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  1. Yak! It’s me

    Yak! It’s me4 일 전


  2. B Hennessy

    B Hennessy4 일 전

    I love phora I can’t stand ppl saying that imagine if he was like X fr bro nobody wants to think that 😞

  3. Shalissa Klosky

    Shalissa Klosky6 일 전

    Yet this song is good

  4. Noel From Fulton

    Noel From Fulton6 일 전

    I miss that old phora from when i was in 3rd grade 😢 im in 8th now time flies

  5. Daniel

    Daniel10 일 전

    3:23 yoo is that dree fron the dirty D??!!!👀

  6. Eriana Coronado

    Eriana Coronado10 일 전

    My ex showed me this song. He dumped me 7 months ago but im still boping to this song without his Ass

  7. jaylen pizarro

    jaylen pizarro12 일 전

    nice song

  8. SethDa_ Gamer

    SethDa_ Gamer13 일 전

    This song is ass. Ima phora fan but god damn its so fuckin repetive

  9. Wendy Sousa

    Wendy Sousa14 일 전

    A feat with X would have been perfect!

  10. Anthony Lagunas

    Anthony Lagunas15 일 전

    Trippie carried this song tbh

  11. el niño rata papa

    el niño rata papa15 일 전

    LOVE IS HELL 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Accrueworldwide

    Accrueworldwide17 일 전

    hello, hope i find you well...can you please subriscribe to my channel i will be posting some cool staff soon. Thank you so much for your time, have a great day and stay blessed.

  13. Perla Argaez

    Perla Argaez18 일 전

    I just came here for trippie

  14. 17 HEARTS

    17 HEARTS18 일 전

    2:51 is the best part

  15. MSAVIEL ?

    MSAVIEL ?20 일 전

    A música ficou uma Bosta com esse cara, quem salvou foi o Trippie Redd esse cara nem sabe cantar kkkk

  16. zweranewa mukwevho

    zweranewa mukwevho21 일 전

    Love Is Hell 🔥🔥 [Makaveli T-Shirt 👌🤘]

  17. Smoki Blues

    Smoki Blues21 일 전

    I miss trippie's old chain

  18. LouiVos

    LouiVos23 일 전

    missin’ X missin him so hard

  19. iachia sandoval

    iachia sandoval개월 전

    Trippie ❤️🖤❤️

  20. Sam Stapp

    Sam Stapp개월 전

    This aint the phora I know

  21. The Joako

    The Joako개월 전

    Phora is shit, 4 minutes bad

  22. Josiah Engelking

    Josiah Engelking개월 전

    Love in hell


    FUT DEXGFX개월 전

    I love trippie verse❤👌




  25. Andree Padilla

    Andree Padilla개월 전

    Love is hell

  26. ASAP 723

    ASAP 723개월 전

    Billie Ellish X Phora 🤷🏾‍♂️

  27. Yak! It’s me

    Yak! It’s me개월 전


  28. Cris Cruz

    Cris Cruz개월 전

    no cap but trippie redd’s part goes harder than phora’s

  29. Keyrsten’s Life

    Keyrsten’s Life개월 전

    My two favorite idol

  30. Ulises Gutierrez

    Ulises Gutierrez개월 전

    Hell is love🎤🎵🎶🎼💘

  31. Creatr

    Creatr개월 전

    Song is good and if he did a song ft x it would have been awesome but trippie redd hair ugly af fr😂

  32. Chubbs

    Chubbs개월 전

    this would have been a good ass song if trippie wasnt in it

  33. TheRealKrew KrewcifyMusic

    TheRealKrew KrewcifyMusic개월 전

    This fucking describes my love 🌹 for my baby girl my love ❤️ forever

  34. Grazeown

    Grazeown개월 전

    Phora and juice wrld 🤔

  35. Star Ramos

    Star Ramos개월 전


  36. Star Ramos

    Star Ramos개월 전

    That's for my baby no_mercy_knivesout 😘😘

  37. Joshua With An H

    Joshua With An H개월 전

    My Ex Actually Introduced me to this song 😭🤷‍♂️

  38. Joshua With An H

    Joshua With An H17 일 전

    jonnykillerla I feel you, I don’t feel no way towards mine

  39. jonnykillerla

    jonnykillerla24 일 전

    oof I swear the word ex drives me crazy I hate thinking of them lmao

  40. James Pazmino

    James Pazmino개월 전


  41. chris perez

    chris perez개월 전

    Trippie kills this shit he goes hard af 🔥🙌❤️

  42. Hloniphile Ncayiya

    Hloniphile Ncayiya개월 전

    I'm from south Africa and me and my friends we're crazy about phora's music

  43. Bokang Motimele

    Bokang Motimele개월 전

    Dude same...which part?

  44. Hloniphile Ncayiya

    Hloniphile Ncayiya개월 전

    This song is dope , I love phora

  45. Destiny Osoria

    Destiny Osoria개월 전

    Love it

  46. Dexter Willams

    Dexter Willams개월 전

    Love is hell fuck it

  47. Samuelj201

    Samuelj201개월 전

    Does Anyone know where Trippie got that T-shirt?

  48. Hadvin Cruz

    Hadvin Cruz2 개월 전

    Y'all talking about only listening to this song cause of trippie, then you must not really listen to the song what a shame

  49. Almighty Busto

    Almighty Busto2 개월 전

    Phora gives drake vibes

  50. Red KD

    Red KD2 개월 전


  51. Kagiso Moganedi

    Kagiso Moganedi2 개월 전

    Fuck love, I've going through 'HELL".

