? Is Edelman good or not?

  39. Karen Setzer

    Karen Setzer개월 전

    Belicheat and the Patriots ugh cheaters

  40. Austin Cruz

    Austin Cruz개월 전

    This league makes me sick that game was horribly officiated from start to finish I’m a patriots fan but I’ll admit our offense is trash if we had our fullback and center on our offensive line we would be fine if we don’t get to the super bowl this year next year will be better watch but never bet against Brady and the patriots come playoff time it’s a different ballgame I still have faith in the team hope the offense gets it together

  41. willam tell

    willam tell개월 전

    The Patriots are the one's who finely get screwed!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣👏👏👏 Oh pour babies!!!

  42. Ron Goins

    Ron Goins개월 전

    That's what they get for getting them disqualified from going to superbowl 50 by CHEATING. "Thomas The Tank Brady just got robbed twice

  43. VidPic

    VidPic개월 전

    Max The Moron all for ratings, what a loser !

  44. Ernest Wooley

    Ernest Wooley개월 전

    Guys if you HATE the Patriots just say it!!!!....You can't take away what they have accomplished!!!!

  45. Eric May

    Eric May개월 전

    2:17, when Marcus looks at the camera...oh my god 😂😂😂

  46. Brendan R

    Brendan R개월 전

    *illegal block in the back that would have negated the touchdown either way* : Am I a joke to you?

  47. bubsmeister

    bubsmeister개월 전

    Max is such a wannabe

  48. Ringing Pilot

    Ringing Pilot개월 전

    You know why th haters hate the Patriots because they ain’t us

  49. Kris Smith

    Kris Smith개월 전

    What about missed calls (holding all day, roughing on Mahomes, etc.), the gear that arrived late, the extra time out the Patriots got that they should have lost, etc. Yes, Harry was in, but Bill had called his challenges - that is a game managing/coaching screw-up. Spend less time taping other teams and everything, and call things right for your team, Bill. Oh, by the way, Mahomes' brother and girlfriend were harassed by Pats fans and had to be moved for their safety. Come on Patriots (team, staff, fans), act like the Super Bowl champions you are supposed to be. Man up, and move on. You will still be 1 or 2 in the Playoffs so just chill.

  50. Grevious 02

    Grevious 02개월 전

    Hey Max New York Sucks

  51. luis angel ramirez ostos

    luis angel ramirez ostos개월 전

    Hahahha Max got caught for Eli Manning hahahha

  52. pecosRoy

    pecosRoy개월 전

    slow-thinker, loud-talker roundtable...

  53. Jesse Edington

    Jesse Edington개월 전

    The two "touchdowns" were on the same drive, you can't score twice

  54. Xander Cage

    Xander Cage개월 전

    Max Who?

  55. wildbat909

    wildbat909개월 전

    4:50 keep hitting lol

  56. Brian Cox

    Brian Cox개월 전

    Patriots are not a good team. Spend more time talking about worthy teams.

  57. Aaron Philip

    Aaron Philip개월 전

    Steven A. Shill right here

  58. john boutwell

    john boutwell개월 전

    I laugh at them morons who claim the refs r in the pockets of the pats

  59. Tim Smith

    Tim Smith개월 전

    Fake news

  60. David

    David개월 전

    I don't feel sorry either.

  61. Cole Sandick

    Cole Sandick개월 전

    Imagine hating the Patriots. It’s like hating Shakespeare, or Picasso, or Motzart. What a tragedy.

  62. Jon Barry

    Jon Barry개월 전

    how many have they robbed by cheating?

  63. Aaron Franklin

    Aaron Franklin개월 전

    All of them are haters swinging from Tom Brady's jock chief's defense was good and won game fare they wasn't robbed it was a no call for a no call did we forget about Mahomes being pushed into water cooler when he was clearly out of bounds

  64. nick jones

    nick jones개월 전

    SAS and Spears taking turns with max 😂😂 “I got this one Marcus..”

  65. Frank Jumper

    Frank Jumper개월 전

    Who cares it's over move on stop cry babying around already