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  1. Maija Pearce

    Maija Pearce3 시간 전

    lord I wont ask for anything else ever but pleaseeeee let Jenna make more of this

  2. karisa

    karisa5 시간 전

    jenna you should watch cody ko and noel miller you would rlly like them

  3. January Winters

    January Winters6 시간 전

    I can't get gems because a beech is broke so let me live vicariously through you, JENNA.

  4. SpittDogAyeLmao

    SpittDogAyeLmao7 시간 전

    I'm actually dying for a part two of this. 😭😂

  5. Sabrina Perez

    Sabrina Perez8 시간 전

    oh my god I NEED MORE

  6. Oly Jade

    Oly Jade9 시간 전

    Jenna p l e a s e Bring this back man 🥺💔

  7. Samantha T.

    Samantha T.10 시간 전

    Pleaseeeee play this again....watching you play is more exciting than when I played it 😂😂

  8. Tal Saidon

    Tal Saidon10 시간 전

    Please do another one!!!!!

  9. Olivia McGuire

    Olivia McGuire10 시간 전

    Poor Jenn.

  10. Elizabeth Reed

    Elizabeth Reed10 시간 전

    please pay this again

  11. MangoDogg

    MangoDogg11 시간 전

    I will pay to see Jenna play this again

  12. lauren jones

    lauren jones11 시간 전


  13. Maria Garcia

    Maria Garcia12 시간 전

    Pleas e

  14. Maria Garcia

    Maria Garcia12 시간 전

    Play againnn

  15. Jenna Duckworth

    Jenna Duckworth12 시간 전

    I need another part to this

  16. i'm gonna snatch your weave

    i'm gonna snatch your weave13 시간 전

    Bunny in the back sleepin' 🥺🥺❤

  17. Lady Katie

    Lady Katie13 시간 전

    Jenna should play The Arcana. Especially since there’s a character named Julian.

  18. bailey Curtis

    bailey Curtis14 시간 전

    make a part 2!!!!!!!!

  19. Kristin Bryant

    Kristin Bryant15 시간 전

    JENNA. We need more, please!

  20. conzzy arroyo

    conzzy arroyo17 시간 전


  21. k8

    k817 시간 전


  22. kelbi

    kelbi17 시간 전

    part 2 plzzzz

  23. Madalyn Witt

    Madalyn Witt21 시간 전

    please play more omfgg😂

  24. ZombieMiezz

    ZombieMiezz22 시간 전

    *22:59** Whait who the fuck are you? My dick is out.* *24:53** I'm in bed with naked Noah guuurl! Mind your business!* I'm dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying x)

  25. Natschin

    Natschin일 전

    i want cody and noel playing this or im sueing

  26. Maeve Evans

    Maeve Evans일 전

    Their reactions at 10:10 and 10:22 have me dead 😂😂😂😂 Like I’m actually crying. This video is amazing they make me laugh so hard 💕💕😂

  27. Mia Bryan

    Mia Bryan일 전

    As a New Yorker there’s always so much traffic that despite the fact that it’s flaky as hell it always better to take the subway to get around.

  28. James Hankins

    James Hankins일 전

    I’ve played this game before. But Jenna and Julian make it 100% better!

  29. Lizzzyyy

    Lizzzyyy일 전

    Juilens reactions to everything is AMAZING😂💀

  30. Molly M

    Molly M2 일 전

    Plz play this again I literally nearly died laughing

  31. Lauren Duquette

    Lauren Duquette2 일 전

    PLEASE make a part 2 to this!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Ædan L·ee

    Ædan L·ee2 일 전

    I would love to watch more of this haha I would never want to spend money on this myself but I am INVESTED.

  33. Alxizs

    Alxizs2 일 전

    we need more of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Malia W

    Malia W2 일 전

    Honestly Jenna’s videos make me cry laughing

  35. Shannon Bee

    Shannon Bee2 일 전

    "I'd love to go to the doctor my kneecaps are broken" I'm roaring xD

  36. Amanda Lopez

    Amanda Lopez2 일 전

    I came back to this video just for the Destiny's Child remix

  37. Assej gedacht

    Assej gedacht2 일 전

    8:19 Beech: OMG... Is that ZAC EFRON?!!? Me: OMG... Is that James Charles driving taxi?!!?

  38. Jaela Wooden

    Jaela Wooden2 일 전

    It WAs a BIkE!!! not a car.

  39. i_Scorp

    i_Scorp2 일 전

    the pubg helmet in the background is the best

  40. Kodi Steel

    Kodi Steel2 일 전

    *I automatically pushed up my glasses when jenna did*

  41. morgen Gentry

    morgen Gentry2 일 전

    Julian- omg he has an android

  42. Sydney Wall

    Sydney Wall2 일 전

    Omg I feel offended with that voice lol

  43. Kirsten Gooding

    Kirsten Gooding2 일 전

    Please finish the rest of the story

  44. cassie mattina

    cassie mattina2 일 전

    your man is basically nick from new girl🥺❤️

  45. Griffin Wetzel

    Griffin Wetzel2 일 전

    the closest we’ll get to reviewing bad apps 6

  46. CaliVlogs

    CaliVlogs2 일 전

    Ran into u with a bike 😂😂😂not a car

  47. Morgan Rachel

    Morgan Rachel2 일 전

    I need more of this 😭😭😭😭

  48. priscilla wheeler

    priscilla wheeler2 일 전

    Please do episode twooooo

  49. Juliana Do

    Juliana Do2 일 전


  50. superwolf1738

    superwolf17382 일 전

    You should totally do part 2, Jenna. I'm invested in Beech's story. i wanna know what happens between Beech and Ethan.

  51. Huỳnh Nguyễn

    Huỳnh Nguyễn2 일 전

    Please continue this series please

  52. Liliana Layfield

    Liliana Layfield3 일 전

    Why are his roommats only girls

  53. lil keyla

    lil keyla3 일 전

    Wtf i liked it but i dont recall watching smh Omg i used to play high school story years ago

  54. Zainub Bhaijee

    Zainub Bhaijee3 일 전


  55. Amaranta Cecilia Zephyr

    Amaranta Cecilia Zephyr3 일 전

    Why do I want more of this!!!!

  56. Alyssa Snider

    Alyssa Snider3 일 전

    Watching this video killed my soul a little bit

  57. MyLifeofMadeline

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  58. Katelin Jonason

    Katelin Jonason3 일 전

    where's episode 2?

  59. Libby Matz

    Libby Matz3 일 전

    Omg I totally forgot about high school story! Mind=blown🤯😂

  60. Layla Livingston

    Layla Livingston3 일 전

    idk why but i was dying so much once julian started reading 🤣🤣😭 i was crying the whole time