Physical Therapists Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Physical Therapy


  1. Saphire1993

    Saphire1993개월 전

    Holy crap y'all did a vid with Bod and Brad, they're just the best. I stumbled upon them years ago looking up shoulder impingement and was sucked in by their personalities.

  2. Diego

    Diego2 개월 전

    i need about 5 more pillows

  3. N Abrams

    N Abrams3 개월 전

    I promise you. Physical therapy is NOT this boring

  4. N Abrams

    N Abrams3 개월 전

    Buzzfeed. Of all physical therapist, You picked these guys?? You did zero research

  5. What u lookin at People

    What u lookin at People4 개월 전

    This just made my whole body feel weird

  6. Wifi cat

    Wifi cat4 개월 전

    0:17 me: Oh sh**🤦‍♀️

  7. Ella Camville

    Ella Camville4 개월 전

    I accidentally stumbled on that side-sleeping position just because...tbh my chest was too damn big to feel comfortable without a few strategic support pillows. Whoops

  8. Nina 88

    Nina 884 개월 전

    I heard a long time ago that sleeping on the back can be bad. One is more likely to choke in their sleep.

  9. Christie Lee

    Christie Lee4 개월 전

    I want all those pillows lol

  10. Raphael Bizot

    Raphael Bizot4 개월 전

    Lmao I be laying on a thin ass bed with no pillow

  11. Seamus Lux

    Seamus Lux4 개월 전

    What about stomach sleeping

  12. Moony

    Moony4 개월 전

    The problem is that I move a lot in my sleep, so when I wake up most of my pillows are gonna end up on the floor

  13. Lina .T

    Lina .T4 개월 전

    i sleep without a pillow....oops

  14. Anoop Singh

    Anoop Singh4 개월 전

    Haha, @ 5:38 Quite Comfortable posture.

  15. R Armenta

    R Armenta4 개월 전

    Instructions unclear, accidentally built a pillow fortress. Have now been crowned king and given the duties of protecting us from bed bugs.

  16. Jasmina Amidzic

    Jasmina Amidzic4 개월 전

    "were going pillow crazy here brad"

  17. Levi H

    Levi H4 개월 전

    As a PT I am just happy to see some PT talk. So many people think I just give massages.

  18. Kenrick

    Kenrick5 개월 전

    We need more content like thiss

  19. Keys

    Keys5 개월 전

    Im 6'5 and sleep on my stomach with my pillow folded under my head and the back pain is crazy you would think im a old man or something

  20. Jordan Gregory

    Jordan Gregory5 개월 전

    Missing their intro song. It is essential sing a long fun for the whole family.

  21. BeautifulEmilyRose

    BeautifulEmilyRose5 개월 전

    Bob and Brad!!

  22. Naruto75366

    Naruto753665 개월 전

    I went to bed like that and woke up with pillows everywhere

  23. Lex Cherry

    Lex Cherry5 개월 전

    Walked away from computer looking regal AF.

  24. mixxhannah

    mixxhannah5 개월 전

    I LOVE these guys. So glad to see buzzfeed doing a video with them! 👏🏼

  25. laughter95

    laughter955 개월 전

    The nocebo is strong here.

  26. Jonel Santana

    Jonel Santana5 개월 전

    I dont wanna see your curls CHARLEY

  27. niamh

    niamh5 개월 전

    i have had unexplained headaches and migraines for 8 years now, after all the MRI’s has one youtube video finally solved it?

  28. jasxx

    jasxx5 개월 전

    i feel so attacked. my back started hurting 😂😂

  29. sami

    sami5 개월 전

    the amount of positions i put myself in watching this lmao

  30. jasxx

    jasxx5 개월 전

    omg same hahahaha

  31. Donald Millares

    Donald Millares5 개월 전

    Should definitely make a video about Occupational Therapy!

