1. C9 PVPX

    C9 PVPX4 개월 전

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  2. C9 PVPX

    C9 PVPX4 개월 전

    @Jordan B I will miss random role swapping for sure

  3. Jordan B

    Jordan B4 개월 전

    How do you feel about role queue being a flex player? You inspired me to be one and I think I'll miss the flexibility big time and I kinda liked having stuff put in front of me and working off of that

  4. Irodroan

    Irodroan3 개월 전

    Am I the only one that got ripped off on placements? Finished season at 2900 played tank 2725 and support 2664. Diamond I placed 3009. I don’t get it

  5. Games of Benefit

    Games of Benefit4 개월 전

    You should make the crosshair a little bit bigger I could almost see whats happening on the screen!

  6. Gabriel Campos

    Gabriel Campos4 개월 전

    Your cross airs make this unbeatable

  7. Charlie Highnam

    Charlie Highnam4 개월 전

    Thank you for doing what you do man I love the daily Overwatch full games and I like the early role Q gameplay.

  8. Kevin R

    Kevin R4 개월 전

    Wow he said he doesn't know who bumper is???

  9. Ondřej Toman

    Ondřej Toman4 개월 전

    Bumper is just a master dps ana player

  10. Jacob Gonzalez

    Jacob Gonzalez4 개월 전

    Bumper is the Vancouver main tank

  11. Brennan Noring

    Brennan Noring4 개월 전

    Johnston09 is a god, wtf, he was carrying so hard

  12. Mr Hard Apple

    Mr Hard Apple4 개월 전

    yeah, he was a beast

  13. Khoithekoifish 7777

    Khoithekoifish 77774 개월 전

    What does ptr stand for?

  14. Ella Marie

    Ella Marie4 개월 전

    Zok oh ok! Thanks for letting me know

  15. Zok

    Zok4 개월 전

    Or public test region I forget which one

  16. Zok

    Zok4 개월 전

    @Ella Marie it's actually Public Testing Region

  17. Ella Marie

    Ella Marie4 개월 전

    Khoithekoifish 7777 playable test region. It’s so that blizz can test things to see what they need to fix and stuff

  18. K1NG CF

    K1NG CF4 개월 전

    Why would that be the beginning of your vid? Dude, tbh, you can't complaint about that Grav after that Shatter...

  19. Zok

    Zok4 개월 전

    @K1NG CF On close to last push i would have also used my ults because otherwise youre going to lose anyway. no sense in waiting till the last push because thats when the enemy team is also going to be using ults.

  20. K1NG CF

    K1NG CF4 개월 전

    @Zok lower ranks don't understand the game as good as the ones in higher ranks, evidently. Dude there's a reason why they lost, they both panic ulted and there's no other way to put it.

  21. Zok

    Zok4 개월 전

    @K1NG CF Why does my sr matter? Why are you bringing that into this? a 3v3 with a rein is easily winnable if he is at least half health. Lucio does a lot of healing with his e ability and also he does 20 dps per shot as well as he can boop the enemy off. Not to mention shatter is one of the easiest ults to build back. For your information I just hit 2946 last night and I'm on a winning streak so I'm probably gonna reach diamond.

  22. K1NG CF

    K1NG CF4 개월 전

    @Zok that was a 3v3 at the end and it's not even a matter of numbers. What's your sr? I'd be surprised if it's higher than silver. He left his team only to fail his 200IQ flank charge and 3 guys died instantly (2dps and main healer), then he ulted without calling it or any set up whatsoever when he was so low. Let's sat that Lucio didn't die, still there's absolutely no way Rein was surviving with that hp and Lucio's passive healing. A 2 man shatter is only good if your whole team is alive, he should've saved that shatter for next push and they would've had nano-shatter.

  23. Zok

    Zok4 개월 전

    @K1NG CF the fight was winnable after he got two picks because they had advantages in numbers. It was a good shatter what are you talking about!??!


    ZGRYWUSEK4 개월 전

    Please chore normal viewfinder

  25. SuperDeinVadda

    SuperDeinVadda4 개월 전

    The reason why you are 4100? Firestriking the zarya grav with 50 hp. You didnt kill anything and died seconds before your ana came back. That was pretty noobish.

  26. MarkoAksent12 Aksentijevic

    MarkoAksent12 Aksentijevic4 개월 전

    Ur a good ball, I am a ball main, I would just recommend you to switch ur reticle to a dot

  27. Baconator4579 ‘

    Baconator4579 ‘4 개월 전

    Lol same

  28. Jack Sparrow

    Jack Sparrow4 개월 전

    Widow is broken and she doesn't belong in the game

  29. Baconator4579 ‘

    Baconator4579 ‘4 개월 전

    She really isnt

  30. Sladeway

    Sladeway4 개월 전

    Nope. Dont play into her LOS, and play behind your shield. Playing stuipdly gets you killed, a good widow though flanks alot. But seriously, if you want to delete widow, delete a lot of other heroes also.

