Playing Telephone with the Mythical Crew


  1. CrazySprinkless

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  2. Arlet Mendoza

    Arlet Mendoza14 일 전

    2:13 Link: there's a hoe...... *gets interrupted* Me: WHAT.? Link: there's a hope. Me: oh my god.

  3. dubstep play 2.0

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  4. Jeba Chowdhury

    Jeba Chowdhury개월 전

    In England we call this game Chinese whispers

  5. Lasagna

    Lasagna개월 전

    Where I live this is called Chinese whispers

  6. Itz Dead

    Itz Dead개월 전

    This tiny asmr

  7. Xaor Verse

    Xaor Verse개월 전

    Where is chase?

  8. big frog

    big frog2 개월 전

    Jen is woke

  9. Insobrietive Magic

    Insobrietive Magic2 개월 전

    Isn't Jen just the cutest?

  10. zack roller

    zack roller2 개월 전

    Its okay jen, im a normal person too and i think i have dyslexia, annd im not kidding either.. im being 100% serious

  11. unactive 123

    unactive 1232 개월 전

    They should make this a series!!!=)

  12. Sally Otley

    Sally Otley2 개월 전

    This was hilarious

  13. Estefani Aquino-Miron

    Estefani Aquino-Miron3 개월 전

    John and Jen matching pants!

  14. Estefani Aquino-Miron

    Estefani Aquino-Miron3 개월 전

    Everything is so bright!

  15. DaMann 117

    DaMann 1173 개월 전

    Where is Stevie!?!

  16. G Blake

    G Blake4 개월 전

    How is this so popular ???

  17. Allison Clark

    Allison Clark4 개월 전

    Do this again but with the WHOLE crew

  18. Naz Sera

    Naz Sera4 개월 전

    Her Arms. Nice

  19. Daniel Celona

    Daniel Celona4 개월 전

    i was 300 dislike

  20. Slader Schweitz

    Slader Schweitz4 개월 전

    They were all bad

  21. lilly bean

    lilly bean4 개월 전

    rhett looks so skinny its kinda weird

  22. Jeffy Mcpoopelpants

    Jeffy Mcpoopelpants4 개월 전

    Hard and longer sounds like something I have

  23. Tru Artist

    Tru Artist4 개월 전

    That girl cannot whisper. 😒🙄

  24. Autumn Dreams

    Autumn Dreams5 개월 전

    Isn't the telephone game Chinese whisper?

  25. Rattiegamer 6

    Rattiegamer 65 개월 전

    I swear Jen said on the second one "I like when the peppery snowman touches my body."

  26. Emely Fernandez

    Emely Fernandez5 개월 전

    I haven't played telephone in SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long. Lol it's the best game you can play with friends.

  27. Trinity Gutteridge

    Trinity Gutteridge5 개월 전

    Anyone else notice that the one link started as it went along it there reactions were more and more confused

  28. Trinity Gutteridge

    Trinity Gutteridge5 개월 전

    When i played this game in school we called it chinese whispers, i dont know why but that's just want we called it lol

  29. camille pack

    camille pack5 개월 전

    one person in the five cannonball did not do a cannonball what!!!!

  30. camille pack

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  31. LilliePlays Music

    LilliePlays Music5 개월 전

    Omg, Jen my gay little heart lol

  32. xydoit

    xydoit6 개월 전

    They start the game in the 3 minutes i think.

  33. Mr. Raids

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  34. Harmony DeVaney

    Harmony DeVaney6 개월 전

    The best thing to say for a telephone starter is "Mike Hawk is cold" we did it in theater and man it was a but traumatic

  35. Sizzle Playz

    Sizzle Playz6 개월 전

    This game is actually called Chinese whispers or at least where I'm from😂

  36. Alivia Clark

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  37. Luke Mettam Gaming

    Luke Mettam Gaming6 개월 전

    Isn't this just Chinese Whispers

  38. CatBug

    CatBug6 개월 전

    Americans call it telephone

  39. Tweezy F Baby

    Tweezy F Baby6 개월 전

    5cannonballs should be named a CannonBoom💢.. 😕 just seems like they missed opportunity

  40. Jennifer Mercer

    Jennifer Mercer7 개월 전

    I want to see more Jen and Chase

  41. MK Uchiha

    MK Uchiha7 개월 전

    Why not Stevie?

  42. Rob Smith21

    Rob Smith217 개월 전

    Do more of this!!!

  43. Dae

    Dae8 개월 전

    people sitting in the back makes them look like tiny people

  44. Vaishakh Balu

    Vaishakh Balu8 개월 전

    Link was born where I live now!! North Carolina!!

  45. Like Time

    Like Time8 개월 전


  46. CheesyBig Toe

    CheesyBig Toe8 개월 전

    That thumbnail tho 👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣

  47. Shady Pineapples

    Shady Pineapples8 개월 전

    Wait.. Link is in the description?? I thought he was right there?? Is Rhett also in the description?

