Our First Ever Playoff Game... And THIS Happened... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #6


  1. Cameron Hughes-Williams

    Cameron Hughes-Williams22 시간 전

    Papa’s got a tan

  2. Lil Subaru

    Lil Subaru일 전

    Dude u look like u are a tennis player

  3. Imdaddy Mschertz

    Imdaddy Mschertz3 일 전


  4. Jaylen Young

    Jaylen Young4 일 전

    You look gay😂😂

  5. HOTanimeGIRL726

    HOTanimeGIRL7267 일 전

    Dude I like those shorts I would where them

  6. Javaughn Dove

    Javaughn Dove7 일 전

    bruh dats how i wear my shortsssss

  7. Respawn

    Respawn8 일 전

    I’m surprised that no one has talked about how short his shorts are

  8. Respawn

    Respawn8 일 전

    By the way I’m joking

  9. Mathew Crawford

    Mathew Crawford8 일 전

    Bro i actually watched ep 7 on accident before this so my bad 😂

  10. Isaac Mckendree

    Isaac Mckendree9 일 전

    The god damn smooch is heat seeking

  11. Reggie Chadwick

    Reggie Chadwick9 일 전


  12. Christian Pantoja

    Christian Pantoja9 일 전


  13. Joey Meadows

    Joey Meadows9 일 전

    can som1 tell me the name of the shorts tho cause like i can’t find them

  14. LJG wav

    LJG wav7 일 전

    Joey Meadows probably just go to Nike and look up running shorts

  15. gaming goblin 2007

    gaming goblin 20079 일 전

    I haven't be watching bc school and practice RIP


    JACOB GRIMM10 일 전

    I actually like his shorts

  17. PMM Productions

    PMM Productions13 일 전

    how did you lose this game...

  18. Sam Alparone

    Sam Alparone14 일 전

    The shorts are tuff 😴😴😴😴

  19. Michael Wheaton

    Michael Wheaton16 일 전

    Love the shorts bro there great

  20. Hunter Haywood

    Hunter Haywood17 일 전

    Didn’t you and your girlfriend break/kaylie

  21. Fork Spoon

    Fork Spoon17 일 전

    5:56 you’ll thank me later

  22. Gavin Roberts

    Gavin Roberts17 일 전

    You can do it on em I play Xbox

  23. Seth MARTIN

    Seth MARTIN18 일 전

    Idiot bro 15:55 you could’ve thrown to Kelce no one was covering him LOVE UR VIDS THOO

  24. A Hungry African

    A Hungry African21 일 전

    6:23 you should’ve done 0 to 7 so he wouldn’t know that you’re doing an 80-87.

  25. NBK

    NBK21 일 전

    3:41 am I the only one wondering what that instrumental is?

  26. Rafi

    Rafi22 일 전

    u shorts are short

  27. Bryan Cortez

    Bryan Cortez22 일 전

    Is it just me or did MMG pop an addy before this episode?

  28. Roman Williams

    Roman Williams22 일 전

    Yes please

  29. xXJaybirdX x

    xXJaybirdX x22 일 전

    I just use PA drive to Kittle and X drag Trail to kittle and slants to Odell and i will score within 30 seconds

  30. Bee Movie: The last Buzz

    Bee Movie: The last Buzz23 일 전


  31. Zzlight14 123

    Zzlight14 12323 일 전

    You have no balls

  32. Mikey LaFave

    Mikey LaFave23 일 전

    What part of Michigan is this dude from ? Hello Onaway Michigan

  33. G.O.A.T_TEZ

    G.O.A.T_TEZ24 일 전

    MMG no cap thicc lol

  34. Raptors Nation

    Raptors Nation24 일 전


  35. Lions Bitch

    Lions Bitch25 일 전

    I’ll do the pack n play papa. Use my account if u r 6’5 250 and have 69 inch brat.

  36. codysniper17

    codysniper1725 일 전

    14:29 A was so wide opennnn

  37. Nick M

    Nick M25 일 전

    You can use my xbox

  38. Tony Orrick

    Tony Orrick25 일 전

    When kylee wears longer shorts bc u broke up

  39. Gucci Condom

    Gucci Condom25 일 전

    Torryyy holttttttttttt

  40. Philip C

    Philip C25 일 전

    short shorts are a look dont @ me

  41. Macaroni

    Macaroni25 일 전

    WhTs bellas insta

  42. NoSleep

    NoSleep25 일 전

    I will get u a 12000 pt legen bundle on my account

  43. Dane May

    Dane May26 일 전

    4:54 Khalil Mack originally plays a lot of 5-2 and a lot of Defensive end.. more of pass rush Backer.. like Clowney.. or Watt

  44. Colin Ryan

    Colin Ryan26 일 전

    Will forever love his series. And this channel. One Love Brother

  45. Carter Powers

    Carter Powers26 일 전

    Woah lions in the playoffs never thought that would happen

  46. Ky-Mani McLeish

    Ky-Mani McLeish26 일 전

    What does MMG stand for?

  47. Jared Surloff

    Jared Surloff26 일 전

    how do you taunt before the amazing td

  48. SmoaksTV X

    SmoaksTV X27 일 전

    How do you taunt when your running for a TD?

  49. Ryan Hasson

    Ryan Hasson27 일 전

    Do a pack and play on my account 🤩

  50. CapoJays

    CapoJays27 일 전


  51. thedosier209

    thedosier20927 일 전

    Go get bronze JJ Nelson for WR 86 or 87 speed!!

  52. Hunter Ducharme

    Hunter Ducharme27 일 전

    Honestly tho wheel of MUT is the best series idea from a KOreporter I’ve seen yet

  53. Cayden Romfo

    Cayden Romfo27 일 전

    Can you do a pack and play on my account

  54. Cayden Broome

    Cayden Broome27 일 전

    Funny because when you said smooch I put my ass the the screen

  55. Shea DeGruy

    Shea DeGruy27 일 전

    What’s the song in the background of 1:27?

  56. Sue Wertman

    Sue Wertman27 일 전

    Last play tight end was wide open

  57. gzim ademi

    gzim ademi27 일 전

    Match starts at 8:46

  58. soKRAFTY

    soKRAFTY27 일 전

    That’s why I got rid of Baker

  59. Jonthefork

    Jonthefork27 일 전

    12:58 look how wide open Allen isss

  60. Darin Pirkey

    Darin Pirkey27 일 전

    Those shorts are shorter than my KOreporter career

  61. FelloeYellow89

    FelloeYellow8927 일 전

    My team is pretty average, if you want to use it u can

  62. Dominic Mulka

    Dominic Mulka28 일 전

    1 like equals normal shorts for papa meages