Police Catch Cobra Commander


  1. Foop The Hoop

    Foop The Hoop9 일 전

    Cobra commander kidnapping and drugging women since 1982

  2. Foop The Hoop

    Foop The Hoop9 일 전

    Wait what’s the dogs name? Duke *cobra commander has never seen such bullshit*

  3. Brandon Daniels

    Brandon Daniels11 일 전

    Suspect: "Officer those are subway sandwiches. Not meth." Cop: "Prove it" *Eats it* Cop is so stunned he let's the suspect go

  4. Nomadic Santa

    Nomadic Santa12 일 전

    “I can’t tell if it’s meth or heroin, i’m going to have to guess.” I legit thought he was gonna try some to see for sure

  5. Od1n Allfather

    Od1n Allfather12 일 전

    His search bar says " *live pd alot of ham part 2* " XD im dead

  6. Greatest Ever

    Greatest Ever13 일 전


  7. Drunk3n1rish2009

    Drunk3n1rish200914 일 전

    That old dude with all the guns on him didn't do anything, saw that episode myself, he worked at a rehab centre and was transporting a patient back and she called the police saying all that nonsense about being kidnapped and being drugged.

  8. hi spicy the real one

    hi spicy the real one17 일 전

    I want to have like 100 pounds of sugar flour and just leaves and get pulled over

  9. Jeremiah Smith

    Jeremiah Smith18 일 전

    0:44 someone get hella shorted on an ounce of heroin. 27 grams with the plastic and stuff on it? That's how you get killed

  10. Toastoffire

    Toastoffire20 일 전

    Isn't 1.32 like dead? How tf was that guy even driving?

  11. Hirofa

    Hirofa개월 전

    Whats ur reaoulution?

  12. Anthony Calderon

    Anthony Calderon개월 전

    Wait but how do the dogs find meth... They give the dogs meth

  13. Wevibindoe

    Wevibindoe개월 전

    We have another mark

  14. Weeb Online

    Weeb Online2 개월 전

    "Do you know what the limit is? 0.08?" "zero." "You're at 1.32." "f*ck."

  15. Shaloam Nenja • 12 years ago

    Shaloam Nenja • 12 years ago2 개월 전

    4:03, to answer your question. If someone is fleeing the police at that speed, they assume he may be carrying something dangerous as well. Also he probably will fight back; luckily it was just an old dude.

  16. E B

    E B2 개월 전

    Isnt a 1.32 enough to kill someone?

  17. Darrrell Dayton

    Darrrell Dayton2 개월 전

    Those are my flesh lights officer.

  18. Ian Ferguson

    Ian Ferguson2 개월 전

    “Sorry ociffer, but I cant show you my license if you took my license and towed my car.”

  19. Madhatter Gaming

    Madhatter Gaming2 개월 전

    I feel like Charlie would be a badass cop

  20. Eren BALANSA

    Eren BALANSA3 개월 전

    3:50 he had ⭐⭐⭐⭐ wanted level

  21. Xbear

    Xbear3 개월 전

    “That’s my cooking meth officer “

  22. Austin Paddock

    Austin Paddock3 개월 전

    "shit! We got an origi !" Officer: yea, puttem 69 they came up behind me.. Fuckin dead

  23. Vignesh Karthikeyan

    Vignesh Karthikeyan3 개월 전

    I just spent a good 10 seconds laughing at the title hahahaha

  24. Lord of Siberia

    Lord of Siberia3 개월 전

    Cops in the 80s: 1:07

  25. Jacabo Blanco

    Jacabo Blanco3 개월 전

    You'd think that prior to a cross country multi pound meth haul you would do a thorough check of your cars lights etc. And also use cruise control. Just nuts lmao. These morons deserve to be caught

  26. Crusader 2

    Crusader 23 개월 전

    Half of you talking is entertaining the other half is fuckkkin annoying

  27. You smell Like pizza

    You smell Like pizza3 개월 전

    U a funny man but try turning your vain declarations of God's name into praises.

  28. Jake B.

    Jake B.3 개월 전

    So that old guy (“Cobra Commander”) was confronted by so many officers because it was a high risk traffic stop with a high probable cause that the suspect was dangerous or involved in a crime Thank you Donut Operator for teaching me that through all the videos of people being confronted by multiple cars during a traffic stop ^^

  29. James Bootywolfe

    James Bootywolfe3 개월 전

    What are these crewcut wearing losers gonna do with themselves when Baron Trump legalizes all drugs forever?

