Our First Ever Playoff Game... And THIS Happened... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #6


  1. Ace Søren

    Ace Søren일 전

    I love just rewatching the wheel of mut vids

  2. Devon Duncanson

    Devon Duncanson10 일 전

    R.I.P Kobe

  3. Glenda Roe

    Glenda Roe20 일 전

    Xbox sucks dickhole PlayStation is so much better

  4. Miller Simms

    Miller Simms22 일 전

    I have an Xbox

  5. Nyree Wade

    Nyree Wade24 일 전

    What Is This Outro Beat 😩?

  6. Brody Ownes

    Brody Ownes24 일 전

    What is papa's Xbox account

  7. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama25 일 전

    The only place James white is appreciated

  8. Cole Tran

    Cole Tran개월 전

    When Denver says 81 and 8 for Kobe and now he’s dead... RIP

  9. EXT DeMoN

    EXT DeMoN개월 전

    Can u do to me I have a 79 overall defense and only one 90

  10. Coolnerd 22

    Coolnerd 22개월 전

    Shortsssssssssssxfdfcrbcgfchhfdxfdh huff. Gif jugfcfhdxfgh gf gjfcjjtfcjtfcgfj gf f. Tf tf tf gf gym jgg jgg gf fivygv gy

  11. Joaquin Soliz

    Joaquin Soliz개월 전

    Instead of saying six you said ass

  12. Mango Man

    Mango Man개월 전

    Why does the avengers theme start playing at 10:40 lol

  13. lucas is my dad

    lucas is my dad개월 전

    them shorts

  14. hang losse boy 2

    hang losse boy 2개월 전

    Damn he thiccccccc

  15. Johnny J Espinoza

    Johnny J Espinoza개월 전

    It was 16

  16. Dillon Ward

    Dillon Ward개월 전

    Hey my I know you won’t see this I want you to do a pack opening for me Can everyone like this so he can see this

  17. Jack Worcester

    Jack Worcester개월 전

    Nice shorts

  18. Jevin Olsen

    Jevin Olsen개월 전

    0:15 shorts be a lil short 😂

  19. Meaghan Hait

    Meaghan Hait개월 전

    Your shorts are as short as the browns season last year

  20. Max Berger

    Max Berger개월 전

    I like your shorts and no I’m not gay

  21. Fighter Boi

    Fighter Boi2 개월 전

    Yo I’ll give you my account for pack opening HMU at JalenRamsey I texted you there’s some numbers after it

  22. Laura Brilz

    Laura Brilz2 개월 전

    Your shorts are so short that you look like your switched genders

  23. Declan Damgaard

    Declan Damgaard2 개월 전

    Stop fu***** swearing

  24. Maverick Webb

    Maverick Webb2 개월 전

    🐺You are Amazing

  25. E Beniflah

    E Beniflah2 개월 전

    Imagine wearing booty shorts

  26. Carla lansford

    Carla lansford2 개월 전

    I'm a chargers fan

  27. Mr. Madden Mobile

    Mr. Madden Mobile2 개월 전

    Can someone tell me Bella’s insta

  28. Aidan Crowley

    Aidan Crowley2 개월 전

    “I wrap it around my tummy” what are you 3 and a half

  29. azhae brown

    azhae brown2 개월 전

    I do

  30. itz_ay_d en

    itz_ay_d en2 개월 전

    Papa those shorts make me feel embarrassed

  31. KTG_Teo

    KTG_Teo2 개월 전

    You can spend money on my account after christmas

  32. Bryant Wulu

    Bryant Wulu2 개월 전


  33. Seth Lambert

    Seth Lambert3 개월 전

    your shorts are shorter then a feminists temper about abortion

  34. Green bay Packers

    Green bay Packers3 개월 전

    Who wheres short shorts mmg wheres short shorts

  35. Angelo Lombardi

    Angelo Lombardi3 개월 전

    Those shorts are big

  36. Thesolobeast 1738

    Thesolobeast 17383 개월 전

    What’s Bella’s insta?

  37. Naturalbear54 1

    Naturalbear54 13 개월 전

    What is Bella’s Instagram

  38. PurplePasgetthi Ur Mom

    PurplePasgetthi Ur Mom3 개월 전

    You sound like a ghost Tooory Hoolt

  39. John May

    John May3 개월 전

    MMG i am doing a pack and play. My user name is HugeNinjaFan69 and my password is ........

  40. Sicknigga

    Sicknigga3 개월 전

    Why your shorts so short

  41. Brandon Placak

    Brandon Placak3 개월 전

    You had travis kelce at the end wide open

  42. Mack Moore

    Mack Moore3 개월 전

    It’s ok I had a game on the line earlier and my same baker mayfield overthrough a wide open reciever on 4th

  43. Cole Tabacco

    Cole Tabacco3 개월 전

    Short shorts

  44. Ryan McDonald

    Ryan McDonald3 개월 전

    Did you break up with kaylee?

  45. Ryan McDonald

    Ryan McDonald3 개월 전

    Anybody gunna talk about how his team went from a 68 to a 80 in like 30 sec?

  46. trman24 mdock

    trman24 mdock3 개월 전

    When is the no nut November vids coming out

  47. Kermit De Dank Fwog

    Kermit De Dank Fwog3 개월 전


  48. Delta001

    Delta0014 개월 전

    Plz pack and play on my account :(((

  49. Yung Pickle

    Yung Pickle4 개월 전

    You can give mmg a team of all golds and one tyreek hill and he will go undefeated 😂

  50. OG Mudbone

    OG Mudbone4 개월 전

    U went to a tall and big store and bought booty shorts

  51. Joshua Hamm

    Joshua Hamm4 개월 전

    im gonaa buy a pack tonight wanna do it papa

  52. Sznxxy _

    Sznxxy _4 개월 전

    Oh no no no I thought I was on private no

  53. Fortnite _clipz93

    Fortnite _clipz934 개월 전


  54. Eyan Pearson

    Eyan Pearson4 개월 전

    You picked 7 not 8

  55. Brady Dolgner

    Brady Dolgner4 개월 전

    boy u made this vid on my birthday

  56. Noah Valdez

    Noah Valdez4 개월 전

    You look like a girl🐶🐶👧🏼

  57. Enyjah Pinson

    Enyjah Pinson4 개월 전

    0:36 shorty little

  58. Caden Barrientos

    Caden Barrientos4 개월 전

    can u do a pack and play for me

  59. Carter Walsh

    Carter Walsh4 개월 전

    do a pack and play on my account

  60. Joshua Parsons

    Joshua Parsons5 개월 전

    They don’t call Tom Brady the comeback kid for nothing💪🏻