  52. Niklas Ornberg

    Niklas Ornberg2 개월 전

    lol been looking for this song for months i thought it was lil moosey but it was phora ^^

  53. Thembinkosi Muzi Dube

    Thembinkosi Muzi Dube2 개월 전

    Baby I got youuuuuuuuuuu💯

  54. Amanda Kaye Die

    Amanda Kaye Die2 개월 전

    I like my Demons $horty.

  55. Pedro Juan

    Pedro Juan2 개월 전

    Love is really Hell

  56. K B

    K B2 개월 전

    Love is hell but I rather fight demons with you


    ONE FOR ALL2 개월 전


  58. Rhonda Mitchell

    Rhonda Mitchell2 개월 전

    ❤❤❤ What a great combo. This song is dope

  59. Margie Janis

    Margie Janis2 개월 전

    Love is heaven Lmfao 😂💖✨ I'd rather fight eagles and angels with you to

  60. Cool Not

    Cool Not2 개월 전


  61. Abby Reyna

    Abby Reyna2 개월 전


  62. Thomas Evans

    Thomas Evans2 개월 전

    Drake? That you

  63. Cauã Parker

    Cauã Parker2 개월 전

    Trippie Redd salvando musica ruim

  64. Sam Stra

    Sam Stra2 개월 전

    🔥 trippie

  65. Mtshokotshe Ongama

    Mtshokotshe Ongama2 개월 전


  66. Rorisang Mpho

    Rorisang Mpho2 개월 전

    Cant imagine having babies without u

  67. Caleb Paul

    Caleb Paul2 개월 전

    Fucking horrible.. lazy ass lyrics preschool shit. Both sell out mothafuckas

  68. Acee Jess

    Acee Jess2 개월 전


  69. Chris Robins

    Chris Robins2 개월 전

    Trippy redd ruined the song imo

  70. Rosalie Trimble

    Rosalie Trimble2 개월 전

    Lol shut up you probably clicked on the vid for trippy just d Now finding out the song head ass

  71. savethat shit

    savethat shit2 개월 전

    Dipshit red is trash. You're the real reason 69 locked up, snitch

  72. Erick Johnston

    Erick Johnston2 개월 전

    Phora I found your music in the begging of my relationship and for three years your music helped ups and the downs thank you for helping me know that I truly love this girl and for all the songs you made never have not disliked a song

  73. Tskanji

    Tskanji2 개월 전

    We need artists making 4-5 minute songs again 💀 Fuck two minutes of mumble rap yfm

  74. Juan Jimenez

    Juan Jimenez2 개월 전

    trippies part makes me happy af

  75. Mylah Gonzales

    Mylah Gonzales3 개월 전

    Boys aint shit

  76. layne guy

    layne guy3 개월 전

    The best thing about phora is he doesn't give a fuck who he is giving the music to he will Express himself how ever he wants and that what makes him a very good artists🎧 #phora supporter

  77. Juanderful M

    Juanderful M3 개월 전

    A bit aggressive! Sadomasochistic!: 🎧🎛️🕵🏽‍♂️🔥

  78. Gonzalez Motley

    Gonzalez Motley3 개월 전

    Trippie red made this song come to life🔌🎧🎶🔥

  79. Clay Deal

    Clay Deal3 개월 전

    why aint this blown up wtf? love this song so much

  80. anthony Nelani

    anthony Nelani3 개월 전

    love is hell


    G3KYUM3 THOUGHTS3 개월 전

    I really like phora but lately I've been crushing on trippie lmao

  82. intentionally__offensive

    intentionally__offensive3 개월 전

    Im living amongst the angels in heaven without you😔😭😭💔

  83. Kaylynn Retzer

    Kaylynn Retzer3 개월 전

    I’m obsessed with your music🙃

  84. krissia

    krissia3 개월 전

    2:36 is my fav parttt ;)

  85. jazzy j

    jazzy j3 개월 전

    👁 14 👁 👅

  86. infernal beastxX

    infernal beastxX3 개월 전


  87. botox93

    botox933 개월 전

    Jesus saves

  88. Katrina Lacy

    Katrina Lacy3 개월 전


  89. NLE Dani

    NLE Dani3 개월 전

    This Is 🔥🔥

  90. Nicholas Rowe

    Nicholas Rowe3 개월 전

    TSM Myth???

  91. Hey You

    Hey You3 개월 전

    What's the models name?

  92. Luis Jimenez

    Luis Jimenez3 개월 전

    The process of a break up is tough... this song helps me get through it.

  93. Young Dloc Borrego

    Young Dloc Borrego3 개월 전

    PHORA x TRIPPIE nice collab

  94. DobRabbit

    DobRabbit3 개월 전

    where to buy thise pants like Phora?

  95. Ricky Wagner

    Ricky Wagner3 개월 전

    My favorite song by phora



    Trippies part 2:37 thank me later

  97. Maria Dolores Nze

    Maria Dolores Nze3 개월 전

    Fuking all

  98. chad vickers

    chad vickers4 개월 전

    This Jawn Dope ASF B !

  99. Ivana MM

    Ivana MM4 개월 전

    2:36 to 3:14 is trippie’s part

  100. graffist1

    graffist14 개월 전

    Leave out sloppy red

  101. Trilly Beats

    Trilly Beats4 개월 전

    I'm a beat maker from Midrand rappers

  102. Trilly Beats

    Trilly Beats4 개월 전

    Lemme make u a beat

  103. Real one

    Real one4 개월 전

    Smh phora😑

  104. Ruben Rubio

    Ruben Rubio4 개월 전

    Baby I got youuu