playing ELISA in wii sports tennis raging and funny moments


  1. Poofesure

    Poofesure6 개월 전

    make sure to follow me on twitter so I can have more clout to impress Abby with

  2. Michael Mikita

    Michael Mikita17 시간 전

    Matt is the hardest Mii character in boxing

  3. The Anti-Explicit Content Channel

    The Anti-Explicit Content Channel11 일 전

    12:08-12:13 LOL😂😂😂!!! You were swinging far too quickly far too much!!!

  4. The Anti-Explicit Content Channel

    The Anti-Explicit Content Channel11 일 전

    You just CAN'T accept defeat, can you?!?

  5. French Baguette

    French Baguette13 일 전

    Poofesure you suck so I won’t

  6. KaputPictures

    KaputPictures17 시간 전

    0:11 just get a wii to HDMI they're great

  7. themeowman11098

    themeowman11098일 전

    Nobody: Not a Single Soul: Smokers when you tell a funny joke: 9:59

  8. Jacob Thor

    Jacob Thor일 전

    @poofesure. U don’t need the music Your lovely screaming is the music

  9. Chronic -Sama

    Chronic -Sama일 전

    “So I hope this goes flawlessly.” *out on first hit*

  10. Retro2020

    Retro2020일 전

    I Hate Eilsa And Support Matt😎

  11. Noah Wood

    Noah Wood일 전

    2:43 - 2:55 best quote ever

  12. Dominik Kuharić

    Dominik Kuharić2 일 전

    This was hard for my ears. I'm sorry.

  13. Casey Jones

    Casey Jones2 일 전

    You should do a on wii sports boxing

  14. Robert Kersey

    Robert Kersey2 일 전

    Casey Jones He already did. (

  15. that fit Asian

    that fit Asian3 일 전

    Shits just old man wii remotes old as hell I had the ball miss heaps when I broke out my wii to play it

  16. ochako tacooo

    ochako tacooo4 일 전


  17. Buzz B

    Buzz B5 일 전

    “I actually have pretty good luck at Wii Sports tennis” Poofesure’s famous last words

  18. YoloBonzie

    YoloBonzie5 일 전

    It's really not that hard to get it over the net buddy😃

  19. Keegan Reis

    Keegan Reis5 일 전


  20. Keegan Reis

    Keegan Reis5 일 전

    Luv ur bids

  21. Boss of all bosses Best

    Boss of all bosses Best5 일 전

    Poofesure has the best rhyme of all time and it goes like this Elisa packs the heat but she can't beat this meat

  22. Garrison Brumblay

    Garrison Brumblay5 일 전

    15:29 that scream though

  23. sataninajar_ 666

    sataninajar_ 6666 일 전

    The fact that he actually BROKE a television, proves that this isn’t a joke and he is actually mad at a mii.....

  24. NaelWatchesAnime

    NaelWatchesAnime6 일 전

    elisa packs that heat but she can't beat this meat i'm fucking crying

  25. Chase Boeding

    Chase Boeding7 일 전

    “ Elisa can’t take this heat but she can beat this meat” - Poofesure

  26. Imperial Cub

    Imperial Cub8 일 전

    I feel so bad for fishsticks he's probably thinking STOP YELLING AT ME IM TRYING 😭

  27. Jakanthony Brentfordton

    Jakanthony Brentfordton8 일 전

    U gotta stop saying we "why can't we hit thos" makes it sound like ur talking about all of us. just you my man. The videos are hilarious tho. I do enjoy them for some reason, good job.

  28. Aj Storm

    Aj Storm8 일 전

    This is just sad because most of us could beat him at this at the age of 6

  29. Kayla

    Kayla9 일 전

    feat. manly step, mean helen, fivehead, and subaru

  30. Glennith III

    Glennith III9 일 전

    bruh I’ve had the same tv for 14 years and I’ve had my Wii plugged into it since it came out, you need help broski lmao

  31. Roberto Bastida Ramirez

    Roberto Bastida Ramirez9 일 전

    Is it just me or does almost 80% of the time he laughs he sound like Curious George?😂

