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  1. Teresa Anya

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    I saw a comment saying all the girls are just ppl Ethan has hit with his bike and then my imagination ran with that so here is Ethan's backstory that nobody asked for: Ethan and Noah were in a band and rented out this huge apartment with all their bandmates. Well Ethan kept being late to band practice because he kept hitting people with his bike and then taking them on tours of New York so he got kicked out of the band. All the bandmates moved out except Noah. And so now Ethan just keeps hitting girls with his bike taking them on tours of the city and then letting them move in bc bitch someone has to pay rent. Noah hates him for it and that is why he tried to hook up with Beech.

  2. Teresa Anya

    Teresa Anya11 시간 전

    I'm not even 10 minutes in amd already dying bro. Plz do more ridiculous "Episode" videos😂😂😂

  3. Kk😶

    Kk😶13 시간 전

    When he painted her nails I literally lost it😂

  4. Kylee Grace

    Kylee Grace13 시간 전

    Wait since when does julien have hearing aids

  5. Courtney Johnson

    Courtney Johnson14 시간 전

    More more more

  6. Kit Lauren Fortin

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  7. alexa

    alexa16 시간 전

    pls play more

  8. Nilüfer Gazel

    Nilüfer Gazel18 시간 전

    Ethan and Tevin are literally the same guy

  9. A P

    A P18 시간 전

    I love how jenna laughs every time they say beech's name

  10. Electra

    Electra18 시간 전

    When is part 2 coming? :D

  11. Carly Deges

    Carly Deges19 시간 전

    Y'all need to do this shit again. I have a sixpack from laughing so hard

  12. aurip1

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    Hahahaha I loved this so much! Was watching during my workout, and it was the funniest workout I ever had! Please please please do another one!🙏

  13. Courtney Hardrick

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    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee keep going!! #beechinNY

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  15. Savanah Pereira

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    Part 2 please

  16. Maddie Peterson

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    It has been a whole month and we have still not received a part 2

  17. Yulia Reingold

    Yulia Reingold일 전

    please make this a series im begging you

  18. Lia ༄࿔

    Lia ༄࿔일 전

    You should play- “ The bunny boiler” ((I think that’s the name)) you don’t need jems! Pick whatever option you want without paying. It’s also really good!

  19. Katelyn Baez

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  20. archie -

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    I’m a lil stupid but is Juliet have hearing aids or ear buds in? I feel kinda rude to ask that but

  21. Kiri Strack

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  22. Candy Cotton

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    Please make so much more omfg

  23. Lizzie McGuire

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    Do it again I neeeeed to know the story

  24. Izuna Hosaki

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    You should play with Dylan is in trouble!!

  25. Lynn Bevis

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  26. Saga A

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    This is officially one of my favourite J&J activities to ever exist now.

  27. Christyxlee _

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    This shit was so funny

  28. DPR III

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  29. dat pig pignesscool5

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    I was wondering why oompaville got a mustache But then I noticed it was a different guy

  30. Fia Carolan

    Fia Carolan일 전

    Cody and noel won't upload love island so jenna snagged that shit

  31. Dayanna333love

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    Play episodes

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  34. Elina Itskovich

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    The best content I've ever seen on this channel!

  35. Nikole Den

    Nikole Den2 일 전

    Is this a series yet?

  36. Beach Girl

    Beach Girl2 일 전

    wow I've always wanted to know tf goes down on these games

  37. wanderer

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  38. Cassidy Maine

    Cassidy Maine2 일 전

    NEED ANOTHER VIDEO! The story line can’t end here 😂😭

  39. MemeLord69

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    1:59 through 2:11 is the reason I subscribe to this channel

  40. Michelle Zarlenga

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    Please GOD do another one of these!!

  41. Lauren Matthews

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    hi IM BEECH

  42. Hluvscupcakes

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    please do more of these

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    please make this a series

  44. Alyssa Ortiz

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    I need a part 2 😭😭😭

  45. Elsie Jo

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    Yaaaasssss, more please. I also need a shirt that says "beech"

  46. Andrew Minyard

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    Julien looks extra good in this vid

  47. Katlin de Grasse

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    Omg yes please more 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Sierra MacGowan

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    Play another episode!!!

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    I love this 😂😂😂

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    i need most

  51. Paula Ryan

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    Part two part two part two part two!!!

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  53. Abreezy82

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    Lmao having her named Beech is everything

  54. Kirin Singh

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    more of this

  55. Fatoom Isa

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    we need a part 2 omg this video is so funny i love it !!

  56. Bailey Hemphill

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    Make another oneeeee

  57. Cleo

    Cleo3 일 전

    This is the funniest video I've ever seen, I'm legit crying from the beginning and had to pause it because my sides hurt too much PLEASE DO A SECOND INSTALLMENT MAYBE EVEN MAKE IT A SERIES

  58. Ella Carrillo

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    I seriously need a part 2

  59. Kate M

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    Those painted nails got me 🤣🤣

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