1. Kiara Eijo

    Kiara Eijo20 일 전

    Great Review! What you said about having the huge connection with Barbie is the same for me but for anything Disney related😊

  2. Kelly Henderson

    Kelly Henderson24 일 전

    I played with my mamas barbies more than mine actually. She has the OG 1960’s Barbie. She had the ginger one whom looked like Joan from “Mad Men”. She even had a fur fox stole. Lol I think it’s actually real fur 😬 but I used to love the one dress she had that was a red velvet sweetheart neck line strapless dress with a cream full satin skirt.

  3. Breann Vande Velde

    Breann Vande Velde개월 전

    When the bullet fell I just about died 😂😂

  4. Nightwishgoth NWG

    Nightwishgoth NWG개월 전

    I might be late for the giveaway, but I do love this video.

  5. Myra

    Myra개월 전

    Is it just me? "I LOVE MY DOLLS " Reminds me of pretty little liars

  6. Melissa Dawn

    Melissa Dawn개월 전

    I’ve got this whole collection!! I love it!! Great review as always!!

  7. angela duffield

    angela duffield개월 전

    Love you tati....building up my make up ....or trying ....sux when u don't have the rite brushes and such.....lol

  8. Karen Weaver

    Karen Weaver개월 전

    We want to see you put on makeup before we see your face!

  9. Ayushi verma

    Ayushi verma개월 전

    Plz give it to me plz

  10. Grace Haymberg

    Grace Haymberg개월 전

    So beautiful Tati! A vibe💗

  11. Stephanie S

    Stephanie S개월 전

    Love the lashes!!

  12. Sarah Ciani

    Sarah Ciani개월 전

    I love the pallet! I agree with you on the setting spray

  13. Margarita Raygoza

    Margarita Raygoza2 개월 전

    Oh mannnnn I actually was gonna comment on the lashes . I loved them

  14. Lucy Ella

    Lucy Ella2 개월 전


  15. Amy Mifsud

    Amy Mifsud2 개월 전

    Raise your hand if you love Tati

  16. Amy Mifsud

    Amy Mifsud2 개월 전


  17. Saphira Elizebeth

    Saphira Elizebeth2 개월 전

    Honestly they could have just added a fine glitter to the LIT Mist setting spray and it would have been barbie worthy! its already pink!!

  18. Dorothy King

    Dorothy King2 개월 전

    I'm sorry that I missed the giveaway! I can't wait to try Halo!

  19. notyourboi

    notyourboi2 개월 전

    I actually thought the lashes looked really good on you

  20. RoxyRoller

    RoxyRoller2 개월 전

    What kid wants clothes for their birthday or Christmas lmao i used to cry when I got clothes 😂

  21. Sarah Brown

    Sarah Brown2 개월 전

    Black? Wow the color looks purple in this video! The lights she uses really change the true color of this palette?

  22. Shelby Lorcher

    Shelby Lorcher2 개월 전

    she made putting the lashes on so easy wtf, i could never

  23. JoMcK

    JoMcK2 개월 전

    “Camel.. Tone” 😆😆😆

  24. PinkOwlPatricia

    PinkOwlPatricia2 개월 전

    Love this video! Love your look! Love this collection!!!! So agree they should have done a setting spray and blush! 😍😍😍😍

  25. Deena Broncho

    Deena Broncho2 개월 전


  26. Bahar Kh

    Bahar Kh2 개월 전

    me shouting: please Tati pick the lipstick... it'll stain everywhere! by the way, gorgeous look

  27. DeeDee D.

    DeeDee D.2 개월 전

    Big Malibu Barbie fan! Giving away my age, oh well! Love the video, it was fun. Thanks.💄😀

  28. Jennifer Gonzalez

    Jennifer Gonzalez2 개월 전

    I love tati❤❤ I may not be able to watch her vids on a Daily because of life but when I sit to watch her...I go on a TATI MARATHON❤❤

  29. Anthony Coussa

    Anthony Coussa2 개월 전

    Tati holo is way better cristen u need to hear this

  30. Sarah Oswald

    Sarah Oswald2 개월 전

    I absolutely adore you and all your videos! You are so beautiful!

