Police Catch Cobra Commander


  1. Master Roach

    Master Roach11 시간 전

    Charlie is like my girlfriend watching a movie and asking me to explain something as the movie is explaining it.

  2. Tripp Sellars

    Tripp Sellars일 전

    A SEMEN DEMON!!! That’s the greatest thing ever!

  3. Sill Wmith

    Sill Wmith일 전

    Hey ya I’m doing drugs buttttt just barely

  4. hi s

    hi s일 전

    Lmao that couple definitely got slowly and tortuously chopped and sliced up into pieces with rusty and blunted cutting tools by the cartel after this episode.

  5. dark_matter_man

    dark_matter_man일 전

    I collect sand Why *POCKET SAND*

  6. The Tilted Nut Man

    The Tilted Nut Man일 전

    This is by far the best humor i really appreciate this guy regardless of what he does during it

  7. Shaq Attac

    Shaq Attac일 전

    *Utah's Drug Cartel*

  8. Dan Leon

    Dan Leon2 일 전

    What I don’t understand is why you can’t open the damn door and the fucking dog has to go through the window

  9. Finlay Hutchinson

    Finlay Hutchinson2 일 전

    2 likes and I upload me eating a banana with the peel

  10. That Guy

    That Guy2 일 전

    Kidnaps and drugs a chick. Sounds exactly like what cobra commander would do.

  11. Drew M

    Drew M3 일 전

    If he's 1.32 and still standing in front of you there's something fucking wrong... 0.08 is considered drunk. 1.32 you're dead from alcohol poisoning.

  12. weaponry and such

    weaponry and such5 일 전

    Why don’t they just use drones to carry the heroine

  13. Aɴᴅʏ B. Gᴏᴏᴅᴇ

    Aɴᴅʏ B. Gᴏᴏᴅᴇ5 일 전

    "There aren't anymore Quiznos in Utah, so I made a run and wanted to stock up!"

  14. cheezy805

    cheezy8055 일 전

    Right at the end, "You're 1.32" That guy was 1.3 percent alcohol That's a new world record Or their subtitle guy needs a slap

  15. MAZZ0Murder

    MAZZ0Murder5 일 전

    Wait DUI in Arizona is 0.8? Not 0.2? Well that explains the drivers around these here parts >.

  16. Desuo

    Desuo6 일 전

    I would very much like to recreate this scenario with all the suggestions critikal gives in this video. Bags of salt, loafs of bread, wrapped poptarts just hidden all over the car. The reactions when they figure out none of it is drugs would be INSANE.

  17. M

    M7 일 전

    That’s RuneScape comment was cold lmao

  18. Dweeeeeezy09

    Dweeeeeezy0912 일 전

    Asking somebody, "can I see your waistband," then having them reach down themselves to lift their shirt up EXACTLY where the gun would be has got to be the worst non-training Ive ever seen in my life.

  19. FloatingOer

    FloatingOer12 일 전

    The salt is there to keep the evil ghosts out

  20. nobodys_winds

    nobodys_winds12 일 전

    *bumps into cops in GTA V* *_five seconds later_* 3:34

  21. despairdreams

    despairdreams12 일 전

    that dog might have been cute, but it was also very skinny. ribs were showing, they weren’t feeding that dog.

  22. Focke Wulf

    Focke Wulf13 일 전

    I kinda wanna drive around seriously with loaves of bread, salt, etc in the doors and whatnot just to screw with cops.

  23. KingAaron56999

    KingAaron5699914 일 전

    Semen demon LMFAO

  24. _The_llama_king_

    _The_llama_king_14 일 전

    4:22 “but just barely” 😂😂

  25. WrathMachine

    WrathMachine15 일 전

    we got a code 4,20

  26. Ethan T

    Ethan T16 일 전

    Sounds pretty off lmao

  27. deedlede2222

    deedlede222216 일 전

    Look at them violating rights with that dog.

  28. Robby Knapp

    Robby Knapp16 일 전

    Officer that’s just a subway sandwich. Did you know they’re only $5 for a foot long blunt?

  29. Jerry Raymo

    Jerry Raymo17 일 전

    All drugs should be legal. Change my mind.

