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  2. Isabelle Perianca

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    and of course ant got a new intro 4:25

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    Plz make yourself a group😥

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    Cringley obey one I played and I got banned because I didn’t give the moderator robux

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    Tet a dominus a gold one to match you outfit

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    Ant you are amazing I am a huge fan

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    Im gonna go to ma apple town. ANYBODY GONNA COME WITH MEH?! Like! pls

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    Get me Robux PLZ :trefedo123

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    I love how he payed 100 robux for the game but he did not buy the 5 robux shirt

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    Yo you should get the dominus! Yo yo yo! Yo yo yo! (IM ACTUALLY DOING THE YO RAP) like this if you dont,DO THE YO RAP!!!

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    2:35 hahaha you troll us! XD

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    Ant can I be your friend plz

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    Lol i was a fan for so long but I never subbed until now

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    Dude try the camera trick xD

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    But my one is yusuf6e

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    Ant give away robux people who subscribed I sub so can u donate robux if u don't want to it is ok :(

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    I mean but and that game is a rip off come on the creator what is going on u can do more better then that

  46. Yusuf Ahmed

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    Ant bob

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    I Played that Obby..

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    face screen! NICEEE

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    oh mean the intro is stop oh mean :(

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    Ant are you a Muslim

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    thats my game!! i created it to my first acc but it hacked and my second acc is 1xXSminGXx1 i wish u enjoy it ant! the ANT OBBY is created from me but its for you ANT!!

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    You are so bad and stopped by And I'm not your friend

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