1. Dobre Brothers

    Dobre Brothers5 개월 전


  2. Jennifer Barber

    Jennifer Barber18 일 전

    Omg can you come to my home 6609miner road MI I'm your biggest fan no joke I like your videos your. Awsome and I like this video

  3. Veronica Rebollar

    Veronica Rebollar개월 전

    @VIDEO Games hi dobre brothers we hope that you a good weekend😉😉

  4. Kikora Elcock

    Kikora Elcock개월 전

    You guys are the best. 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Sam Horvath

    Sam Horvath개월 전

    Why would Cyrus turned into a rat

  6. Amanda Williams

    Amanda Williams21 시간 전

    You are crazy

  7. Lucileny Ortiz

    Lucileny Ortiz2 일 전

    That kind of scared me

  8. Lucileny Ortiz

    Lucileny Ortiz2 일 전

    I think it was a prank

  9. Eva Makulova

    Eva Makulova2 일 전

    wtf man

  10. Tiffany Marsh

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  11. Solopog gaming

    Solopog gaming2 일 전

    Nice clickbetting

  12. Vanquisha Roy

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  13. Celen Mehmet

    Celen Mehmet3 일 전

    What weird but I like it.

  14. {sunflower hun hun :3}

    {sunflower hun hun :3}3 일 전

    That's not a rat it's a capybara :D

  15. Ashley Paulk

    Ashley Paulk6 일 전

    It is all for the dobre army

  16. Afnan Q8

    Afnan Q821 일 전

    you guys are amazing people l never see before you guys very nice l Love your their channel l wish you have a nice day love yeah ❤️l Love you so much guys.

  17. Too LAZY Gacha Girl

    Too LAZY Gacha Girl22 일 전

    thats not a rat....... thats a capybara

  18. Faris Khan

    Faris Khan개월 전

    There was a rat costume near the tap look closely

  19. Willka Leslieann

    Willka Leslieann개월 전

    I laughed so hard when i first saw cryus come out lol😂

  20. D Ransome

    D Ransome개월 전

    Ukraine 2020

  21. D Ransome

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  22. D Ransome

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  23. Barbie Fisher

    Barbie Fisher개월 전

    That a capybara the biggest rat in the world

  24. Chanda Hodge

    Chanda Hodge개월 전

    Merry Christmas

  25. Kyle Snyder

    Kyle Snyder개월 전

    That’s not a rat

  26. Jatievlogs Fan

    Jatievlogs Fan2 개월 전

    So funny

  27. Chloe isabelle Malonzo

    Chloe isabelle Malonzo2 개월 전

    It’s a prank

  28. data is the best

    data is the best3 개월 전

    He was a capybara

  29. Isma Damia

    Isma Damia3 개월 전

    That is capybara,so cute 😍

  30. Ashley Oliver

    Ashley Oliver4 개월 전

    So funny 😂😄😆

  31. Ricardo Lopez

    Ricardo Lopez4 개월 전

    Tell me This is a prank

  32. Ricardo Lopez

    Ricardo Lopez4 개월 전

    Get Cyrus Back into a human again

  33. Ricardo Lopez

    Ricardo Lopez4 개월 전

    OMG 😲

  34. ivyman24

    ivyman244 개월 전

    Wait so was this a prank or for real??????????

  35. Aria Ferris

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  36. Holo Sav -_-

    Holo Sav -_-4 개월 전

    *yo Cyrus want some F O O D*

  37. Rossy Zepeda

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  38. Elyanna Campbell

    Elyanna Campbell4 개월 전

    What the

  39. Elyanna Campbell

    Elyanna Campbell4 개월 전

    My mom will never let me go on tour 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  40. That GIRL SophieMari

    That GIRL SophieMari22 시간 전

    Elyanna Campbell SAME!

  41. Daady Eric

    Daady Eric4 개월 전

    How did he Turn into a rat

  42. Goku Black

    Goku Black4 개월 전

    Cyrus is sick...

  43. Devonte Williams

    Devonte Williams4 개월 전

    That's not a 🐀

  44. Devonte Williams

    Devonte Williams4 개월 전

    Ha so cute 😍 give this a like if it's cute

  45. Eddie Lugo

    Eddie Lugo4 개월 전

    I'm sorry I can't come to your guess tour I been watching your guys KOreporter videos for a long time

  46. Raniera Bassett

    Raniera Bassett4 개월 전

    Steve I dare you to try and do a backflip

  47. Jeremy Griffin

    Jeremy Griffin4 개월 전

    This is crazy 😝

  48. The Potatoes RULE

    The Potatoes RULE4 개월 전

    That “rat” is actually a Capybara 😂

  49. xXCrystalGamerXx Gaming123

    xXCrystalGamerXx Gaming1234 개월 전

    The Potatoes RULE YEAHH XDD

  50. AinsleyPlayz Gacha

    AinsleyPlayz Gacha4 개월 전

    Omg was that a capybara?!???!?? There like my fav animal and so cute how could u guys not pet it like the whole time???

  51. Itzurgurlshari_

    Itzurgurlshari_4 개월 전

    “nananana-baby birkin”💀😂

  52. hSergio Yanza

    hSergio Yanza4 개월 전

    You are the best

  53. Sara Dana

    Sara Dana4 개월 전

    I love you so much Dobre brothers I love your videos so much 😙😙😙💙💛💜💜

  54. Antsters Lol

    Antsters Lol4 개월 전

    Hey girl when do you come today you should come jealous on my birthday is May 12

  55. melody Fan

    melody Fan4 개월 전

    I feel bad for cyrus 😔😱🚑

  56. Ali Hasoon

    Ali Hasoon4 개월 전

    Cyrus I want to be you

  57. Harmony Gacha

    Harmony Gacha4 개월 전

    O. M. G. A giant Guinea pig !!!!!!!! °o°

  58. Melanie Anchor

    Melanie Anchor4 개월 전


  59. Melanie Anchor

    Melanie Anchor4 개월 전

    How did he do that is it real

  60. Ali Beatty

    Ali Beatty4 개월 전

    It’s not a giant rat it’s a Capa Bara

  61. Kayla Jones

    Kayla Jones4 개월 전

    Cyrus has been acting really weird lately I hope he is ok

  62. TrollsquadXD SJK

    TrollsquadXD SJK4 개월 전

    Kayla Jones he died a couple days back but sure

  63. Freya Rickuss

    Freya Rickuss4 개월 전

    I knew it was a prank

  64. christina sokanlu

    christina sokanlu4 개월 전

    Cyrus I feel so bad

  65. sacha Garcia

    sacha Garcia4 개월 전

    Love. Your. Videos

  66. Avani Holmes

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  67. lucy toys video

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  68. lucy toys video

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  69. Monise Pierre

    Monise Pierre4 개월 전

    Oh rember the alien prank I don't think that is possible to turn into a rat

  70. Frank Manzo

    Frank Manzo4 개월 전

    That’s not a rat that’s a capybara. Love y’allllllll

  71. Eva Mifsud

    Eva Mifsud4 개월 전

    That was it that was the Boreas video👎🏻😾 your girlfriends would do better than that I know they can be better then you because I’m a girl 👱🏻‍♀️