1. Pop Cool

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    Ant can I be your friend plz

  2. Xx xX

    Xx xX15 시간 전

    Lol i was a fan for so long but I never subbed until now

  3. Renz Bancoro

    Renz Bancoro일 전

    Dude try the camera trick xD

  4. Yusuf Ahmed

    Yusuf Ahmed3 일 전

    But my one is yusuf6e

  5. Yusuf Ahmed

    Yusuf Ahmed3 일 전

    Ant give away robux people who subscribed I sub so can u donate robux if u don't want to it is ok :(

  6. Yusuf Ahmed

    Yusuf Ahmed3 일 전

    I mean but and that game is a rip off come on the creator what is going on u can do more better then that

  7. Yusuf Ahmed

    Yusuf Ahmed3 일 전

    Why does it cost robux I want to play it :( bit ant I have a idea make ur own obby

  8. GanstaAlfie

    GanstaAlfie3 일 전

    Ant bob

  9. Yael Barnz

    Yael Barnz3 일 전

    I Played that Obby..

  10. Monsterogeorge YT

    Monsterogeorge YT3 일 전

    face screen! NICEEE

  11. unpopular wrecker

    unpopular wrecker5 일 전

    oh mean the intro is stop oh mean :(

  12. david gearin

    david gearin5 일 전

    do moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. Hayder Faris

    Hayder Faris5 일 전

    Ant are you a Muslim

  14. JasonGamerRoblox Plays GAMER GUY

    JasonGamerRoblox Plays GAMER GUY5 일 전

    User jasongam3rroblox add me

  15. samantha marie hernandez ancorda

    samantha marie hernandez ancorda5 일 전

    thats my game!! i created it to my first acc but it hacked and my second acc is 1xXSminGXx1 i wish u enjoy it ant! the ANT OBBY is created from me but its for you ANT!!

  16. Imran Mahad

    Imran Mahad5 일 전

    You are so bad and stopped by And I'm not your friend

  17. Manuel Roque

    Manuel Roque6 일 전

    hey ant I don't have robux I'm just a noob with 200 friends 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  18. Froilan De Guzman

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    Add me my name is shawnpogi2222

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  20. zalpas2000

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    Build the video

  21. zalpas2000

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    Ant haw to get free robux

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    Hi my name is callmejack at roblox add me and pls

  23. Evans McNair

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    Yesssssss get a dominus

  24. Jude Scarborough

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    I played your obby ant and may i plz have robux my roblox name is xXxGamerJudeyxXx

  25. April Hoskins

    April Hoskins9 일 전

    Ant I've sent you a friend request on Roblox and my name on Roblox is Aaronhosh and I did what ever you told me to do

  26. hunter chen

    hunter chen10 일 전

    ANT Wa Wa Waaaaaaa

  27. johana gomez

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    Ant make more obbys please please please

  28. lynna adiman

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  29. Mason Dawson

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  30. 77coast The Beast

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    My home is having ant problems so nice name

  31. jasmine maura

    jasmine maura12 일 전

    Add me plz my name is cringli39 im a big van

  32. Trevion

    Trevion12 일 전

    Imagine if he had no roux hahahahahshshshsh

  33. Mr wild be ast

    Mr wild be ast12 일 전

    Make a dominos for less than 1 thousand robux

  34. Sonny Playz

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  35. Christine Amole

    Christine Amole13 일 전

    The one that you had on in this video

  36. Christine Amole

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    Get a Dominus

  37. Ibrahim Ashfaq

    Ibrahim Ashfaq14 일 전

    Get a domnus

  38. Ibrahim Ashfaq

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    Ant a sub to your chanall

  39. David Brankov

    David Brankov15 일 전

    Ai rlist van game ic kal Ant Simulator ai vos duving alat 2017-2018 Tumaro is meibi gana bi relist

  40. Daniela Cedano

    Daniela Cedano15 일 전

    Get a dominus

  41. Daniela Cedano

    Daniela Cedano15 일 전

    Can you go to my place and buy the gear and play it

  42. Kwokpun Poon

    Kwokpun Poon17 일 전

    Dominus Pls

  43. Jesson Gaming

    Jesson Gaming17 일 전

    Get a dominus Ant be like Preston

  44. kiran sharma

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  45. Aruna Sharma

    Aruna Sharma22 일 전

    Ant obby

  46. Desmond Lau

    Desmond Lau23 일 전





  48. Alice Holmer

    Alice Holmer24 일 전

    Hmmm you vant to be cool so you Ken get likes and you vant to do so de ader youtubers not cool

  49. prathima roy

    prathima roy24 일 전

    The creator should make it free

  50. BLACKXD 145

    BLACKXD 14524 일 전

    Yes get dominus

  51. Neeruam Amuser

    Neeruam Amuser25 일 전

    I don't play that make public lul

  52. Abdulfatah Elm

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  53. bizo kitho

    bizo kitho27 일 전

    Why people say I be fan and say I sub and like they lie they just want robust I'm big fan of him that why I sub and like

  54. Nicholas Teng

    Nicholas Teng27 일 전

    I like dominous

  55. Omar Sharafaldin�

    Omar Sharafaldin�28 일 전

    Do the camera trick for the paths that make u fall through them

  56. Omar Sharafaldin�

    Omar Sharafaldin�28 일 전

    Get a dominus

  57. Nurish Felieziana

    Nurish Felieziana29 일 전

    Yes buy it

  58. Rz GamingRBYT

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    Joe Give Me Robux 10K

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    Pls add me ant Im your biggest van in the world

  60. shafuan razali

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    I mean who like Ant

  61. shafuan razali

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    Who live Ant

  62. Bonnie Salcedo

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    Thanks for playing my obby :) it was the second one

  63. Owen is proud Owen is one

    Owen is proud Owen is one개월 전

    Yes get dominis

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    You should buy a dominos

  65. ezekiel reyes

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    And Please Sent me an Request From a ROBLOX The Roblox User is ggxDno123.

  66. ezekiel reyes

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    Dude Let's play JailBreak But am Poor.

  67. SDGPro Squad

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  68. Teresita Jerusalem

    Teresita Jerusalem개월 전

    if you want then get it

  69. Carson Chambers

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    I played the obby

  70. Fery Wijaya

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    Fuk tou

  71. Affan Arif

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    i want to play it but i am very poor

  72. Iñaki Gamingz

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    hey how do u speed up ur roblox character

  73. Tyler Kent

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    I played your obby

  75. Aleksander Gamer

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    ant pls your game for free im no donate robux

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    I don't have robux

  78. Jc gamer 2 Cool boy

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    Give me 15 robots 1515


    KEAN VLOGS개월 전

    I subscribe you🙂🙂

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    I enjoyed this. 😁

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    But why 100 robux

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    Pin this

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    Can you friend request me on roblox with work at a pizza place my user account is kimhannah3

  89. eugenio agodolo

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    I like your face and sound

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    Get dominous

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    lol 2:38

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  95. what game ia that? Sevilla

    what game ia that? Sevilla2 개월 전

    Pls give me robux:( i am bromarza9991 ijoined ur group cringlepuffs

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  99. The life of Layla And my toys

    The life of Layla And my toys2 개월 전


  100. The life of Layla And my toys

    The life of Layla And my toys2 개월 전

    I have 100000000000000000000000000000000000. Robux

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