  30. Waffles

    Waffles3 개월 전

    guy: _its salt... or something_ *ILLUSION 100*

  31. Diezel D

    Diezel D3 개월 전

    i became a fan of you !!! yeaha ! .. and do you got a other shirt ? :p

  32. Payton Pop

    Payton Pop3 개월 전

    Right as the video cuts off, “that sounds pretty off” 😂

  33. Justice Close

    Justice Close3 개월 전

    You can’t have a blood alcohol level of 1.32. I didn’t know that kOpS WhEr wEtArDeD

  34. Justice Close

    Justice Close3 개월 전

    Mans would legit b dead

  35. Sean Burkhart

    Sean Burkhart3 개월 전

    I keep the salt in the car for my SMALT shaker

  36. I Shadow People

    I Shadow People3 개월 전

    1:35 😂😂😂

  37. HEK 293

    HEK 2933 개월 전

    Shoot thus perp! Blow his head off please!

  38. HEK 293

    HEK 2933 개월 전

    Son of a bitch! Wow! Shitloads of drugs.

  39. prion42

    prion423 개월 전

    Video title spoils the joke

  40. Reese B

    Reese B3 개월 전

    When he mentioned poptarts I remembered that I haven’t eaten my daily poptart

  41. Justin C. Peterson

    Justin C. Peterson3 개월 전

    rang that bell, babyy email me

  42. Ethelana Talbot

    Ethelana Talbot3 개월 전

    should legit just keep actual salt in a large bag to piss off the cops

  43. Colton Thomson

    Colton Thomson3 개월 전

    penguinz0 I live in Utah and I can confirm she is a notorious drug lord

  44. Filth McGee

    Filth McGee3 개월 전

    I live in utah and i can confirm, this is epic

  45. David Sotelo

    David Sotelo3 개월 전

    Tf if worng with you you low life

  46. Ben Nupp

    Ben Nupp3 개월 전

    I really doubt that last guy had a BAC over 1% and he wasn't on a slab at the morgue.

  47. zboku

    zboku4 개월 전

    like just imagine if someone would actually stash salt all over his car

  48. Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith4 개월 전

    I don’t think it’s even possible to exhale if you’re blowing a 1.32. That’s straight death. Clearly it was actually .132, whoever made the subtitles fucked up.

  49. WellBeSerious12

    WellBeSerious124 개월 전

    I'm all for crack and that wild other shit. But the moment you kidnap someone, you deserve to die.

  50. ArnorAteBscotch

    ArnorAteBscotch4 개월 전

    When i grow up im gonna carry around bag of flour with a note that says “eat that bitch” to piss of cops that stop me and arrest me for “possession of coke”

  51. CreatveMnds

    CreatveMnds4 개월 전


  52. Salcedo Nicoe

    Salcedo Nicoe4 개월 전

    How do they know that ' that guy is carrying drugs '

  53. Nathan Monreal

    Nathan Monreal4 개월 전

    AZ cops aare wild, once a cop followed me for like 10 minutes going in circles in a neighborhood itching for a reason to pull me over until I pulled into a random persons driveway

  54. Yuan Longping

    Yuan Longping4 개월 전

    bro if he was 1.32 ABV he would be entirely alcohol and then some

  55. Joslyn Vazquez

    Joslyn Vazquez4 개월 전

    1:01 tell me why these fuckers are blurring a Superman shirt 😂 I know because Ive got that same one that has those lines on the sleeves. And you can make out the logo in the blurr. What is Superman offensive now?? 🤦‍♂️

  56. Alex_micro_cars

    Alex_micro_cars4 개월 전

    This is why you don't want to transport drugs in your own car,they ruin the damn thing.

  57. Cooper Sells

    Cooper Sells4 개월 전

    The semon demon

  58. Zach Reid

    Zach Reid4 개월 전

    s e m e n d e m o n

  59. NotYourAvgGamer

    NotYourAvgGamer4 개월 전

    Im glad im a chill citizen that doesnt live on the west coast ahaha

  60. Dominic Matich

    Dominic Matich4 개월 전

    Dude, you're a fucking stand up comedian -- YOU HAVE TO DO THAT FOR A LIVING -- "Shit, we have an orgy."

  61. NoviTheProvi

    NoviTheProvi4 개월 전

    It was a lawful order, they didn't need his consent to 69