  31. Spry B.O.B.TheOrigin

    Spry B.O.B.TheOrigin4 개월 전

    How does role q work when you are in a lobby?

  32. Snoop Ferret

    Snoop Ferret4 개월 전

    A lobby? Like a LFG?


    TOASTDD4 개월 전

    Soft mmr wipe I believe

  34. Wobble

    Wobble4 개월 전

    Finally i can go from gold to grandmaster in 5 games

  35. Code _909vic

    Code _909vic4 개월 전

    First Time I was there for that game before he posted it

  36. Idiot #3

    Idiot #34 개월 전

    I just want to say that thanks to you I’ve been able to get much better by watching you play and learning from your strategies.

  37. OhhhBirdy

    OhhhBirdy4 개월 전

    Please change the crosshair

  38. Angel Bolivar

    Angel Bolivar4 개월 전

    Idk who bumper is? Lol my ass. You’re a bot and a douche

  39. Sepsis X

    Sepsis X4 개월 전

    Do PTR placements even mean anything or count in any way towards the regular game?

  40. Sepsis X

    Sepsis X4 개월 전

    @Wobble cool, I didn't think it mattered. So I'm not gonna waste my time in PTR then.

  41. Wobble

    Wobble4 개월 전

    Nope, everything you do on the ptr will get reset on the live servers (:

  42. Sepsis X

    Sepsis X4 개월 전

    If they're going to ban heroes from comp, they should just remove them from the fuckin game all together. Hero bans are stupid.

  43. KingKongRon 123

    KingKongRon 1234 개월 전

    The cross hair is making me uncomfortable

  44. Mr Hard Apple

    Mr Hard Apple4 개월 전

    it's probably pretty good, but i wears on my eyes and it doesnt feel good to look at

  45. Jong Lee

    Jong Lee4 개월 전

    how can I try out the Role Q beta before the official release for everyone on Sept 1?

  46. Dan 360

    Dan 3604 개월 전

    There’s a ptr that you can get to play it on if you have PC

  47. Winston

    Winston4 개월 전

    Jong Lee ptr

  48. Josh Healey

    Josh Healey4 개월 전

    Who is a fan of role q?

  49. Walter Nelson

    Walter Nelson4 개월 전

    I like the idea of 2-2-2 but role question is stupid because maybe you don't know what role you want to play until you are in game.

  50. Jordan B

    Jordan B4 개월 전

    @ChristianI think that's a valid point, but what I don't understand is if this was such an optimal thing, and if people really enjoy the game that much more, then why did lfg die out? Lfg gives you 20% more xp because of being in a group. I know why I quit using lfg, and it was because I enjoy flexing, shorter queue times, and being able to adjust to the comp of my team and the other team without being locked into 2-2-2. Personally, I think the new system is frustrating because now I HAVE to deal with longer queue times and being unable to flex, when anyone who doesn't feel the same frustrations has the option to make those trade-offs with the lfg system. I think role-independent sr is good, but if they can track our stats to get a guesstimate on that anyways when we aren't role locked, why not implement that anyways?

  51. Christian

    Christian4 개월 전

    I agree with the map selection part, but it will never happen. They don't want to split the playerbase. Maps like Lunar Colony and 2cp will be dead (In terms of players, playing that map). This also makes people only play their favorite map which is awesome, but they don't get any experience with other maps.

  52. Christian

    Christian4 개월 전

    @Jordan B Yes, role queue is annoying in some aspects, but i think the payoff with role queue is significantly higher than without. It sure is exiting and satisfying to win with 4 dps, but more times than not, you will lose. The overall consistensy of matches i think is way higher and this makes the game more fun rather than tilting. I am currently in master, but i have been in bronze before (Season 13 ish), so i think i have enough experience in every rank to give my opinion. For me it was and still is tilting to have a really bad team comp. As i said, this is my opinion and feel free to argue against me.

  53. Jordan B

    Jordan B4 개월 전

    One of my most memorable games was winning on eichenwalde attack solotanking orisa with zen, bastion, mei, pharah, and doomfist, sure, this might tilt some people and I'd understand maybe in higher ranks but down here in gold? You can win with anything, even 5-6 dps, and I think that's challenging in a unique way. Maybe role queue for higher ranks? Or separate, no role queue? And sometimes whether I tank, dps, heal depends on the map. I can't dps on route 66 or Busan for the life of me, but King's Row? I love dpsing on that map, maybe map selection should also be a thing.

  54. Dianne Stallings

    Dianne Stallings4 개월 전

    God Crosshair Pog

  55. WalkinDead999

    WalkinDead9994 개월 전

    Is this live???

  56. RebelWhomper Gaming

    RebelWhomper Gaming4 개월 전

    Doesnt know bumper....kapp

  57. Johnty French

    Johnty French4 개월 전


  58. Dylan Molloy

    Dylan Molloy4 개월 전

    keep up the good vids

  59. Ethan

    Ethan4 개월 전

    Finally someone is uploading these

  60. Scortch

    Scortch4 개월 전

    I was thinking the same thing 😂😂😂