  48. Frank Costello

    Frank Costello8 개월 전

    "5 Cannonballs" was taken down! Good job Mythical crew! I found two other vids and they were lit up with GMM. I look forward to more of these take overs

  49. Ellie Watson

    Ellie Watson8 개월 전

    give me more

  50. Newlife Church

    Newlife Church8 개월 전

    would we be able to use this clip during a church service that is streamed live on facebook? It would be used 9.2.18

  51. Angelina Castro

    Angelina Castro9 개월 전

    2:15 sorry

  52. Angelina Castro

    Angelina Castro9 개월 전

    2:17 she rolled HER eyes

  53. Baako Jernigan

    Baako Jernigan9 개월 전

    Where I'm from we call this game "Chinese Whispers"

  54. E Brodsky

    E Brodsky9 개월 전

    The game is called Whisper Down The Lane Not Telephone

  55. CatBug

    CatBug6 개월 전

    The game has many names. It all depends on where you're from

  56. Layton Bodlovic

    Layton Bodlovic9 개월 전

    im dislexic

  57. Maddie Childs

    Maddie Childs9 개월 전

    When I heard josh say that he heard link say Buddha snowman, I laughed so hard I cried!!!!

  58. Skyler Oty

    Skyler Oty9 개월 전

    Play this mythical moreeee

  59. Awesome Edwards!

    Awesome Edwards!9 개월 전

    You should do some sour soul salted Susie's soda

  60. KXK -BFF Fortnite, TikTok and More

    KXK -BFF Fortnite, TikTok and More9 개월 전

    They remind me of the Matthias crew

  61. asia black

    asia black9 개월 전

    They took way to long to start the game, because by the time they started the video was over

  62. Eric Tarte

    Eric Tarte9 개월 전

    5:19 how did john hear pepper snowman if you’ve heard what he said

  63. Christopher Blanquel

    Christopher Blanquel9 개월 전

    The Video is Different

  64. Hmm m

    Hmm m10 개월 전

    Loook yeees

  65. blankenator62

    blankenator6210 개월 전

    Yeah that was only one cannonball... Only the center guy grabbed his knees. Amateurs

  66. LilliandAlyssa Forever

    LilliandAlyssa Forever10 개월 전

    My cat hates link she tried to bite his face

  67. ::]

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  68. Veci

    Veci10 개월 전

    In serbia we call it deft telephones ( gluvi telefoni )

  69. Arie cancer

    Arie cancer10 개월 전

    Do more

  70. Bridgette Taggart

    Bridgette Taggart10 개월 전

    I have a huge crush on John. Let me get at you, John! I'm 22, hit me up! You are a handsome man

  71. Cheer_Jay_XoX

    Cheer_Jay_XoX10 개월 전

    At school we call it Chinese whispers

  72. DA Sisters

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  73. Anna Kurzeja

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  74. Elizabeth Enfield

    Elizabeth Enfield11 개월 전

    Jen’s shirt says glacier in Montana I’m going there in the end of July/August

  75. Corgi_ Lover64

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  76. Roxyplays101 UwU

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  77. Cat Nugget

    Cat Nugget11 개월 전

    I strive to be like Link

  78. Annette Gatlin

    Annette Gatlin년 전

    Why did it have to be so short?

  79. Notesworthy The Demon

    Notesworthy The Demon년 전

    If I was told to say a longer and harder one, I would’ve said,”According to all known laws of aviation the bee shouldn’t be able to fly because its tiny wings should not be able to lift its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyways because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.”

  80. Charles Mogensen

    Charles Mogensen년 전

    What was wrong with the camera?

  81. 0

    0년 전

    Is 'telephone' what Americans call it? Because I'm from the UK and down here we mostly call it Chinese whispers..

  82. Guinea pig lover

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  83. ddd iii

    ddd iii년 전

    Who was the asian guy pulling the wheel?



    Please make this longer next time!

  85. Fire Wolves

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  86. featherqueen31

    featherqueen31년 전

    This game is called telephone in America? In Australia it’s called Chinese whispers.

  87. dropbit

    dropbit년 전

    shes so cute!

  88. Skinny Rabbitt

    Skinny Rabbitt년 전

    I think i love jen

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  92. D j

    D j년 전

    Rhett and Link are the bestt!!

  93. Fahd Essam

    Fahd Essam년 전

    Take over

  94. Anna Elsenpeter

    Anna Elsenpeter년 전

    My dog is very sick:( she doesn't have a big change of living. 1 like = 1 pray

  95. savory chickens

    savory chickens년 전

    Beardies vs baldies

  96. Slime Gymnastics

    Slime Gymnastics년 전

    Who else got the bfd ad

  97. Kamryn Richardson

    Kamryn Richardson년 전

    Take over

  98. Shivadevi Batley

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  99. Steve and Terrie

    Steve and Terrie년 전

    You should add Telephone + The Whisper Challenge! (I made it up lol. Or maybe it's an actual thing!) Basically everyone has headphones. Whispering too. :D

  100. Rosie Mandala

    Rosie Mandala년 전

    "I got a jaguar brownie in the back pants of my pocket" Like what?

  101. Rosie Mandala

    Rosie Mandala년 전

    VErity is my sister'S NAME

  102. Erika Motrych

    Erika Motrych년 전

    "You guys were so good at that one, you should do one that's harder and longer." - Rhett

  103. Alexandra Adams

    Alexandra Adams년 전

    Everyone hated me back in elementary school, so when this was played everyone would blame me. bad memories...