  32. undershirtless colfer

    undershirtless colfer5 개월 전

    Bob and Brad The two most famous Physical therapists On the internet

  33. LaVinciCode

    LaVinciCode5 개월 전

    I can’t be the only one who fixed their posture 100 times watching this

  34. Pipeblau

    Pipeblau5 개월 전

    so basically every problem in my life is caused by bad posture

  35. Jed Rashidul

    Jed Rashidul5 개월 전

    Bob & Brad in a buzz feed video??? 😲😲😲 Dang. Finally something worth watching fr ya'll buzzfeed

  36. Selena Navarro

    Selena Navarro5 개월 전

    I need so many pillows now , to sleep correctly.

  37. Noor Bongaros

    Noor Bongaros5 개월 전

    a bunch of people bought a lot of pillows after this

  38. Desiree Trieu

    Desiree Trieu5 개월 전

    I have not used my pillows to it's maximum potential...

  39. CyborgSlayerNila

    CyborgSlayerNila5 개월 전

    Who edited this video?? Bob and Brad?

  40. мαяιє

    мαяιє5 개월 전

    Omg no wonder I get headaches all the time and my eyes hurt 😳😳

  41. marooon raccooon

    marooon raccooon5 개월 전

    now i need me some answers on sciatica ..

  42. amiablehacker

    amiablehacker5 개월 전

    I know we're not the same, but my sciatica pain was caused from my hip was out of alignment. I was walking incorrectly. Massages and chiropractor visits helped me.

  43. Wake up Style

    Wake up Style5 개월 전

    I love these guys

  44. A N

    A N5 개월 전

    I legit sleep with 5 pillows just like they showed

  45. VekiMaki

    VekiMaki5 개월 전

    Back pain: ah yes, back pain. NEXT

  46. Marcoo

    Marcoo5 개월 전

    Who else just corrected their posture while watching the part where they talk about the consequences of bad posture?

  47. Mellan Dash

    Mellan Dash5 개월 전

    How do you even get to sleep to begin with?

  48. MuOofTime

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  49. MexicanDude1248

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    Idk why but every time I turn my neck slightly I hear about 20 quiet cracks

  50. GECKO

    GECKO5 개월 전


  51. Seth Daugherty

    Seth Daugherty5 개월 전

    Weird sentence: thank u for this video buzzfeed

  52. Aminah Taylor

    Aminah Taylor5 개월 전

    What I gained from this video is I need to buy more pillows . Was that the plan ?

  53. Bennett Lieberman

    Bennett Lieberman5 개월 전

    4:15 doctor Gregory Johnson Houston chiro swears no pillow lmao

  54. Alaina Jade

    Alaina Jade5 개월 전

    I can't believe there isn't an already a comment about how intense this music is.

  55. Thomas Aherne

    Thomas Aherne5 개월 전

    Bob and brad the two most-

  56. Gabriela S. Ortega

    Gabriela S. Ortega5 개월 전

    The zoom-ins were just gold

  57. CoolbreezeFromSteam

    CoolbreezeFromSteam5 개월 전

    "make it go 'ow'"

  58. Kelsea Enriquez

    Kelsea Enriquez5 개월 전

    So did they not mention sleeping on your stomach because you just SHOULDN’T do it at all? No wonder I have issues

  59. Prathyush Ravula

    Prathyush Ravula5 개월 전

    *Strong like bull*

  60. Ashley Timm

    Ashley Timm5 개월 전

    .... I need someone to tuck me in to get all those pillows in place.

  61. cali Roma

    cali Roma5 개월 전

    Funny thing is these are the exact ways nurses are taught to tuck patients in bed. When they have limited mobility, we do all the pillow arranging for them to increase comfort.

  62. Imagipop

    Imagipop5 개월 전

    Therapists that are also friends, it seems legit. I love it ❤️ This was pretty helpful. I think I'mma start paying attention to my body positions 😅😁

  63. Oh Sehund infires man

    Oh Sehund infires man5 개월 전

    OMG the fact that I started watching the video in that neck position LMAO

  64. Negative Pressure Productions

    Negative Pressure Productions5 개월 전

    I've been working on my posture for around a year thru weightlifting, and being more conscious of it. For those who are starting, be aware that you may get "growing pains" as you begin to realign everything. Muscles that have been under active are being used appropriately for the first time potentially in years. It takes time and effort, and I'm still not done my journey to good posture, but I know it will be worth it in the end!