  32. Alex The Fangirl

    Alex The Fangirl10 일 전

    You should make Abby merch

  33. Itchy Witchy

    Itchy Witchy11 일 전

    Its Ehl-eye-za

  34. Power Girl Productions

    Power Girl Productions11 일 전

    I think you could have bought a component to HDMI converter

  35. Jamar Willis

    Jamar Willis11 일 전

    Poofesure: can’t be the champion Me who used to be a nine year old I beat Elisa easy

  36. Vid Satz

    Vid Satz12 일 전

    I’m dying watching this coz I was playing wii sports today and I literally played against Elisa for the first time and beat her and the other cpu 3 - 0

  37. Elle Read

    Elle Read12 일 전

    i’m good at wii tennis

  38. BeastJimmy66 o

    BeastJimmy66 o12 일 전

    toad wii remote with wii motion plus inside

  39. Clumsy •

    Clumsy •12 일 전

    My name is Eliza and it's pronounced ee lies a so I assume that's how Elisa is pronounced too

  40. Mike Ockburns

    Mike Ockburns12 일 전

    You never used the strap, didn’t you.....

  41. Elisaxmm

    Elisaxmm12 일 전

    My name is Elisa... 😖😢

  42. Cream Soda

    Cream Soda12 일 전

    7:38 to 7:43 that’s what she said

  43. Nick Vaandrager

    Nick Vaandrager13 일 전

    Volleys are shots without the ball bouncing first, in rally’s the ball bounces

  44. Endergaming 72

    Endergaming 7215 일 전

    Same thing kinda happened a few hours ago my dog FUCKING BROKE MY GAWD DAMN TV he either jumped into it or ran into it but idk and idc I’m just pissed

  45. keagan vang

    keagan vang15 일 전

    2:43 “Jesus, Love me so hard in the butt”

  46. TheACraft LoL

    TheACraft LoL15 일 전

    I don't understand why you're raging so hard. It's easy

  47. Manays McSauce

    Manays McSauce16 일 전

    You can get a HDMI port for the Wii

  48. Chuck

    Chuck16 일 전

    Keep hitting 5:37 repeatedly with 1.5x speed and that’s Mario in lethal lava land



    The tennis court is bias!

  50. Lily Brown

    Lily Brown17 일 전

    fun fact, in tennis hitting the line counts as out. quit gettin ur panties in a twist cuz u think line is in 🤗

  51. Christopher Frison

    Christopher Frison17 일 전

    3:56 7:38 10:14


    BRYAN BURGOS17 일 전

    I legit got to elisa at level 900 and i feel bad for all the people who had to get to pro 😔

  53. Cameron Durham

    Cameron Durham18 일 전

    Abby likes this video

  54. boss gamer

    boss gamer18 일 전

    Does any else notice that stephanie looks like a man

  55. Fishsticks From Tomodachi Life

    Fishsticks From Tomodachi Life18 일 전

    Poofesure’s job is so expensive. He destroys sensor bars, TV’s, and Toad Wii remotes with Wii motion plus inside. Fans should try to buy merch to support Poof more

  56. Theo from Wii sports

    Theo from Wii sports18 일 전

    I would like a new hat

  57. SpoonHat

    SpoonHat18 일 전

    2:43 out of context Tomodachi Life foreshadowing

  58. Jayk Plays

    Jayk Plays18 일 전

    Wait what if in tomodaci life fish sticks actually like Elisa

  59. Chimpy Mcooper

    Chimpy Mcooper19 일 전

    10:00 is when the fun starts. Poof, somehow managed to have a stroke while coughing during a heart attack.

  60. democracy complex

    democracy complex19 일 전

    U consistently hit the ball really early

  61. sixfront

    sixfront20 일 전

    getting a wii fitness age of 61? iconic.

  62. Kelby Henson

    Kelby Henson21 일 전

    10:01 Minor stroke encountered.

  63. Kyle Chiu

    Kyle Chiu21 일 전

    Helen looks like she got a mustache

  64. BepBepStev

    BepBepStev21 일 전

    I love how you treat all the miis like real people you know from high shcool.

  65. Bruh Chill

    Bruh Chill21 일 전

    Bend me over and fuck me girls