  30. Tom Savage

    Tom Savage6 일 전

    Don't worry, FBI will be at your house soon. Just wait a bit more.

  31. D - Ruger

    D - Ruger18 일 전

    Just tell em its salt for icy road even though its in utah

  32. Captain Germany

    Captain Germany19 일 전

    0:15 mong took 2.5 times the lethal dose of heroin. When in bag, you expect it to come outta your arse, but your stomach acids break it and the heroin gets ingested into your body extra fast.

  33. owen kaiser

    owen kaiser21 일 전

    I was eating a pop tart

  34. devgrust6 _

    devgrust6 _21 일 전

    It wasn’t salt, meth, or sand. It was instant snow.

  35. sass Mate

    sass Mate22 일 전

    you know what the legal limit is in Arizona? 0.8 yeah you’re at 1.32 so you are a dui in Arizona ‘But just barely’ 😂

  36. dave dan

    dave dan28 일 전

    A 1.32? You are fucking kidding me right. At like .8 you need to get your stomach pumped, this guy is nearly double that. Load of bull

  37. TheGingerGrasshopper

    TheGingerGrasshopper29 일 전

    1.32 huh? being as .4 is the lethal BAC, This man is a God.

  38. Brad O'neill

    Brad O'neill개월 전

    First guy got shorted

  39. papa stalin

    papa stalin개월 전

    It's a fucking butterfly knife my guy

  40. Young Facade

    Young Facade개월 전

    1.32 he would be dead about 3-4 times over.

  41. Versace Diaper

    Versace Diaper개월 전

    Yo imagine it’s all just human waste wrapped in paper towels and Saran wrap

  42. Kiritsugu Emiya

    Kiritsugu Emiya개월 전

    Jimmy neutron : it's sodium chloride

  43. Aiden DeAngelo

    Aiden DeAngelo개월 전

    Drug smuggling hack when transporting large quantities of narcotics fill car with burgers so the dogs just smell the burgers

  44. Incogneato

    Incogneato개월 전

    I kinda want to go and fill a bag with sand and salt and fuck with the officers

  45. Coffinsmoke

    Coffinsmoke개월 전

    Yep. The men go to jail the women go home.

  46. eric whitlow

    eric whitlow개월 전

    1.32? I think he meant .32.

  47. Dill Pickle

    Dill Pickle개월 전

    Officer denudity on the case finding those semen demons in the cars

  48. Adventurism

    Adventurism개월 전

    Ok can we talk about that last clip? 1.32% BAC is 3 times the lethal level for most people and the man coherently said "that sounds pretty off." He is either inhuman, or that breathalizer is fucked.

  49. Tommy Gun

    Tommy Gun개월 전

    Semen demon The best thing I’ve ever come out of his blessed mouth.

  50. Fraxom fire

    Fraxom fire개월 전

    Why don't they smuggle it in the actual TIRES lol.

  51. FB.I. Warrant

    FB.I. Warrant개월 전

    Am i the only guy who wonders what the officers do after finding 9 lbs of meth? Do they like throw it away or what

  52. Groovy Satan

    Groovy Satan개월 전

    Swallowed a gram of heroin? Nice move dude.

  53. Rasta Imposta

    Rasta Imposta개월 전

    Why the fuck did I get an ad for a gay dating site

  54. XILITY

    XILITY개월 전

    2:43 I'm subscribing lmao

  55. anonymous kid

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  56. This_is_a_robbery

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  57. This_is_a_robbery

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  58. anonymous kid

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  59. Ryan Brewer

    Ryan Brewer개월 전

    That officer must of been arresting a literal demigod or something for that man to be still alive, let alone walking at 1.32.

  60. Captain Campion

    Captain Campion개월 전

    video: 6 days old youtube: New! me: i already fucking watched it!

  61. God

    God개월 전

    KOreporter: "Penguinz0 released a new video just now!" >Plays video > Goes to comment section before others > Sees first comment *5 days ago* Thanks KOreporter.

  62. Real Rap

    Real Rap개월 전

    They had herion and meth and coke wtf

  63. Justin The gamer

    Justin The gamer개월 전

    Highway To Oblivion