1. Lil Vvds

    Lil Vvds8 시간 전

    That was crazy please tell lucaus to do anther prank on his girl friend

  2. Taliyah Green

    Taliyah Green11 시간 전

    I saw is legs

  3. Dene Shaeffer

    Dene Shaeffer12 시간 전


  4. Janice Baker

    Janice Baker13 시간 전


  5. Harley Parr

    Harley Parr13 시간 전

    We're are your legs

  6. sarah gallett

    sarah gallett14 시간 전

    Super prank dairy

  7. William Duran

    William Duran2 일 전

    I wonder how it’s just randomly recorded when he knocked

  8. Tierra Capers

    Tierra Capers2 일 전

    That stuff is wild I sall a pic and I tried looking for the vid

  9. anna lou Celiz

    anna lou Celiz2 일 전

    I like your pranks

  10. Johanne Pedersen

    Johanne Pedersen2 일 전


  11. Alondra Lazaro

    Alondra Lazaro3 일 전

    Omg that's so yucky 😵

  12. Narielys Santiago

    Narielys Santiago3 일 전

    I know how they did that

  13. Linda Mcnally

    Linda Mcnally3 일 전

    That was so good

  14. David Chavez

    David Chavez3 일 전


  15. Amani Bryant

    Amani Bryant3 일 전

    What the what

  16. yussetti perdomo

    yussetti perdomo3 일 전

    Ik how he did it

  17. Wigina Marie

    Wigina Marie11 일 전

    Omgsh aaaaa

  18. Zainab Shani

    Zainab Shani12 일 전

    This has to be one of my favourite videos 😂

  19. JustEva 45

    JustEva 4514 일 전

    Cyrus’s reaction was sooo funny when he jumped backwards Maddies reaction was so funny when Dari said Boo and Lucas and Marcus was sooo freaked out when he saw that and Ivanita was like NOPE and Christina thought it was a joke

  20. Kyle Dunn

    Kyle Dunn15 일 전


  21. Flor Alvarez

    Flor Alvarez16 일 전

    Is this real😭😭😭😭😭

  22. Michael Swimmer

    Michael Swimmer16 일 전

    That was so funny when you said Boo to Maddie

  23. jesse zavala

    jesse zavala18 일 전

    why are they all outside

  24. Don Nelson

    Don Nelson22 일 전

    That’s really cool. How do you do it

  25. Jaci Jolyn

    Jaci Jolyn22 일 전

    Your so funny i love you guys

  26. Baby ray Cervera

    Baby ray Cervera23 일 전

    I love the videos

  27. Ajan Shehu

    Ajan Shehu24 일 전

    I love you video

  28. Esmeralda Montoya

    Esmeralda Montoya24 일 전

    Love you Lucas and marcus

  29. Xxkiller_wolf2012Xx Said

    Xxkiller_wolf2012Xx Said27 일 전

    Nice one

  30. The awesome twins Girls

    The awesome twins Girls27 일 전

    Super super funny

  31. Denise Hurst

    Denise Hurst27 일 전

    Whoa whoa oh that's cool show me that one day

  32. CyndaGamer HD

    CyndaGamer HD27 일 전

    It was SOOO COOL!!!

  33. Junior Faimalo

    Junior Faimalo27 일 전

    Bro that was ohh MAN

  34. KundaiJake Flash

    KundaiJake Flash28 일 전


  35. danielboda

    danielboda28 일 전


  36. CHEETAHBOY 5252

    CHEETAHBOY 525228 일 전

    I got scared so good

  37. Horace Watson

    Horace Watson29 일 전

    This scared me

  38. Jair Rodriguez

    Jair Rodriguez29 일 전

    Wow cool

  39. Rose Ward

    Rose Ward29 일 전

    Love you guys.

  40. Christine a

    Christine a개월 전

    Wow amazing😊

  41. Jesimaxroci Viola

    Jesimaxroci Viola개월 전

    You guys are the best

  42. vegeta_ games

    vegeta_ games개월 전

    this is so funny

  43. Aubrey Lallemand

    Aubrey Lallemand개월 전

    How is that a prank how did you do that

  44. xSharky

    xSharky개월 전


  45. bananadabs fgip

    bananadabs fgip개월 전

    When U coming Australia

  46. Chris Fyall

    Chris Fyall개월 전

    Little do they know it’s a prank

  47. Marnett Ioanis

    Marnett Ioanis개월 전

    Yo Bro !!Thats was good.

  48. Josefina Hernandez

    Josefina Hernandez개월 전


  49. zarilli bhatti

    zarilli bhatti개월 전

    Happy Halloween .....!!! That's perfect for Halloween lol

  50. Violet Trujillo

    Violet Trujillo개월 전

    Done! Can i get a shout out please

  51. Deshontay Emani

    Deshontay Emani개월 전

    That is cool😂😂😂😂



    Oh my gosh Darius how did you do that remind me to get put back together today oh dear

  53. Ruby Rodriguez

    Ruby Rodriguez개월 전

    I saw his leg

  54. Kevin Gumpp

    Kevin Gumpp개월 전

    Hey dobre brothers! I love all your vids and I think that I might become a KOreporterr because of you guys! I’m a nine year old girl who loves to watch your videos! (I’m logged in with my dads email :P)

  55. Leah Matthews

    Leah Matthews개월 전

    Lucas n Marcus was FUNNY

  56. Precious Nyakujara

    Precious Nyakujara개월 전


  57. The Great Gamer

    The Great Gamer개월 전

    How did you do that it was weird.

  58. Ernst Vos

    Ernst Vos개월 전


  59. Mostafa Starli

    Mostafa Starli개월 전


  60. Blaire Nelson

    Blaire Nelson개월 전

    I love u guys But That didn't look real