  31. LydiaBisland

    LydiaBisland2 개월 전

    I think those lashes look gorgeous on you!!

  32. Maria Mamaki

    Maria Mamaki2 개월 전

    Send them here! Greece waiting for you 💙🙏

  33. Amanda Craddock

    Amanda Craddock2 개월 전

    My home interior is all millennial pink right down to the coffee maker

  34. Delicious Atomic Bomb

    Delicious Atomic Bomb2 개월 전

    Tati : hello everyone, welcome to today's video where EVERYTHING is pink Me : hearing the bells and the Hallelujah chorus

  35. Chase M

    Chase M2 개월 전

    Ahh i need those lippies and palette in my life!

  36. Courtney Reed

    Courtney Reed2 개월 전

    Ok but where is this sweater from?!

  37. Amie De Angelis

    Amie De Angelis2 개월 전

    I love Pur Cosmetics!! I need this collection.

  38. Jenn Brock

    Jenn Brock2 개월 전

    Love this look on you! So beautiful 😍

  39. Danielle Sotir

    Danielle Sotir2 개월 전

    The lashes are over the top because they are barbie lashes lol. They are supposed to be a little ridiculous!

  40. Jasmine Isabella

    Jasmine Isabella2 개월 전

    Can I make a suggestion? Try looking for a palette... that is monster high themed XD. Monster high, and barbie, were my childhood as well.

  41. LeeAnn Howelester

    LeeAnn Howelester2 개월 전

    I love that lip color on her it’s beautiful

  42. Lisa Fortney

    Lisa Fortney2 개월 전

    Love the lashes!

  43. Josefa Toledo

    Josefa Toledo2 개월 전

    I like the lashes :)

  44. J Z

    J Z2 개월 전

    “Drive me bananas” I love it

  45. Sinda Xchaefer

    Sinda Xchaefer2 개월 전

    im barbie with a backpack and 5 lippys

  46. Mandy Trout

    Mandy Trout2 개월 전

    Boxycharm gave that pink mask out in their box.

  47. Lisa Young

    Lisa Young2 개월 전

    Yes!! Love 💕

  48. Caitlin Jones

    Caitlin Jones2 개월 전

    Barbie is iconic

  49. Karen González

    Karen González2 개월 전

    Great video. 💖💖💖😊

  50. Kate_Kosmo

    Kate_Kosmo2 개월 전

    Thanks for a chance! This collection is too cute! IG: @Kate_Kosmo

  51. TARBOURIECH Patricia

    TARBOURIECH Patricia2 개월 전

    So lovely

  52. Amanda Nihill

    Amanda Nihill2 개월 전

    I love the lashes!! They look so gorgeous!

  53. Leigh B.

    Leigh B.2 개월 전

    My favorite doll was my Selena one. It wasn't made by Mattel, but it was my fav. It was my only non Mattel Barbie-esque doll. Someone stole her though... Tragic.

  54. Princess Melodie

    Princess Melodie2 개월 전

    I only wanted barbies and MLP’s.

  55. effy pap

    effy pap2 개월 전

    Omg u look GORGEOUS with these colours

  56. LTS Shadow

    LTS Shadow2 개월 전

    Sad she tried to destroy her friend sad

  57. BelowZero

    BelowZero3 개월 전

    What do you mean when you said that the light pink shade was powdery? You should clarify that since all literally shadows are powdery. Every shadow that I’ve used (mostly with mates and not shimmer shades) has been powdery because when you pick it up on a brush, it becomes powder.

  58. katlin macleod

    katlin macleod3 개월 전

    Cant stop looking at the black dot on your face under your left (our right) eye lol noticed it at 9:01 minutes in

  59. Samil Sadiq

    Samil Sadiq3 개월 전

    Tati:a nice camel tone Me:DID YOU JUST SAY CAMEL TOE Tati:that sounded like I said camel toe Me:THEN WHAT ELSE DID YOU SAY

  60. Duidy

    Duidy3 개월 전

    I watched the video by @rosymcmichael and the face mask LITERALLY burnt her face D:

  61. Andjela T.

    Andjela T.3 개월 전

    Proof that there's never enough pink in this world 🌺🐖🍭